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At the gala, Jack tells Traci they haven’t had any updates on the crash. She’s sure Chance is doing everything he can. Nearby, Chance takes a call, and Leanna grills Sharon about how close they are and asks if he gave her any scoop. Sharon’s appalled and tells her even if she got the scoop, she wouldn’t give it to her.

Victor, Victoria, and Michael discuss the situation. Victoria says something doesn’t make sense — why was the ambulance on Collins Road? Lauren and Nikki appear. Lauren is upset and wants to know what happened to her friend.

Jeremy storms up to Chance and demands to know how hard it is to track down an ambulance. “Why is there no word on my wife yet?!” Summer gawps, “His wife?!” Daniel asks, “What the hell is he talking about?” He walks up to Stark and asks why he’s referring to his mother as his wife. Jeremy says they got married three days ago. He pulls out the marriage license and Summer doesn’t believe it. Stark goes back to berating Chance and Daniel hollers at him to stop with the “my wife” stuff. “Shut your mouth.” Summer yells that he’s just making this worse. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Jeremy needles about their mother not telling him about her marriage and Daniel lunges at him. Summer declares that she wouldn’t have hidden this from them, “I don’t care what you say!”
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At Society, Tucker muses, “JT Hellstrom. There’s a blast from the past. Why do you want to find him?” Audra learns he used to work for Tucker and pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of Victor Newman and went to prison. Audra finds the case of his brain tumor fascinating and believes it would be great for Elena’s podcast. Tucker says, “You realize that anything featuring JT would have a profound affect on Victoria. He attacked her too, you know.” Audra says the tumor made him do it, before that it was a love story for the ages. Tucker reminds her that Victoria’s her boss and warns of Nikki and Victor’s reaction — why would she jeopardize her job? Audra assures him she’s thought of everything.

Nick returns to the gala from the hospital and hugs Summer, who is convinced her mother’s in some sort of danger and it’s connected to Jeremy claiming they’re married. She worries that someone should be at the hospital when she arrives at the hospital. Nick learns there’s no new information and fumes, “What the hell is going on?” Nearby, Leanna bugs Michael and Lauren, asking them to comment on Phyllis’s rant before she collapsed. They refuse.

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Kyle takes Diane aside. She thinks maybe she should leave so she doesn’t cause any more pain by being there. Kyle says none of this is her fault and he and Jack need her support. Jeremy watches them. Nearby, Leanna tries to get Jack to talk and earns a tongue-lashing from Traci. Leanna protests that she’s just doing her job. Jack fumes at her to find a new line of work.
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Love makes her way over to Daniel and Summer. Victor says he wants that woman out of there. Nick assures his father he’ll take care of it. He encourages his sister, mother, and father to go home. He’ll keep them updated. The Newmans check in with Summer and hug her before they go. Meanwhile, Traci, Jack, and Diane urge Kyle to join his wife. He agrees since Summer is terrified. Diane makes big eyes as he says, “Phyllis has to be okay.”

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Leanna approaches Jeremy to get his side of the story and is surprised when he agrees. Nick walks up and tells Love it’s time to leave. Either he can escort her out or they can call club security. Leanna sniffs, “Fine,” and tells Stark she’ll be in touch.
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At Society, Audra and Tucker look over at Victor, Victoria, and Nikki as they sit and discuss the events at the gala. Victoria says Stark was creeping her out. They marvel over how helpless Phyllis looked on the floor and feel sorry for Summer and Daniel. Nikki wishes she’d never encouraged Phyllis to go after Diane. Victor and Victoria assure her she’s not responsible for this.

At the bar, Tucker tells Audra he knows she’s vying with Victoria and Elena for Nate’s attention, and warns, “You’re playing with fire.” Audra insists he’s reading too much into this. Tucker wonders if her interview will take place in prison. Audra reveals he’s been released. “The trouble is I haven’t been able to locate him. Will you help?” Tucker says, “Yeah, I’ll find him for you. It’s gonna cost you though.” Audra asks, “So, my quid pro quo. What’s it going to be?” Tucker says she’ll have to consider herself in his debt. Audra declines; she’ll find JT herself. Tucker points out he’s unlikely to be willing to talk to her, but he might hear him out. “I might be useful after all.”
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Across the room, Victor doesn’t like seeing Audra and Tucker with their heads together. Nikki hasn’t forgiven her for breaking Noah’s heart. Victoria clucks that she and Nate appreciate her business instincts. Victor’s curious to learn more about her and her skill set.

At the gala, Nick brings Sharon a drink. She asks how he’s doing; this situation with Phyllis has to be rough on him too. He’s just worried about Summer and Daniel. Sharon reflects, “Phyllis and I have a complicated past.” There was a time she wouldn’t have felt the slightest pain if she dropped dead and the feeling was mutual. Sharon recalls that when she was fighting cancer, Phyllis dropped the animosity overnight. Nick nods, “You two have come full circle.” Sharon really wants Phyllis to be okay. “We have to just hope for the best.”
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At a table, Lauren asks Michael how this event turned into such a catastrophe. She feels she could have tried harder to convince Phyllis to back off. Michael reminds her how determined Phyllis is. He has a feeling in his gut that they’re going to hear good news. They laugh over the idea of her mocking them for being worried. Lauren says, “Phyllis never surrenders.”
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The room quiets as Chance’s phone rings. He says, “Whaddaya got?” then asks, “Are you sure?” After sighing, he disconnects. Jeremy rushes up and asks if Phyllis is okay — he has a right to know! Chance tells him they’re still collecting information. Summer gasps, “Chance, please. Tell us something, anything!” Chance confirms that the ambulance that crashed was Phyllis’s and it appears the crash caused an explosion.
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Everyone reels from the news. Nick goes to check on Summer, who declares that her mom is okay. She protests that they don’t have all the details yet. “There’s a chance, there has to be!” Nearby, Diane realizes she’s being insensitive to Jack, who cares about Phyllis. Danny, meanwhile, reminds Daniel that his mother is a survivor. Daniel wonders if anyone can beat a crash and explosion like that. They embrace.

At Society, Audra tells Tucker he is, on occasion, useful for something. Tucker says that makes him warm and fuzzy inside. They debate about what he’d want in return for finding JT. Audra’s not sure and will think about it. Tucker warns her not to take too long — his generosity has its limits. Audra mocks, “Fine, I’ll get back to you.”

At the Newman table, Victor updates Victoria and Nikki about the news of the explosion and fire. Nikki rushes off to check on Summer. Audra walks up to Victor and Victoria to check in. Victoria thought she was calling it a night. She stopped in for a nightcap. Victoria sneers, “Lucky for you, Tucker was here.” Audra complains he invited himself to join her. Victor invites her to sit down and tell him all about her conversation with McCall. Audra says she’s just keeping their enemies close. Victor doesn’t consider McCall a worthy adversary. He asks if she was able to convince Tucker to sell to them. Audra says, “Only if Devon turns him down.” She urges Victor to focus on Devon. Victoria wouldn’t be surprised if Devon said yes. Victor reveals that Devon is dropping his lawsuit, so he may stay put at Chancellor-Winters. Victoria thinks this opens a door for them. Victor is confident. Audra excuses herself. Tucker blows her a kiss as she goes.

At the gala, Traci catches up with Danny and asks how he’s holding up. “I mean, Phyllis. I thought she was invincible.” Danny knows what she means. They are thankful Summer has Kyle and Nick. Traci asks how Daniel’s holding up. Danny admits he’s not saying much but seems to be filled with anger. He’s been pretty much alone these days. Traci is sure it means the world to him that Danny is there. Danny thanks her for saying that. “Wonderful friend.”

By the GCAC bar, Chance talks to the EMT from the scene. He wants to hear directly from him what happened.

Back in the lounge, Jeremy complains about the police not giving them updates. Daniel fumes when he once again calls Phyllis his wife. Stark tells him they’re family. Daniel rips up the marriage license and tells him to shut his mouth and get out of there. Jeremy asks who’s going to make him, “You?” he laughs. Nick pushes in front of Stark and says, “That would be me.” He warns him to get the hell out of there or shut up and let Chance do his job.
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In the lobby, Chance goes over the EMT’s statement with him again. He learns that Diane took a ring out of the patient’s hand when she was strapped to the gurney. “She showed it to Mr. Abbot right after.” Chance also learns that Phyllis regained consciousness on route. He says her eyes were open and she kept whispering, “Poison, poison.” Chance confirms he drew blood for a tox screen and then the driver crashed the ambulance. The EMT was thrown maybe 20 feet but the patient was strapped to the gurney. After the crash, the vehicle caught fire and he saw that the driver was unconscious. The flames came roaring up and the driver and Phyllis were trapped inside. “I couldn’t get to them. I couldn’t save them.”

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At Society, Victoria’s irked that Victor blindsided her in front of Audra with the news that Devon was dropping the lawsuit. Victor says he didn’t have time tonight to inform her. Victoria is upset because she needs to stay one step ahead of her employees. “I need to know more than she does!” Victor says, “Point taken.” Nikki returns and says Summer is trying to be brave but Nicholas is worried about what the next update might bring. She and Victor decide to go home. Victoria looks over at Tucker, who nods. Victoria sidles up to the bar and asks, “Can I buy you a drink?”

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At the gala, Chance comes down the stairs with a grim expression. Everyone turns to look at him. Chance walks to the center of the room and says, “It’s been confirmed. Phyllis didn’t make it.” Summer collapses in sobs as Kyle and Nick catch her. Daniel wells up and Danny hugs him. Sharon reels. Jack and Diane embrace. Jeremy watches them all.
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