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At the gala, Jack tells Stark to get the hell out — the woman he claims is his wife was just taken away in an ambulance and all he can do is stand there and throw around accusations! Jeremy produces a marriage license. Michael reads it and says it looks like Phyllis is Mrs. Jeremy Stark. Jeremy complains that Jack and Diane pushed them to find each other. He points at Diane, “Especially you.” Kyle intervenes and Nikki declares it’s time for Stark to go. Jeremy states that Phyllis was scared and seeking comfort and protection. Jack asks, “Protection from what?” Jeremy points at Diane, “From her.” He points out that tonight, Diane threatened her with violence and now she’s on the way to the hospital. Chance appears and says, “Those are some pretty heavy accusations. Can you prove it?”

At the Abbott house, Ashley laughs her head off at Tucker proposing marriage. He suggests they elope. Ashley thinks he’s gone temporarily insane. “Thank you, but no. I will not marry you.”
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At the GCAC, Lily assures Amanda that they’ll get an explanation about Phyllis’s collapse. Daniel will keep her updated. Amanda hates the waiting, it’s the worst part. She tears up. Lily understands it’s horrible to feel helpless. Amanda can’t get over the news that Phyllis is married to this Stark man. She didn’t call her or anything. They’re grateful Nate and Elena were there before the paramedics arrive.

Devon arrives at home, where Abby comes downstairs announcing that Dom is fast asleep. She kisses Devon and says she’s anxious to hear how things went with Amanda. She’s glad Chance didn’t show up, though Nina had some choice words for her. Devon tells Abby that everything went out of control after she left — Jack and Diane announced they were engaged and Phyllis collapsed.

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At the gala, Jeremy tells Chance it’s about time he showed up. Chance wants to know what happened and declares that he’ll need statements from everybody. He wonders if Stark can prove that Diane wanted to harm Phyllis, Stark says the verbal attacks culminated upstairs in Phyllis’s suite. He believes Jack, Kyle, and Summer witnessed the whole thing and Diane said she should do the world a favor and strangle Phyllis to death. Chance asks Diane, “Is that true? Did you threaten Phyllis tonight?”
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Chance asks Diane to fill him in and suggests they could go to the station if she likes. Jack and Kyle leap in to defend Diane. Chance asks if Phyllis was intoxicated. Nate says he saw no sign of it. Jeremy complains that she was the picture of health until that moment, which is what makes this so suspicious. Chance asks Diane, “Did you two have a physical altercation tonight and did you threaten her life?” Diane gawps, “Oh my God do you think I did something to her? That’s insane!”

In the lobby, Lily tells Amanda she still hasn’t heard from Daniel and then asks how her talk went with Devon. Amanda says he apologized again and then they started talking about business. Lily’s relieved he’s dropping the lawsuit. Amanda warns her not to be so quick to trust him. Lily knows she’s hurting but he is her brother. Amanda points out that if someone is willing to rationalize their betrayals in one situation… they’ll do it in another. Lily gets her point but Devon loves his family. “We are finally back on track.” She’s hopeful they’ll be able to work together again. Amanda looks doubtful.
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At the Abbott mansion, Tucker warns Ashley he won’t take no for an answer. They go over how tenacious he’s been since he came back. He wants to make the tie that binds them a matrimonial one. “We could take it in stages.” Tucker tells her they could make it like a game — no actual commitment but they publicly announce their engagement. Ashley thinks he wants to steal Jack and Diane’s thunder.

At the gala, Diane tells Chance that Phyllis lured her to her room by claiming that Kyle was sick. She texted Kyle to verify but he didn’t respond so she went up to the room. “Phyllis followed me in there and trapped me.” Chance asks if there was a physical altercation. Diane says there was, but Phyllis provoked it. She pushed her down and started making all these accusations. “This had been building for months and I couldn’t take it anymore, so I responded.” Anything she did was in the heat of the moment; she didn’t seriously mean to threaten her. Chance asks if Phyllis hit her head during the altercation. Jack butts in and tells Chance he should be questioning how Phyllis could marry a man like Stark. “I’d like some answers and I’d like them now.”
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At the Abbott mansion, Tucker thinks Ashley likes his idea. She admits she finds it intriguing and it would be gratifying on numerous levels. Ashley pivots and tells him he has to get Devon to buy McCall. She has a vested interest and doesn’t want the Newmans to get their dirty little hands on it. Tucker’s working on it.

At the gala, Jeremy claims he and Phyllis were kindred spirits; both on the outside. Jack bellows, “Why aren’t you at the hospital with your wife right now?” Stark was under the impression that he was being questioned. Just then, Summer and Daniel reappear. Distraught, Summer explains that the ambulance never made it to the hospital. Memorial dispatch lost contact with the driver. “We have no idea where our mom is.”
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Jack thought they were following the ambulance. Daniel explains that when they got outside the ambulance was already gone so they went straight to the hospital. Summer says that there was no sign of her there. Kyle interjects, “None of this is making any sense.” Summer explains that her dad is at the hospital in case the ambulance shows up but they didn’t feel they could just sit there. Daniel wants Chance to help them find out where their mother is. Chance nods and walks off. Danny asks Daniel if there’s anything he can do to help. Jack booms, “Alright, Stark. What the hell is going on!”

At the bar, Nate and Elena discuss Phyllis’s collapse. Elena decides she’ll call the hospital to see if there are any updates. Victoria watches and Audra muses, “Interesting isn’t it? I think I can finally see the spark they share.” She declares she’s going to call it a night since her boss has his hands full. Victoria says she’s going to check on Nate.

In a corner, Amanda tells Lily she needs to go over and get an update from Nate. She walks over to the bar, with Lily behind her. Elena reports that she just got off the phone with the hospital — Phyllis hasn’t arrived yet.

At Devon’s place, he updates Abby on his conversation with Amanda. They mostly talked about business. She was skeptical about him dropping the lawsuit and doesn’t trust him. Abby loves the idea of him dropping the suit but is it really want he wants? She’s concerned he’s doing it out of obligation to Lily — it’s a huge reversal. Devon says something shifted in him tonight… and it’s because of her.
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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley wants Tucker to do more than he’s done about Devon. “You’ve lost your killer instinct and I don’t like that at all.” He thought she wanted him to let go of that. She admits that she wants it only when it suits her. “That’s the only way there’s ever going to be a future for us, even if it’s a pretend future.” Tucker realizes she’s enjoying the power she has over him right now, but he knows she feels the chemistry between them. “You know there’s something deeper but you’re so scared to admit it.” Ashley asks, “What makes you so sure.” Tucker says she wouldn’t be interested in him becoming a better man if it weren’t true. Ashley sniffs, “Whatever gets you through the night.”

At Devon’s, he tells Abby she reminded him that the most important thing is family. It was his and Lily’s shared connection through their dad that brought them back and that was thanks to Abby’s surprise. Abby thinks it sounds like he’s considering working with Lily again but, “What about your other family business? What about McCall?”

At the gala, Jeremy checks his phone and listens as Nikki complains to Danny, Lauren, and Michael about Jack and Diane’s announcement and Phyllis’s rant. They wonder how an ambulance could disappear. Lauren declares that Phyllis is the queen of making a scene but tonight something was very wrong. Nearby, Sharon is on her phone when Leanna leans over and says this could be the huge story she was looking for. Sharon chastises her for gossiping and says she just hopes that Phyllis is alright. Leanna gushes, “Oh my gosh, yes. Of course. That’s what matters most.”
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Across the room, Jeremy notices Leanna watching him and puts his phone away.
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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley tells Tucker she plans to stay up and give Jack and Diane a piece of her mind when they get home. He wants to stick around to see the “circus” but she wants some alone time before they get there. Tucker says goodnight and he’ll anxiously await her answer to his proposal. He tries to kiss her at the door and she pulls back before relenting. Outside the door, he looks back in and grins.

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At Devon’s, he tells Abby he doesn’t know if it’s the right thing to start over with McCall or go back to Chancellor-Winters. There’s still a lot of differences between him and Lily in business. Maybe starting from scratch would be the right way to go. Abby’s there to support him no matter which way he decides to go. Devon’s grateful for her and they kiss.
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At the gala, Chance joins Sharon and tells her none of the patrols have located the ambulance. She asks if he suspects foul play. Chance says maybe considering Jack and Diane have a history of taking things into their own hands. Sharon notices Phyllis’s mask on the floor. Chance picks it up with a napkin — it could be evidence. Nearby, Jack worries to Diane that Stark is doing something to Phyllis. Diane insists that the fight he heard was not who she is, “I didn’t want anything bad to happen to her. You do believe me, don’t you?” Jack says of course and embraces her but looks unsure.

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Tucker sneaks up on Audra at Society’s bar. He ruminates about them not being part of the Genoa City society. Audra is doing just fine. Tucker says Nate only has eyes for Elena, which kind of puts her out in the cold. Audra thought he was on a date with Ashley and notes, “I don’t see her.” Tucker assures her things are progressing on that front. Audra also has a plan in the works for what she’s after.
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At Devon’s, he and Abby cuddle on the sofa as he says how happy it made him to come home to her waiting for him. She feels like she belongs there. Devon says this should be her home. “Would you consider you and Dom moving in here with me?”

At Society, Tucker asks if he can help with Audra’s plan. She says, “No thanks. I’ve got it.” She then decides he can occasionally be resourceful. “I need to track down a man named JT Hellstrom.”

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At the gala bar, Victoria asks Nate and Elena if there’s been any word on Phyllis yet and notes it’s been a while since she’s seen Nate use his medical skills. Elena says he’s an amazing talent. “I’ve always thought it was his true calling.” Victoria thinks a person can have many callings. Elena muses that she really enjoyed working with Nate as a team again, “I think we have a very natural rhythm together.” Victoria says, “So I noticed. Nate is a great team player.” Elena agrees and says she has some ideas how to make that teamwork a greater part of their lives again.
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In the lounge, Summer hangs up from Nick and tells Kyle, Nikki, Danny, and Daniel that Phyllis still hasn’t arrived at the hospital. Daniel is not only worried that she’s in danger but she needed medical attention and isn’t getting the care that she needs. Suddenly, Chance appears with his head hanging. “There was an accident on Collins Road involving only one car. An ambulance. Now that’s the only information I have right now. I don’t know if it was Phyllis’s but we should prepare for the worst.”
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In a corner, Jeremy smirks as Jack and Diane look stunned.

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