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At the gala, Phyllis slowly claps and hollers, “Congratulations to the Abbotts! Congratulations! Bravo! Summer gawps, “Oh my God.” Lauren tries to run with it but Phyllis interrupts to explain that ‘bravo’ means it’s a performance and this is quite a show.

In the background, Nick says to Sally, “What do you say we go and get that cheeseburger now.” She follows him out. Adam watches and Sharon asks if he’s worried about the baby. He is and asks if she’ll excuse him. Sharon urges him to go.
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Daniel and Summer try to stop Phyllis, but she protests that Diane has convinced everyone int won she’s a changed woman. Jack intones, “Listen to your children.” Phyllis hollers, “I will go when I am good and ready! When I am good and ready I will leave this room but not until then!” She asks if anyone has a problem with the truth and turns to Nikki, “You know what I’m talking about.” Nikki remains silent. Phyllis declares she has lost everything; she has lost her entire life because of that woman. She points at Diane. “That woman is as dangerous today as when she faked her death and I am the only one, apparently, who sees this.”

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Outside the GCAC, Amanda tells Devon and Abby, “Don’t let me keep you. I’d hate to ruin your date.” She recalls Abby telling her — when she was practically naked on top of Devon — that it was a “moment of confusion”. Amanda states, “Well look at you. Doesn’t look like anyone’s confused now! A word of advice: he’s a cheater.” She turns to go but Devon hollers, “Amanda, wait a second.” She doesn’t want to hear that they’re living together, shacking up and playing house, so continues on her way. Devon yells, “Can you just wait a second, please? I’d like to have a peaceful conversation with you. Can you give me that?”
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Inside, Phyllis chuckles, “Jack. No one’s happy for you. I mean, seriously, it’s an embarrassment. They’re laughing at you actually.” Jack tells her this is an evening of celebration and her tirades are not welcome there. Phyllis addresses Diane, “You must be loving it. Are you loving it? You should. You hit the jackpot, baby. Marrying into the Abbott family.” Danny tries to convince Phyllis to step outside and get some air. Phyllis reminds him that he knows her, and he knows that she’s changed. Danny gulps, “Yep.” Phyllis becomes emotional saying she’d sacrifice anything for her children and cries, “I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do this but I have to! I have no choice.” She turns and fingers Diane, “Because of you!” Diane says she’s obviously drunk and should go home and sleep it off. On the stairs, Jeremy, in his mask, watches the scene.
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Outside on the red carpet, Amanda has nothing more to say to Devon. He complains they didn’t get a chance to talk earlier. Abby urges her to hear him out. Amanda got all the closure she needed when she found them together. Abby was going to say healing. Amanda gives him three minutes. Abby gives them some privacy and Devon suggests they go inside to the bar. Amanda shoulders past him and warns that remembering her favorite drink won’t win him any points. Left behind, Abby flashes to the night in question and to her recent confrontation with Amanda in Crimson Lights.

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Ashley slams into the Abbott house hollering at Tucker, “This is unbelievable!” She rants about Jack’s idiocy being on full display with the announcement he is engaged to Diane. She’s furious that Traci knew and didn’t tell her. “Am I the only one in my family who hasn’t lost my mind? Am I the only one who sees Diane for who she really is?” Tucker, having poured himself a scotch, takes a seat looking amused, and listens as Ashley seethes, “She has played Jack perfectly. You realize that, right? Because she’s gotten everything she wanted.”
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At the gala, Phyllis insists she’s not drunk. She recounts how she took Diane into a room to try and apologize to her and she attacked her. “She attacked me!” Phyllis tells the gobsmacked crowd. Turning back to Diane she muses, “But it doesn’t matter. You’ve just taken my entire life, that’s all.” Jack informs Red she blew up her own life. Phyllis cannot believe he’s still protecting her, “You are so blind, Jack.” Daniel and Summer try to intervene again, but Phyllis says she’s getting to the good part and declares, “I’d like to toast the happy couple.” Jack says they’ve had enough of her hatred. Phyllis insists it’s about love. “I don’t understand this still. I don’t understand. This woman abandoned your son and made him believe she was dead. That’s what she did. I would sacrifice everything for my children. Everything. I would lay down my life for my children but I’m the bad guy and she still gets a free pass and everybody just accepts her.” “She will hurt you,” she tells Jack. Moving close to Diane she says, “You know, don’t you? You know I see you.” As he talks, Phyllis begins to sway. Danny steadies her and, eventually, she faints. Summer cries, “Mom!”
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By the bar, Nate and Elena are canoodling when he spots Devon sitting with Amanda. Nate thinks it’s another sign Devon is trying to make peace. Across the room, Amanda warns Devon she doesn’t want to see him grovel. Devon guesses she hasn’t talked to Lily and lets her know he’s dropping the lawsuit. Amanda realizes that’s why Jill waltzed into the arbitration and marvels, “Poof! Just like that, it’s all over.” Devon asks if she heard they renamed the lounge after Neil. Amanda says, “That’s very nice.” Devon explains it made him realize what Neil would want if he were here. He and Lily forgave each other. Amanda’s glad. She supposes he’s going back to Chancellor-Winters. Devon isn’t sure but he’s happy to have his sister back. Amanda nods, “Well, good for you.” Devon feels he’s been on a journey of regrettable decisions. He’s trying to move forward, learn, and be a better man because of it. Amanda sneers, “I’m really glad that ripping my heart out was just a part of your journey to finding yourself.” Devon protests that he didn’t mean to hurt her. He hasn’t forgiven himself and doesn’t expect her to forgive him, he just wants her to know he’s sorry for what he did. Amanda assures him she’ll heal. “Don’t worry.” Behind them, Lily looks concerned.

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In the lounge, everyone gathers around the unconscious Phyllis. Summer frets, “I knew something was wrong with her.” Diane whispers to Jack, “What is she up to now?” Gina tells Nina and Christine, “Oh for God’s sake, she’s faking it. That’s just Phyllis going big.” Christine isn’t so sure. Victor tells Nikki something is way off. He’s going to call some people and asks his wife to keep him posted. Sharon warns to keep Phyllis’s airway clear as Summer calls for a doctor and pleads with her mother to wake up.
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At the bar, Lily tells Devon and Amanda, “Well, this is a surprise. You two are being civil?” Amanda tells her she knows the latest on the lawsuit and that Devon was telling her all about his journey to finding himself. She raises a glass to moving on. Devon says now that the lawsuit’s off the table she can go home to her mom and her family. Amanda feels she has family there too and smiles at Lily. Just then, Victoria runs into the room and asks Nate to come with her — they need a doctor because Phyllis collapsed. They all go running.

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In the lounge, Summer is beating herself up for shutting her mother down at every turn. Daniel assures his sister she knows she loves her. Summer asks, “Does she?” Amanda and the others arrive, and Phyllis’s friend asks what happened. Nikki says she was having a tantrum and collapsed. Elena says the EMTs had better hurry up, “I can barely feel her pulse.”

At Crimson Lights, Nick and Sally open a bag of takeout burgers. Sally’s excited about the extra hot sauce for her fries. Nick wants to try. They’re grinning when Nick looks up to see Adam standing there. Sally turns and accuses Adam of lurking. He just wants to know if she and the baby are okay. “Now I know. Cheeseburgers. You were hungry.” He’ll chalk it up to being an overprotective father-to-be. Sally appreciates the honesty. Nick deadpans, “Yeah, honesty.” Adam starts to leave but Sally invites him to join them. Nick eyeballs her but she explains this is their new normal.
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At the Abbott house, Ashley notes that Tucker’s been quiet all night. He claims he never got an opportunity to speak and muses, “So, how about Jack and Diane, huh? They sure seem happy.” Ashley fumes that it’s based on a lie. Tucker says Diane was radiant. Ash argues, “She was smug because she thinks she’s won.” They bicker about whether or not Diane is capable of change. Tucker only knows what love is capable of, “Because of you.” He saw the way they looked at each other. “It was there. Forgiveness. And I selfishly want to believe forgiveness is possible.” If Jack and Diane can find a second chance, maybe they can too.

At the gala, Nate and Elena work on Phyllis. Audra whispers to Victoria, “Nate’s a man of many talents.” Victoria replies, “Thank God.” Elena and Nate ask questions and then say they need to get Phyllis to the hospital, stat. “Her vitals are deteriorating.” Danny says this doesn’t make any sense — Phyllis is strong and healthy. Lauren recalls she was in a coma years ago and wonders if it could have lasting effects. Nikki prays that she pulls out of it. Michael declares that if anyone’s a fighter, Phyllis is. The EMTs arrive and load Phyllis on the gurney. It’s decided that Summer will go with Daniel and follow the ambulance. Kyle assures her he’ll go check on Harrison and meet her there. Lily and Danny reassure Daniel, and Danny exchanges a look with Christine, who gets up and walks off. Traci hugs Summer. Leanna asks Victoria if she has any idea what led to this circus and Victoria tells her to go to hell.
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Jack and Diane stand beside the unconscious Phyllis and she notices the redhead has her engagement ring in her hand. Jack realizes it was Stark who bumped into him and picked his pocket. Diane asks why he would take her ring and give it to Phyllis. Jack mutters, “Anything could happen with those two.” Suddenly, Stark appears and tells Nikki how beautiful she looks tonight. She sniffs that he was distinctly not invited. Jeremy suddenly notices the situation and gawps, “My God, Phyllis! What the hell happened here?!”

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At Crimson Lights, Nick agrees with Sally that they need to make this situation work. Nick gets a text from Summer saying something happened to her mom and to meet her at the hospital. He tells Sally that Summer needs him and he has to go. Adam will make sure Sally gets home okay. Nick leaves and Adam and Sally discuss the gala. Sally’s keen to eat her burger and offers to get herself home, but Adam sits to wait. “I will stay.” Sally teases, “Okay, but don’t expect any fries.”
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At the Abbott house, Ashley rolls her eyes at Tucker, “Second chance? I don’t even like you sometimes.” Tucker chides that she sometimes more than likes him, so there’s hope. Ashley preferred him not talking. Tucker persists that he wants another chance with her. If Diane and Jack can do it, they can do it. Ashley argues it’s a totally different situation, but Tucker argues the point. Ashley says Jack is so befuddled because he doesn’t see Diane for who she is, “I see you. I know exactly who you are.” Tucker teases, “And you love me.” As he laughs, Ashley tells him to stop it. She needs to focus on making sure Jack doesn’t make the worst mistake of his life. “I’ll be damned if Diane Jenkins ever becomes a member of the Abbott family.”
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At the gala, Nate tells Jeremy that Phyllis is stable, and they don’t have any answers at the moment. “We should know more after we run some tests.” Stark hollers, “Let’s get her to the hospital!” before kneeling beside the gurney, kissing Phyllis’s hand and assuring her she’ll be okay. “You hear me, my love? I’m going to be with you every step of the way.” Daniel and Summer are scandalized. Leanna asks Nikki and Victoria, “Who’s the handsome new face in town?” Nikki says, “You don’t want to know.” Leanna croons, “Oh, but I do.” Phyllis is carted off and Stark asks, “All of you people… are you happy?!” Kyle and Jack take him on as he demands answers as to how Phyllis wound up in an ambulance, “Somebody better start talking!” Kyle orders him to get out of there and stay away from the hospital. Stark informs him that nothing will keep him from the hospital. Once he gets his answers, he’ll be right by his wife’s side! The guests gasp and whisper.
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At the Abbott house, Ashley recaps that she’s been telling Jack since Diane came back to town that she’s still a threat. Every time they argue about it, it pushes him closer to her because he can’t help but play the hero to that walking nightmare. Tucker muses that she’s really got her work cut out for her. He suggests that she stop talking and do something to shake Jack up and punch him between the eyes. Ashley asks what he has in mind. Tucker replies, “Marry me.”
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At Crimson Lights, Sally is grinning after eating all of her fries and has hot sauce on her face. Adam directs her as she wipes it off. Sally says they need to work on the awkwardness. “We’re going to be in each other’s lives forever now. So, we really need to figure this out, okay?”

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At the gala, Jack and Diane ask if Jeremy really expects them to believe Phyllis is Mrs. Stark. Jeremy insists ‘Mrs. Stark’ was just wheeled out of there on a gurney. Jack finds this absurd. Jeremy declares that they got married three days ago. Kyle spits that Phyllis would never marry him. Jeremy retorts, “Oh, and you know this because you’ve been so close lately?” Amanda doubtfully asks, “Phyllis is married and she never said a word?” Danny and Lauren challenge Jeremy too. He says they were going to announce their marriage tonight. Traci can’t believe that Phyllis made this giant change in her life and didn’t tell her family and friends. Jeremy chuckles angrily, “What family? What friends? You all shut her out! You all made it very clear that you didn’t want anything to do with her!”
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Nikki accuses Jeremy of taking advantage of Phyllis. Jeremy explains he was in a bad place too having just got out of prison. “I understood what Phyllis felt.” Jack isn’t buying it. Stark insists they connected and decided to make it official. “She wanted protection and I wanted to be that for her.” Jack balks, “Protection from what?” Jeremy points at Diane, “Protection from her! Phyllis was very afraid, and she had reason to be. So, we’re all here, Diane. Tell us, what did you do to Phyllis?”
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