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In the suite at the GCAC, Jack pulls Diane off of Phyllis, who declares, “She was trying to kill me!” She glowers at Diane and warns her to stay away from her and then exits coughing. Summer follows her mother.

On Crimson Lights’ patio, Chelsea beats herself up for making Billy leave the gala. He reassures her and says he’s ready to lose the tux. She urges him to go back but he says he’s exactly where he wants to be.

In the jazz lounge, Lily dances with Daniel and he tells her he’s glad things finally took a turn for the better with her and Devon. She thanks him for being so supportive. Lily finally feels hopeful. They smile at each other and Daniel pulls her closer.
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Elsewhere, Phyllis tells Summer that Diane was trying to kill her. Summer questions why she’s acting so weird tonight. First, she’s telling her how proud she is of her, and the next thing she knows she’s in some secret hotel room fighting with Diane! Phyllis cries that she’s lost everything and she’s so tired. Summer still wants to know why her mother was in the suite with Diane. Phyllis says she wanted to work things out with her. She notes Summer is looking at her with suspicion; this breaks her heart. Summer asks, “What went wrong?” Phyllis says it was Diane, who has this false power now. Phyllis begins ranting that Diane hates that she can see her for who she really is, and Summer tells her, “Stop!”

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Summer protests that it’s the same old story over and over again. She wants to believe her mother but she can’t. Phyllis replies, “You never will. You’ll never believe me.” She turns to leave and Summer asks her to wait. Phyllis says, “No. You stay away from me. Okay?

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In the suite, Diane tells Jack and Kyle that Phyllis lured her up there by saying Kyle was sick and then attacked her in a fit of rage. Jack doesn’t think they should announce their engagement tonight. Diane gawps, “No.” She will not let Phyllis take this from her. She asks for a minute to fix herself up and then she’ll meet him downstairs and they can announce their love to the world.

At the bar, Audra tries unsuccessfully to order a drink. She notices a phone on the bar that’s ringing and picks it up. Elsewhere, Abby asks Devon if he’s having second thoughts about dropping the lawsuit. He’s not, he’s just overwhelmed by the whole night… in a good way. He’s thinking about taking off. Abby will go with him. Amanda comes down the stairs and glares as she spots them together.
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Amanda watches Abby and Devon talking closely and then turns and goes back upstairs. Devon and Abby kiss.
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In another location, Jack tells Kyle he doesn’t know what to think and he’s worried this is all moving too fast. Kyle understands his mother being furious if Phyllis used him as a ploy to get her alone. Jack nods. Kyle complains that Phyllis ambushed her. Jack nods again, “Right.”

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By the dance floor, Nick checks if Sally’s okay since she seems tense. Adam watches. Sharon notices where he’s looking and tells him he’ll have to get used to it. She reminds him he has a glass of champagne and a pretty date. Adam thanks her for coming with him and being a good friend. He admits he’s feeling regret for being a jackass for most of his life. “For some reason, you still put up with me. Why?”

By the stairs, Diane rejoins Jack and Kyle and wants to get the train back on the tracks. She apologizes for what happened upstairs and is ready to move on. She can see they’re not. Kyle asks what led up to the encounter. Diane tells him what Phyllis said and explains she texted to see if he was okay but he didn’t respond. Kyle realizes he lost his phone.

Audra walks up to Ashley and Tucker to ask if they know whose phone she’s found. Ashley is interested to meet Tucker’s co-conspirator and recognizes the phone as Kyle’s. Audra pulls it away and says she’ll get it back to him — she’s been looking for a reason to meet him. Ashley tells Tucker she doesn’t know why, but she doesn’t trust Audra.
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At the door, Danny has come in with his sister Gina. Lauren, Michael, and Traci greet her enthusiastically and Gina insists the next reunion will be at her restaurant out west.
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Danny jokes about getting the old band back together and laughter abounds. Leanna Love walks up and wants the scoop on the reunion tour. Michael calls her out for eavesdropping and Danny refuses to comment. Gina changes the subject by asking what’s going on with her nephew, Daniel, and Lily Winters. “I can see the sparks from here.” All heads turn to look at Lily and Daniel on the dance floor.
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On the dance floor, Lily tells Daniel how comforting it is to know he always has her back. He shrugs, “You always have mine.” They’re thankful they’ve been able to be there for each other. Daniel tells Lily how vibrant she is and stuns her by saying he doesn’t want to live a life she’s not a part of. Danny walks up to greet his son and they embrace. He asks Lily if he can borrow Daniel for a second.
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Across the room, Sharon tells Adam it’s easy to put up with him now that there are no lingering feelings and they can be friends. She knows it’s different when you have a child with someone and recalls he had difficulties co-parenting with Chelsea, but he overcame them. Adam says that doesn’t mean it will happen with Sally. Sharon’s sure they’ll both have the child’s best interests at heart. Adam hopes she’s right but isn’t sure anything will change for Sally.

With Nick, Sally tells him she feels like everyone is staring because of her baby bump, “And I can’t have a drink.” She’s starving too. Nick suggests they get out of there and go get a cheeseburger. Sally finds this hot but assures him she’ll stick it out a little longer.
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Audra walks up to Kyle, Jack, and Diane and tells Kyle she found his phone on the bar and his aunt told her it was his. Kyle smiles as she introduces herself. He tells her it’s nice to meet her and Audra purrs, “Likewise.” Summer walks up and asks, “What’s going on here?” Kyle explains, “This is Audra. She found my phone.” Summer knows who she is, “She’s the woman who emotionally destroyed my brother.”
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Audra protests that it was a complicated situation with Noah. Summer sniffs, “Thank you for the phone.” Audra walks away. Jack apologizes to Diane for doubting her — he knows Phyllis ambushed her. If she can forgive him, he’d like to announce their engagement. Diane kisses him.
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Jack calls for everyone’s attention and asks them to make their way to the lounge — he has some fun news to share with them. As the guests file into the other room, Jack feels his pockets and gasps, “I can’t find the ring.”

In the suite, Jeremy congratulates Phyllis on her scuffle with Diane. She asks if he held up his end of the bargain. Stark muses that growing up in the streets of Cleveland you learn a lot of tricks. He holds up the engagement ring. “Pick-pocketing is just the tip of the iceberg.” They admire the ring. He asks if she’s okay. Phyllis says she is. Jeremy intones, “Now comes the next and hardest part. Are you ready?” Phyllis nods, “I’m ready. There’s no turning back now.”

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Downstairs, Diane and Jack fret about the ring as Traci walks up with Gina. Jack hugs her and Diane lets Gina know that Jack is off the market. Gina teases that they’re finally going to finish what they started all those years ago at Gina’s Place. Traci makes a speech about them coming so far and Gina declares, “Love wins.” Jack decides they don’t have to worry about the ring. “What we have is what matters.” Diane and Jack kiss and head into the lounge.

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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea tells Billy she’s still trying to figure out her impulses and how she’s feeling. Billy could tell she was struggling. Chelsea could feel her cheeks burning and her shoulders getting tense. She went into fight or flight mode. Billy gets it. At least they know now that this is a thing for her. He tells her she has a ‘get out of gala free’ card. Billy assures her she doesn’t have to do anything she wants to do and if she struggles they’ll figure it out together. They establish that they’re not the same people they were years ago and Billy says he’s glad they get to know the people they are now.

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At the gala, Daniel wonders what that look on Danny’s face is for, and then declares he knows what it is — he’s seen it before. Danny knows he’s been through a rough time and cautions him against seeking comfort in a reliable place — it’s not worth the aftermath. Daniel says, “This is different.” Danny urges him to put his energy into himself now. If things are meant to be with Lily he’ll then have a foundation to build on. Daniel appreciates his dad’s input but he’s going to make his own decisions when it comes to his personal life. Danny will butt out now. Talk turns to Phyllis being overbearing and Gina pipes up, “Now that’s an understatement.” Daniel embraces her. Danny advises his son to accept his mother for the way she is, the same way he wants to be accepted. Daniel will figure it out but not tonight. Gina interjects, “What about me? I want to talk about Daniel… and Lucy.” Daniel pulls out his phone to show her photos.

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Outside, Devon and Abby are leaving when Amanda confronts them on the red carpet.
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Inside, Victor grumps to Nikki, “What the hell is this all about?” Nikki sniffs, “Who knows? It looks like Diane is trying to play the part of First Lady.” Jack begins speaking and thanks the organizers before launching into a speech about the celebration of the place they all call home and how happy he is about Abbotts being raised there. He alludes to the ups and downs they’ve all had but feels they all have more in common than they don’t. “We choose to live in this town together, and I am forever grateful for that.” He says Genoa City residents know you can grow and change. Every day he sees the very best in the woman standing next to him. “I know from the life I have lived that happiness can be elusive. When you find it, grab it, and don’t let go.” That’s what he and Diane have done. Tonight they’ve chosen to share their great news with all of them. “I am in love with Diane Jenkins. I have asked her to marry me, and she said yes.” Everyone applauds, Jack and Diane kiss, Nikki turns to look aghast at Victor, and Ashley gawps.
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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea tells Billy she’s going to head upstairs. Billy wishes her sweet dreams and then tells her she looks beautiful. Chelsea moves in closer, and they kiss.

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At the gala, the party is back in full swing. Sally marvels to Nick about people being so certain about love. She and Adam exchange a glance and he raises his glass. In the corner, Victor remarks on Jack making one mistake after another, and Nikki gripes about spending months putting the party together only for Jack and Diane to steal the show. Victor finds it all funny. Nikki deadpans, “Haha.” Ashley tells Tucker she wants to get out of there and they turn to leave but stop short at the sound of someone yelling — it’s Phyllis. “Whoo! Yes! Let’s hear it for love!” The room goes silent as she waves her arms and says, “It’s me! Hi!” Phyllis fastens her attention on Jack and Diane and hisses, “Let’s hear it for the future Mr. and Mrs. Jack Abbott.” She does a loud slow clap.” When no one joins in she shouts, “Come on!” Michael applauds and everyone else follows his lead. Phyllis stares at Jack and Diane.
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Genoa City is shocked by Jack and Diane’s announcement, Danny and Gina return to town, and Amanda makes a grand entrance.

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