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At Bill’s place, he tells Sheila, “You did it. You finally opened up.” Sheila’s bewildered that it excites him — what she told him was terrible. Bill goes over her killing Lance Day.

In the FBI unit, Ridge asks Chen where his unit is — why aren’t they there?

At Bill’s, Sheila tells him she doesn’t want to ruin the moment; they’re engaged and she’s so happy. Bill smiles and says, “So am I.” Sheila asks, “It doesn’t scare you, what I’ve done.” Bill tells her, “No, Sheila. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.
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In the FBI unit, Ridge hollers, “That’s it! We got her! She confessed!” Chen beams, “Spencer did it!” Ridge sighs that they’re sending that killer to prison and she’s never going to bother their families again.
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At Bill’s, Sheila asks again if it bothers him what she’s done. Bill is just glad she said it.

At Forrester, Katie laments to Brooke that she doesn’t know what to say to get through to Bill. “I don’t know what happened to the man I thought I knew.” Brooke can only imagine how difficult it’s been for her regarding Will. Katie thought no one was more important to Bill than his children and grandchildren. “I don’t understand it. Why is Sheila Carter suddenly so important to him?”

At Bill’s place, Sheila recaps that she just told him the worst thing she’s ever done. Bill insists that telling him her deepest darkest secrets will change everything. “In the best way. I’ve always known exactly who you are and I’m going to keep my promise. I’m going to give you the future that you so richly deserve.” Sheila grins.
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In the FBI unit, Chen assures Ridge that the confession was recorded, but it’s not over — they don’t have Sheila in custody yet.

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At Bill’s, he pours a drink and shoots Ridge a look into the camera. Sheila wonders why he’s suddenly so quiet. Bill is thinking about the future. He’s more pleased and relieved than she could ever imagine. She guesses he’s relieved that she accepted his proposal. She gushes that no one has ever treated her the way that he does. “I know that you love me.” Sheila asks if he’s worried about how his family will react. Bill says they’ve never really understood what’s going on here, but he’s hoping they will now. Sheila wonders if there’s a chance they’ll accept this and if there will be a celebration. Bill promises there will be a celebration. He has something to take care of it and will be right back.
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In the office at Forrester, Brooke and Katie are discussing Bill and Sheila when Carter comes in. Katie declares that Bill is a shell of himself. Brooke says they just have to hope that one day he’ll come to his senses and make Sheila pay for her crimes.

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At Bill’s house, he calls Ridge and asks, “Please tell me you got that.” Chen gets on and confirms they got all of it. He says he did a good job but he’s not done — he has to keep Sheila on the premises until his team gets there. Bill chuckles that he can handle Sheila. “We finally got her,” he says as he disconnects. Behind him, Sheila repeats, “You got me.” Bill turns to face her. Sheila asks, “Who were you talking to, Bill?”

At Forrester, Carter agrees that Bill is not himself; he’s letting Sheila dictate his life. They go over Sheila not being someone you can trust. Carter wonders if he likes playing with fire. Katie worries that the longer this goes on, the more danger they’re all in. “Especially Bill.”
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At Bill’s place, Sheila asks, “Who were you talking to on the phone?” When Bill doesn’t respond she screams, “Tell me, Bill!” She wants to know if he was talking about their engagement, their marriage, their future… Bill smirks, “Our marriage? Our future? This great love story. You and me. The woman who shot Steffy and Finn? The vicious criminal who tried to kill my granddaughter’s mother?!” Sheila reminds him he asked her to be his wife and professed his love over and over. “We made love in your bed! You told me your deepest darkest secrets!” Bill shakes his head, “No, no, no. You shared your darkest crimes with me.” Sheila can’t make sense of this. Bill muses, “Everything I’ve said, everything I’ve done… sacrificed, it finally all does make sense.” He crows about the acting challenge of a lifetime, pretending to care about her and love her. Sheila turns to run, and Bill follows.

In the FBI unit, Ridge grumps, “You had to overplay it, didn’t you? Don’t let her get away!”
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At Bill’s, he catches Sheila at the front door, grabs her by the arm, and fumes, “You’re not getting out of this house. If you leave it will be in cuffs.” Sheila gawps, “You lied to me. You told me you loved me!” Bill sneers that falling in love with a psycho was number one on his bucket list. Sheila reminds him of the night on the beach. Bill mocks, “Oh you mean that night when you just happened to find me moping in the dark, drinking away my sorrows at Il Giardino?” Sheila gasps, “Oh my God.” Bill asks if the light is going on. He tells her it was a setup from the beginning, a sting, to get her to pour her black heart out to the only man who “truly understood you.” Bill recaps that it took him months and he had to put a ring on her finger, but he got her. He says that Lance kid is going to get his justice because his killer is going to be locked up for good. Sheila yells, “No, this is not happening!” Bill says she confessed to murder one and is going to prison for the rest of her life. “Your reign of terror is over. You hear me? It’s over, bitch!”

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At Forrester, Brooke asks Katie if it bothers Carter that she’s so worried about Bill. She cautions about her letting it impact their relationship. Katie assures that Carter has been a rock for her. Brooke’s glad. They go over how crazy Bill has been and Katie feels there has to be something they’re missing. The man she fell in love with wouldn’t do something like this. She has to believe the real Bill is in there waiting to come out.

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At Bill’s, he tells Sheila every moment he spent with her was pure anguish but he couldn’t give into his revulsion. “I needed you to confess.” Sheila says, “You can’t prove anything. There’s no evidence. No one knows what I said, so it’s your word against mine.” Bill informs her it was recorded and the whole house is bugged. “Give your best smile and wave to Ridge and Agent Chen from the FBI. Sheila squints, “Ridge was a part of all of this?” Bill says dress designers tend to hold a grudge when you shoot their daughter and leave her for dead. “I never cared about you, it was all an act with the FBI listening to every word you said.” Sheila hedges toward the patio doors. Bill tells her not to even think about running away; the authorities are on their way and will cuff her ass and drag her out of there and lock her up for the rest of her miserable life. Sheila protests — what about everything he said to Katie and Brooke and his sons? Bill doesn’t want to brag, but he had to convince them. “It killed me having to listen to you fawn over me. It made me want to puke.” He grimaces about having her in his bed. Sheila points out that he called her a monster but the only way this despicable plan could work is if she’s not one. “All I ever wanted was to be loved. To have someone show me some compassion and understanding.” She screams, “You used me, Bill. You used me!” Bill says he certainly did — who could ever love someone like her? Sheila retorts, “My son! He wanted to know me. My own and flesh and blood, if Steffy hadn’t… ” Bill cuts her off, “Shut up! Stop blaming everyone else for what you’ve done!” He reiterates that they’ve got her on murder one. “You are going to prison for the rest of your life. You will never, never be a free woman again!” Sheila lunges toward him and they scuffle onto the terrace, where Sheila goes flying over the balcony. Bill looks over and sees her lying inert on the ground below.
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