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At a table at the gala, Jill is tickled when she realizes Lily and Devon are talking again. Devon tells her he’s no longer fighting the merger and he’s dropping the lawsuit. Jill declares, “This is incredible,” and wants to celebrate with bubbly. Devon cautions that he’s dropping the lawsuit but it hasn’t solved everything.

Across the room, Nate marvels to Elena that Devon and Lily are getting along. Elena feels they now have something else to celebrate. They toast.

In a sitting area, Christine tells Nikki that everything turned out beautifully. Nikki purrs, “Oh, thank you so much.” Behind them, Sharon asks Adam how things went with Victoria and his father. He says, “Better than expected, actually.” He remembered how fun it is when he and his father are getting along — Victoria’s jealous, which is the gift that keeps giving. He knows they’re not here to celebrate that, however. They’re here to mark the town’s bicentennial. Sharon says as long as they are there celebrating history, fond memories, and longevity, “Here’s to us. Best of friends.” Adam raises his glass, “To us.” They toast.
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By the dance floor, Nick tells Sally how beautiful she looks and apologizes for being a sub-par date. She says he’s been attentive and courteous. Nick points out they haven’t even actually danced yet. Sally teases, “I thought maybe it had something to do with your abilities.” Nick gawps, “Let’s go. It’s on.” Nikki watches with disdain as they spin onto the dance floor.

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By the door, Jack is looking around for Diane when Chelsea and Billy walk up and make conversation about Billy’s impending return to Jabot. Chelsea thinks it’s the start of an exciting new era. Jack agrees but is distracted and excuses himself. Nearby, Summer and Daniel discuss their concerns about Phyllis. Daniel wonders if maybe they are the ones in need of repair. Kyle, rolling his eyes, says he needs another glass of champagne. Daniel tells Summer he’s going to try and find their mother and see what’s going on. Jack walks up to Summer and Kyle and relays that a man bumped into him and he thought it was Stark. Kyle suggests his father let security handle that. Jack feels he’s right — he has a big announcement to make tonight. Kyle asks, “Where is your bride-to-be anyway?” Jack replies, “I wish I knew.”
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Upstairs, Diane pushes open the door to the suite and calls out, “Kyle? It’s mom!” She realizes that no one’s in the room and shakes her head, “Classic Phyllis.” Phyllis appears behind her. Diane isn’t playing her games and tells her it’s over. Phyllis replies, “Oh believe me for the first time in your life you are correct. It is so over.”

At the bar, Nina, wearing a mask, walks up to Christine and asks, “Is this where the party is?” Chris is excited to see her friend and they embrace. Nina explains she decided to surprise everyone, “It’s so good to be home!” As they chat, Nina tells Christine she is thrilled to see everyone but especially can’t wait to see her grandson, Dom. She mentions Chance has him tomorrow and mutters about the stupid visitation agreement. Chris asks where he is. Nina says he’s on a stakeout and she hopes he’ll be there later. She asks about Paul and Christine says he’s in Portugal. Nina asks, “He had to go now?” Christine says, “You know, Paul… family first.” Nina senses something is off.
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As Sally and Nick slow dance, Nikki shoots a look of disdain in their direction before returning to her conversation with Victor and Esther, who recalls that Katherine sure knew how to throw a party. Nikki can see her now, making her way through the crowd in a beautiful gown. Victor misses Katherine and they toast to her.

At the door, Kyle asks Traci if she’s seen her mom. She hasn’t. Leanna approaches Kyle and says she may be able to assist him. His mother was on her way upstairs after a little chat with Phyllis. Kyle groans. Leanna begins to question him about having his mother and father back in his life. Kyle gathers she never stops looking for trouble. Leanna grins, “Why would I?”

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In the suite upstairs, Diane calls Phyllis out for tricking her into thinking Kyle is sick. It’s a new low even for her. “No wonder you’re alone tonight.” Diane notes that she’s spent months trying to “unmask” her but has only succeeded in letting everyone get a glimpse of her truly miserable existence. “You’re the problem, Phyllis. You couldn’t let it go and now everyone sees you for who you really are.” She tries to walk past Phyllis, who shoves her back onto the sofa and grits, “You’re not going anywhere until I say so.”

At a table, Elena watches Nate watching Devon and Lily and remarks that his mind is working overtime right now. He can’t figure out how Devon and Lily are in the same room without fighting. Nate is glad they seem to be on track. Elena hopes now he can let go of the guilt. Nate muses he can now concentrate on her. He admits he keeps having these thoughts going around in his head — she looks beautiful and all he can think about is getting her back home. He asks her to dance, and they take to the floor. Elena muses, “It’s been a while,” as they sway.
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Elsewhere, Billy asks Chelsea if she’s okay and if she needs anything. She reassures him. Just then, Leanna walks up and says, “It’s been too long.” Billy replies, “Not long enough.” She introduces herself to Chelsea and tells her, “You have stories and I want to know them all.” She pressures her to sit down and talk.

In the lounge, Kyle and Summer compare notes on Diane and Phyllis both disappearing. They’re concerned.

In the suite, Diane wonders if Phyllis wants a catfight. She informs her she’s not worth her time. There’s a handsome man downstairs who is about to make an announcement that will change their lives forever. Phyllis rebuts that unless he’s going to tell everyone what a manipulative bitch she is, he’s wasting his time. Diane informs Phyllis she’s not going anywhere. Phyllis replies, “That’s right. You are not going anywhere until you listen to what I have to tell you.”
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Seated in two armchairs, Adam and Sharon discuss her love of dancing. He wonders why she doesn’t go kick up her heels — unless she’s waiting on someone in particular.

By the door, Nina hugs Traci, who hopes this evening never ends. Nina agrees it’s been wonderful but feels there are some people she doesn’t need to see. Her expression changes and it’s because she’s eyeballing Abby, who is laughing at the bar. Traci asks if she’s writing anything new. Nina says he is and rants that it’s about an over-protective mother upset that her son is skipping the party of the year because he’s afraid of running into the woman who shredded his heart. Traci gawps, “This sounds a little specific. Nina thinks Chance skipped the gala to avoid Abby. Traci agrees the break-up was shocking, but she thought they were getting along. Nina fumes that Chance has probably made it look that way, but she broke his heart. She has some things to say to her. “I’m going to go talk to her.”

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At the bar, Abby spots Nina walking over and says to Daniel, “Oh no.” Nina asks, “Daniel, would you mind if I had a word with Abby. Alone.” They step aside and Nina asks Abby what Chance ever did to deserve being treated like that. She thought it must be a lie. Nina recalls how she brought him back from overseas, “Just to break his heart?!?” Abby didn’t mean to hurt him. Nina gawps, “I’d hate to think of what hell you’d unleash if you’d meant to hurt him!” Abby is sorry for the pain she caused Chance. Nina really hopes he gets past what she did to him, “Because I never will. Never!”
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At a table, Devon tells Jill they still have a lot to figure out; they have different approaches to doing business. Lily thinks it will take him a while to trust her again. Devon says the most important thing is Lily being in his life, if anything jeopardizes that it will have to go. Jill wonders if he’s saying he’d consider walking away from Chancellor-Winters. Lily cautions, “Let’s just give Devon some time to think about things.” Jill asks, “Would tomorrow be too soon?” She thanks them for ending this hideous chapter and hopes they can start a new one. They toast.

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In the corner, Adam tells Sharon he thought maybe she was waiting for GCPD’s number one detective. Sharon thought Chance was going to be there tonight. “Are you trying to set me up?” Adam’s not, but if she needs a wingman, he’s there. Sharon notes that Chance was Rey’s partner and is really handsome and attractive, so maybe in another lifetime she’d let Adam play the role of wingman, but they’re just friends. Adam hears her and will back off, but he thinks she deserves to be happy. Sharon insists she’s happy. Her life may be a little quiet but that suits her right now. Soon she’ll have Aria, which will make life interesting… and loud. Adam will have a loud little someone before too long too. Sharon thinks it’s important to be grateful for what you have and not be fixated on what you don’t… that’s the key to happiness.
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Lily and Devon look up at Neil’s portrait and she wonders what he’d say if he were there. Devon cracks that he’d probably say, “Turn up the music,” and then ask her to dance. They agree family is everything.
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Elsewhere, Leanna chases down Chelsea, peppering her with questions about dating Adam, Nick, and now Billy. “What a tangled web we weave!” Billy intervenes but Leanna grills, “What’s next for Chelsea Lawson?” Chloe flies up and informs Love that they’ll answer questions when hell freezes over. Billy tells Leanna to go find someone else to annoy. He joins Chelsea and Chloe, who upbraids him for not running off the reporter sooner. She’s then off to keep her mother from embarrassing herself. Chelsea cries and runs out. Billy follows.

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Outside by the red carpet, Billy tells Chelsea to focus on the moment. “What do you see?” She says, “You.” Billy tells her he’s not going anywhere and assures her everything is okay. Chelsea offers to get a rideshare home but Billy says, “You go, I go.”

Inside, Christine asks Nina if it was necessary to confront Abby like that. As they talk, they walk past Esther and Jill, who eyeballs Nina. Chloe joins her mother and Jill, who drifts over to question Nina, “Did you lay into Abby?” Nina fumes, “That girl’s behavior is completely unacceptable and that’s all I’ve got to say about it.” Jill chuckles. Nina asks if she’s missing something. Christine and Jill remind Nina that she went after Phillip when he was Cricket’s boyfriend. Esther and Chloe walk up and Chloe exclaims, “Ooo, I like this!” Nina protests that it wasn’t the same thing, but then abandons her argument. “Yeah, you’re right.” They all agree she’s displayed extraordinary growth despite a few bumps along the way, and they toast.
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Elsewhere, Jack stops Kyle, who reports there’s still no sign of Phyllis and Diane. Summer appears and says she’s learned that there’s a suite booked under her mom’s name. They decide they’d better get up there… now.

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In the suite, Phyllis tells Diane the only thing good about her is her son. “You’re disgusting! You’re a criminal, Diane!” Diane, amused, retorts, “You are throwing stones from a glass house.” Phyllis exclaims, “Oh my God! You let me take the fall for burning down the pool house years ago. I was in jail! It didn’t matter to you, you got off scot-free! Let’s not forget I was on the long list of suspects in your presumed murder!” Diane hollers, “And what? What, Phyllis? Do you want a do-over? You want a blanket apology?!?’ Phyllis gawps, “Look at you still not taking responsibility… why didn’t you stay dead? Why?!? Why are you not dead?!?” Diane laughs, “Ha!” Phyllis says she was erased from their memories, “You didn’t matter to us. You don’t matter and it killed you, so you had to come back and take everything that was mine.” She continues, “I am the only one who sees through your act.” She doesn’t buy her fake tears and her reformed act; it is a lie. “You are terrified that I’m going to expose your latest con, aren’t you? Terrified of me. And you should be… terrified of me.”
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Phyllis lists off what Diane has taken from her. “You tried to leave me with nothing.” Diane calls her a “poor delusional woman”. Phyllis pities the people she’s lied to and who she will betray in a few months — Jack, Kyle, and that sweet little Harrison. “Eventually, you’ll expose yourself and the mask will fall, and they’ll be left with you — this psychotic despicable lunatic that you are — and they will wish you were six feet under. They will wish, they will look at you with disgust.” Diane says that’s enough. There is only one evil bitch in that room, and she is looking right at her!
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Downstairs, Jill tells Victor she’s come to say goodbye. The evening has already been more than she’s ever dreamed of. The money he invested in Chancellor-Winters is already paying off — Devon is dropping the lawsuit. She’s not sure what he’ll do next, however. Victor has a lot of patience. Jill nods, “I know you do.”

At the bar, Adam watches Nick and Sally laughing together and flashes to telling her he misses their friendship. He picks up his drink and takes a swig.

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Nearby, Devon finds Abby and gives her a kiss. He updates her on making peace with Lily and says he’s decided to drop the lawsuit. Abby knows that wasn’t easy for him. They kiss and she hugs him.

Elsewhere, Lily tells Daniel that Jill canceled the IPO and Devon dropped the lawsuit. Daniel says that’s incredible as she gushes that she’s happy. Lily asks Daniel to dance with her and he finishes his drink before twirling her away.

In the suite upstairs, Diane hollers at Phyllis that she and Jack are sick and tired of her pathetic attempts to paint herself as the hero or the victim when she’s clearly the villain! “The only way you can elevate yourself is by dragging everyone else down and it is a disgusting, despicable compulsion!” She leans in close and grits, “Your family is embarrassed by you, and your friends? Look around, look around, where are they? You have used up every last bit of patience and goodwill they had for you and now you’re alone.” She jabs her finger toward Phyllis’s chest, “You did this! You drove everyone away! You are the reason your life is such a dismal failure! And if you can’t get out of your own way, then just get the hell out of mine!” With that, she tries to walk past Phyllis, who grabs her arm, “You’re not going anywhere.” Diane hauls off and slaps her across the face. Phyllis shoves her and hollers, “You bitch, bring it!’ Diane grabs the redhead and lowers her to the desk. She has her hands around her neck and is gritting, “I should do the world a favor and strangle you to death!” when Jack, Summer, and Kyle walk in looking absolutely horrified by the scene.
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