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At the gala, Summer and Kyle are on the dance floor. She asks him what his favorite part of the night has been so far. He says, “Besides sharing it with you?” Kyle loves the cool jazz club and her grandparents’ speech. What Victor said about people returning to Genoa City to raise their kids spoke to him. They agree they’re glad they came back. Jack and Diane take the dance floor near Michael and Lauren, who sneers, “I never thought I’d see the day.” She worries about Jack, and Michael reminds her he’s a big boy. “I think they look great together.” Lauren fears if Phyllis walked in right now and saw them together all hell would break loose.
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Upstairs in Jeremy’s suite, Phyllis is sure Diane’s planning to announce her engagement tonight. Stark says they need to get that ring. It’s the perfect final item to add to the scene they’re setting. Phyllis isn’t sure that’s possible since it’s in Jack’s pocket. Jeremy dons his mask and says, “Leave that to me.”

Next to the dance floor, Nikki glares at Diane and Jack as they dance together. She snarks about her digging her claws into Jack deeper and deeper. Victor says he’s always been a poor judge of character and convinces Nikki to dance.

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By the door, Elena fumes as she watches Nate and Victoria together. Audra muses that Victoria certainly isn’t wasting any time. Elena tells her to stop. She walks up to Nate, who calls her beautiful and greets her with a kiss. Victoria excuses herself. Elena asks her boyfriend, “What did I miss?”
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Billy and Chelsea arrive at the revolving door and he assures her if any of this gets to be too much they can leave. She smiles, “Okay.” Elsewhere, Devon tells Lily he doesn’t see himself working with her again. Lily wants to go somewhere and talk about it. She points to the portrait of Neil — don’t they owe him that?

Michael brings drinks to Lauren and Jill as they sit and chat. Jill remarks on Lauren’s recent honor and Lauren tells her sister how glad she is to see her there tonight. Michael jokes about Jill needing a room to tryst in and they howl with laughter and toast.
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Leanna Love sneaks down the stairs in her mask, spots Diane and Jack on the dance floor, and makes a beeline for them. She declares that this was just the kind of hot scoop she was hoping to get tonight — Diane Jenkins back from the dead and reunited with her ex, one of Genoa City’s most elite bachelors. Jack tells her to shoo. Leanne wants to make them front page on her website and tells Diane that it’s her best chance to clear her name. Jack’s not buying it. Leanna doesn’t give up and tells Diane she’s a lucky woman — she remembers what a fantastic lover Jack is.
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At a table, Kyle fumes about Love baiting her mother but is distracted when Summer gets a call from the nanny and says, “Oh no!”

At a table, Adam and Sharon have come in from a stroll in the fresh air. Sharon wonders if he’s avoiding Sally and Nick. Adam laments putting his foot in it when he’s around them. Sharon thinks he’s handling himself fine. Adam spots Victoria and laments he’ll have to deal with his sister tonight too.

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In a seating area, Ashley remarks to Tucker that she’s enjoyed seeing people she hasn’t seen for so long there tonight. Victoria, seated on the chair beside them, asks Tucker where things stand with the sale of his company. She’s beginning to get the sense that he’s enjoying taunting her. Tucker says he’s still weighing his options, although he has a strong preference as to who he’d like to see make the deal. “I’d like to sell to Devon, that hasn’t changed.” Victoria is sure his son will turn him down. She’d like to know Ashley’s angle. Ashley claims not to have one. Victoria isn’t sure which one of them is more deceptive. Tucker finds this a lovely compliment. They head to the bar and Victor joins Victoria to ask, “What was that all about?”

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At a corner table, Billy listens as Chelsea and Daniel discuss the video game platform. He tells the couple that Lily has stepped away — the Newmans dedicated the new jazz lounge to Neil. Billy’s glad she has someone in her life who is sensitive to her feelings.

On the stairs, Jeremy appears in his mask. He walks to the bottom of the steps, bends over to adjust his pant legs, and then enters the room.

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On the phone, Summer finally realizes the nanny is saying that Zippy the Fox is missing, not Harrison. She can barely hear her, so they head outside. Kyle bumps into Stark on his way out and says, “Sorry,” not recognizing him.

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At the bar, Elena and Nate hope the Neil Winters jazz lounge will help Lily and Devon solve their differences.

Outside, Devon tells Lily he doesn’t know what there is left to say. Lily reminds him that Jill canceled the IPO, which changes everything. Devon asks if she knows it was Victor who convinced her to do that. Lily didn’t know and asks, “Did Jill tell you that?” Devon calls it an educated guess. Lily isn’t surprised — Victor cared about him. She makes a pitch for him to return to run the company with her. “We can each run our operations as we see fit.” It can be the united family business they’ve dreamed of, “If you say yes.”
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Inside, Jeremy watches Jack and Diane dancing and lurks around the dance floor. Michael and Lauren spin over to chat with the other couple.
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Michael teasingly challenges Jack and Diane to a dance off. As they’re goofing around, Jeremy bumps into Jack and he makes his way through the crowd. Diane says it may sound crazy but, “Was that Jeremy?!” Jack had the same thought.
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Christine arrives at the gala and Lauren and Michael walk up to greet her. Lauren muses, “So, you’re flying solo tonight. What does Paul have on the agenda now that he’s the retired police chief?” Christine explains he went to Portugal to spend more time with Heather and Lucy. Lauren can’t wait to see pictures. They chit chat about the food and Michael asks how the arbitration is going. Cricket can only say that once the case is settled she’s thinking of returning to her old job as D.A. “I need a change.”

At the door, Esther arrives and is looking around when Leanna Love spots her. “I almost didn’t recognize you without your feather duster.” Esther sniffs that she thought this party was only for the elite. Leanna replies, “Well, you made the cut.” Esther informs her she’s a key employee at Chancellor-Winters. Leanna heard there’s been some drama there. Esther wonders where her bosses are. Leanna hasn’t seen Devon and Lily in a while. “Hmm. Maybe there’s a story there.”
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On the dance floor, Jack wants to go after the man to find out if he’s Jeremy Stark. Diane stops him and decides the time is right to announce their engagement. Jack doesn’t want Stark to ruin their moment and will just go talk to the security staff. Diane watches him go with concern. When she turns, she bumps right into Phyllis, who stares into her eyes and intones, “There you are.”
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Sitting in two chairs, Victoria tells her father that she thinks Tucker has lost his edge. Victor thinks he’s playing them. Adam walks up and Victoria informs him this is a private conversation. Adam asks if the plan to acquire McCall has hit a snag — is Victoria throwing up roadblocks. Victor says they’re on the same side but Victoria replies, “I wouldn’t go that far.” Adam notes they have different visions. Victoria tells Adam not to concern himself with this. However it shakes out, he’s never going to be CEO. Adam looks at Victor who stays silent.

Across the room, Elena’s talking to Nate, but he’s not listening and is watching Victoria talking to Victor and Adam. He explains there’s a deal in the works and apologizes. Elena scoffs, “Whatever. I’m going to go mingle.”

At the bar, Tucker tells Ashley that things will work out the way they’re meant to. “I know what I want, you know what you want from this situation. How can the universe deny us?” Jill walks up and seethes at Tucker for coming after her company and planting a mole. Tucker apologizes. Jill fumes that he’s only sorry he got busted. McCall says they’re both players. Jill tells him to shut up and informs him that all he accomplished was to make Chancellor stronger.
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Outside, Devon asks Lily how he’s supposed to work alongside somebody who went out of their way to try and hurt his feelings. Lily is sorry; she let her anger get the best of her and was hurt and scared. “I lashed out.” She regrets hiring Amanda and apologizes for that too. Devon says he should have been more honest with her and himself about his feelings regarding the merger. Lily is certain they can get past this — they’ve gone though so much and have always come out the other side stronger. “This can’t be the thing that breaks us!”

Inside, Diane complains about Phyllis lurking around. The redhead tells Diane that Kyle is sick — he’s sweating and nauseated. She has a suite for after the party and he’s in it now with Summer. “Come with me.”

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As the gala continues, Sharon tells Christine that Mariah and Tessa are still in Portland with the baby; she can’t wait for them to get home. She’s showing her baby pictures when Nikki join them and welcomes Sharon to the grandparents’ club. Having a grandchild to spoil is one of life’s greatest blessings.

Jill joins Billy and Chelsea and he asks his mother how much trouble he’s in this week. Jill laughs and says she’s been hearing of him making positive strides. She complains she had to hear about it from Esther of all people. Billy is doing his best. Jill is sorry she was so hard on him when he left Chancellor. Talk turns to Johnny and Jill tells Billy he’s an outstanding father. Billy doesn’t know what’s going on with her but he likes it. Jill chuckles that she just unloaded on Tucker, so she got all her negativity out. She tells Chelsea she looks nice and muses about them coming together. Billy says they’ve become good friends. As Jill floats off, Chelsea teases Billy and calls him “pal”.
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By the dance floor, Diane accuses Phyllis of lying about Kyle. Phyllis says she doesn’t like her, but she likes her son. “Get over yourself.” Diane isn’t going to follow her anywhere and says Kyle was just dancing and looked fine. Phyllis insists when she left him, he was nauseated. Diane questions why he hasn’t called a doctor. Phyllis says, “Exactly,” and encourages her to come with her, so they can help Summer to convince him to call for help. Diane decides to text Kyle herself. “Everything okay?”

Elsewhere, Jeremy, who has Kyle’s phone, reads Diane’s message.

On the dance floor, Diane tells Phyllis that Kyle isn’t responding to her text. Phyllis guesses it’s because he’s so out of it. She invites Diane to go to the room alone and gives her the room number — 517.

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Closer to the front doors, Victor asks Victoria and Adam to think of all the things they could achieve together. “We could rule the damn world!” He walks off in disgust. Victoria glares at Adam and then walks away too.
Victoria Adam Y&R

Victoria looks around, spots Nate at the bar and joins him. She asks if he and Elena got all caught up. Nate confirms they’re back to the place they need to be as a couple.
Victoria Nate Y&R

Elsewhere, Audra tells Elena she saw things get tense between her and Nate. Elena says she’s been thinking about her idea to interview Victoria’s ex, JT, for her podcast, “And maybe it’s not a bad idea.” Audra smiles, “I’m glad you think so.”

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Outside, Devon gets choked up as an album is playing that Neil loved. He left him the vinyl and now it’s Dominic’s favorite. Lily thinks it’s a sign. Devon hates feeling like this and hates that they let things get this far. Lily hates it too. “Please, can we just stop this and find our way back?” Devon says, “Yeah, I’m going to drop the lawsuit.” They embrace. Devon says, “I’m sorry.” Lily replies, “I’m sorry too.”

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Kyle and Summer come in from outside and Daniel walks up to ask his sister when was the last time she saw their mom. He tells her about the odd conversation they had. Summer says she said pretty much the same thing to her. They agree it was really strange… and kind of moving. Daniel worries he’s been too tough on her. Kyle assures them her behavior was out of control. Summer just hopes they didn’t make things worse.
Daniel Kyle Summer Y&R

In her seat, Leanna spots Diane going upstairs and then watches Phyllis follow her.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor seizes an opportunity to strike a deal with Jill, Christine reunites with her BFF, Nina, and Phyllis and Diane’s feud reaches its breaking point.

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