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On the red carpet, Nick, Sally, Adam, and Sharon pose for the photographers. Sally and Sharon compliment each other’s dress. Nick says to Sharon, “I didn’t realize you were coming with Adam.” Sharon says it was kind of a last-minute invitation. Adam pipes up to say that doesn’t diminish how pleased he is to be her date. The paps ask the foursome to pose together and then Sharon suggests they head inside — she wants a glass of champagne. She quickly apologizes for being insensitive to Sally, who assures her going without alcohol is worth it.

Jack and Diane walk the red carpet next and smile happily until they hear a familiar voice protesting that she left her press credentials at the hotel. “You’re not going to make me go back and get them, are you? You know who I am!” Jack and Diane sigh and he mutters that he would know that voice anywhere. The person belonging to the voice steps onto the red carpet and removes her mask. “It’s me! Leanna Love!” She spots Jack and Diane, remarks on how fascinating it was to hear she was alive and then asks, “Are you two a thing?” Jack asks what brings her by tonight. Leanna asks, “Who better to cover the celebration of the century, no, make that two centuries, than moi — Genoa City’s celebrity journalista?”
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Billy enters Crimson Lights in his tux and texts Chelsea to let her know he’s downstairs. She appears in regular clothes and admits she can’t decide what to wear. Billy realizes this isn’t about a dress. She has anxiety. “I thought I was ready for this, but now… Billy, I’m not sure I can be your date.”

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On the red carpet, Diane warns Leanna that the top-tier guests may not be happy to see her. Leanna thinks it’s all “bubbly under the bridge” and confides that she’s really there because there will be so many juicy stories to write about. “I might even get another book out of it.” She sidles past them and heads inside. Diane tells Jack she doesn’t want that blabbermouth leaking the news of their engagement. She gives Jack the ring to hang onto until the time is right. Phyllis, in her mask, watches him pocket it.
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Inside the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nikki enthuses to Michael, who tells her she’s outdone herself. Nikki tells him the food and drink he and Lauren organized is out of this world. Michael says Lauren’s on her way. Nikki hopes she gets there before the presentation. Nearby, Sally and Nick chat with Victoria, who realizes she’s trying to hide the fact that she’s expecting, but warns she’s drawing more attention to it. Nikki joins them and they all tell her how fabulous everything looks. Nikki tells them, “Just you wait.” Sally says, “It seems like you have some surprises up your sleeve. I love surprises.” Nikki shoots a snooty look at Victoria and doesn’t reply.
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At the bar, Adam suggests to Sharon that they join the family. She says that’s fine… unless he’s planning on causing trouble. He quips, “Me?” In the corner, Victor complains to Ashley about her hanging out with Tucker and tells McCall he’s being used. “Ashley has a plan for you. I don’t know what that is but I’m very curious to find out what it is. In the meantime, why don’t you sell me your company?” Tucker says he’s working out a deal with Devon. Victor wishes him good luck with that.

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Adam and Sharon join Nick, Sally, Victoria, and Nikki and after Sharon compliments her ex-mother-in-law on the gala, an awkward silence ensues. Nikki and Victoria go off together and Adam asks Nick and Sally, “Are we good?” before joking he may use the photo of the four of them on his Christmas card this year. Sharon and Sally make faces and Nick chuckles.
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At the door, Mamie and Traci arrive. Traci tells her how much she means to them. Mamie looks around and marvels that the place hasn’t changed at all. She sees so many faces she recognizes. “It’s so wonderful to be here!”

At Crimson Lights, Billy offers to stay home with Chelsea and watch a movie. Chelsea realizes he told Jack he was going to go and she decides it’s a mistake to give into her anxiety. Billy worries about her making herself intentionally uncomfortable. Chelsea argues the focus will be on the even and not her. If she’s going to work with Daniel she needs to learn to get out in the world again and face her fears. Billy says if she’s not ready, she doesn’t have to push herself.

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At the gala, Devon and Abby notice that Victor seems very interested in whatever Jill has to say. Abby wonders if he knows about her change of heart. As Victor walks away from Jill, Mamie approaches her and clucks, “Jill Foster.” Jill recognizes Mamie and compliments her dress. Mamie tells her she paid for it. Jill sniffs, “Still traveling the world on my dollar, are you?” Mamie informs her that she turned her one million dollars into ten million. Jill remarks that she always was very shrewd and informs Mamie that she still goes by the last name Abbott, “But you knew that, didn’t you?” Mamie shrugs… she can’t recall. Jill suggests they let bygones be bygones. Mamie replies, “I don’t think so,” and trots off.
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Elsewhere, Michael ogles Lauren as she arrives. Nikki joins them and tells her she’s just in time. Together they call for everyone’s attention. Nikki asks them all to make their way to the lounge for a special surprise.

Upstairs at the GCAC, Jeremy lets himself into a suite, and pulls a mask out of a bag, followed by another gadget and a phone. He texts someone, “Tonight this all ends… for good.”
Jeremy Y&R

Downstairs, Phyllis receives Jeremy’s text and looks stressed out. She spots Daniel and Lily and approaches them in a conciliatory manner. Phyllis suggests she and Daniel put a hold on their animosity but starts to break down, getting teary, as she tells him what a great man he is. She walks off gasping emotionally and Daniel apologizes to Lily. He’s sure he’s hoping he’ll be worried about her.

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By the bar, Jack introduces Summer and Kyle to Mamie, telling his son if he doesn’t remember her, she certainly remembers him. Mamie admires how much they’ve grown up and tells Jack that she and his mother raised him well. Diane looks uncomfortable. They all speculate about the surprise and head into the lounge. Summer hangs back to get champagne and is standing with Traci when Phyllis walks up. She fights tears as tries to joke. Summer asks why she’s being like this, especially tonight. Phyllis wants her daughter to know that she’s so proud of the woman she’s become, and impressed with the mother she’s become. “No matter what happens, I want you to know I’m proud of you.” Traci and Summer look concerned as Phyllis embraces Summer and then walks off. Summer, shaken, tells Traci her mother is acting weirder than usual. Traci agrees; it seemed very desperate and strange.
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In the lounge, Nikki once again calls for everyone’s attention. She remarks on the 200th birthday of the great city they call home. Victor notes he came there many years ago and Nikki talks about how they’ve all shared a lot of love and laughter despite their differences. Everyone reflects as Nikki and Victor speak about the town. They soon talk about those they’ve lost, including Katherine Chancellor and Neil Winters. Nikki notes they honored Katherine with the park, and now it’s time to honor another citizen. Victor calls Abby up and she speaks about Neil’s impact on Genoa City before announcing that the room has been officially re-branded as the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge. She reveals a portrait of Neil, and everyone applauds. Lily is moved, Nate smiles, and Devon looks blown away.
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Abby urges everyone to enjoy the ongoing gift to their community before going to hug Devon. While everyone’s distracted, Phyllis puts on her mask and creeps away up the stairs. Devon thanks Nikki and Victor and they all pose for a group photo. Lily is asked to join them and agrees. She tells Victor and Nikki she can’t tell them what it means to her for them to honor her father like this. Victor recalls that Neil was not only a business partner but one of the few friends he’s had. He knows Neil would want Lily and Devon to bridge the distance between them.

Jill and Devon stand and look at Neil’s portrait. She says even in a photograph he’s still the sexiest man in the room. They admire the room and then Devon asks her if Victor had anything to do with her changing her mind about the IPO. Jill tells him Victor is one of his biggest supporters. Nearby, Mamie assures Lily she has her mother’s spirit and asks about her young ones. Lily says they’re good but busy. Nate interrupts, “Aunt Mamie.” Mamie embraces the “young doctor”, who says they need to update her on a few things. Mamie wants the family members to get together as she won’t be there long. After she walks away, Lily tells Nate she’ll arrange a time for them all to get together. Nate thanks her and says, “Neil would have dug this place.” Lily wishes he could have seen it. Nate hopes this moment can repair some of the distance between her and Devon. Lily says it’s not his business so he should probably stay out of it, and flounces off. Audra approaches Nate, but Victoria comes along immediately after to “steal” him.
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Elsewhere, Ashley is about to go over and let Leanna Love “have it” when she runs into Mamie. She’s asking Mamie to set her brother straight when Leanna sneaks up to listen. Ashley confronts her. Victor appears and chortles over Leanna Love being there when she wasn’t invited. Jill joins him and snaps, “Trashing up the place as usual.” Leanna sniffs, “So much for this being a forgiving town.” Jill pulls Victor aside and lets him know that Devon suspects he’s behind her change of heart. She guesses the surprise was all part of his plan. Victor just smiles to himself.
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In the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge, Devon raises a glass to his dad. Lily appears and sits beside him. “Devon we were so close. Can’t we fix this?”

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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea continues to agonize over whether to go. Billy’s happy to go home and change and watch a movie. Chelsea decides it would be a shame if no one saw him looking so good in his tuxedo. “I’m ready for this,” she decides.

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At the gala, Nate and Victoria drink to her parents at the bar. He asks her, “So, did you know?” Victoria says it was a surprise to her too. Nate knows it meant a lot to Devon and Lily. He hopes if will diffuse the tension. Victoria realizes he really does care about his cousins. She places her hand over his just as Elena walks in, notices, and frowns. Audra appears behind her and muses that Victoria’s not wasting any time.
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Phyllis joins Jeremy in his suite and asks what he’s doing up there. He hopes she’s not having second thoughts. Phyllis says, “No. Seeing that woman laughing with my daughter cemented everything for me.” Jeremy says it’s time to get Diane up there for the final stage.

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Downstairs, Diane tells Jack that she feels it’s not the right time to share their news. He agrees; it will be like they’re trying to steal their thunder. He enthuses about their perfect love story — after all this time they’re about to become Mr. and Mrs. Jack Abbott. They kiss as the camera pans to Phyllis’s mask and untouched glass of champagne on a nearby table.
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor and Nikki celebrate a success, Jill works to repair the rift between Lily and Devon, and Jack is shocked by a party crasher’s arrival at the gala.

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