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Outside the gala, the paparazzi swarm as Victor and Nikki arrive on the red carpet. They stop to pose for photos and then go inside the Genoa City Athletic Club. Nikki tells Victor the bar has been stocked with his favorite tequila and gushes about how good it feels to throw a party again. Victor looks forward to celebrating with the whole town. Nikki hopes people can set aside their petty differences. Victor assures her they will… for ten minutes. “And then all hell will break loose.” She swats him, “Don’t say that.”

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley comes down the stairs in her gown as Tucker arrives in a mask at the door. He’s asking her on a date. She’s going to the gala… by herself. Tucker thinks it would be a lot more fun to go by herself with him. Jack comes down the stairs and narrows his eyes.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Abby stammers at Amanda that she hasn’t since her since… Amanda helpfully interjects, “Since I walked in on you and Devon half-naked in MY living room?” Abby asks if they can talk but Amanda has to go. Abby follows her and pleads. There is something she wants to say to her but she hasn’t had the chance. “I’m sorry.” Abby insists she’s so sorry for the pain she caused her. Amanda really doesn’t want to hear her explanation. “It didn’t happen overnight, it took time.” She has so much going on she doesn’t have time to worry about her and Devon. Abby asks why Amanda came back then. She asks if she’s trying to punish Devon, who is trying to keep his connection to Neil. “Please don’t punish him for a mistake he and I both made.” They agree that Devon fighting with Lily and Jill is tragic. Abby thinks that deep down, Amanda knows how wrong this is and that she may know a way that this could work out… for everyone. Amanda shoots her a pitying look and informs her, “It never works out for everyone, Abby.” Lily hired her and she’s doing her job. “Why don’t you just let the grownups figure this out? I have no interest in speaking to you about this, or anything, ever again.”
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In the hallway outside their penthouses, Nate asks Devon if everything’s okay. Devon says he’s fine. Nate asks how the arbitration is going. Devon scoffs at the idea he cares. Nate insists he’s concerned and hates seeing him and Lily at each other’s throats. He urges, “It’s not too late. You can still turn things around.” Nate tells Devon that the highlight of his brief time at Chancellor-Winters was watching him and Lily work together. He apologizes for his role in their conflict and asks his cousin to think about what Neil would want. Would he want him to rebuild his relationship with Lily? If he can help, he’d like to, as it’s the least he can do for him and Lily. Devon informs him there’s nothing he can do and walks into his apartment.
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At Society, Jill tells Lily she thought dropping the IPO would make all the difference for Devon, and the healing would begin. She muses that maybe he’ll come around. Lily informs her that she took her by surprise too. She wants to know why Jill dropped the IPO and asks, “What are you not telling us?” Jill explains to Lily that a strong leader has to be able to change their mind. She says the arbitration brought to light how contentious things had become between her and Devon. Lily asks what changed her mind today. Jill spoke to an old friend who reminded her what Katherine would want and how she would feel about Devon’s role in the company. “I got some very sage advice and an alternative.” With that, she walks out.
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Nick arrives at Sally’s suite. She’s glad he’s there and admits she’s starting to get nervous. “I’ve never been to a massive ball before.” Nick assures her it will be great. Sally wants to go but she’s in her second trimester now, “And I’m starting to show.” Nick rubs her tummy and assures her she’ll look great. Sally doesn’t want her appearance to be the topic of conversation tonight. Nick promises there will be too much going on for anyone to notice. He purrs, “I think this baby bump makes you sexy as hell.” They start kissing.

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At Crimson Lights, Victoria flashes to arguing with Nick about Adam and their father’s plan for him to run McCall. Just then, Adam walks in and remarks on her casual attire considering the night’s festivities. She assures him he looks dapper and they start in on the verbal bantering as she needles him about being unemployed. She tells him she hopes he doesn’t have his heart set on McCall Unlimited, which will be Newman property soon. “You will definitely not be the one in charge.” Adam smirks, “I was just about to say the same thing to you.”
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At the Abbott mansion, as Tucker paces, Jack rants to Ashley that he hopes he’s not considering bringing McCall to the gala tonight — the Abbotts are an admired and respected family in this community. Tucker understands his concerns but he’s had all his shots and is housebroken. Ashley finds it predictable that Jack would have an issue with her bringing Tucker — not that she’s agreed to go with him. Jack pontificates that it’s a slap in the face to all of the Abbotts who have come before them. Ashley tells her brother to give it a rest. As Jack asks when she’ll get it through her head that she doesn’t have to give Tucker another minute of her attention, Ashley turns to her ex and says, “It’s a date.” Jack warns that Mamie is there. “When you see her at the gala, don’t have him with you.” Ashley holds up her mask and says, “I can’t wait.” As Ashley and Tucker exit, Kyle and Summer come down the stairs and exchange a glance. They find Jack stewing and ask, “What’d we miss?”
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At the GCAC, Michael bellies up to the bar to join Nikki and Victor, who asks where his better half is. Lauren has to look better than spectacular, he explains. Nikki asks, “Is everything good to go?” Michael assures her it will be a marvelous night and he’s excited about revealing their little surprise. Victor vows it will be spectacular.
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At Crimson Lights, Adam assures Victoria she’s not going to control Tucker’s company. Victoria reminds him that Newman is going to acquire the company and she’s in charge of Newman. Adam argues that point. Victoria needles about him being like a teenage girl who can’t get a date to the prom. She won’t watch her father give away a company so he can get a pat on the back. Adam informs her he’s qualified to run that company and tells her she’s deluded if she thinks Victor won’t see his plan through. Victoria volleys that he’s deluded if he thinks their father is going to help him this time. Adam tells her that her problem is that she overestimates her own abilities so badly, she’s oblivious to other people’s strengths. “You don’t know what you’re doing.” Nate appears and tells Adam he’s way out of line.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle decides he doesn’t want to know why Ashley was with Tucker McCall. Diane tells them they look amazing and says it’s going to be an amazing night. Jack relays that Mamie and Traci will meet them at the club. He then declares that they want to announce their engagement at the gala tonight. “We want all of Genoa City to know.”

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Abby arrives at Devon’s place, where he’s been looking at a photo of Neil. He tells her the arbitration did not go well. He let Amanda get to him. Abby learns the biggest shock of the day was that Jill interrupted, pulled him and Lily out, and told them she was willing to drop the whole idea of the IPO. Abby thinks that’s great and could change everything. Devon doesn’t see how he’d ever be able to trust them to keep their word. Abby feels it must at least give him hope to work things out with Lily. Devon complains she went after him the most and then hired Amanda. Abby grimaces and tells him she ran into Amanda tonight. He’s glad to hear she didn’t let her have it. Abby reminds him that the gala’s tonight. He doesn’t feel like going but she coaxes that it’s important and tells him there is something special going on tonight. “You have to trust me, you’re going to want to be there.”
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At Crimson Lights, Victoria assures Nate that her brother is harmless. Adam finds this all very interesting — Nate is either really concerned about the McCall acquisition or about defending his boss. He wonders if Elena is going to the gala, or if they’re going together as a “work thing”. Nate replies, “Elena is obviously going.” Victoria doesn’t know what he’s trying to stir up but she has to go and get ready. They file out and Sharon appears to ask Adam what that was all about. Adam asks who she’s going to the gala with. She says, “Me, myself, and I, and I’m really looking forward to it.” Adam has an idea.

At the GCAC, Michael and Nikki go off to inspect the ballroom, leaving Victor at the bar.

Outside, Ashley and Tucker hit the red carpet and the press ask if they’re back together. Ashley knows they’ll write want they want anyway and says she’s there to celebrate 200 years of Genoa City. Tucker cracks that he’s the chauffeur but he definitely has the hots for her.

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In Sally’s suite, she lays with Nick in bed and wishes they could stay like that forever… but they can’t. They have to get ready for the party of the year. She thanks him for calming her nerves. With him by her side, there is nothing that can bring her down.
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At Crimson Lights, Adam suggests that he and Sharon go to the gala together. Sharon thinks he just wants someone to complain to when he sees Sally and Nick together. Adam says he’s accepted that they’re together. It stings a little but at least if he’s with her he’ll have fun. Sharon decides she’s in. “I could use some arm candy.” Adam tells her she made his night.
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At the Abbott house, Kyle asks his parents why they’re making the announcement at such a huge party. Summer thinks they should hold off a little longer. Diane says they aren’t worried about negative reactions. Summer knows her mother won’t take this well… though since she conspired with Stark she shouldn’t care about her hurt feelings. Kyle and Summer decide they should go for it. They head upstairs to tuck Harrison in and Diane asks Jack, “Are you ready?” He says there’s something they have to do first.

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On the red carpet outside the gala, Abby and Devon stop to speak with the press and have their photo taken. Things turn chilly when Jill, Lily, and Daniel appear behind them. Awkwardly, the paparazzi ask for a group photo. Devon grins and bears it as Jill declares, “It’s going to be one of those nights.”
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Inside, Devon assures Abby he won’t let running into his sister ruin his evening. They toast and sip champagne. Devon’s excited to find out the surprise she’s keeping from him. Abby assures him he won’t be disappointed.
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At the door, Daniel tells Lily he can’t believe Devon didn’t agree to come back when Jill dropped the IPO. They walk to the bar and Lily looks across the room at Devon before putting on her mask and turning away.
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In another part of the GCAC, Tucker and Ashley take a seat as she complains about having to wear masks. Tucker agrees; he only came to see her face. Victor walks up and croons, “Well, well, well.” He questions Ashley buying McCall’s debt to piss him off and now she’s his date. “Hard to fathom.”
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On the red carpet, Jill’s still posing when Nick and Sally walk up. They exchange greetings and Jill goes inside. Nick and Sally are still standing there when Adam appears with Sharon on his arm.
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At the Abbott house, Jack puts Diane’s engagement ring on her finger. She assures him she’ll cherish him, and the symbol of his love, for the rest of her life. He can’t wait until the world knows, then they can finally have the happiness they deserve. They kiss.

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In Jeremy’s suite, he tells Phyllis, “It’s time.” She appears in a gown and asks, “How do I look?” Jeremy grins, “Unforgettable.” He then asks, “Are you ready?” She nods. “Let’s go. Let’s go. It’s time to make things right.” Placing her mask over her face she walks out the door.
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