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Lily, Amanda, Christine, and Devon return to the arbitration room. The arbitrator notes the relationship between the parties has devolved to the point where communication is impossible. She asks if there is more evidence and both Christine and Amanda say, “Yes.”

Phyllis arrives at Jeremy’s suite and rants that she found a huge engagement ring in Diane’s purse. “She did it!” That was her goal all along. “There’s no way in hell I’m letting this happen.” She continues, “This was her news!” Becoming emotional over the idea of future events with Diane she tears up, “I will never see my daughter again.” She screams, “I am not letting this happen! This will not be ignored, Jeremy! This evil must be eradicated.” Stark tells her it’s a good thing, then, that their plan will stop Diane in her tracks.

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Jack arrives at the Abbott mansion with Diane’s dress for the gala. She can’t wait for him to see her in it. They kiss. Jack marvels about the people coming back for the bicentennial event and then asks if she’d like to tell everyone about their engagement at the gala. Diane beams. She asks if he’s sure and Jack enthuses that they’ll be the toast of the town. She reminds him they’ll have to face their critics. Jack assures her they’ll do that together. Diane agrees but he can tell something’s still bothering her. Diane tells him Phyllis came by and claimed to be meeting Summer. Her behavior was more off than usual and she’s convinced she and Jeremy are up to something.
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In Jeremy’s suite, Phyllis is sure Diane will make the gala all about her engagement. Jeremy agrees she’s insufferable. Phyllis doesn’t understand why she’s the only one who sees her for who she is. Jeremy assures her he sees it too. It’s only right they make their move that night and balance the scales of justice. “That’s the beautiful thing about a masquerade ball. I can work my magic, and no one will even know I was there.”

At the arbitration, Amanda hands over the contract signed by Devon and is making her case when Jill comes in. The arbitrator invites her to sit down but Jill says she won’t need a chair because this won’t take any time at all. Lily looks wary. “Jill, what are you talking about?” Jill states, “I’m about to solve this whole mess right now.”

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Chelsea suggests to Daniel that they use a game format to help people to navigate personal conflicts. Daniel loves it. Talk turns to their difficult mothers briefly before they go back to enthusing about changing the world… one player at a time.
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At the Abbott abode, Jack declares to Diane that he won’t let Stark or Phyllis ruin their happiness. They deserve this and he wants to shout it from the rooftops. Diane agrees and reminds Jack that they have to talk to Kyle about announcing. Jack is sure once he sees how happy they are, he’ll know it’s the right thing. The doorbell rings — it’s Mamie Johnson. Jack is momentarily speechless to see her there and then welcomes her home and ushers her in.
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Inside, Mamie remarks that nothing’s changed and asks Jack, “When was the last time you redecorated?” She notices Diane and gasps. Diane says it’s nice to see her. Mamie nods. Jack insists Mamie stay with them. She can’t wait to see Traci and Ashley. Diane excuses herself and heads out.
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At the arbitration, Jill reminds the arbitrator that she set this in motion and she should be the one to end it. She asks for a break to explain to everyone. The arbitrator warns she should have done this before. Jill tells Devon and Lily this is urgent and could change the future for all of them. Devon is willing to listen and asks what Jill has to say. Jill wants to discuss it somewhere else. Devon wants to know what it’s about. Jill thanks Christine and Amanda that their services are no longer required. Christine objects but Jill assures her she’s not going to coerce or brainwash anyone. She appeals to Devon and Lily to give this one more try without the attorneys. Devon says, “Sure,” and tells Chris he’ll fill her in at the gala tonight. Lily follows Jill out after she says she’ll text Devon where to meet. Amanda glares at her ex as she packs up.

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack tells Mamie he got her note when Dina died. Mamie says she was a decent woman, just not a mother. She hopes he found it in his heart to forgive her. Jack chokes up and says he did. Jack concedes her death hit him hard and he’s only come out of it the last few months. Mamie guesses he’s in love and doubts Ashley is impressed. Jack chuckles at her knowing everyone so well. Mamie feels all that matters is that he’s in love and happy.
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Diane joins Kyle at Society. He guesses she’s looking forward to tonight. Diane breaks the news that Stark isn’t gone after all — he never left. “It was just a carefully planned scheme to get Jack and me back home.” Kyle complains about Phyllis’s involvement and plans to text Summer to let her know her mother has hooked up with a monster.
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In Jeremy’s suite, he assures Phyllis he can get in and out of the gala without anyone being the wiser and will keep a close eye on her from behind the mask. Phyllis warns that nothing can go wrong. “This is life or death for me.” Jeremy says they both have a lot on the line. “I’m not going back to prison.” Phyllis gets a text and tears up. Stark ask who it is. She says, “It’s my daughter.” Jeremy asks if she’s having a change of heart.

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At the arbitration, Devon bets Amanda had a lot of fun today, going after him in front of everyone and tearing him down. Amanda fumes that if he thinks that, there’s a lot he doesn’t know about her. Every time she had to point out his lack of loyalty it was a painful reminder that she chose a man who would hurt and humiliate her. “Abby of all people.” She never saw it coming. Amanda recalls how broken he was over Elena cheating with Nate. She believed he didn’t give his heart easily. “I thought you were a good man. I’m thankful now because I know the truth.”

At Society, Kyle tells Diane they have to figure out a way to get rid of Stark. Diane has something else she’d like to talk to him about. Kyle states, “The engagement.” He thinks they should discuss it together, the three of them, so there are no misunderstandings.

Alone in the Abbott living room, Mamie flashes back to when Jack was engaged to Diane in the past. She didn’t approve but joked about Ashley not being thrilled. Suddenly, Billy comes in. He stops short when he spots Mamie. She gushes about him being all grown up and having his father’s eyes. Billy embraces her and Mamie asks about his mother. He says she’s about the same as she’s always been. Mamie cracks, “That’s too bad.”
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Jack reappears and Mamie goes off to her room. Jack and Billy enthuse about Mamie showing up for the gala. Jack asks if Billy’s there about his job offer. Billy is and tells his brother, “Put me in.” He thinks he can do the old man proud this time around. Jack notices a change in him and thinks it has to do with hanging around Chelsea. Billy isn’t sure but notes the experience may have made them stronger. Jack welcomes him back with an embrace.
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In Jeremy’s suite, he asks Phyllis, “Are you in or out?” She intones, “If we go through with this, my entire life will change. Every day will be about keeping this secret. The biggest secret I’ve ever kept in my life.” She declares, “This is next level.” Stark says, “If you can’t go thought with this tell me now. This is your final chance to call it off.” Phyllis says she has to go and exits.

At Society, Lily says, “Jill we’ve been through hell the past couple of months, and you can just make everything go away?” Jill cautions, “Not everything.” Some things she’ll leave up to Lily. She’s welcome to go back to the arbitrator but not until she’s heard her out. Devon arrives and Jill announces she’s reached a decision that’s mutually beneficial. Devon says, “I’ll be the judge of that.” Lily complains that they should discuss this before bringing it to the other side. Jill insists there won’t be any more sides. “The IPO is dead. We’re not going forward with it. The company will remain a private entity.” Lily’s aghast that she’s just changing her mind. Jill tells Devon that since that was his sticking point, she’s hoping he’ll change his mind too, so the two of them can be a family again.

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At the Abbott house, Jack tells Billy he can’t talk now, there’s a lot going on tonight. Billy notices the wattage of his smile and wonders what’s up. Kyle and Diane come in so Billy leaves. Kyle tells his parents he wanted to speak to them both about the engagement.

In the hotel lobby, Phyllis tells Summer she got her text. Summer notes she got here quickly and confronts her about telling them Jeremy Stark left town when he hadn’t. “Even with our relationship on the verge of total destruction, did you seriously lie straight to my face?!”

On Crimson Lights’ patio, Daniel tells Chelsea it’s an honor to be working with her. They’ve been down some rough roads, which have maybe made them stronger so they can help people. He takes off as Billy arrives. He guess the smile on Chelsea’s face is due to Omegasphere and tells her he’s going back to Jabot. They joke about being movers and shakers again. Chelsea thinks things are going to be great for both of them.
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At Society, Devon wonders how Jill expects them to work together again after everything Lily has said and done. Lily gawps, “What have I done?!? I had the audacity to hold you to a contract?” Devon claims she stabbed him in the back by hiring Amanda. Jill tells them to stop it. This is breaking her heart. This is their work, their family. She wishes she could go back to before she proposed the IPO. What will it take for them to be able to work together? Devon doesn’t see how he could ever do that.

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At Crimson Lights, Abby is texting Devon, hoping the arbitration is going well when Amanda appears.

At the hotel, Summer accuses Phyllis or working with Stark. Phyllis guesses she heard this from Diane and reminds her daughter she’d do anything in this world to keep her safe. Summer hollers about her using her to deliver her lies. Phyllis insists that everything she does is to protect her. Summer fumes that this is not love, it’s traumatizing. “I need you to stop before someone really gets hurt.” She storms out and Phyllis walks back over the elevator and slaps the button.

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle tells his parents that he’s thought a lot about their history and what their engagement means for the family. The road to love is never smooth but they’ve found their way back together and forgiven each other. “Who am I to stand in your way?” He hopes they make each other very happy and they have his blessing. Jack and Diane embrace him.
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Phyllis knocks on Jeremy’s door until he opens it. She tells him, “I’m in. Let’s do it. We’re going to make this a party they’ll never forget.”
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