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Jill arrives at the ranch and tells Victor she made his place her first stop since his message sounded urgent. She warns she’s late for the arbitration and has to get going. Victor thinks, then, that his timing is perfect.

Nate walks into Victoria’s office. She’s glad he’s there and wants to go over budget numbers. Nate wants to discuss something else first. Victoria walks over and stands directly in front of him while asking if there’s anything she can do to help with whatever is bothering him. Audra spies on them from the hall and then walks off.

At the court hearing, Amanda informs Devon that it was a no-brainer for her to take Lily’s case since she was the one who drew up the merger in the first place — no one knows the ins and outs as well as she does. Devon replies, “Except for me and Lily.” Amanda argues she was in the trenches dotting the ‘I’s and crossing the ‘T’s. Devon feels it’s less about that and more about right and wrong, and the history… knowing how much time he put into Hamilton-Winters. Amanda knows this and asks, “Do you not remember all of the long conversations we had about Neil?” She thinks Devon being there touting his loyalty is a joke. Devon asks if this is about revenge for her then. Amanda tells him not to flatter himself. Watching him lose will just be a perk.
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Christine arrives and takes Devon inside. They step into the hearing room and Chris warns her client not to let them get under his skin — he seems rattled. Devon is just letting them think they got to him. Amanda and Lily come in, followed by the arbitrator, who asks if they’re ready to proceed. Devon notes that Jill is missing. Amanda says she’ll join them as soon as she can step away from her professional obligations.
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Audra’s sitting in Newman Media’s office when Elena walks in. She guesses Nate is in a meeting with Victoria. Audra confirms it and suggests they go get coffee.
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In the main office, Nate tells Victoria he hopes that what happened won’t change their work dynamic. Victoria reassures him and concedes that she over-stepped. “I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable.” Nate surprises her by saying no apology is necessary — she wouldn’t mean it anyway. Grinning, he says he knows she doesn’t really believe she over-stepped. Victoria laughs and admits she doesn’t.

At the ranch, Victor challenges Jill about going to war with Devon over Hamilton-Winters and pit Lily against her brother. Jill says they both know when you’re dealing with family things can get ugly. She points out that Devon accepted the merger, and says she likes the company the way it is. Victor understands she has a vision for her company, but how would Katherine feel to know she drew a hard line with her grandson? Jill notes he’s playing the Katherine card. She reminds him Katherine had a lot of opinions she didn’t agree with. She misses her terribly, but she doesn’t miss her harping at her about the company. Katherine can take it up with her in the afterlife. She tells Victor that Devon shot down all their attempts to settle the matter and observes that he’s not in a strong position legally. Victor thinks this will damage her personal relationship with Devon, which would be a shame. Jill nods. Victor asked her to come there because he wants to offer her an alternative.
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In the hearing, Christine states that Hamilton-Winters was founded on family. She talks about Devon and Neil’s relationship as Amanda smirks. Chris explains that the opposition played on his emotions to coerce Devon into merging. Shortly after, they insisted on opening up the family-run company to an IPO. Devon objected and tried to amicably dissolve the merger, but Jill and Lily made it clear that they had no intention of bringing the dream they sold Devon to fruition. He doesn’t want money, just to walk away with the company he and his father created.

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Elena hopes Audra doesn’t think she’s jealous or insecure, she’s just frustrated with the amount of time Nate’s spending at work. Audra thinks she has some legitimate questions about what’s going on between Nate and Victoria. “I’m a little troubled by it.” Elena understands they have a tight working relationship. Audra doesn’t want to cross any lines, but she thinks maybe Nate and Victoria’s relationship is a little deep. “It doesn’t feel like a normal employer and employee dynamic.” She confides that they’re together constantly and she’s not always sure they’re focused on the business at hand. Elena asks if she’s saying she thinks there’s more going on. Audra replies, “I’m sensing there’s a lot more.”
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At Newman, Victoria tells Nate they’re adults and clearly there’s chemistry between them. She’d love to have explored it and how explosive it might be but she understands that they’re in two different situations. She has a certain freedom he doesn’t currently have. She states, “You made your choice. I respect that.” Nate will assume she means that. Victoria’s sure they can control this attraction somehow… no matter how powerful it is.

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At Crimson Lights, Elena appreciates Audra’s honesty. “So, what? You think they’re having an affair?” Audra doesn’t know if anything physical has happened but senses it’s heading in that direction. Elena doesn’t see why Nate would jeopardize their hard-won relationship. Audra says some men are just like that. Elena divulges that they were both in other relationships when they got together. Audra’s not one to sit back and do nothing and guesses Elena’s the same. Elena knows how important Nate’s job is to him and Victoria knows that. “She has him right where she wants him.” Audra may have an idea to change up the status quo in a way that helps Elena.

At the ranch, Victor tells Jill that Devon is worried about her wanting to take the company public. Jill thinks that was merely the last straw for him. Victor maintains that if that is the reason Devon wants Hamilton-Winters back then he understands. Jill is visibly offended when he suggests she didn’t think this through. She asks about the alternative he said he had. Victor thinks she’ll like what he has to propose.

At the hearing, Amanda acknowledges the admirable work Devon did with his father to build the company, but the reasons he decided to merge are immaterial. He entered into a contractual agreement, which did not specify that the company would remain private. Essentially, she argues, he’s asking the court to assist him in breaching his contract. She fumes that he wants to throw it all away and in doing so, he may cause irreparable damage to the existing company.
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At Crimson Lights, Audra confides that she did a deep dive into Victoria and she’s led a colorful life. Elena admits she followed the drama with Ashland Locke, who manipulated Nate. Audra talks about Billy and then the story of what happened with the love of her life. Elena asks, “Are you talking about JT Hellstrom?” Audra asks Elena if she knew Hellstrom. Elena didn’t, she just knew the story and it turns out he had a brain tumor. Audra thinks he may be an interesting case study. “I did my research into JT as well.” He’s been released from prison and deserves to have his story told. “It might make for an interesting story on your medical podcast.”

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At the hearing, Amanda insists that the negotiations for the merger were not one-sided. “You’re not allowed to change the rules in the middle of the game.” She adds to Devon, “There’s only one person guilty of breaking the Chancellor-Winters agreement and that is you.” Christine whispers to her client, “Hold it together,” and Devon asks for a recess for lunch. The arbitrator agrees.

In the coffee house, Amanda and Lily sit in a booth. Amanda tells her the case is going as well as expected. Lily is torn as the way they’re going about this is causing Devon pain. “I feel like you were attacking him personally and professionally.” Amanda argues that it’s her job to use whatever she has in her arsenal. She reminds Lily that Devon brought this on himself.
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On the patio, Elena asks Audra, “You think I should bring JT to town to interview him about his medical history.” Audra thinks it would be an amazing kick off to her podcast. Elena doesn’t want to exploit anyone for ratings. Audra feels it would be healing for everyone and would be a good thing. It would also give her an opportunity to work directly with Nate. “If you look into JT’s story, who knows, it could have an impact on Victoria. Maybe a love like theirs never really dies.”

At the ranch, Jill insists she thought through the IPO and she resents any insinuation otherwise. Victor has often thought of taking Newman public but doesn’t want others involved in the decision-making process. He figures this is about the money and suggests that she raise funds another way so Devon can maintain control of his company. Jill asks him to be more specific. Victor’s talking about a private investor who would stay out of any decision-making process. “And they would guarantee that in writing.” Jill assumes he has someone in mind.

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At Newman, Victoria and Nate talk numbers and he admits he’s having trouble focusing because Lily and Devon’s hearing is starting this morning. He’s very worried about his cousins and wishes there was something he could do for them.

In Society, Devon apologizes to Christine for calling for a recess. It’s just that Amanda’s clearly enjoying taking shots at him and Lily’s letting her hit below the belt. It’s a lot harder than he thought sitting back and saying nothing when the attacks are personal. Amanda literally just wants to watch everything he’s built burn to the ground. Chris urges him to vent his feelings to her privately, not at arbitration, which could hurt their case. Devon asks if Christine got a read on her. “Was it bad?” Chris’s face falls.

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On the coffee house patio, Elena is tempted by the idea of getting Victoria’s attention away from Nate and loves the idea of working closely with Nate again. Audra thinks it’s a win for everyone… or almost everyone. Elena also sees the value in the podcast but there’s a downside. It’s wrong to toy with people’s emotions and make them relive traumas, that’s not a game she wants to play just to get Victoria to stop going after her boyfriend. Audra never meant to imply anything like that and tells her she’s right… it should all stay in the past. Elena thanks her for the conversation and tells Audra she’s given her a lot to think about.

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At Newman, Victoria understands why Nate wants to make things right for his family. Convincing Nick to come back to the company is something she considers a great success. Nate muses that their family business didn’t work out and he played a huge part in that. Victoria hopes he can heal the rift. She tells him his moral compass is a really nice change of pace. He asks, “Even though we’re not together?” Victoria urges him to cut himself some slack for how things went down at Chancellor-Winters; he was provoked. Nate thanks her for that but knows others don’t agree.

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Inside Crimson Lights, Amanda tells Lily she deserves this success and Devon is trying to rip it away for purely selfish reasons. Lily asks, “The way he ripped apart everything you and he had?” Amanda admits it. She’s using that to her advantage. Lily says this should not be about her getting back at her brother. Amanda reminds her she agreed to her methods and it’s too late to back out now. Lily sighs, “I don’t know.” Amanda insists this is where she excels and where she thrives. “You may be torn but Jill is not. She wants Chancellor-Winters to remain intact and I intend to deliver.”
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At the ranch, Victor can’t allow the destruction of the company Neil and Devon built. Now that Devon is more involved in Abby’s life and his grandson’s life, he wants to ensure the legacy passes on. He’s willing to offer Jill the money she feels Chancellor deserves.

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