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At the Abbott house, Traci welcomes Jack home and asks about his romantic getaway with Diane. Jack says he has exciting news that’s only for immediate family. “I proposed to Diane and, lucky me, she accepted.” Traci pauses for a moment and then congratulates him, noting it happened very quickly. It makes her happy that Jack is happy. “If anyone deserves this it’s you.” Jack is appreciative but isn’t sure everyone else will be quite so enthusiastic.

At the hotel, Phyllis texts Stark to tell him she’s there and on her way up. Jeremy appears behind her with a gym towel around his neck. She panics that they can’t be seen together. Stark says his endorphins are in overdrive and he’s eager to discuss next steps. Just then, Diane walks in, sees them together, and fumes to Phyllis, “I should have known… every word out of your mouth was a big, fat lie!”

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Phyllis insists she was shocked to see Jeremy and thought he’d left town. Diane’s not buying it, but Jeremy declares he was on a jet when he realized he’d forgotten his lucky socks. He grills Diane about why she’s back in town. Diane says she and Jack have decided to ignore him. His tactics won’t work on her, and he has no power over her. Phyllis asks him, “Did you buy that? I didn’t.” They bicker and Diane accuses Phyllis of telling Kyle and Summer that Jeremy had left town in order to lure her and Jack back to danger. Phyllis calls Diane out for buying into her own fairy tale she’s created about saintly reform. Diane insists she’s changed. Phyllis muses that there are a few people who will never forgive or forget what she did to them… and they’ll be happy if someone comes along to make her pay. Diane thinks Phyllis and Jeremy deserve each other and taunts that the redhead’s attacks on her have only brought her and Jack closer together. Phyllis doubts things are all that great with the two of them. Jeremy feels Diane can only fall in love with a bank account. Diane warns they’ll soon be hearing news that will let them know their hatefulness won’t win. She doesn’t have the time or energy for their nonsense and walks out.

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Daniel walks into Crimson Lights and says good morning to Lily, who admits she didn’t sleep well last night ahead of the hearing. Daniel asks if they can chat for a minute before she heads off to battle Devon. He wants to make sure she’s not second-guessing herself. They sit and go over how important the merger was to her. She thought it would be a success. Daniel suggests there were maybe too many variables. Lily wanted to work it out with Devon but she tried everything. Daniel thinks she should stop beating herself up and do whatever it takes to win.
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In the penthouse, Devon tells Abby there’s no point in worrying about something he can’t control. He has great faith in Christine. Abby notes it will be the first time he’s seen Amanda since they broke up. Devon can’t believe Lily brought her in. Abby wants to go and support him, but Devon doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Abby doesn’t understand why he doesn’t want her to go with him. Devon asks if she really wants to sit across from Amanda in the courtroom. Abby wonders if he’s scared she won’t be able to keep her mouth shut and will tell Lily and Amanda exactly what she thinks about what they’re doing. Devon chuckles, “You’re more than welcome to do that.” He’d like her to stay home with their son so that no matter what happens in court, he can come home to them. Abby will be thinking about him every second of the way. Devon is grateful for her and tells Abby that she and Dom are everything to him. They kiss and Abby knows there’s a lot going on under the surface for him today. She doesn’t want Lily and Amanda to use it against him. Devon’s prepared. Abby wonders what if Amanda gets into his face about being a liar and cheating. Devon knows that no matter what happens today, he’ll be able to come home to his life. In the grand scheme of things, he knows that no matter what, she and Dominic will catch him.
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Devon asks Abby if she’ll talk to her dad about him seeing her come downstairs in the shirt. Abby will focus on Devon for today. He warns that Lily will try and provoke him. Devon insists he won’t let his personal feelings come into it.

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Traci and Nikki meet at Society and enthuse about the gala — they’ve been working so hard and it’s finally going to happen. They go over details regarding the press and VIPS, and Nikki says Michael and Lauren are all set with the caterers. This will be an unforgettable celebration bringing together former and present members of their community. Nikki alludes to a special presentation they have planned. Traci thinks the whole night will be spectacular and enthuses about the masked element of the ball. Nikki gushes it will be a magical evening. Traci finds the timing perfect — they need a joyous occasion in light of recent events. Nikki asks if she’s referring to something specific. Traci covers that she’s just speaking in general terms, but Nikki informs her she’s not a very good liar. She wonders if Traci’s referencing Jack and Diane’s rekindled romance or Jeremy Stark being in town — which was strictly Phyllis’s idea.
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Diane arrives at the Abbott house and Jack notices she’s riled up. Diane explains she ran into Phyllis and Jeremy Stark at the Grand Phoenix. Jack fumes, “Unbelievable.” He rants about her using Kyle and Summer to deliver her lies. Diane says they wanted to lure them back to town. Jack wonders why — what are they planning? He isn’t surprised Stark managed to get his hooks into Phyllis, who has alienated everyone in her life. Diane agrees; he’s playing on her vulnerabilities perfectly, though she doesn’t excuse her role in this. She surmises that this goes back decades and Phyllis feels she’s lost. She doesn’t think Diane deserves him, especially if it comes at her expense. Jack hoped the threat of losing her kids would snap her out of this. Diane says she’s so full of hatred she only cares about herself and her vendetta. Jack has seen it all before — Phyllis can’t help herself and always gives in to her worst impulses. Diane adds that she always finds a way to justify it to herself. Jack assures her they will handle this together — soon, as husband and wife. They won’t let anyone take their happiness from them. Diane embraces him.

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In Jeremy’s suite, Phyllis wonders what Diane is planning. Jeremy warns her she can’t get distracted — that’s what Diane wants. He needs her full attention on the next step and asks, “Are you still on board with this 100%?” Phyllis assures him she won’t get distracted and warns him not to micro-manage her. Jeremy marvels at her confidence and thinks that together they could set the world on fire. He moves in close, and Phyllis puts her hands on his chest to hold him at bay. This time she warns him to stay focused. She won’t get distracted by a handsome ex-con. Jeremy grins, “I’m flattered.” She advises him not to be.

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At Crimson Lights, Lily recaps her issues with Devon as Daniel goads her on. He tells her to walk into that hearing focused on what she wants. Devon doesn’t have a right to tear down her legacy. “Go get ‘em!” Lily thanks Daniel — she really needed to hear that. They embrace.
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At the penthouse, Devon steps into the hall and turns to Abby in the doorway. “No more worrying.” When he comes home he’ll kiss her, they’ll play with Dominic, and then they’ll get dressed and go have an amazing time at the gala. Abby kisses him and wishes him luck. Once alone, she flashes to talking to Devon about love years ago. She recalls him saying love is dangerous but if it’s real, someone will always be there to catch him. In the penthouse, Abby smiles.

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At Society, Nikki turns her nose up when Jeremy Stark walks in and says it’s lovely to see her. Nikki doesn’t want him there. Jeremy muses that of the three women in her little group, he finds her the most intriguing. Nikki is sure Ashley and Phyllis will love to hear that news. Jeremy thinks he and Nikki fight and scrape to get what they want. Nikki informs him he shouldn’t make assumptions about her. She says he has a lot of gall coming back there after stealing her necklace. Jeremy says he was framed and she’s smart enough to know that. Nikki warns him to leave town and not give her husband a reason to ruin her life. Jeremy poses no threat and reminds her she once saw him as the answer to her Diane problem… or maybe she thinks Diane is the kind of woman who will eventually get what’s coming to her. Nikki thinks he’s overestimating her interest in Diane Jenkins. Jeremy finds this admirable and brings up the gala. Nikki tells him it’s ‘invitation only’. Jeremy intends to make a donation to get one. Nikki assures him that his name won’t be on the guest list. Jeremy intends to do his small part to ensure the gala’s success. “I have no doubt this will be a night to remember.”
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Phyllis shows up at the Abbott mansion and tells Traci that she’s meeting Summer there. Traci allows her to wait and heads out. Phyllis skulks around the living room until she spots an engagement ring in a box. She smiles. Behind her, Diane asks, “What the hell are you doing?” Phyllis hides the ring box behind her back. Phyllis says she’s meeting Summer. Diane doesn’t believe her and accuses her of using her daughter again. “Now that we know you’re working with Jeremy you should be nowhere near this house. Phyllis pretends to get a text from Summer that she can’t meet after all and stalks out the door.
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At the courthouse, Lily spots Devon and tells him it’s their last chance — once they start this there’s no going back. “We have to find some common ground. Won’t you please consider just talking about it?” Just then, Amanda walks in and warns Lily, “Don’t say another word.”
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