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In a suite at the Grand Phoenix, Victoria pours a drink and waits. She paces and then sits on the sofa and texts Nate the room number.

Downstairs at the bar, Nate reads Victoria’s text and flashes to telling Elena the only thing going on between him and Victoria is business. He thinks about kissing Victoria in the office, downs his drink, and makes his way to the elevator. Nick emerges and frowns. He asks if his sister is still around. Nate defensively says they finished up a while ago and he doesn’t always know where Victoria is. Nick questions him and Nate claims he had an argument with Elena, so he’s crashing there for the night. Nick watches him head into the elevator.
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At Society, Adam is sipping a drink when Tucker sidles up and sits down at the bar beside him. Adam offers to buy him a drink. Tucker isn’t looking to commiserate but orders a bourbon neat. Adam brings up McCall being for sale. Tucker wonders where he heard that and guesses his sister and his dad told him. He’s amused as Adam claims he’s back in the Newman inner circle. “Honestly, where did you hear this?”

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Adam deflects and Tucker mocks him for under-performing his way out the door at Jabot. Adam admits that for all their troubles, he and Victor will always be family. They understand each other because they are so much alike. Tucker muses, “Miserable, ruthless.” Adam counters that Tucker is nothing like Devon, who wants nothing to do with him. If his son doesn’t want to buy McCall, Adam could end up being the CEO. Tucker tells him that over his dead body will he ever have anything to do with his company. They toast.

At the penthouse, Abby has convinced Devon to take a break over dinner. He appreciates her coming over with Dom. Abby remarks on the kid being worn out and sleeping. Devon loves seeing the world through his son’s eyes. It reminds him of why he’s fighting to get his company back and considering buying McCall — it’s not for him but for their son. He wants Dom to be proud of him and their family legacy. Abby asks where his head is at when it comes to McCall.
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Devon tells Abby he confronted Tucker about offering to sell to Newman first, but his reasons don’t really matter since he rescinded the offer. Devon’s reasons for wanting to buy it are more important. Abby worries about him getting burned by Tucker. Devon admits they riffed pretty well off of each other. His father would want an advisory role if he bought McCall. He takes that as a good sign since he doesn’t like to take orders from anyone. They wonder if they should give him the benefit of the doubt.

Victoria opens her suite door to Nate and offers him a scotch. Nate tells her he needs to make something clear. “I’m not here for sex. I just didn’t want to be rude and not respond at all.” Victoria muses that he wanted to tell her to her face that he’s not interested. Nate counters that she knows full well that he’s interested, that’s the problem. He’s already in two committed relationships — with Elena and Newman Media — and he’s not about to screw up either one.
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Victoria tells Nate this isn’t good for a girl’s confidence. Nate says he’d love to throw caution to the wind more than she knows but he’s in a relationship with a woman he cares about and he would hate for their connection at work to be tarnished. He’s happier at Newman than he’s been in a long time and part of that has to do with her. He admits to physical feelings and so much desire… but he has to rise above it. They both do for the sake of their working relationship. They mustn’t act on their feelings. Victoria’s not offended and tells him his earnestness just makes him more attractive. He asks if they’re okay. She says of course they are and she’ll see him tomorrow. Nate walks out.

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At Society, Adam tells Tucker that Victor intends to put him in charge of McCall when he sells it to him. Tucker is glad, then, that he has no intention of selling to Victor. He reiterates that it’s never going to happen. Nick wanders in and remarks on the pair loving to hear themselves talk. Tucker asks, “What is this a Newman convention?” Adam tells Nick that Tucker was just throwing down the gauntlet where McCall is concerned. He asks, “What would it take for you to change your mind.” Tucker tells Adam that Devon means everything to him and he means nothing. He walks out. Nick says Adam has his answer — Tucker will never sell them his company. Will he give up now? Adam won’t and says they just have to make sure Devon doesn’t buy it. He knows how to work the angles on a fractured father and son relationship. Nick and Adam bicker about whether Victor can best Tucker and whether Victoria can best their father. Nick feels Victoria and Adam are too much alike and wants no part of the drama. He suggests Adam start his own damn company. Why does he have to have Tucker’s? Adam now has a reason to fight for it — he has a baby on the way and wants to leave a Newman legacy for both of his children.
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At Devon’s place, he convinces Abby to stay the night and they make out before heading up to the bedroom.

Nate arrives at Crimson Lights and Audra asks why he’s not on his date night with Elena. He says Elena was tired and he’s having a restless night. Audra asks if he saw Victoria this evening. Nate says, “Why do you ask?” She’s curious where things stood with the McCall acquisition. Nate says he saw Victoria and they discussed it. Audra invites him to sit down and tell her. Nate relays that Victoria tried to convince Tucker that he should sell her the company. Audra suggests Nate talk to Devon but he’s not up for it. He needs to make peace with his cousin slowly and carefully. Audra notices he holds his own with strong women like Victoria. On the patio, Audra watches Nate and Audra. Nate tells his co-worker he needs to get going. She’s sure Elena’s waiting up for him. Once Nate’s gone, Tucker approaches Audra, “Well, well, well. Working late I see.”
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At the ranch, Adam updates Victor on his conversation with Tucker, who is awfully determined to make a deal with Devon. Victor feels that what he wants and what will happen are two different things. Adam says Tucker seemed pretty confident. Victor’s pleased to hear that Adam isn’t going to let it go. He wants it for him and the family. Adam reiterates that Tucker made it clear that selling to Devon is his endgame. Victor replies, “Leave it to me.”

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Adam and Victor decide they need Devon’s help. Adam feels it would be more effective for Victor to meet with him… maybe tomorrow morning. Victor says, “To hell with that. I’ll meet with him tonight.” The Mustache is chuffed that Adam’s coming back to the family. Adam assures him he’s doing this for purely selfish reasons. Victor knows that.

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At home, Devon comes downstairs from the bedroom with his shirt undone to answer the door. It’s Victor, who apologizes for coming by so late but he wants to talk about Tucker McCall. Devon heard his father tried to sell Victor his company. Victor confirms this and wants to know from Devon if Victoria was right when she said Devon wasn’t interested in the company. Devon may be changing his mind about that. It’s complicated and he’s not sure Victor would understand. Victor walks past him into the apartment and says, “Try me.”
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At Nate’s place, he arrives to find Elena waiting up on the sofa. She asks where he was. Nate says he met up with Victoria to talk about the McCall acquisition. Elena sniffs, “Of course you did.” Nate wants her to know she has nothing to worry about. “Victoria and I have a working relationship and nothing more.” Elena notes that’s exactly what she used to say to Devon about him, but it wasn’t entirely true. Nate explains that Victoria is determined to get McCall so they have to talk about it in order to cover every aspect of the deal. Elena muses, “Victoria is ruthless. When she sets her mind on something she wants, she won’t stop until she gets it.”

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At Crimson Lights, Tucker asks if Audra was setting her sights on acquiring his company or Nate. Audra notes that both can be true. Nate’s quite the catch so she’s not the only one in the game. Tucker warns Elena may have more teeth than she thinks. Audra doesn’t even see her as competition — she’s more worried about Victoria Newman. Tucker is taken aback and tells her it seems reckless to steal the man her boss wants. Audra’s landed on her feet after messier situations than this one. “The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.” Tucker grins about her liking big rewards. He thinks it’s too bad Devon doesn’t trust her anymore, he would have like to point her in his son’s direction to help convince him to take over McCall. He would have offered her something she wants in return. Audra asks what he could possibly offer that would interest her.
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At Devon’s place, Victor say he is saddened that there’s conflict between Devon and Lily. Devon says Lily and Jill have left him no choice as he’s trying to protect his legacy. Victor understands that and wonders why he wants McCall. Devon says it’s a safety net. If Victor were to convince Lily and Jill to let him keep his company, he might be willing to forget about McCall altogether. Victor says, “Let me see what I can do, alright?” Just then, Abby appears on the stairs in Devon’s shirt. “Dad! What are you doing here?” she gawps.

Victor tells Devon he’s glad they had this conversation. “Things have become very clear to me.” Devon shows him out. Abby muses, “Well, that was awkward.” She didn’t want her father to find out about their relationship this way. Devon says they’re not doing anything wrong. He lets her know how happy she makes him. “I never want to lose you.” They kiss.

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Across the hall at Nate’s place, Elena asks why he’s getting so defensive. Nate feels she’s putting him in that position. Elena’s instincts are driving her crazy because she suspects something that he swears isn’t happening. “I really want to believe you and I really hope you’re not gaslighting me.” Nate takes her hands, “I am committed to this relationship.” Elena snarks, “You make it sound like an obligation.” Nate assures her he’s deeply committed and in love with her. They kiss deeply.
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In her hotel suite, Victoria sits alone and looks at the door. She fantasizes about having sex with Nate in the bed.
Victoria Nate Y&R

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