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At the Abbott house, Kyle gawps, “You’re engaged.” Summer adds, “Wow.” They pepper Jack and Diane with questions. Jack says it felt right. Kyle finds the timing weird. “Is this engagement because of the threat of Jeremy Stark?”

Outside Society, Phyllis tells Jeremy by phone that it will take time to get Diane’s personal items. She warns him not to harm her family in the meantime. He says something on the other end, and she fumes, “Mr. Stark. You do not get to make threats. I am telling you, do not harm my family!” Lauren appears and Phyllis lets him go and smiles, trying to cover with her friend.
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Nick walks into the Grand Phoenix and spots his sister in the lobby. Victoria says she’s getting some work done and having a glass of wine. She asks after Sally. Nick admits it’s a tough situation emotionally. Victoria rolls her eyes and blames Adam being involved. Nick gives Adam some credit and says he’s not trying to manipulate Sally yet… but he’s ready for anything.

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In her suite, Sally dozes and dreams of Summer and Adam telling her that she and Adam are meant to be. She dreams of Adam giving her roses and promising old-fashioned romance. They joke about the first time he gave her flowers at Newman Media. Sally dreams that Adam tells her he knows her like nobody else does or ever will. She smiles in her sleep.

In the lobby, Victoria tells Nick that she loves his ability to see the best in people. “You have a very big heart.” Nick jokes that she doesn’t have a heart at all. Victoria thinks that’s only true in some cases and says it comes in handy with the likes of Adam. She thinks Adam behaving as a responsible adult should be setting off alarm bells in his head. Nick thinks she’d like to see Sally back with Adam. Victoria admits they seem like a more natural couple than the two of them. Nick disagrees, but can understand why she’d feel that way. Victoria asks if she should be concerned.

In Society, Lauren remarks on Phyllis’s intense phone call. She claims that she was on with her manicurist and vows to call back and apologize. She wants to hear all about the gala, and Lauren asks, “What’s going on?” The last time she saw her she was falling apart and now she’s vibrating with positive energy. “What happened between then and now?”

At the Abbott mansion, Jack admits the threat of Jeremy Stark may have helped put things in perspective for him. He realized that he no longer wants to keep looking backward. Diane is aware she has to continue to win people’s trust. Summer makes a face. Jack recalls that he fell back in love with Diane when he realized she was trying to protect Kyle and Harrison too. Summer again grimaces. Jack says that as far as he’s concerned, Diane has nothing left to prove. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her and hasn’t been this happy in a long time. Their love has been put to the test over many years and can’t be extinguished. Summer shoots skeptical looks as Diane ruminates that they’ve matured into different people and are better together than apart.
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Jack goes on that Diane is already an integral part of the family. “This is the natural next step.” Kyle warns that not everyone is going to see it that way. Jack says they can’t let other dictate their decisions. Kyle insists they want them to be happy, but he still can’t understand why they feel the need to get married now. Diane assures they won’t push, but hopes they’ll give them their blessing… at some point. Kyle and Summer agree to keep the news to themselves as Jack and Diane bustle out the door. Summer gawps to Kyle, “What the hell was that?!”

In the hotel lobby, Nick tells Victoria he’s not jealous of Adam but is concerned he’ll cause Sally and the baby stress they don’t need. Switching gears, he says Adam confirmed their father’s plan to put him in charge at McCall. Victoria guffaws, “It’s not going to happen.” Nick thinks she should stay out of it. With Adam running McCall it will keep him out of their hair. He reminds her Newman doesn’t need McCall. Victoria won’t pass on this phenomenal opportunity so Victor can lure Adam back to the family. They both know it will end in disaster for both of them. Nick scoffs at her being concerned for Adam’s well-being. Victoria doesn’t want to fight right now. Nick suggests they reschedule the argument for later then. Suddenly, Nate appears. Victoria greets him with a flirty smile.
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Nate tells Victoria that Elena crashed early and he wanted to continue strategizing about the McCall deal. Nick isn’t interested in sticking around for the discussion and heads upstairs. At the elevator, he turns to watch Victoria and Nate together with a questioning look.

In Sally’s suite, she continues to dream of Adam telling her they’re meant to be and reminding her how perfect things were when they were together. He says they have the connection of a lifetime and that is what this baby represents — that love. As Adam places his hands on her baby bump in the dream, Sally’s awakened by Nick knocking and calling out at the door. She opens the door, pulls him inside while saying, “Get in here,” and starts kissing him feverishly and removing his clothes.
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At Society, Lauren wants to believe Phyllis has made a positive change but she still thinks her friend needs some perspective and distance. She proposes a girls’ trip to Vegas for the weekend. Phyllis can’t get away at the moment. Lauren asks, “Really?” She reminds her pal she doesn’t have a job and is fighting with her kids. “What is keeping you from leaving?” Phyllis has things going on and can’t leave town at the moment. “You can’t run away from your problems, right?” Lauren’s expression changes and she points at the door, where a glowing Diane and Jack are walking in together.

Jack greets Phyllis and Lauren and Phyllis tells them they look amazing and points out she’s making an effort. Diane snarks about her always keeping score. Phyllis says she played the game and she lost — it cost her nothing but misery. She tells Lauren, “I want what they have.” Phyllis continues on to mention their “current circumstance” and finds it surprising that they’re back in town.

In Sally’s suite, she and Nick undress and fall onto the bed to make love. It’s a very passionate romp.

In the lobby, Victoria muses to Nate about Tucker’s recent unpredictability. She’s not sure what changed but something is different — maybe he’s getting a little soft. “Maybe he really does want to bridge the gap between him and Devon.” They discuss his feelings for Ashley, who bought up his debt. Ashley wonders if they’re mixing what happens in the boardroom with what happens in the bedroom. She isn’t sure but feels Ashley buying the debt was a smart move. Nate guesses she wanted control. Victoria purrs that it’s a very powerful motivator. Nate wonders if Ashley used her leverage to force Tucker into selling to Devon. Victoria doesn’t think that is logical. She feels it’s more simple — they’re two powerful people with a passion for business… and for each other. Nate muses, “She’s testing him… it’s a game.” Victoria purrs, “Exactly. It’s a game. One most men would enjoy playing.” They suddenly realize they’re no longer talking about Tucker and Ashley but themselves. Victoria feels they need to stop dancing around it and asks Nate, “What is going on between us?”
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At the Abbott mansion, Summer declares that Jack and Diane’s engagement is madness. She’s not sure she should tell Kyle what she’s thinking right now. Kyle says, “Please do.” Summer admits she’s wondering if this has been Diane’s plan all along. Kyle feels that would be diabolical. Summer reminds him she lured Jack to L.A. with mysterious texts — nothing about her has been on the up and up and there has been secret after secret. She’s worried he and Jack are turning a blind eye to something. Kyle fumes that he’s worried she’ll never be able to let go off her suspicions and give his mother a chance. Summer asks if he’s serious. Things are moving way too fast and it’s a red flag!

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Kyle tells Summer he always wanted to see his parents happy… but he’s worried that his dad has put his whole heart and soul into this. Even if Jeremy Stark didn’t exist it’s like his father wants to ignore reality and is setting himself up to be hurt again.

In Sally’s suite, Nick notes that her passion for him seemed a little urgent — was there something behind it? “Like maybe you were trying to lose yourself in the sex or something. Is there something going on I should know?” Sally tells him, “You’re right. There is something.” She says, “It’s Summer.” Sally explains that the last time she ran into her she had done a complete turnaround and was very muted. “She was actually wanting to try and make peace.” Nick doesn’t see the problem. Sally explains it was just off how she steered the conversation to Adam and told her they were meant to be. Nick disagrees and asks if Sally is still feeling conflicted.

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At Society, Jack asks Phyllis why she’s surprised they’re back in town. Phyllis covers by saying that she was told they’d be out of town for a while but then they came back. She guesses Summer and Kyle told them that Jeremy Stark had flown to Paris to look for them. Jack, Diane, and Lauren all want to know how she knew that. Phyllis laughs, “I was the one who told him.”

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In the hotel lobby, Victoria tells Nate she’s going to get a room upstairs and she’d love for him to join her. If he chooses not to, she won’t be offended and it has nothing to do with their professional relationship. “Either way, it’s up to you.” She gets up and walks off.

In Sally’s suite, she tells Nick that she felt Summer was putting on airs — she just wasn’t buying it. Nick says his daughter may be trying to pull one over on her but he just wants Sally to exist in a bubble of peace and harmony. Sally informs him there is no bubble of peace and harmony. Nick pretends to be shocked. He just wants to know what she’s feeling where Adam is concerned. Sally admits she’s been having anxiety dreams about what the future might hold. Nick assures her they’ll get through it. Sally just wonders if she’ll be able to handle the onslaught that’s about to come from his family.

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At the Abbott house, Kyle wonders if Jack really believes this engagement is so right, why are they keeping it hidden? Summer muses that people will have opinions — she can only imagine what her mother’s reaction will be when she finds out.

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In Society, Phyllis tells Lauren, Jack, and Diane that she’s embarrassed to admit it, but Jeremy Stark came to her and asked her to be part of his scheme to get to Diane. Jack’s fiancée doesn’t find that surprising. Phyllis insists she told him she wanted no part of it. Diane is skeptical. Phyllis says he’s a scary guy. Diane thinks she should have thought of that before she called him. Phyllis is working very hard to make amends. Lauren narrows her eyes suspiciously as Phyllis continues on to say she let Kyle and Summer know that Jeremy was on his way to Europe. She encourages Jack and Diane to go enjoy their meal. They drift back to their table. Lauren turns to Phyllis and grits, “That was quite the performance. What the hell are you up to?” Phyllis insists she wants nothing but happiness for Jack and Diane. She eyeballs them across the room as Jack kisses Diane’s hand.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor makes a shocking discovery, and Nick gives Adam a painful reminder.

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