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Victoria stops by the Newman Media office looking for Nate. Audra is there and explains that Nate ran off for some couple’s time with Elena. She raves about Nate being sweet and Elena being a lucky lady. Victoria looks unimpressed. Sitting down, Victoria asks Audra about McCall and what his next move might be. Audra explains that when he doesn’t get the reaction he wants, he gets angry or moves on. He doesn’t have much of an attention span so could easily move on from Devon. Victoria suggests they exploit that possibility. After she makes a call, Audra tells her how much she admires her laser-like focus on her goals. She also admires her not being afraid of getting in the middle of other people’s familial relationships. Victoria says that if there is someone who can be swayed, they are a weak link and that’s where the blame is, not with the person swaying them. Audra assumes she’s discussing Devon and Tucker. Victoria pointedly asks how else she could be interpreting her statement and walks out.

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Nate joins Elena in the Grand Phoenix lobby and tells her his synergy with Victoria is unreal. She’s glad he’s enjoying his work but wonders what’s really going on between him and Victoria. She brings up Audra mentioning he seems to have more of a personal than a professional relationship with his boss. Elena needs him to be straight with her — not that she’s accusing him of anything. Nate assures her it’s all business and doesn’t understand why they need to go over this again. Elena apologizes but he says it’s not necessary. She doesn’t want to return to the dark place they were in before and says it’s not like he and Victoria are having an affair. Nate assures Elena that she’s the only one he loves and that she has nothing to fear from his professional relationships. They talk about cuddling and then kiss.

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In his suite, Phyllis tells Stark that Jack and Diane are in the cabin. They never left Wisconsin. He thinks they’ve been brazen. They may think they are clever and untouchable, but it’s time to prove them wrong. Stark has considered every angle and she hopes that he has it all planned. When she’s in, she’s in one hundred percent. She thinks his plan is solid but they need to lure Jack and Diane back to town for it to work. Phyllis makes it clear that her family can’t be used as pawns in this. They need to make Diane and Jack think the dangerous element has been removed. They’ll do to them what they did to him… only they’ll do it better.

Stark and Phyllis plot Y&R

Kyle finds Summer sitting alone on the patio of Crimson Lights. She forces a smile and he wonders what she’s worried about. He knows there’s a lot going on but they can work through it. She’s trying to stay positive but she hasn’t even told him about her latest run-in with her mom. It gave her a bad feeling; Phyllis seems unable to let go of her obsession with Diane. She was asking all sorts of questions that went beyond nosiness. Summer tells Kyle they need to be vigilant.

Kyle finds Summer at Crimson Lights Y&R

Panting, Phyllis jogs in and tells Kyle and Summer that Stark has flown off to Paris, determined to find Jack and Diane. Kyle wonders how she knows this. Claiming to be one hundred percent honest, Phyllis explains that Stark has been obsessed with her and hounding her for help. She didn’t tell them because she didn’t think they would believe her. But Stark is now posing a real and dangerous threat. Kyle is about to take off to make a call when he notices he doesn’t have his phone. Phyllis hands it to him and he exits.

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At the Abbott cabin, Jack notices that Diane has been staring at the same page for twenty minutes. She admits she has a lot on her mind. They may be relaxing but back home a storm is coming. He gets them some wine and she explains a strange call came in on the landline and it left her rattled. She worries that Stark has found them. Jack assures it was just a wrong number. She worries that if he knows they are there, that means they have left their family sitting in the crosshairs. Jack says if he thought anyone at home was unsafe, he would be back in a flash. Kyle calls after getting confirmation that Stark chartered a flight to Paris. Jack explains this to Diane and wonders if this is a trap. He suggests they head home as she wished. Looking at her ring, she asks what they will say about this. Jack wants them to tell the whole world. They kiss.

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Back at Crimson Lights, Phyllis assures Summer that she will always be her priority. Her daughter reminds her that she has always given her reasons not to have faith in her. Although she’s been missing her, she’d prefer that than to be disappointed by her again.

Summer doubts Phyllis Y&R

Once Phyllis takes off, Kyle returns and tells Summer he thinks his parents are on their way back. She’s suspicious since her mom had his phone. Besides, this whole ‘flying off to Paris’ thing makes little sense. She wonders if her mom is helping Stark set a trap. That’s crossed his mind too. But his parents were coming home anyway. He assures her no one is letting down their guard.

Elena bumps into Victoria, who thought she was having a couple’s night with Nate. Elena explains she’s too tired from work and just having some tea. Victoria tells her to put it on her tab and thanks for her letting Nate work so many long nights with her. She tells Elena how great they work together. It’s like the job was meant for him. If he keeps it up, she can see good things in his future. Victoria thinks she must be so proud of him. She’s impressed by what an incredible businessman he’s become. After Victoria wishes her good evening, Elena thinks about what just happened.

Victoria and Elena discuss Nate Y&R

Nate arrives in the office and lectures Audra about filling Elena’s mind with nonsense about Victoria. She claims she’s done nothing of the kind and apologizes if there was a misunderstanding — Elena asked how things were at the office and she told her about synchronized everyone was. She never implied anyone had anything other than a professional relationship.

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After Nate is left alone, Elena shows up with coffee. She felt horrible about overreacting earlier and wouldn’t be able to sleep unless she apologized. She’s afraid they will fall back into their contentious patterns. He may be happy now, but work is work, and it can be demanding. She’s proud of him and wants to support him but she also sees him sinking every day and changing to be part of the business world. Nate points out he didn’t change. She’s still worried she could lose him. He says she will never lose him. He’s been working hard for their future. Victoria calls him and asks if he has time to meet for a drink to discuss the McCall acquisition. Apologetic, he says he’s with Elena and asks if it can wait until the morning. Elena smiles.

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Sitting alone at Crimson Lights after getting off the line with Nate, Victoria looks unhappy.

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Jack and Diane return to the Abbott estate. He noticed how quiet she was on the drive back. She says she’s been thinking about their engagement. She appreciates him wanting to tell the world but thinks they need to be practical and sensitive. It could take some time for Kyle to come to grips with it. Just because it feels right to them doesn’t mean he will feel the same. Jack’s sure their son will come around quickly and then they can shout it to the rooftops. Diane still worries about how much it will trouble some people. He suggests they tell the family now and everyone else later. She agrees to that and they kiss. Diane regrets she won’t be able to show off her ring. Kyle and Summer arrive. They talk about Stark being gone. Kyle is sure it is only temporary. Jack says they will deal with it as a family and then he and Diane announce that they are engaged. Kyle stares and Summer gasps.

Jack and Diane return home Y&R

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Phyllis returns to Stark’s suite and announces it’s done. He thinks bringing her on board was one of his most brilliant ideas. “Alright mastermind, what’s next?” she asks. Jeremy expects the next steps will be the hardest for her — they need access to Diane’s property and that means her getting back into the Abbott house. If Phyllis won’t do that, he’ll get one of his associates to do a quick B&E. Phyllis will do whatever he needs — she’s protecting her family. Stark explains he needs one or two items that belong to Diane and they must be specifically personal to her. There can be no mistaking that they belong to Diane.

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