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At Chelsea’s place, Billy admires her plans for Omegasphere. They’re gazing at each other when Chloe knocks at the door and calls out to see if her friend is home. Chelsea lets her in and Chloe asks if it’s a bad time. Billy announces he has errands to do, so he’ll go. Chelsea sees him off at the door, where he tells her she’s amazing.

At Society, Nikki hugs Summer and realizes something is bothering her. Summer says it’s her dad and the situation with Sally. Nikki can’t understand what he sees in her. “Leave it to Sally Spectra to bring on the trouble.” Summer adds, “With a baby on the way.” Nikki gawps, “Baby? What baby?!”
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At the Grand Phoenix, Nick tells Sally that he told Summer that she needs to have an open mind about their relationship. Sally hates to cause friction, but Nick assures her their relationship is strong enough to get through it. Sally could use some of his strength and talks about prepping for her follow-up meeting with Jill. They agree it would be great for her to lock in a contract with Chancellor-Winters. Nick offers her the Newman jet to go see Chancellor’s properties but Sally insists they’ll fly commercial. Adam walks in and listens as she tells Nick they’re not in that stage of their relationship yet. Adam approaches and says he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about the baby. He has a proposition for Sally; one he’s hoping she’ll seriously consider.

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Sally asks Adam what he’s suggesting. He wants to make things as easy as he can for her. It’s important that she and their child are settled and comfortable from the beginning, so he’d like to buy her a house. Sally would like to find a place to live but hasn’t started the process. Adam wants to do this for her; he knows her parents never gave her a place to call home. It could be everything she dreamed of as a child. “I want to make that happen.”

At Society, Summer tells Nikki that Sally’s baby isn’t her dad’s, it’s Adam’s. Nikki is relieved for a second until she realizes it’s even more of a mess. She realizes Victor doesn’t know and Summer asks her grandmother not to tell him yet. If he confronts Nick about it before he’s ready it will create an unwanted conflict. Nikki reluctantly agrees. Summer stuns Nikki by explaining that her father isn’t wallowing and he and Sally aren’t breaking up. Her tryst with Adam was a one-time thing and she doesn’t have any desire to get back together with him. Nikki wonders why would she when she can have Nicholas? Summer shares that Nick told her this hasn’t changed his feelings for Sally at all. Nikki understands why Summer’s upset that he can’t see what’s going on. It’s a disaster! How can they stay together when she’s having his brother’s child? Nikki can only imagine how Adam feels and muses, “If only there was a way Nicholas could walk away now before it gets more complicated.” Summer replies, “Maybe there is.”
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Nikki wishes she could get Nick to walk away but whenever she confronts him about the woman in his life he just digs in his heels. If he feels so strongly about Sally in spite of this situation it might be hard to change his mind. Summer wonders what it something in their relationship drastically changed — like if Sally fell back in love with Adam. They all know he’s not over her and maybe deep down she’s not over him either. Pulling this off would be a service to the two. Nikki says, “Oh my God, yes.” She worries Sally’s walls are up pretty high, however. Summer replies that walls can be climbed. Nikki knows how charming Nick is when he’s infatuated with someone and fears that Adam won’t be able to win Sally’s heart back without a lot of help and a whole lot of luck.

At the hotel, Sally tells Adam his offer is generous but she’ll have to decline. Nick interjects that he’s over-stepping. Sally is irked with both of them. She’ll make her own decisions about how she’ll travel and where she’ll live. She storms off.

At Chelsea’s place, Chloe tells her friend she clearly interrupted something when she showed up and says she picked up on a vibe between her and Billy. Chelsea claims she was flushed because they were discussing the video game idea. Chloe’s not buying it and assures her pal she can be honest. Chelsea admits there are strong feelings growing between them and it’s taken them both by surprise. Chloe can understand that happening. She’s glad he’s there for her but they were together years ago and were both coming off tragedies. Chloe recalls that it ended badly. She thinks that’s because she didn’t love Billy with her entire heart and soul. Chelsea admits she wasn’t over Adam then. Chloe has to ask, “Is it really what you think it is?”

In Crimson Lights, Sharon notices Billy came from Chelsea’s and asks if she’s well. Billy fills her in on her new association with Daniel’s video game platform. Sharon’s sure that will give her a boost. Billy agrees, “Definitely. Among other things.” Sharon replies, “Like the two of you?”
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Sally walks into Society and greets Summer and Nikki, who says her granddaughter just told her the big news. Sally is sure it was unexpected and was caught off guard herself. Nikki would says something but wouldn’t know where to begin. Sally has a good idea what she’s thinking. Nikki leaves and Summer asks if Sally’s on her own. Sally is meeting Chloe in a bit. Summer asks her to join her. Sally sighs and asks why. She’s taken aback when Summer says, “So I can apologize.” They sit down and the blonde apologizes for being mean before. She has to accept that she’s an important part of her dad’s life. They may not become besties but she has no interest in an ongoing battle. Sally would love to find a way to make things work. She will meet her halfway. She knows Summer just wants to protect her father. Summer has a question. “How is Adam taking the news.” Sally thinks he’s excited to be a father again. Summer asks how he’s handled the news that she and Nick are staying together. Sally admits he wants to be the one by her side right now. Summer warns Adam can be relentless when he wants something.

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At the hotel bar, Adam tells Nick they need to get on the same page with this. It’s not good for them to aggravate Sally. Nick can’t argue with that. Adam says he’s going to be part of Sally’s life, and the baby’s, and Nick intends to be just as involved. Nick points out they both care for this woman so they need to come up with some common ground. He knows they’re both capable, so if they make a good faith effort they should be able to come up with something.
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At Crimson Lights, Billy assures Sharon he’s not ignoring her advice, he’s proceeding cautiously. Sharon’s glad to hear that because Chelsea needs to navigate this very carefully. Billy realizes they have to make sure everyone’s okay with it, especially the children. Sharon has been in a similar situation herself when she clung to Adam in the past — it created an intense bond and the lines were blurred before they had to go their separate ways. The last thing she would want to see happen if for Billy or Chelsea to go through that kind of pain.

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Nikki welcomes Michael and Lauren to the ranch. Lauren assumes they’re there to get their assignments for the gala. They gush about the town’s bi-centennial and Nikki warns the gala will be there before they know it. She was hoping Michael and Lauren would handle the catering. Lauren and Michael enthuse over the chore. She tells Michael it’s a masked ball. They recall the last costume ball they had when Katherine was the Queen of Hearts and Victor was a Roman conqueror, and Jill was Cleopatra. Nikki says this year’s event will be more toned down. Turning to Michael, she asks to hear his take on Tucker McCall and what’s happening with his company. She has questions and is looking to him for answers. Michael has no updates — Tucker still hasn’t agreed to sell it to Newman. Nikki’s just concerned about Victor’s plan to put Adam in charge and bypass Victoria, who wants to dismantle the company and fold it into the flagship. She doesn’t want to add anymore tension and clucks, “Victor and his plans.” She’d like Michael to assist her in stopping this.
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At Society, Sally tells Summer that Adam knows not to push her for more than being parents together. “Adam is behaving himself.” Summer is glad to hear it but thinks it must be hard for her. Sally notes that her interest is an abrupt change from the other day… she can’t help but wonder if there’s more to it.

Summer tells Sally that Nick made her see things from a different perspective. Sally can appreciate that. Summer still has reservations about her and her dad… because she thinks she and Adam are a better match. She could see how good they were together and inspired one another to be their best selves. Something about the relationship just seemed to work. Sally guesses she doesn’t get the same vibe about her and Nick. Summer just feels like she and Adam aren’t done with each other yet — she’s pregnant with his baby. “It’s like the universe is trying to say something. It’s like the two of you are meant to be.”

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At the hotel, Adam tells Nick they have more in common than they’d like to admit — having Victor as a father for one. Adam confides he’s coming around to the idea he may know him better than he thought. He brings up Victor’s plan to put him in charge of McCall and asks if Nick is going to be alright with that. Nick warns the acquisition isn’t a done deal. If they manage to snag it, he has no problem with Adam running it. He’d prefer he never came back to Newman. Adam nods. “Once again, we’re on the same page.” He realizes Victoria’s not on board. Nick chuckles, “You’re surprised by that?” Adam isn’t, he just wonders how big a fight he has on his hands. Nick tells his brother that Victor may have plans for him but Victoria’s his biggest roadblock.

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At Chelsea’s place, Chloe hope’s she didn’t upset her — she just would hate to see anything derail her progress. Chelsea reassures her. She wonders if she’s ready to more than friendship with Billy. “I’m drawn to him, Chloe. It’s a pull that’s hard to ignore and hard not to act on.”

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At Crimson Lights, Billy thanks Sharon for opening up and says it’s a good reminder for him to keep his wits about him when it comes to Chelsea… but their story isn’t her and Adam’s story. Whatever they have, it just feels right.

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At the ranch, Michael tells Nikki he doesn’t want to be in the middle of this. He’ll help Victor with any acquisitions but anything else is above his paygrade. Nikki’s irked. She was hoping she could count on him to be an ally. Lauren points out she’s putting Michael in a very difficult position. Nikki understands that, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to sit back and accept defeat.

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