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Adam arrives at the Newman ranch and informs Victor that he has decided to accept his offer to run McCall Unlimited. He knows he’s run into some stumbling blocks and offers his help in making it happen. Adam wants to run the company as its own entity so he never has to work under Victoria. All of this makes Victor smile — they are on the same page. Victor wants to make sure he knows where he belongs and wants details on all that went wrong at Jabot. “My heart wasn’t in it,” Adam says, conceding his father was right about the job. When he explains that Sharon gave him some wise advice, Victor is perplexed. His son explains she encouraged him to seek something that would give him purpose. Smiling, Victor reminds him that he’s his father and knows him, and understands what he’s offered. He urges him not to worry about Victoria. “Leave her to me,” he says.

Adam tells Victor his decision Y&R

When Victoria stops by Devon’s penthouse, he’s not welcoming. He reminds her they aren’t friends and tells her to make an appointment. She wants to discuss Tucker and the sale of his company. The Newman knows McCall wants to divest himself of the company and she suspects that Ashley has bought up his debt. She wants to know if his father offered him the chance to buy McCall Unlimited, adding that he offered it to her first. Mysteriously, he took it off the table — he’s been less than transparent. Devon doesn’t know why she cares about this enough to come and talk to him. Victoria wants to know where he stands in case she’s forced to play hardball to acquire the company. He won’t say anything to her — they aren’t friends and she tried to steal his company recently. She’s not going to get any help from him. Victoria insists that what Tucker is offering is not a gift but a curse. She says leaving it to her to take on would be what’s best for everyone and walks out.

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At the Abbott estate, Abby and Ashley laugh about baby videos and how great Dominic is. Abby takes the first opportunity to change the subject to Tucker and asks her mom what she had planned for him. Her mom can’t say anything about that right now. Abby assumes she’s playing games and she’s worried about what this could mean for Devon. Does she think that Tucker has changed? Is there a chance he could be a good, honest man? Ashley knows how complicated all of this is. Her daughter keeps worrying about Devon and Lily torching everything. She worries about what else he could lose. Her mom knows she wants to fix things. Abby wants some answers about Tucker’s real motivations. Is he really acting in Devon’s best interests, or is this just some grand gesture to impress her?

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Tucker arrives at the mansion and Abby immediately exits. McCall explains that he hasn’t heard from Devon but he’s been thinking about it. As an alternative, he suggests they make the sale contingent on numerous charitable donations. Ashley urges him not to give up on his son. Things might take time but he can get this done. She suggests that if this deal was just motivated by greed, it would be done already. Maybe he doesn’t want it enough? Tucker protests that he can’t control the human heart and doesn’t want to force things on his son. She reminds him he’s trying to help and that this is for the future of his family. “What’s the future for us? Is there an us?” he asks. She kisses him. He offers to make whatever she wants happen. Ashley wants him to prove to Devon that he’s a man he can trust.

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Abby arrives at the penthouse and finds Devon reading. He’s going over the financials for McCall Unlimited and could use some fresh eyes. They recall when he looked after the company when his father disappeared. The people who took over after he left made a mess of it. There are still good bones. With some tweaks, it could be valuable again. Devon’s not sure he should go for it but it could definitely be a safety net for him. From a business perspective, it’s a good idea but he has to consider that Tucker is using this to manipulate him. Abby suggests maybe he means well — it’s possible that family could be meaningful to Tucker. Devon explains that Victoria told him that Tucker tried selling his company to her first. They wonder what the Newman’s next move will be.

Abby and Devon discuss Tucker Y&R

Devon sends Tucker a text. When herreceives it at the Abbot house, McCall tells Ashley that her kiss got the world spinning in the right way. He’s found a moral obligation to do good for others. Things are falling into place for all of them. Before this whole thing is through, she will see they are meant to be together. He kisses her and leaves. She smiles to herself.

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Nate brings Daniel to his office at Newman Media. He assures him he only wants to have a personal conversation, not a professional one — he’s genuinely concerned about the legal fight between Lily and Devon. Nate knows that what he did to them was reckless and heartless. That’s why he wants the chance to repair some of the damage but he needs Daniel’s help. After closing the door, Nate tells Daniel that causing the war between his cousins is the most difficult thing he’s ever been through. He can’t even sleep at night after all the pain he’s caused.

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Daniel assumes that Nate’s buried himself in his work. Nate isn’t expecting anyone to forgive him and knows it will probably take an act of God to fix things with Devon. But he can only get so close and needs Daniel’s help trying. Daniel imagines how that might play out; it seems implausible. Nate tells him it’s natural to want to be accepted into the “pack.” Daniel thinks that trying to fix things might only make the wounds deepen and worries he’ll get partial blame for helping out the most hated man in the family. This isn’t something that he can put back together. Devon and Lily need to be left to work it out for themselves.

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Daniel bumps into Lily at Crimson Lights. She tells him how eager Amanda is to dig into the lawsuit against Devon. This could go on for years. They sit down and Daniel explains that Nate overheard them earlier and tried to recruit him to help end the lawsuit. He’s feeling guilty for the rift in the family. “Of course, he would. He thinks everything is about the great Nate Hastings!” she complains. When Lily wonders if she should be worrying about her cousin again, Daniel says the guy is hurting. Does his crime deserve a life sentence? She’s appalled. He thinks Nate sincerely wants peace. Lily says everyone wants that but it’s all chaos. She was so excited when the merger started. She thought they were building a legacy but that dream must have been too big. Daniel tells her she’s been living to make it a reality. It makes sense that she would expect that from her family. She didn’t fail the company; everyone failed her.

Victoria meets with her father at Newman. She tells Victor that her meeting with Devon was hardly friendly. Her father thinks it’s time to shift into high gear. They should take over McCall. It will be a separate entity and Adam will run it. His daughter does not like the sound of that. Victor says she needs to accept that Adam will be the CEO or this is off the table. She accuses him of bribing his son to be beholden to him. Her father refuses to discuss her disgust at leaving Adam unaccountable to her.

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Nate interrupts and Victor exits, repeating there will be no further discussion. Victoria fills Nate in on her father’s plans for McCall Unlimited. There’s no way she will let Adam get his hands on that company. She’s determined to make it her own. “I always get what I want one way or another,” she says. Compromise doesn’t work in the corporate world. This is a marathon and you have to have fun with it before going in for the kill. She tells Nate to put himself in her hands. She has it all in control.

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