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At Crimson Lights, Billy downplays the box of pastries he’s buying for Chelsea. Sharon thinks it’s admirable how much he’s stepped up for her but she does worry about how strong their bond is growing. Chelsea is still in a fragile state, she warns. He’s sure she’s saying this out of concern and is willing to listen to her professional thoughts. Sharon worries about Chelsea’s dependency on him. He’s lived up to his commitment and she assumes they have gotten closer. The Abbott says that their increased closeness has been natural and he hasn’t done anything consciously to hurt her. It’s not his conscious choices that concern her. She suggests he’s too close to see the potential dangers. A new romance is enough to buoy anyone’s mood but it’s almost like an artificial way of lifting Chelsea’s spirits. It could lead to regression.

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Chelsea is surprised when Adam shows up at her door as she’s making lunch. He guesses she was expecting Billy and suggests there are a lot of nice restaurants the Abbott could eat at instead. She tells him she doesn’t need this negativity about her friendship with the other man. He assumes things have gone beyond friendship. She doesn’t see how that’s any of his business. Adam tells her that Bill is a self-serving, walking train wreck — she needs to keep her guard up around someone so toxic. Billy interrupts with flowers and sweets. The men instantly start bickeirng. Chelsea gets them to back down. Adam says she seems to be progressing and leaves them alone.

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Chelsea admires Billy’s pastries and asks if he’ll bring something more decadent if she invites him to dinner. They discuss Adam and she suspects that she’s the most stable thing in his life right now, that must be why he keeps coming back. Billy just worries about the Newman getting into one of his “phases.” The topic turns to why they are having this special lunch. She fills him in on bumping into Daniel and telling him about her idea for his new platform. Lily was there and seemed to like it too. That sounds promising to him. Chelsea tells Billy about her trauma coping game and explains he’s to thank for her getting closer to being the person she wants to be. Their lunch is a celebration of them. As they eat, they go over how her project could work. He thinks that Chancellor-Winters would be fools not to take this on. It makes him glad to see how excited she is. While he chews on his salad, she asks why he seems more distant than the last time he was there. He explains that he’s been distracted since Jack offered him the co-CEO job. She realizes that’s complicated since he just left the corporate world.

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Chelsea and Billy sit on the couch and he admits that he’s surprised that he’s considering the offer. A few weeks ago he would have laughed at it. They joke about how good he looks in a suit and tie. He admits that part of why he’s changed his mind is because of all the talks they’ve had. She’s helped him see how important family is and how much he wants to work with them. She thanks him for being a friend. Chelsea knows she can stand on her own, even if the thought of life without him makes her heart hurt. “I’m just grateful to have you in my life,” she says.

Chelsea and Billy talk about his job offer Y&R

At Society, Sally fills Nick in on the conversation she had with Summer. His daughter accused her of creating chaos wherever she goes. Sally says she’s not wrong; this whole thing is a mess. She’s kicking herself for imagining that Summer might be supportive, but there’s no reason she should be. Nick knows this situation isn’t ideal but they will make the best of it. He repeats that he will be there for Sally and tells her not to worry about his daughter. He urges her to focus on her doctor’s appointment and gives her a hug.

Sally and Nick discuss Summer's reaction Y&R

Nearby, Daniel joins Lily and she tells him how important Omegasphere is. It’s something impactful and a way for him to reinvent himself. He thanks her for being so patient with him while he was wallowing. She’s glad that “Eeyore” can laugh about it now. She owes Chelsea for reigniting his passion for the project. He admires how brave Chelsea is. Lily is glad she got some good news because she needed it. They talk about her legal fight with Devon. Daniel feel that hiring Amanda was a harsh move and thinks Devon is handling the situation well. He’s sure there must be some way to bring her and her brother back together rather than drive them further apart. Lily would love to find a solution but thinks they are past that point. Talking doesn’t work and they are both determined to do whatever it takes to protect their companies.

Daniel and Lily discuss Chelsea Y&R

Nate sits at the bar and listens to this conversation. Once Lily leaves, he approaches Daniel and tells him that it sounds like they both want the same thing.

Nate eavesdrops on Daniel and Lily Y&R

At the Abbott estate, Kyle notices that Summer has been working from home. He wonders what’s wrong. “Sally freakin’ Spectra!” she blurts. He’s sure there is a reasonable explanation for Nick and Sally’s relationship. However, when she tells him that Sally is pregnant with Adam’s baby and Nick is still sticking with her, he’s at a loss. When she claims that Sally loved telling her all about this, he doubts that she did this intentionally and probably didn’t even think about her. Kyle says the most important thing is the health and well-being of the baby. She agrees but is sure Sally would use to baby to manipulate her father.

Summer tells Kyle about Sally's baby Y&R

Nick shows up and tells his daughter they need to talk. Kyle immediately takes off and Summer assumes her father is there to scold him. He makes it clear that he expects her to support Sally. She’s not holding a grudge; she’s concerned and sure that Spectra is using him. Nick tells her that is a hurtful and baseless accusation. His daughter is certain that Sally is exploiting this situation so she can use him as protection against Adam. Nick is sure her concern comes from a good and caring place, but he assures Summer she couldn’t be more wrong about Sally. He’s adamant that what he and Sally have is real. Summer points out that what Sally has with her uncle is real too. “Supergirl, I love you,” he says. He needs her to respect the choices he makes. Nick asks Summer to open her heart and mind to him and Sally being together.

Adam wanders into Crimson Lights and immediately stops Sharon from talking to him like a therapist. She claims she’s just been friendly and suggests there are other places for him to get coffee. He’s never seen one and would need a map. She digs into the Billy and Chelsea situation and Adam vents about it. He suggests she talk to Chelsea about how potentially unhealthy it is. “You should stop,” she snaps. She suggests that Adam running around and ranting about Billy is just a distraction for him. When she brings up his job, he turns and spots Kyle. He tells Sharon that his former colleague can explain what happened.

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Adam and Kyle start bickering about what happened at Jabot while Sharon keeps her distance. Adam guesses that Victor must have rewarded Kyle with some magical beans. Kyle decides to get his coffee somewhere else and leaves. Sharon repeats to Adam that he keeps fixating on things to be distracted by. She urges him to find something that gives him a sense of purpose. He admits someone may have offered him just that. When he explains what Victor has dangled in front of him, he says it may be able to give him a sense of purpose. Sharon thinks it could at least help him work through his issues with his father. Adam thanks her for all the straight talk and heads to the patio. He calls his father and tells him he’s ready to talk.

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