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At the cabin, Diane is in shock when Jack confirms that he just proposed to her. He knows it might be spontaneous, but it feels right and inevitable to him. They love each other and belong together. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that. He asks her to sit tight and rushes out. Alone, she thinks back to the fights she had with Jack when she first brought Allie into his life and all the ups and downs before they finally got back together. Sighing and looking miserable, she worries about Jack not being able to trust her. Stark sends her a text, warning she can’t stay away forever.

Jack eventually returns. He pours champagne and toasts her new life and the changes she’s brought to his. When he thinks of their future, it is spectacular. After they take a sip, he drops down on one knee and asks her to become his wife and make him the luckiest man in the world. He pops open a ring box. She gasps. Tearing up, she tells him how much she loves him and how grateful she is. Nothing would make her happier than to be his wife. “But I can’t. We can’t,” she says. Jack looks heartbroken.
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Phyllis wakes up on the couch in Stark’s suite. He sits nearby and tells her she’s lucky to be alive. She remembers all the drinking she did. It’s pretty blurry. She wonders if she was in a crash. He explains that he watched her stumble out of the hotel and stopped her from getting hit by a car. She passed out in the middle of the street. “And you brought me here, why?” she asks. He claims he was helping her in her moment of need. She assumes he wants her to be part of his scheme against Diane. Stark points out there is likely surveillance footage of her wandering drunk and almost getting killed. She refuses to let anyone threaten or coerce her. Handing her a bottle of water, he tells her he admires how tough she is.
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Stark suggests Phyllis think about what had happened in her life to lead to tonight. Going to prison kept him bitter for years. Then one day he had a realization that gave him calm. He decided to use his burning feelings as fuel to direct toward the person who ruined his life. Diane is the target of both their anger. With purpose can come serenity — they can take her down together. Jeremy lays out his plan and assumes she’s intrigued, but Phyllis refuses. The plan would rock her world and not in a good way. He thinks this would be the chance for her to get her mojo back. She’d have a focus and they could triumph over Diane. Phyllis stumbles to the door, saying that it’s not a good plan but she’ll give it some thought. He urges her to think it over and says he’s done with doing this alone. If it’s not for her, he’ll find someone else but he would hate for her to lose out.

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Adam arrives at Society. He drinks at a table and flashes back to telling Sally he’d like to attend some of her doctor’s appointments. Nick strolls in and asks his brother if he’s expecting someone. Nick sits. He thinks the two of them need to discuss Sally’s big news. Drinking beer, Nick tells his brother he’s in a tough spot. They talk about how things will be. Adam assures him he will be a father to the child without impacting Sally and Nick. “My concern is for her well-being,” Nick says. He’s sure his brother will use this situation to insinuate himself into Sally’s life. Nick thinks Adam will make Sally’s life a lot more difficult and stressful. Adam says he’s acting like he’s accepted his part in the child’s life, but this sounds like a warning for him to back off.
Adam and Nick discuss the future Y&R

Nick urges him not to put what he wants over what Sally needs. Adam thought their sibling relationship had evolved, and says he’s seeing things through a new lens now. Adam is starting to think that their father understands him better than anyone else does, including himself. Nick doesn’t know how to respond to that. Adam explains the past few months have had a profound influence on him and he’s had to do some serious re-evaluation. Spending time with Chelsea and Connor has reminded him not to take people for granted. He sees people more clearly now and can see how kind and decent his brother was to him. If he wouldn’t rise to the occasion then, he will try now.

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Sally wanders into Crimson Lights and bumps into Summer. She tries to make small talk. Summer doesn’t see the point. She’d rather talk about what’s happening between the redhead and her dad. Have things gone south or become more serious? Spectra explains that she’s pregnant. Summer is appalled. Sally clarifies that it is not Nick’s child and Summer quickly guesses that it is Adam’s. She thinks it would be best if she and Nick went their separate ways.
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Sally makes it clear that she and Adam are not getting back together. She and Nick are in this together and he’s all she could want in a partner. Spectra hopes that Summer can think this through and see how valuable what she and Nick have is. “You could not be more selfish!” Summer snaps.

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Kyle bumps into Billy in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix. The topic of Jack and Diane comes up. Billy admits he told Jack he’s happy for him. He knows Ashley is livid, but how is Kyle feeling about his parents reuniting? “All of a sudden you’re going to be the understanding uncle?” Kyle asks. Billy is concerned and knows he’s in a difficult position. Sitting down, Kyle admits he’d be thrilled to see his parents happy, but he’s worried about his mom hurting Jack again. He doesn’t doubt her feelings for him but it’s hard to forget the things she did. Billy can relate on some level. Jill has never been a maternal presence. On the flip side, he had an amazing dad. He can understand Kyle protecting the parent who was a constant in his life. Billy thinks that people can become the people you hope they can be. He thinks Kyle might still be able to have the family he’s always wanted. Kyle needs to get back to work. Billy asks Kyle to tell Jack to give him a call and to let him know that he’s seriously considering his proposal.
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At the cabin, Diane explains it wouldn’t be fair to Jack or his family to accept his proposal. She can’t keep bringing chaos into his life. Jack insists they are a team and they need to stop running from Stark and from the love between them. They never made the last step because it wasn’t the right time for them. Now is the right time and he believes that with everything in him. “Please say ‘yes’,” he urges. Overwhelmed, she kisses him and agrees. “A thousand times yes!” she shrieks. He slips the ring on her finger.
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Billy runs into Phyllis down the hall. He senses she’s seen better days. She asks where Jack is. Billy explains his brother went off on a romantic vacation with Diane. “Crazy, isn’t it?” he comments, saying they seem to be in it for the long haul.

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At Crimson Lights, Sally knows this is a lot for Summer to take in. She admits she and Nick have no idea what the future holds but says they are building a relationship — she hopes his daughter can respect that. Sally insists they are happy together. Summer’s convinced that Sally is using her dad as a shield to protect herself from Adam — she’s sure Spectra is exploiting Nick’s big heart. Sally claims their feelings are real but Summer doesn’t see how this can end well for anyone. “Chaos is all you’re capable of creating,” she declares, flouncing off.
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At the hotel, Phyllis heads back to Stark’s room after her run-in with Billy. When he opens the door, she declares, “I’m in.”

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