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At the Abbott cabin, Diane wipes away tears at the end of their movie and Jack tells her she’s an emotional softie. Diane thought she’d given up believing in happy endings a long time ago. Jack thinks all the fun is in the journey there. He’s so grateful to get this new beginning with her. They kiss and canoodle. Diane wants nothing but to be there in his arms. They make out some more.

In the hotel lobby, a disheveled and red-eyed Phyllis leaves Summer a voicemail reminding her she gave birth to her in an elevator and asking her to call her back. She sips from a drink and repeats the routine on Daniel’s voicemail. Michael and Lauren walk in during the meltdown and realize she’s drunk. They decide to “go in” and greet Phyllis cautiously. The redhead’s pleased to see two people who won’t ignore her and offer them a drink. They ask if she’s okay and she breaks down. “My life is spinning out and I can’t stop it.” Michael and Lauren insists Phyllis have something to eat so he goes off to get it. Lauren asks why she’s self-medicating with alcohol. Phyllis laments that her children thinks she’s the cause of their problems and that she’s interfering with their lives. Michael quips, “Cause you are aren’t ya?” Phyllis repeats the line back to her friend mockingly. She’s only trying to help her children. For some reason they’re turning it around that all of their problems are because of her and she’s the cause of all their issues. “And I am so tired of it.” Michael and Lauren exchange a glance and she realizes they think she’s to blame too. Lauren insists they’re there for her. Phyllis says, “No you’re not.” She tells them she doesn’t want their advice. The only person she can rely on is this drink. With that, she sips her martini, and adds, “Mmm. And myself.”
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon is thrilled when Mariah appears. “I’m here, I’m here! Do you have the new mom special?” Sharon tells her she has the new mom glow, which Mariah attributes to exhaustion. Sharon wants an update and Mariah says that motherhood is magical and their daughter is perfect. Sharon beams as her daughter tells her she didn’t know it was possible to be this happy. Adam walks in and listens as Mariah adds, “Being a parent is already making me see the world so much differently.” Sharon gushes over Mariah’s photos of the baby. The redhead can’t wait to get back to the baby and Tessa. Sharon notices Adam, who says he didn’t want to interrupt. He congratulates Mariah and says there’s nothing on earth like having a child.
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Adam grins at the baby pictures as Mariah goes on about the experience of becoming a parent. Adam says she is lucky to have her and Tessa. Mariah goes off to take a call from her wife, and Adam says he should go too. Sharon stops him and asks, “What’s going on with you?” Adam assures her he’s a guy with not a care in the world. Sharon isn’t buying it. Adam tells her, “Sally’s pregnant and the baby’s mine.” Sharon says, “Oh.” Adam guesses by her reaction that she already knew. “How could you not tell me I was going to be a father?!’

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In her suite, Sally agonizes and then calls Nick. She’s really worried and feels like something is off. She has a splitting headache that won’t go away and is concerned for the baby. Nick tells her to call the doctor and he’ll be right there. Sally disconnects and calls Dr. Chandler’s office. “I’m just really worried there might be something wrong with my baby.”

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Nick arrives at the suite, where Sally says the doctor told her some mothers are prone to headaches or it could be due to her blood pressure issue. She’s to try and reduce stress. Sally realizes Nick was really worried. He tells her it’s his job and she should get used to it. Sally guesses she just wanted him to tell her she was overreacting or something. “Like you were my husband.” She assures him that was not a request. Nick wants her to call him and they decide to go over what she ate to see if that might be the reason fothe headache. Nick’s scandalized to hear she only had cashews for dinner and hasn’t been remembering her vitamins. “Obviously, I’m going to have to stay on top of you… about the situation. We’re going to have to spend a lot more time together.”
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Adam that she agreed not to say anything and, at the time, the father was unknown. Adam’s stunned to hear that it was Sally that told her about the pregnancy and not Nick. Sharon relays that she needed some guidance. Adam thinks they’re all going to need a lot more guidance by the time this baby is born. Adam admits he was hoping he and Sally might have found their way back together, but Nick has stepped up as ‘Mr. Wonderful’ and he’s out in the cold. Sharon is sorry, but points out that she told him the truth, which couldn’t have been easy for her. Adam marvels that he’s having another baby. Sharon tells him he’ll be a great dad; just as great as he is to Connor. Adam thinks having Nick in the mix will make it trickier.

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In the hotel lobby, Lauren and Michael try to coax Phyllis to eat. They tell her she’s family and asks what they can do to help. Phyllis thinks they want to say, “I told you so.” Lauren admits they warned her about interfering in Daniel’s life behind his back. Phyllis scoffs — they’re supposed to be friends. She zeroes in on Michael. How can he be friends with Diane and friends with her?!? He allowed her to come back to town and infect her daughter. Michael hollers, “Diane is not the root of all your problems!!” Phyllis says she is. “I wish she’d died. I want that bitch dead now.”
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At the cabin, Jack tells Diane they could stay there indefinitely; they could move there. Or travel from one romantic place to the next. That, Diane could picture… but as tempting as it sounds to leave the Jeremy Stark problem behind, they have too much at home. They could never leave their family. Jack promises he’ll do everything he can to make reality as special as it can be.

In Sally’s suite, she apologizes to Nick for worrying him needlessly. He thinks she’ll be an amazing mother. A knock comes at the door — it’s Adam. Nick sighs. “Did you call him too?” Sally says, “No.” Nick guesses Adam showing up unannounced is going to be a regular thing. Sally opens the door and asks, “What are you doing here?” Adam was just thinking about her and wanted to check in. Sally says everything is okay… now. She fills him in on the headache and then tells him he shouldn’t feel the need to check in. There’s nothing she needs from him until the baby’s born.
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At Crimson Lights, Mariah quizzes Sharon about her conversation with Adam, but her mother only wants to hear about the baby. Mariah isn’t sure she can live up to her as a mom, but she’ll try. Sharon asks, “Have you come up with a name?” Mariah says they have not come up with the perfect name yet, but they will soon. She thought it may be a sensitive subject for Sharon since she didn’t get to name her. Sharon is just happy she turned out to be a remarkable woman with a beautiful name that matches her soul. Mariah says they want to find a name that captures the baby’s essence. Sharon’s sure when they hear it, they’ll know it.

In the cabin, Diane and Jack are startled by a noise. Diane panics, “What if it’s him?!” Jack opens the door and notices a tree branch fell. Diane peeks out and is relieved. Jack assures her they’re safe. Once they’re back inside, Diane feels it’s going to take something extreme to get rid of Stark, but this time she will take the risk. She brought him into their lives and she will drive him out. Jack thinks maybe they need to take the opposite approach this time.

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In the hotel lobby, Lauren and Michael chastise Phyllis for making death threats in public. Lauren urges her to just stop it. Phyllis is done with the tough love. “You’re either with me or against me.” Michael muses, “Well, we’re not against you.” Phyllis is done and hollers, “Let me go!” She staggers out and Lauren sends Michael after her.

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At Sally’s suite, Nick tells Adam he’ll take care of everything she needs until the baby comes. Adam gets that they’re together, and he’ll try to resist the urge to check in, but he’d like to come to some of her doctor’s appointments or ultrasounds. Sally will think about it. Adam tells her he’s glad everything’s okay and leaves. Outside the door, he grimaces. Inside, Sally tells Nick this has to be tough for Adam. Nick agrees; they’re all in this together. He’s had time to accept he’s not the father of her baby, so he has sympathy for him. Sally believes the calmer they all are, the better it will be for all of them. Nick will do what he can to keep it that way, but when Adam’s involved you never know what to expect. You have to be careful. Sally doesn’t think Adam would pull anything and asks what Nick thinks she needs to be careful about. Nick knows she has a soft spot for his brother, and he thinks him asking to be involved in the appointments is reasonable, but by letting him get involved in the pregnancy she could be asking for trouble. Sally asks, “In what way?” Nick warns the more involved he is, the harder it will be for him to let go.

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Adam returns to Crimson Lights and Sharon finds it obvious how he’s feeling. She asks if he wants to talk. Adam says he’s trying to be a good guy and handle the situation with Sally and the baby with class, but he doesn’t know if he can.

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At the Abbott cabin, Jack proposes that they pretend Jeremy Stark doesn’t exist. They take away his power by not giving him power in the first place. They’ll let their security team and the police deal with Stark while they live their life to the fullest. He can’t intimidate them if they don’t allow it! Diane thinks it sounds good in theory. Jack makes a speech about every moment being precious. Diane’s still skeptical. Jack tells her, “No, buts.” Having her back has given him happiness he thought he’d lost forever and he won’t let Jeremy Stark take that from them. Diane tears up. Jack kisses her. He has another idea. “Marry me.”
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In the hotel lobby, Lauren worries to Michael that Phyllis is spiraling out of control — she’s scared. Michael is really worried about her. She can’t seem to get out of her own way and isn’t thinking clearly. Lauren wonders how many times she can go down this dark path and come back. Michael doesn’t know but she’s a survivor.

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In a suite, Phyllis is passed out on a sofa. She awakens to Jeremy Stark saying, “You’re lucky to be alive.”

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