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At Newman Media, Nate asks Audra what she thinks of mashups — like country rock. He talks up unexpected combinations and reveals that’s what he wants to do with their properties. They need to open people’s minds to new ideas. Victoria arrives and Nate tells her they’re going over strategies. Victoria wants to steal hm for a moment, so Audra says she’ll go for a coffee. Victoria tells her to take her time — they have a lot to go over and it may take a while. Audra casts at knowing glance as she heads out the door.

At the Abbott house, Tucker and Ashley almost kiss but he can’t do it. He wants to but it wouldn’t be right. They’re not coming at this as equals — she has the upper hand. Ashley purrs that she owns his debt… and other parts of him. She asks if he’s really that intimidated by her. He grins and says it’s not a good idea to get involved in something that’s so blatantly manipulative. They agree he should focus on Devon. Ashley tells him Victor and Victoria accused her of purchasing his debt to punish him. “They’re very anxious to get their hands on your company.” She adds that they’re willing to pay top dollar; far, far more than it’s worth. “What do you think?” Ashley points out it would put him back on top again. Tucker muses that he could travel, have fast cars, and fast women. He asks if she’s passing her test. He’s walking through whatever door leads to her. Ashley says he’s giving up a fortune. Tucker says she’s worth more.
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Devon finds Lily at Society. He just got off the phone from Christine, who told him she filed her response to his lawsuit. Lily shrugs, “That’s what you wanted.” Devon fumes, “It was filed by Amanda Sinclair!” Lily shrugs again, “Yeah, she’s taking on the case.” Devon states that she hired his ex who hates him. Lily touts Amanda’s winning record and adds that she was eager to take it on. Devon accuses her of using his personal life against him.

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Lily insists it’s not a personal attack, it’s business — Amanda is the best person for the job. Devon asks, “What happened to you, Lily?!?” Lily’s sorry if her hiring Amanda upsets him. Devon counters that she’s not sorry at all — she did it on purpose. He rails at her for dragging Amanda into this when she should be taking care of her sick mother. Lily retorts that he wasn’t worried about her sick mother when he was cheating on her. Devon shakes his head, “Okay, so you’re going to go that low. Are you proud of yourself for what you’re doing?” Lily rants that she’s trying to stop him from tearing down everything she’s achieved with Chancellor-Winters. “You wanted a war? This is it!”
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Devon wonders if they’re just trying to protect their businesses, why is he the only bad guy. Lily retorts that he signed a contract to merge the companies and now she’s just doing what needs to be done — they’re both going to lose money, their both going to lose time, but he’s going to walk away from nothing. Devon never wanted to fight, he just wanted the company that he built with his father. Lily tells him to stop acting like he’s the only one who can carry on his legacy. Devon argues that he’s the only one trying to protect it! Lily tells him saving Hamilton-Winters won’t bring their father back, if it could she would be right there with him. “You’re wrong, and if it takes a judge to make you see that, then so be it.” She fumes that her dad was more than a name and a company, “He transcends that.” Lily invites him to start a new company or retire. “I don’t care. But if you go down this path, you’ll regret it!” Devon never thought he’d say this but he’s almost glad Neil isn’t there to see what she’s turned into.

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Elena walks into Crimson Lights and sees Audra, who greets her. Elena asks how she’s settling in at Newman. Audra remarks on how dedicated Nate is to his work. Elena agrees; he’s great at everything. Audra really enjoys working with him. She notes as close as she and Nate are, it doesn’t compare to his connection with Victoria. Elena knows he looks up to her. Audra goes on about Nate and Victor being so in sync it’s insane… they were destined to be partners. She thinks it’s a shame he didn’t have that with his family at Chancellor. She muses that Nate must be the real deal for Victoria — it’s pretty clear she has much bigger plans for him.
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At Newman Media, Victoria hangs over Nate’s shoulder and flicks her hair as they go over numbers on his tablet. He seems uncomfortable and she asks if everything is okay. Nate says no and decides it’s a good time to discuss what’s happening between them. Victoria asks, “Must we discuss the elephant in the room.” Nate feels an attraction to Victoria, but he shouldn’t. She muses, “Because of Elena.” He says they’re in a good place for the first time in a long while. Victoria croons, “And yet…” Nate nods. He’s crossed the line, more than once. He mutters about mixed messages but Victoria says the wires aren’t crossed for her. She knows exactly what she wants and is free to pursue it, unlike him. She assures Nate that whatever happens or doesn’t happen is entirely up to him.

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Nate can’t deny feeling an intense connection but he lost his career as a surgeon because of an impulsive act. Victoria asks, “So, who am I to you?” Nate tells her she’s irresistible and intoxicating and makes him feel powerful, but he can’t hurt Elena the way they hurt Devon. “We can’t ever kiss again.” Victoria pretends to have forgotten they kissed. “Was it good?” Nate replies, “Unforgettable.” She assures him they won’t tell anyone and they won’t kiss. “We’ll be sure to keep a safe distance away from each other and avoid eye contact.” She muses that what he and Elena did caused him to leave the medical field, but maybe here is where he belonged all along. “Maybe you need more than what she can give you.”
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At Crimson Lights, Audra tells Elena she was just kicked out of a meeting with Nate and Victoria so they could go over data. Elena questions Audra not being included in such a discussion. Audra found it strange too. All she knows is that Victoria must see something really magnificent in Nate to give him so much one-on-one attention. “You should be so proud of your boyfriend.”

At the Abbott mansion, Tucker tells Ashley the only thing he’s interested in at the moment is being a better man and a fresh start with her and Devon. Ashley asks, “What if we both turn our backs on you, what then?” Tucker would still forge ahead with self-improvement. He’s rich but completely devoid of the things that mattered. A major loss forced his hand. Ashley wonders if to be a better man he needs to be abandoned completely. Tucker asks if that’s what she’ll do if he’s unable to convince Devon to buy his company. Will she walk away from him?
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At Society, Lily is certain Neil would be proud of her. She’s out of his shadow and forging her own path. Devon asks if that’s a dig at him. Lily informs him she won’t just roll over to his demands. In the end, he’ll see that she’s won. Devon snarks, “By any means, necessary, right?” They continue squabbling loudly as Abby appears and watches. Devon hollers at Lily about turning her back on Neil’s company after all he did for them. Lily hollers, “This is all I have left!” Devon tells her, “You have me.” Lily fumes, “Honor the contract you signed.” She tells Devon he’ll never fill Neil’s shoes. He’s ready to throw her away for a company, so in her mind, he’s a hypocrite. Abby frets in the corner. Devon tells Lily she’s alone because no one would want to be around her when she acts like she acts. Abby interrupts them. If they can’t keep it down she’ll have to ask them to leave. Lily apologizes and Abby informs Devon they’re going to go pick up diapers. As they leave, they pass Daniel. He walks in and spots Lily.

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At Society, Tucker listens as Elena tells Audra that Nate’s career has been and adjustment for both of them. Audra talks up Nate’s confidence. “He’s a born leader.” Elena makes her excuses and leaves. Tucker joins Audra and needles, “You make it look so easy.” Audra insists she was trying to make friends with the sweet Elena. Tucker tells her she’s amazing. Audra wants to know who he’s selling to. Tucker says it’s classified but grills her on how much she knows about the spat between Devon and Lily. Audra realizes that he wants to step in and be the dad he needs. “Are you offering Devon the keys to McCall Unlimited.” Tucker wants her to answer his question first. Audra’s heard their relationship may not survive the war. She asks again if he’s offering his company to Devon. Tucker replies, “I already have.”
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At Newman Media, Victoria won’t apologize for being direct. Nate finds it refreshing. He asks what her expectations are going forward. She hopes they enjoy a long and fruitful relationship and they’ll have to be honest with each other. Nate agrees. He stops her from leaving and tells her she’s inspiring and beautiful… but he’s in love with Elena. Victoria respects that. Audra walks in and says she has news about McCall. It turns out he wants to sell his company to his son. Victoria guesses Ashley bought the debt to strongarm Tucker into turning things around with Devon. She states that it makes things more difficult, but not impossible. They’ll have to convince Devon that buying McCall would be a financial black hole from which he won’t be able to extricate himself… and who better to deliver the message but his cousin, Nate? Nate looks stunned.

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At the penthouse, Devon tells Abby that Lily will do whatever it takes to win. He wonders what she and Amanda have up their sleeve for court. “I’m dreading this entire thing now.” Abby asks if he’s worried he’ll lose the lawsuit or if this is about having to come face-to-face with Amanda again.
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At Society, Lily tells Daniel she’s mortified to have had such an argument in public. She doesn’t know how much more she can take. Daniel muses that family pushes buttons like no one else can. Lily has to stop believing that she can salvage things. Chancellor-Winters is all she has left, so she has to fight with all she has. Daniel tells her she’s more than the company. “You have a lot of people who love you.” Lily says, “Not really.” She’s lost her parents, Billy’s gone, and her children are off living their own lives. Daniel asks, “What about me?” Lily tells him he’s been the better part of the last couple months. She knows the lawsuit will get really ugly. Daniel asks if she’s sure it’s worth the agony.

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At Devon’s place, he feels he has no choice but to face Amanda again. Abby suddenly feels like the lucky one. She has to see Chance because of Dom so all of the awkwardness has lessened. Devon can’t believe the next time he has to see Amanda is in a courtroom. “It’s going to hurt.” He knows Lily wants that… she wants this to be a painful process. Abby wonders if the lawsuit is worth the destruction it will cause and urges him to reconsider Tucker’s offer.

Tucker calls Ashley from Crimson Lights and reports that he’s not been able to convince Devon to sign on the dotted line yet but he’s collecting information on a person he might do a deal with. When Devon contemplates buying McCall, he wants to ensure he thinks it will be the answers to all his problems.
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At Newman Media, Nate balks at Victoria asking him to sabotage Devon’s purchase of McCall Unlimited. “It wouldn’t feel right.” He explains he feels partly responsible for the feud between Lily and Devon over the IPO and feels the offer from Tucker could help end it. Victoria understands he wants to bring peace to the Winters, which will only happen if Devon gives up his claim to Hamilton-Winters and takes on McCall. Nate would like to see that happen. Victoria states that professionally, it’s not in their best interests and walks out. Audra tells Nate, “It looks like you don’t have much of a choice.”

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