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Kyle meets Diane and Jack at Society for breakfast and mentions the textile mills he acquired from Victor. Jack tightly explains that’s not what they want to talk about — he and Diane are going off the grid for a while. Diane asks Kyle to explain to Summer that it can’t be avoided. They tell Kyle that they need to avoid Jeremy Stark, who is back in Genoa City. Kyle fumes over Stark not only beating the charges but having the nerve to show his face in town again. Diane reveals he sent a package, which riles her son up even more. Jack says Chance knows all about it, but he’s lost patience with them because he thinks they framed Jeremy for the theft. Kyle asks if the GCPD will just ignore the criminal. Jack relays that Chance will not get involved unless there’s a threat. Kyle is upset he’s letting him run them out of town again. Diane argues she and Jack will use the time to get away and celebrate their reunion. Kyle diverts his gaze as Diane rubs Jack’s arms. Jack hopes Stark will move on during their romantic getaway.

At the Abbott house, Summer opens the door to Phyllis, who is relieved her daughter answered the door. Summer asks what she’s doing there. Phyllis knows she’s not welcome there but she came to turn things around. Summer isn’t sure she wants to know what’s involved. Phyllis wishes things between them could go back to how they used to be — they should go somewhere for coffee and just talk. “You’re the light of my life,” she tells Summer before declaring that she won’t take no for an answer. Summer tries to beg off because of work but Phyllis reminds her she only has one mom. Doesn’t she want the relationship they had? Summer doesn’t have the time or energy to get into it right now. She also knows about her butting into Daniel’s life. Phyllis asks, “So this is how it’s going to be? You and Daniel against me?” Summer can’t just brush aside her feelings. Her interfering with Stark could have put them all in danger and she could have ruined Daniel’s deal with Chancellor and his relationship with Heather. Phyllis argues none of that happened. Summer fumes that it’s how she operates. Phyllis only wants to protect her and Daniel. “Why is that wrong?” Summer says there’s always an excuse with her. “For once in your life just admit: you screwed up!”
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At Newman Enterprises, Ashley enters the office, where Victor thanks her for meeting with him and Victoria. He gets right to the point that Tucker came to them with an offer before someone mysteriously bought up his debt. Victoria and Victor let her know that Nikki shared with them a theory that ‘that someone’ might be her. Ashley wonders why they’d think she’d do such a thing and why they’d care. Victoria complains that Tucker pulled out of a deal with them and that she and McCall have a long history — she may have rekindled feelings and bought his story about wanting to change. Ashley chuckles that she’s not a doe-eyed ingenue and denies she’d make a gesture to buy up his debt. She declares that they’re done there but Victor asks her not to go.

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Devon arrives at Crimson Lights to meet Tucker and reminds him he has thirty minutes, “And try not to lie.” Tucker acknowledges that he deserves his fury and tells Devon he believes he’ll be glad he met with him; he has a proposition that could change his life. Devon’s not interested in being manipulated. Tucker knows he made big mistakes when he came back to town — with him and Ashley — the two people he most wanted to impress and reconnect with. He went about it all wrong and now everything has come crashing down and he only has himself to blame. Devon notes that’s one thing they can agree on. Tucker’s relieved to drop the pretense of success and admit the truth. It’s giving him the time to fix what he’s broken. Devon’s skeptical but Tucker tells him this time he’s going to put his money where his mouth is. “I’m selling McCall Unlimited. I’m going to wipe the slate clean and start over. I would like nothing more than for you to take over my company.”
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Devon asks Tucker what would make him think he’d want to buy his company. Tucker admits it’s failing in some areas but for someone with vision and creativity there’s still value and infrastructure to make it quite lucrative. “I just know that person is you.” Devon asks how he knows this, so Tucker tells him about the music connection. Devon thinks he wants him to do him a favor and buy him out of his debt. Tucker insists, “No, someone’s already done it.” Although, he’s received some very lucrative offers for the company, he’ll offer him the friends and family discount because he knows he’d run it with integrity, intelligence, and heart.

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At Newman, Victor wonders if Ashley might have bought Tucker’s debt as some sort of power play or revenge tactic. Ashley suggests if that’s their line of thinking they should consider Devon. When he found out Tucker was after Chancellor-Winters he was furious. Victoria’s skeptical — it’s not Devon’s style. Ashley remains their most-likely suspect.

At Society, Kyle runs into Stark and confronts him about his nerve in showing his face in town. Stark loves the little town full of great food and beautiful people — just like his wife, Summer, and their adorable little boy. Kyle fumes at him to stay away from his family and to stop sending his mother tokens of his obsession. “Do not make me tell you that again.” Jeremy says that sounds like a threat. Kyle counters that it’s a promise. Stark has decided to forgive and forget and would like to tell Jack and Diane that. Kyle says they left town so he should follow suit and not look back.
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Kyle questions why Stark would hang around in Genoa City indefinitely. Stark has nowhere to be. When you go to prison you need to start over. “I think I found the perfect place to call home.” He notes that vacations don’t last forever. “Sooner or later you end up right back where you started.”

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At the Abbott house, Phyllis tells Summer she’s there apologizing to her. She even admitted she lured Jeremy Stark to town. He asked her to find Diane and she wouldn’t help him; she basically saved her life. Summer reminds Phyllis she’s supposed to do right by her as her mom. Phyllis points out Daniel’s taking all of his anger about Heather out on her too. How is that she’s always the one doing the wrong thing? Summer gawps, “Because, it was your fault, mom! You did those things. You’re the one who made those bad choices all on your own.” Phyllis wonders if she’s talking to her grandmother like this; Nikki was in on the Jeremy Stark thing too and flew to L.A. to get dirt on Diane. “How come she doesn’t get this too?” She knows it’s because he fights and won’t back down. “I will never change. I will never, ever change. I’m tired Summer. I am so tired. Exhausted. Maybe at this point, I’m the one who’s had enough.”
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Summer guesses they’ve both had enough. She thinks Phyllis has a blind spot when it comes to her own issues. “Your actions are not helpful. It breaks my heart that you can’t see that.” She’s watched her try to evolve her entire life. She always goes back to her old ways. Summer tears up. She knows she should accept her mother for who she is but she keeps hoping and Phyllis keeps letting her down. Summer has to protect herself from any more hurt and disappointment. She shows her mother the door. Phyllis walks out and grimaces before walking away.

At Newman, Ashley muses, “Let’s just say I did buy Tucker’s debt. What would you intend to do about it?” Victoria says they’d make a lucrative offer and not only make it worth Tucker’s while, but also Ashley’s. Perhaps they should just negotiate with her. Victor says she’s had her fun but now it’s time to make a deal. Ashley tells them this is fascinating, if only as a reminder as to how Victor’s mind works. She informs them it’s up to Tucker what he does with his company. “Leave me out of it.” Victor looks amused as she walks out.
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At Crimson Lights, Devon questions if Tucker’s expecting him to welcome him back into his life and bond if he buys his company. Tucker has no expectations. “I just wanted to offer you this safety net.” He happens to know he’s in a precarious business situation at the moment. Devon informs him it’s none of his business. Tucker has looked at the analytics and legally the merger is rock-solid. Devon winning Hamilton-Winters back is a long shot. Wouldn’t he like to have a powerhouse like McCall in his back pocket? Devon thinks it sounds like he’s betting on him to lose. Tucker says, on the contrary, if he wins, and helms his company, he’ll have a conglomerate that can leapfrog Chancellor-Winters and Newman. Devon asks why he cares if that happens. Tucker says, “You’re my son. Seeing you succeed is what I care about most.” Devon tells him their thirty minutes. Tucker thanks him for hearing him out and asks him to run his proposition by his inner circle — run it by Abby — he hopes to talk to him soon.

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Jack and Diane arrive at the Abbott cabin, which he’s had set up with champagne and flowers. She enthuses about making Jeremy think they’d flown off when they’re actually holed up there. Jack regrets the charade and tells Diane there’ll be no more mention of Stark. Diane promises to do her best and they kiss. Jack pops the bubbly and Diane purrs that she’s loving this escape. They toast, “To us,” and canoodle as they look outside. By the fireplace, they start kissing again and Jack leads her to the bedroom.
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Devon arrives at home and is glad to see Abby’s still there. She asks what Tucker wanted. Devon tells her she won’t believe it. “Tucker offered me his whole empire.” Abby asks why he’d do that. Devon says he thinks he has the passion and integrity to run it in the right way. He also sold it as an insurance policy. Given that it’s Tucker, he has to question if it’s sincere or if he’s just trying to manipulate him again. Abby points out that if his lawsuit fails, this is a great backup plan. “Have you considered that you are the right person to run McCall?” She thinks it may be a great offer. Devon would have to check the numbers. Abby thinks it’s worth considering.

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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley asks Tucker, “So, did you pitch your heart out?” Tucker says he did and Devon didn’t accept it, but he also didn’t reject it. He suggested Devon run it by Abby and wonders if there’s something more than friendship going on there. Ashley advises him to keep his focus on the task at hand. Tucker asks, “I’m curious. What do you plan to do with little ol’ me should I fail?” Ashley smirks, “I haven’t made up my mind. But I do have a couple of ideas.”

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At the Abbott cabin, after making love, Jack gets a text and tells Diane it’s a work thing. He’ll check in with Jabot, but not today. Diane worries but Jack assures her everyone is fine — he’s checked with security. Diane frets that the Stark threat is always there below the surface. “We need to be realistic.” There’s no way they can avoid Jeremy forever. Jack insists they have to find a way to get him out of their lives for good. Diane would commit murder if she could get away with it; that’s how much she hates the man. Jack says it’s not an option and assures her they’ll find a solution together.
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Jeremy watches Phyllis walk into Society, order a vodka, down it, and order another. When she notices him, he raises his glass in greeting.

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At Newman, Victor tells Victoria he’s certain Ashley bought McCall’s debt. Victoria agrees; she was stringing them along. She believes Ashley is falling for him again and wants to help him in some way. She saw a protectiveness about her; she wants to take care of Tucker. “Could it be that she wants him to change?”

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At the Abbott mansion, Tucker admits the game she’s playing with him is intoxicating. “I think you feel it too.”

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