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At Society, Abby asks Devon if he’s feeling any better now. He is, after the good dinner and wine, but thinks it’s more than that. “I’m talking about you.” Abby feels the same way. They decide to take dessert to go so they can see Dom before he goes to sleep. Abby smiles, “There’s no better way to end the night.”

In Tucker’s suite, he asks why Ashley wants him to sell to Devon. Ashley reminds him he’s the father of her grandson. Tucker corrects, “Our grandson.” Ashley points out that Devon is up against a court battle that he’ll probably lose, which means he’ll lose the company he built with one father. It could mean a lot. Tucker recalls that Devon’s not speaking to him presently. Ashley tells him to consider it a peace offering. He teases, “Son, I’m sorry I lied to you, but here’s my life’s work, is that what you’re going for?” Ashley thinks it’s a great way to break the ice. Tucker can’t tell if she’s truly interested in helping him mend fences with Devon or just toying with him.
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At the ranch, Nikki realizes Victor is distracted. He admits he can’t concentrate on a damn thing. She guesses he’s preoccupied with Adam. He wonders why she makes it sound like that’s a bad thing. Nikki learns that Adam told his father he’d come back to Newman under one condition — that he becomes CEO. Nikki declares it ludicrous. Victor thinks he was testing him and told his son to be patient and that he’d come with a counteroffer. Nikki realizes he wants to hand over McCall Unlimited and calls it an expensive consolation prize. Victor says Adam was intrigued but his plan has hit a snag — someone else found out about Tucker’s debt and bought it before they had a chance to.

In Sally’s suite, she and Nick are in bed. She says it’s so easy when it’s just the two of them alone. “Nothing and no one else.” Sally wishes she could save the moment. Nick says there’s no reason to let it end.
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They’re kissing when a knock comes at the door. They wait for the person to go away, but another knock comes, followed by Adam saying, “Sally, it’s me. Look, we need to talk. It’s important.” Nick grimaces.
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Sally gets her robe on and Nick gawps, “You’re going to talk to him?!” Sally says he won’t leave until she does. Nick offers to get rid of him but she walks to the door. Adam wonders if they’re going to talk at the door, then realizes Nick is inside. He hollers, “Hey Nick, wassup?!” Sally declares, “You’ve been drinking.” Adam rambles on about proposing the last time he got tanked and Nick gets out of bed. Adam insists he won’t make the same mistake. He’s had a few drinks but it’s given him the courage to say a few things she may want to hear. Adam offers to meet in the lobby on neutral ground. “Is that okay, bro?” he yells. Nick says she can do as she likes, but he’d shut the door in his face. Adam insists it’s not like that, so Sally agrees to meet him after she gets dressed.

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In Tucker’s suite, Ashley agrees to have a nightcap with him as they discuss her proposal. Tucker still feels blindsided by her owning most of his debt — and him. Ash encourages him to think of her as a patron who is supporting him on his path to self-improvement. Tucker gets the sense she’s holding a metaphorical dagger behind her back and just waiting for the moment to plunge it into his chest. Ashley chuckles and tells him to think of this as business. “I’m not actually suggesting you sell to Devon, I’m demanding it.” Tucker asks, “If I don’t go along with this plan?” Ashley muses, “Amongst other things, I believe you’re going to wake up every day for the rest of your life alone and filled with regret.”

In Sally’s suite, she apologizes to Nick for the interruption. Nick says it’s not her fault. Sally just feels like she owes Adam a conversation. She wishes it was just them and the baby, but Adam is part of the equation. “I’m trying to be decent for the baby’s sake.” Nick understands.
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In the lobby, Sally guesses Adam’s head has been spinning since she gave him the news. He admits it’s a lot to process and divulges that he needed someone to talk to so he told Chelsea. Sally’s fine with that; they’ll all be part of the same extended family. She says she’s not worried about Chelsea and Connor adapting, it’s him. Adam is on board and excited to bring this new life into the world with her. “You are going to be an incredible mother.” She thanks him for saying that. Adam heard her when she said that this changes nothing between them. Chelsea helped him see that if he tries to use this to get close to her again, he will push her away. He doesn’t want that. He wants to be the best father he can possibly be to their child.

Sally asks Adam why he felt the need to run over there and bang on her door — did he want to ruin her evening with Nick. Adam says that was a bonus. He knew she’d be concerned about how he would react, so he wanted to reassure her. He also wanted to say these things out loud so as to hold himself accountable. Sally tells him this is the most mature she’s ever seen him. They’re laughing about him behaving “like a grown-up” when Nick appears.

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At the ranch, Nikki asks if Victor thinks someone they know bought Tucker’s debt. Victor says Michael’s looking into it. Victoria thought it might be Devon, but he wants nothing to do with his father. Nikki muses about a few other conglomerates. Victor proposes that someone may have bought up Tucker’s debt to protect him. Nikki wrinkles her nose, “Who?” Victor can’t think of a person. Nikki suddenly says, “Actually, I can.”

In Tucker’s suite, he tells Ashley he’s genuinely moved by her gesture. Her buying his debt and forcing his hand might be the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for him. His well-being is her priority and she can see he’s trying to be a good father and doesn’t know how. He’s grateful. Ashley finds it nice that he’s had this epiphany but it’s not enough. He has to take if from here or this is meaningless. Tucker frets that Devon has put up a wall between them. Ashley counters that perhaps she hasn’t made herself clear. “Failure is not an option.”
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At the ranch, Nikki tells Victor that Ashley may have bought Tucker’s debt to protect him. Victor balks. “She hates the guy.” Nikki relays that she got closer to him when she intended to while trying to dig up information on Diane. She left for Paris but came back quickly. “Maybe the old feelings have returned.” Victor thinks Ashley is too smart to fall for Tucker’s BS. Nikki says smarts have nothing to do with this. Victor just finds this hard to believe.

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In the hotel lobby, Nick tells Sally he got a call from the nanny that Christian had a nightmare. Sally assures him Adam is behaving. They kiss goodnight and Nick leaves. Sally turns back to Adam and tells him she should go get some rest. Adam tells her to get some rest. Sally is glad they talked and hopes he’s as committed to his vow tomorrow as he is tonight. Adam reassures her, although it might be hard at times not to think about what might have been… but that’s his problem. Sally notes he felt he had to say it. Adam wants her to have the happiness she deserves, now more than ever. Sally thanks him.
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At the penthouse, Devon and Abby discuss getting Dom a big boy bed. Abby isn’t sure; he still seems so small. Devon could ask Lily, but… Abby will ask Victoria. Devon’s phone rings and he grabs it, surprised to find Tucker on the other end. His father asks if they can meet, but Devon tells him there’s nothing he has to say that he wants to hear. Tucker protests but Devon hangs up. Abby asks if he’s not a little bit curious what he has to say. “Maybe he wants to patch things up with you.” Devon realizes the talk she had with her mom really changed her mind about him. Abby says her mother is hopeful he can change.

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Devon wonders if Abby thinks he should give him another chance. She points out it can’t hurt to listen to him. Devon’s skeptical since his father lies and lies, but admits part of him would love it if he could trust Tucker. Abby nods, “You need a father.” Devon has too much going on right now to worry about what Tucker is up to. He looks at a photo of Neil and says, “This is my real father and he’d know what to do.” Devon tells Abby he appreciates everything she’s had to say. Just talking to her makes him feel better, just being close to her makes him feel better and it always has. Abby tells him there’s no place she’d rather be, and they kiss. Soon, they’re making love in the bedroom.
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At the ranch, Nikki thinks it would be poetic justice if Ashley took Tucker’s company from him. Victor gets a call and tells Nikki that Adam is there. As Adam files in, Nikki notes it’s late, so he must have something urgent on his mind. She walks out. Adam tells Victor he wants to know what he has up his sleeve. If he’s telling him the truth about this huge opportunity he has and isn’t just stringing him along, he’d like to hear the plan. Victor needs a little more time. “Things aren’t all in place yet.” Adam has to wonder what he thinks could be comparable to running Newman. Victor declares, “I’m about to acquire McCall Unlimited.” It will be a vast and powerful company, “And I want you to run it.” Adam grins.

In his suite, Tucker whines to Ashley that Devon won’t even talk to him. She fumes, “You love a challenge; the higher the stakes the better.” This risk has the ultimate reward. She needs him to get busy or she’s going to be angry that she wasted her time on him. “Whatever it takes to make this happen!” Tucker hollers, “Okay!” He asks what will happen if he’s successful. “Is this solely about my redemption or is it about us too.” Ashley muses that it would go a long way to making her believe he truly wants to change and be a better man. “But, first things first.”

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Sally returns to her suite and sighs. Her computer rings — it’s a video call from Nick, who says Christian’s settled and asks how she ended things with Adam. She says they left on good terms. Nick invites her out to his place, but she’s exhausted. “I’ll see you in the morning.” She asks why he video-chatted instead of calling. He just wanted to see her smile one more time. Sally tells him good night and smiles.

At the ranch, Victor tells Adam he’s not ready to divulge how he’ll get Tucker’s company away from him. Adam wonders if he’ll make him the fall guy, so McCall comes after him. Victor tells him to stop his paranoia and admits he’s run into a roadblock. Once he finds out who is causing it, he’ll make his next move.

At the penthouse, Devon comes downstairs to get drinks and looks at his phone. He puts the bottles of water down, picks it up, and texts Tucker. “Coffee tomorrow morning. I’ll give you thirty minutes.”

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In his suite, Tucker reads the text and tells Ashley that Devon changed his mind. “Thank you.” Ashley says, “I didn’t do much.” She’s thrilled for him but warns, “Don’t screw it up. This could be your last chance with Devon.” Tucker agrees, there’s way too much on the line for him to fail now.

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