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Audra arrives at Tucker’s suite and says she comes bearing news. “Victoria just learned that someone else bought up your debt.” Tucker says that’s old news. Audra asks if he has any idea who is behind the move. Tucker hedges, “That’s the question, isn’t it?” The only thing they’d stand to accomplish is to complicate his life. People’s motivations never cease to fascinate him. Audra asks if this throws a wrench into his plans to sell to Newman. Tucker clucks that this is such a disappointment — her and her performance. “You’re slipping.”

At Society, Ashley tells Abby she looks tired and asks if it’s Dom. Abby says it’s actually Devon, who is poised to go to battle with Lily and Jill. She fills her mother in on the situation and says Devon realizes he could lose. Ash wonders if her daughter is concerned about Devon because he’s the father of her child and a friend… or because there’s more going on than their mistake. Abby isn’t sure she’d still call it that. There were some deep cracks in her marriage to Chance and they were headed toward the end. Ashley knows all that and is happy she and Devon have each other. Abby cautions they’re not rushing into anything under the circumstances. Ashley knows the pitfalls of family and business well. Abby asks about her and Uncle Jack. Ash confirms they’re smack dab in the middle of a huge disconnect. Abby asks what’s going on with Tucker.

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At Newman, Nate tells Victoria they need to come up with a new plan. She points out Tucker is still in control of his company despite someone buying his debt. Nate tells her the object of her desire is out of her reach — the question now is how far is she willing to go to get it?

In the park, Daniel wonders if they’re going to talk, but Lily likes that they can be there together in silence. He agrees it’s nice. She muses it’s been a while since she felt that way with anyone. He asks, “What way?” She replies, “I don’t know… connected?” Their heads move together as though to kiss but Lily balks and the spell is broken. She laughs, “What are we thinking?” Daniel thinks they’re both miserable and looking for an escape. They agree their off-limits from each other. They decide to recap their terrible situations to remind them why it’s a bad idea to canoodle. Daniel and Lily say things to comfort one another. Daniel laughs that they’re a pathetic pair of broken-hearted fools. They agree love sucks.
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On Crimson Light’s patio, Devon tells Christine by phone there’s no chance this will be resolved outside of the courtroom — if Jill and Lily want a war, that’s exactly what they’ll give them. He complains that this could all be settled if Lily would side with her family and not with Jill. He disconnects and notices Daniel and Lily inside ordering hot chocolate. Devon takes off. Daniel and Lily sit on the patio, where he admits his heart may not be in Omega Sphere any longer.
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At Newman, Victoria tells Nate that her father wants McCall Unlimited to hand to Adam, but she finds that a waste and intends to dismantle the company and use the pieces where they benefit Newman the most. “When I do get my hands on the company I have something very special in mind for you.” She teases that McCall’s entertainment division would blow his mind. Nate muses, “So we agree. The reward is worth the risk.” Victoria says, “Absolutely.” It’s a rare opportunity when everything lines up. The public will says she’s greedy but there’s nothing wrong with wanting more and taking it when offered. She points out Tucker came to her, which may be something they can use to their advantage. Nate hopes their source will find out how best to do that.

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In Tucker’s suite, he tells Audra she’s lost her touch when it comes to subterfuge. She protests but he finds it obvious she’s there to squeeze information out of him. The question is now that he knows why she’s here and that she’s not on his side, how should he handle the situation? Audra shoves his hand away as he plays with her hair. Audra concedes that he may not be entirely wrong but that doesn’t mean she’s stopped being his secret weapon. Tucker feels she’s a weapon that cuts both ways. Audra reminds him she is ultimately in it for herself, which he’s always found refreshing. Tucker declares he’s finding his refreshment elsewhere these days… and it’s much more profound. Audra smirks about McCall being in love.
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At Society, Ashley recaps to Abby what happened with Tucker before she left for Paris. She believes he wanted them, and their businesses united. Abby admits Devon told her Tucker said the same thing to him. Ashley explains Tucker’s methods often bely his intentions. Abby adds that he’s a habitual liar. She fears Ashley’s about to give him another chance. Ashley blurts, “I did a thing.” She hopes it will force Tucker to do the right thing. If it works out as she hopes, it will be good for everyone involved.

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On Crimson Light’s patio, Lily reminds Daniel that the idea for his platform came from simply playing games with his daughter. It’s about making something beautiful from the pieces left behind. He should do it for himself, Lucy, and all the people who will feel it when they log into his world. Chelsea appears and tells Daniel she’s been reading about his project and how it would help people. She has an idea and thought she could share her story and pick his brain. Daniel says her timing couldn’t be better.
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In Tucker’s suite, he asks if Audra’s jealous. Audra finds him less of a catch now that he’s in debt. She wonders what he’ll become now that someone else is pulling his strings. Tucker’s sure his legend will live on. He tells her she should probably go, but adds that he may have taught her most of what he knows… but not everything he knows. Audra sneers, “Keep thinking that if it makes you feel better.”
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At Society, Devon tells Abby about his earlier run-in with Lily and Nate. Abby hates that it’s come to this point. Devon hates that the blame falls on him when Jill and Lily could end it by selling him his company back. They also won’t back down on the IPO even though they were compromised by their cousin and targeted by Tucker. Abby hedges that it’s possible Tucker’s plan wasn’t entirely driven by greed. Devon wonders where this is coming from. Abby explains that it’s from her mother, who mentioned that sometimes Tucker’s methods get in the way of his good intentions. She told her mom that she’s worried about him. Devon understands she needed to vent. “That’s what happens when you’re with someone.” Abby assures him they don’t need a word for what they are right now, she just wants to be there for him and Dom. Once they get through this, they’ll figure out the rest. Devon kisses her hand.
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At Newman, Victoria tells Nate they’ll give Tucker an offer so generous he can’t reject it. Nate muses that would mean he could buy back his own debt. Victoria says that’s true unless the person refuses to sell it; it depends on their motivation. She admits it’s unsettling not knowing who this person is. Nate grins. He didn’t know she had so little patience. Victoria needs as much information as possible so she can make her move. Information is power, and power is control. Nate observes that she likes control. Victoria husks that it’s every bit as important to her as money, if not more so. Suddenly, they’re making out.
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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea tells Daniel and Lily she went through a dark time and didn’t know if she’d ever see the light again. A person she hurt believed in her despite all odds and then he died and the world became a darker place. Joining her friend’s podcast was a life-saver but then that ended too. Then there was Johnny. She explains the situation and the rejection and resentment from him and Connor. Chelsea was in a lot of pain and felt the world would be better without her in it. She found herself at the top of a building alone, but someone followed her and talked her down. Not everyone is as lucky as she was, which is why she wants to reach out through Daniel’s platform. Lily wants to be sure she’s ready to take something like this on.

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At Newman, Nate and Victoria are making out and she’s removing his tie as Audra approaches the office door in the hallway. Audra knocks and Nate and Victoria pull apart. Victoria heads back behind her desk and Audra asks, “Did I interrupt something?” Nate says they were just discussing her. Audra looks pointedly at their disheveled appearances and remarks that it must have been quite the exciting conversation. Nate says they were wondering if she was able to get any useful information. Audra cracks, “I just might have.”
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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea assures Lily and Daniel her therapist supports her involvement in the platform. She relays her idea for a character who has to go through challenges to get down from the top of a building and gets stronger as she learns coping mechanisms. Daniel can see the world she wants to create and definitely sees the potential. “This is something I want to pursue.” He has a million ideas going through his head and muses that this could really expand the scope of the platform. Chelsea beams.

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Ashley arrives at Tucker’s suite, and he gushes, “What a welcome surprise.” It’s a palate cleanser to his previous conversation. He relays that Victoria’s been blowing up his phone all night. He’s glad they can talk so he knows what her master plan is. Ashley wonders if he’s going crazy not being in control. “Are you truly ready to divest yourself of McCall Unlimited?” Tucker insists the company represents his past and he’s ready to move away from it and start anew. “For the right price of course.” Ashley asks, “What about for the right reason?” She challenges him, “Don’t sell to Newman… sell to your son.”
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