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At Newman Media, Nate tells Audra that Tucker offered to sell his company to Victoria outright. Audra’s pleased. Victoria appears and informs them that this is no longer an option — someone else bought up McCall’s debt before they could. Nate asks, “Who?” Victoria was just about to ask his COO that very question. She turns to Audra, “Do you know who’s behind this?” She wants to know if Audra is working for someone else. Audra says, “No,” and it’s the first she’s heard of anyone buying Tucker’s debt. Victoria had to ask after her plan to go rogue. “It was risky, but it was very smart.” She has a new mission for Audra, who is ready to help in any way she can. Victoria asks her to find out who bought the debt… and why.

Ashley walks into Society with Tucker on her heels. He tells her she can’t just drop a bomb and walk away. Ashley can do whatever she wants. “I bought your debt. I bought you. I’m in control now.”

Chelsea opens her apartment door to Adam and thanks him for coming over — Connor is having a homework crisis. Connor appears and says he needs his father’s help. Adam asks what they’re working on. It’s a family tree and the Newman branches are getting pretty twisty. He needs a positive written description of every member. “So, tell me. What’s so great about the Newmans?” Adam sighs and asks Chelsea, “You couldn’t help him with this?” Chelsea already had to be creative in describing Jeff and Anita. Connor asks Adam how he’d describe Victor. Adam offers, “He’s very committed to his family.” Connor wants to add, “Tough” and “strong”. They describe Nikki as “tough but fair”, and Victoria as “strong-willed.” Abby is “feisty and spunky”. Connor then says, “Next is Uncle Nick.” Adam declares him a good father.
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In Sally’s suite, Nick knows she’s nervous to read the results but assures her it will be okay whichever way it goes. Sally tells him it really helps to have him there on the most important day of her life, “And this baby’s.” She takes a deep breath, and they read the result on her phone. She asks Nick, “What do we do now?”
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Sally muses, “Maybe the test is wrong?” Nick feels it’s a reputable company and it’s all right there — his DNA is not a match and Adam is the father. Sally has seen how this plays out and it’s not good. Nick hopes he’ll be even-keeled or even reasonable about it. Sally doubts this and asks how Nick can be so calm. Nick feels Adam could surprise her and all of them. “He’s done it before.” Sally cries, “I really wanted this baby to be yours.” Nick replies, “So did I.” He still thinks her having a baby should be celebrated. Sally wipes away tears, “This changes everything, whether we want it to or not.” Nick says change can be good and tells her she now has a very important decision to make. Sally whispers, “How do I tell Adam?”

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At Society, Tucker realizes Ashley is enjoying his win and asks why she’s being so cruel about it. Ashley claims she walked away to give him time to process. She wants to get some food and walks into the restaurant.

At her apartment, Chelsea tells Adam he can hang out whenever he likes. Adams shares that he has time on his hands since he quit Jabot. Chelsea’s stunned he actually did it and asks what he’ll do now. Adam reports that Victor has put on the full-court press to get him to return to the family business. He told him he’d go back if he could have Victoria’s job. Chelsea reminds him anytime he works there he’s miserable. Adam was miserable at Jabot too and jokes that maybe misery is his destiny. Chelsea suggests therapy to change some behaviors and then he can be happy. Adam insists it was just a flippant comment, but Chelsea suspects a grain of truth. She tells him about his good points and that he’s an amazing dad. Adam will always do his best for Connor. Just then, Adam’s phone rings — it’s Sally. He wonders what she could possibly want. He answers and Sally asks him to meet up — she’ll explain everything when he gets there.

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As Connor is saying goodbye to Adam, Billy arrives with a new game for the boy. Adam watches the enthusiastic exchange between them before leaving.

In Sally’s room, Nick asks if she wants him to be there when she tells Adam. Sally is tempted but doesn’t think it’s fair to Adam to act like she needs a buffer. They’re looking at a lifelong connection now so they have to get used to it. “I’ll be fine. I have to be.” Nick asks if she’s sure she wants to tell him now. Sally can’t put it off and must tell him face-to-face. Nick understands. Sally thanks him… for everything. Nick kisses her and lets her know she can call if she needs him afterward. They kiss again and he exits.
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At Newman Media, Audra tells Victoria she’ll give Tucker a call to see what he knows about whatever entity bought his debt. Victoria thanks her, it will be good to know what they’re up against. Audra calls and leaves a message on Tucker’s voicemail to call her. Nate asks how much of a monkey wrench this throws into Victoria’s plan to take over McCall. She says she’s not sure; they’ll have to figure that out together. She walks out and Audra tells Nate they need to talk… about whatever is going on between him and Victoria.
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In Sally’s suite, she takes a deep breath as Adam knocks and calls out, “Hey, it’s me.” She opens the door, lets him in, and Adam says he half-expected Nick to be there. Sally says he’s not. Adam asks if there’s trouble. She says, “No,” and hopes that continues to be the case. Sally announces she’ll be simple and direct. “I’m pregnant… and you’re the father.” Adam gawps.
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At Society, Ashley tells Tucker that it wasn’t easy to pull this off but it was worth it. He wants to know her game plan now. Ashley suggests he stop giving her orders or she’ll call in his debt, which he can’t pay. Tucker laments her doing this after he offered to sell it all for her. “Do you want to have power over me, is that it?” Ashley has much bigger goals in mind.

At Chelsea’s place, she tells Billy and Connor about Daniel’s gaming platform. “This actually sounded really fascinating.” She brings up the press release and Billy reads it. Chelsea remarks that Omega Sphere could be something really special as it could help people. “That intrigues me.” Connor thinks it would be cool if she worked on it. Chelsea will ask Daniel if there’s a way she can get involved.

Victoria finds Nick gazing at the window blinds in her office. He sighs and tells her that Adam is the father of Sally’s baby. “She’s telling him right now.” Victoria is sorry and hugs him. “How are you doing?” she asks. Nick says it sucks — he feels he lost something he didn’t have in the first place, but he’s convinced he and Sally will get through this. He’d like something to distract him. Victoria has a surprising twist for him.
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In Sally’s suite, she knows this is shocking but she is having the baby and he deserves to know he is his or her dad. Adam sighs, “His… or her.” He asks when she found out she was pregnant. Sally has known for a while but just found out it’s his. He asks how she can be sure. Sally had a paternity test done and it ruled Nick out. “You were the only other possibility.” Adam’s not sure what to say. Sally says, “Just to be clear. This changes nothing, emotionally.” Adam disagrees. “This changes everything.”

At Newman Media, Nate acts outraged at Audra’s suggestion and denies there’s anything going on between him and Victoria. Audra’s glad because a romantic thing would be risky and foolish. She reminds him his predecessor was let go due to an office romance. Nate insists he’s not interested in an office romance and is in a relationship with a woman he loves. Whatever she thought she was picking up on was a figment of her imagination. Audra smiles, “If you insist.”
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In Sally’s suite, Adam asks if she thought she was just going to deliver the news and he wouldn’t be part of this. Sally won’t deny the child a connection to him. Adam asks what that means. Sally just meant it’s not an opening for them to get back together. Adam can’t believe she’d deny giving their child a loving home with it’s two parents because of Nick. Sally reminds him they didn’t split because of Nick, but because of them. “We agreed that our relationship had run its course.” Adam realizes, “That was the day this baby was conceived, wasn’t it?” Sally says that’s also the day they parted ways. The baby doesn’t change that crucial fact.

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At Newman, Victoria tells Nick that Audra is going to try and find out who bought Tucker’s debt. She’s not ready to admit defeat yet… they just need to figure out who’s behind it and why. Is someone trying to help Tucker… or make a move against Newman Enterprises?

At Society, Ashley tells Tucker she needs him to call off his deal with Newman Enterprises; another party is interested. Tucker muses about her deciding to link them closer together and asks, “What’s going on in that beautiful head of yours.”
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At Newman, Nick agrees with Victoria that they have to be prepared. He takes a call from Sally, who says it’s done. He asks if she’s okay and says he’ll be right there. Nick asks Victoria to keep him posted on the McCall stuff and exits. Once alone, Victoria calls Tucker.

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At Society, Tucker sees Victoria’s calling and wants to ignore it, but Ashley encourages him to take it while musing that she must be very disappointed to have been outmaneuvered. Tucker answers and Victoria tells him she’s ready to negotiate.

At Chelsea’s place, she and Billy talk about Connor enjoying his new video game. Chelsea says it makes her wonder how Omega Sphere could help people. She’s not sure what she would do there. Billy knows nothing about the project but it’s nice to see a look of excitement in her eye. He suggests she speak to her therapist before making a big decision. Connor emerges after his video game time is up. She says she and Billy will go down and get him a treat while he finishes up his homework. Connor thanks Billy for the game. “You’re the best.” Chelsea agrees.

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Tucker arrives at Newman, and tells Victoria he won’t be able to negotiate a purchase of his company due to unforeseen circumstances. Victoria has heard about someone buying up his debt but that shouldn’t affect the sale. Tucker smirks, “That’s where you’re wrong. Everything in my life is in flux right now.”

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At Society, Ashley toasts to herself at the bar.

In Crimson Lights, Billy tells Chelsea she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. Adam wanders in and Chelsea asks, “What’s wrong?” He says nothing should be wrong right now, but everything is.

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Sally opens her suite door to Nick with tears in her eyes. They silently embrace.

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