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At Society, Daniel’s at breakfast with Heather and Lucy, who is ignoring them as she looks at her phone with earbuds in. Heather tells Daniel she’s trying to be sensitive to what she’s going through but it’s no excuse for the girl to be rude. Daniel just wants his daughter to be comfortable. Just then, Phyllis walks in, sees them, and gawps, “Oh my goodness, what a surprise to see you all here together.” Heather and Daniel squirm and Lucy’s oblivious.

When Lucy notices her, she chirps, “Oh hi, Phyllis!” Heather tells her it’s “grandma” but Phyllis says Lucy was right, it’s Phyllis. She guesses Heather decided it was better for them all to be together. Daniel, irritated, interjects, “Mom, stop!”
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Daniel informs Phyllis that nothing she thinks worked out actually did. His mother asks, “What do you mean?” Heather tells Lucy they need to get going. Phyllis asks how long they’re in town; Summer would love to see her. Heather tells Phyllis that’s a decision for her Daniel to make. They are going to see Christine and Paul. Phyllis fumes, “You set up a meeting with Christine and not with me?!?” Daniel pipes up, “Okay! That’s enough.” They all walk out and leave Phyllis standing there.

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At Jabot, Kyle asks Adam, “What are you doing here?” He remarks on his performance yesterday and tells him if he’s having second thoughts, today’s not the day. Adam grins, “You got what you wanted, Kyle.” He’s just there to pick up some of his things. Kyle says Jabot sends them to fired employees. Adam chuckles and reminds him he resigned. He wishes Kyle would make up with Jack and advises him it’s not a good idea to team up with Victor. He’ll leave Kyle with a compliment — he admires his willingness to go to extremes to protect his family. Kyle says that will never change.
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Jeremy Stark approaches Victor at Crimson Lights. He recognizes him as the slimeball who stole his wife’s necklace. Stark says he’s not the one who took it. Victor asks who did. Jeremy thinks he knows. “Diane Jenkins and Jack Abbott had me framed.” Victor’s not surprised they’d come up with a cockamamie scheme like that. Stark thinks they have a lot in common and could use that to their advantage. Victor informs him the enemy of his enemy doesn’t make him his friend.
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack needs to know that Diane is okay with her side of the bed. She laughs and says they’re good as Summer appears and remarks, “Diane, you’ve certainly made yourself at home.” Jack asks Summer to mind her tone. “It is not appreciated.” Summer apologizes; she wasn’t being hostile intentionally. Jack guesses she’s angry at Kyle. Summer can’t believe he went behind her back like this. Diane’s certain he’s sorry. Summer says that won’t cut it. Jack is frustrated too but pretty much everything is forgivable. He’s going to put it behind him and move forward. Summer does think he feels terrible about deceiving them. She wants to forgive him but she’s not there yet.
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Summer arrives at Jabot and tells Kyle he may not like what she has to say. Kyle asks how long she’s going to stay mad at him. Adam passes by and asks if Kyle wants to check his box of items. He reiterates that there are no hard feelings with Kyle, who was just doing what he felt he had to. Summer fumes that he didn’t have to deceive his family. Adam doesn’t want to get in the middle but feels his intentions were well-meaning. Adam leaves and Kyle points out Adam has forgiven him, “Why can’t you?” Summer points out Adam’s not married to him. Kyle admits he lost sight of their promise to share everything with each other. “Can we please let his go and start fighting?” He is remorseful and wants to move on.

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At Crimson Lights, Victor informs Jeremy he’s not interested in participating in whatever scheme he’s cooking up and warns him not to use anyone in his family as a pawn or he’ll come after him. Stark walks out.

At Society, Jack and Diane walk in and spot Phyllis. Diane informs her that she and Jack are back together and he insisted that she move in with him. Phyllis finds this rich. When she rubbed their relationship in Diane’s face it was unforgivable, now that she’s doing it, it’s perfectly acceptable. Jack defends Diane. He declares it’s time they all stop living in the past and move forward with kindness and understanding. Phyllis gawps, “You’re kidding, right?” After she walks out, Jack assures Diane she wasn’t using the situation to manipulate her. “All is forgiven.” Diane beams. Outside, Phyllis stops short when she sees Jeremy Stark walk into the restaurant.

At Crimson Lights, Adam enters and says, “Hello father.” Victor tells him to pull up a chair. Adam wants to congratulate him. “I’ve officially resigned from Jabot.” He can consider his campaign a success. He left on his own but his interference played a big part. Victor feigns innocence but Adam smirks and tells him his instincts were right — he didn’t belong there. He asks, “What’s the next part of the plan? What’s phase two?”
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At Jabot, Summer wonders if Kyle would regret this if he hadn’t been caught. She’s not sure he would. He treated her like an obstacle and let her believe she’d persuaded him not to go along with her grandfather’s plan. Kyle insists it was a mistake. Summer isn’t sure about that. Ever since she asked him to back out of Jack and Diane’s plan against Jeremy Stark things have been different. All he saw was her stopping him from doing what he wanted to do, so the next time he hid his bad decisions. Kyle can’t deny that. “I don’t know what else to say besides continuing to reiterate I feel awful about it.” Summer hates fighting and hears his apology. She knows he wants things to get better but she’s worried sweeping it under the rug will leave room for it to happen again in the future.
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Outside Daniel’s suite, Heather wants to leave Lucy there while she goes to grab her stuff. She takes the teen’s phone so she can talk to her dad for a few minutes. Daniel thanks Heather. Inside the suite, Daniel asks his daughter if she’s okay. It feels like she’s putting up a wall. She insists she’s fine but he says it doesn’t seem like it. He manages to get her to reveal her favorite color which is sage green and asks why she’s wearing a blue bracelet. She says it’s his favorite color.

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Phyllis lurks outside Society, as inside, Stark approaches a startled Diane and Jack, who asks, “What the hell are you doing here?” Jeremy quips that he really missed the Eggs Florentine. He reports that the ludicrous charges against him have been dropped and informs Diane that next time she’ll have to do a better job of framing him. He wants to join them, but Jack forbids it and demands, “Just tell us what you want.” Jeremy chuckles at Jack’s knight-in-shining armor routine and tells Diane, “I was that for you once.” Diane recalls he was a fraud who was using her. Stark finds that rich coming from someone who pulled a theft to frame him. Jack asks, “You want cash? How much?” Jeremy came back to say, “Brava, Diane. You are exceptional. That’s twice you’ve gotten one over on me and that never happens.” He turns to Jack and warns him not to underestimate her, it’s a fatal mistake. He’s decided to stick around Genoa City for a long while, so he’ll see them around.
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Back outside, Jeremy asks Phyllis how that looked from her vantage point. She asks what he’s doing and what he wants. “Why are you actually here?” Stark notes she’s intrigued and reminds her she can get in on the fun. “I see myself in you. You live for the game the same way I do.” Phyllis tells him he’s deranged and walks away.
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At Jabot, Kyle tells Summer she’s his best friend and love of his life, he’ll never lose sight of that again. He’ll admit he’s been selfish but this Adam chapter is over. He knows they can get past this and he can do better.

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At Crimson Lights, Adam knows Victor would never leave a loose end. Victor tells his son he belongs at Newman and not Jabot because he is always thinking steps ahead. Adam guesses he was hoping to undermine him at Jabot so he’d come crawling back to you. Victor can unleash his true potential. “I want you can work at Newman where you can be challenged.” Adam asks, “What kind of challenge were you thinking of? Did you have something in mind?”

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In Daniel’s suite, he confirms blue is his favorite color — he loves that Lucy remembers that. Lucy explains when they first moved to Portugal she missed him a lot — the dad he used to be — when she saw the bracelet, the color made her think of him. She bought it so she wouldn’t forget that once upon a time she had a dad who loved her.
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Daniel tells Lucy he’s so sorry he wasn’t there for her. His new life in Genoa City is about him becoming someone she can be proud of again. Lucy asks why he couldn’t do that back in Savannah. He doesn’t know — it’s complicated. He was wrapped up in his problems and pushed them away. Lucy asks if he ever thought about how what he was doing was hurting her. Daniel admits it was hard for him to think about anything but himself; he lost sight of how much she and Heather meant to him and it’s something he’ll regret for the rest of his life. Lucy offers him the blue bracelet. “Maybe if you have it, next time things get tough, you won’t forget that you have a daughter.”

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At Jabot, Summer tells Kyle it’s not easy for her to forgive when she can’t forget. He’ll have to give her some time. Kyle tells her, “I love you so much.” Summer loves him too. Kyle kisses her and she walks out.

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At Crimson Lights, Victor hates that Adam sees things so cynically. Adam says it’s another Newman trait. Victor feels he’s almost genius-like and figures he only went to Jabot to piss him off. Adam denies it was about him. Victor wants to fix what’s broken between them. “You’re my son. I want you to work with me.” He’s always welcome in his life and his company. Adam will accept his generous offer on one condition. “Give me Victoria’s job. You do that and I’m all yours.”
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At Society, Diane tells Jack marvel over Jeremy Stark being back in Genoa City. Diane says he must have come back for some reason and none of the reasons she can think of are good. Jack vows they’ll get rid of him again. He’ll be completely devoted to getting him out of their lives. “For good this time.”
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