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Summer meets Phyllis at Society and gets a big hug. The redhead is glad she has one kid who doesn’t hate her. Summer asks why they’re having champagne. Phyllis says they’re going to toast Summer talking sense into her brother before he does something else he’ll regret. Summer assumes she’s referring to him firing her. Phyllis says he’s in a bad way and when he gets this way there’s no reasoning with him. “He needs saving.” Summer supposes this is why she went to Portugal even after she warned against it. Phyllis feels he’s taking out his anger toward Heather on her. Summer thinks it may be because she went behind his back. Phyllis is hurting. Summer reaches for the champagne, but Phyllis snatches it away — it’s for someone who helps her. Summer informs her mother that Daniel had his own plan for patching things up with Heather and her little trip may have ruined that.

Phyllis refuses to take the blame for wrecking Daniel’s plan, if anything, she pushed it in the right direction. She argues that Daniel is stressed out and people do weird things when they’re stressed out. Summer points out her mother has been stressed lately — the trip was a kneejerk reaction. Phyllis exclaims — what did she do to make her children hate her? Summer assures her that they love her more than anything. Summer wishes she’d shared her plan with Daniel — perhaps this mess wouldn’t have happened.

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In Daniel’s suite, Heather is sorry she didn’t tell him she was coming. She told the desk clerk she was his wife to get in. Daniel says that’s fine and it’s great to see her. They embrace. Daniel asks, “How’s Lucy? Where is she?” Heather says she’s great but she thought they should talk privately. Daniel moves to make a dinner reservation but Heather stops him.
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At the Abbott house, Diane gets a kiss from Jack who chortles, “Welcome home.” Diane tells him it feels so good to hear him say those words. This feels like a dream. Jack was worried she’d have second thoughts, but she jokes, “You’re stuck with me.” He pours wine and they toast to each other, the future, and coming home again. They’re kissing when Kyle enters. He announces he and Summer got into a big fight and he doesn’t know how he’ll ever get her to forgive him. Jack cracks, “Maybe your partner Victor will have an idea.” Diane shoots him a look.

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In Tucker’s suite, he apologizes to Ashley for the cheap cabernet and they banter. Tucker asks what the hell she’s doing there. Ashley is there for a simple reason — she was hoping he’d explain the voicemail he left wanting to come clean. Tucker asks why she’s suddenly willing to listen. Ashley warns him not to read anything into it. He remarks on her mood, and she says it’s because of her brother and Diane. Tucker recalls that the last time she fought with Jack things got pretty heated between them.
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At the Abbott house, Kyle tells his father he was protecting Jabot. Jack hollers that he trusted the fox to watch the henhouse — has he taught him nothing? And what is he supposed to “stay tuned” for next? Kyle has no idea and will turn Victor down if he asks him for anything else. Jack snarks, “Unless he offers you a textile mill or something.” Kyle snarls, “Cut me a break, Dad!” Jack levels, “You lied to me, Kyle. You went against my wishes. You put the company in jeopardy… You turned to Victor instead of your own father!” Kyle insists he trusts his father. Jack exclaims, “I guess the big question now is can I trust you.” He stalks out to get some air. Kyle asks Diane if she can see some good came of this. Diane can see both points of view. Kyle admits he wasn’t thinking about how it would look and didn’t take the history into account. Diane urges her son to give it time. She is living proof that Jack is a forgiving kind of guy. Kyle notices her suitcases and Diane reveals that Jack asked her to move in.
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In Tucker’s suite, Ashley hopes he’s not expecting a repeat of what happened the last time she was there. While in Paris, she realized his explanation was missing pieces. She wants to know about his plan against Jabot. Tucker denies having such a plan but apologizes for lying to her, which was demeaning for them both. He wants to be totally transparent with her. “I am in some deep water financially. Deeper than I wanted to admit to anyone, including myself.”

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At Society, Phyllis complains she’s raised two little pessimists. Summer tells her to stop being so dramatic. Phyllis argues they’re both Negative Nellies. She went to Heather to enlighten her. When she takes him back she’d like an apology. Summer exclaims that they just want her to stop trying to run other people’s lives… when she can’t even run her own! Phyllis complains that this is motherhood — you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. She’s tired of being made out as the villain. “Share that with your brother,” she fumes as she walks off with the champagne.

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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle and Diane discuss her moving in with Jack. She insists they’ve grown and changed. “It’s actually been decades in the making.” It’s a bonus that they get to be closer to him and Harrison. Kyle concedes the boy will be over the moon with happiness. Diane asks, “What about you?” Kyle tells her they don’t need his blessing. Diane would like to know he’s okay with it. Just then, Summer walks in. She says she probably doesn’t want to know, but will ask anyway, “What else went wrong today?” Diane thinks it’s great news. Summer asks, “Is it?”
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In Tucker’s suite, he explains to Ashley that he lost traction with his company when he was in the ashram and allowed people to make decisions who didn’t have its best interests at heart. After his accident, he had to sell off divisions to save others but couldn’t turn the company around fast enough. He figured he could use a couple of whales to raise capital. Ashley realizes this is where Jabot and Chancellor-Winters came in. Tucker argues he wanted to build something with her and Devon, but Ashley argues he was willing to risk the companies going down with McCall, and her and Devon with them. “Why did you offer to fund a company for me, Tucker?! Clearly, you didn’t have the money to back it up!” Tucker would have found the money even if it meant selling off more of McCall. Ashley guesses he was hoping she’d love the idea so much she’d invest her own cash. “It wasn’t my dream, Tucker, it was yours!” Tucker is frustrated. If she’s not going to believe a word he says, then what is she doing there?! “You feel the energy, you feel the connection right now. That passion does not go away, even when we’re arguing!”
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In Daniel’s suite, he apologizes for his mother, but Heather says there’s no need. Daniel would have hidden her passport if he knew what she was up to. Heather says she couldn’t stop talking about how proud she is of him for starting this new gaming project — she thought it was sweet. Daniel admits she is his biggest fan. Heather was happy to hear how well he’s been doing. It seems the new venture has invigorated him. Daniel concedes it’s been a healing journey. Heather can’t tell he’s different. “You look really good.”
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At the hotel, Phyllis orders a drink as Jack walks in. They both groan as they notice each other. Jack senses she’s having a bad day and mutters there’s something in the water. Phyllis declares she is cutting the apron strings from her children. Jack can’t picture her in an apron or cutting off her kids… but he knows exactly how she feels. He rants about being deeply disappointed by someone he cares about. Phyllis is so glad he’s finally seen the light about Diane. Jack says she’s not the one who let him down. “Kyle is.” He tells her she truly is her own worst enemy, downs his drink, and leaves.

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In Tucker’s suite, Ashley kisses him and then declares, “Nope! Nothing there.” Tucker complains she can’t be honest with herself — when she left for Paris her feelings for him had reawakened. Ashley claims it was a momentary lapse in sanity. She asks if he’s sticking around. Tucker doesn’t know what he’s going to do. “I’m running out of options.” He explains Victor is planning to buy his debt to take over his company. Ashley thinks that makes sense and asks if he’s not worried about losing it all. Tucker thinks maybe it’s time for it to happen. He came back with a plan to work with his son and the love of his life, and when she went off to Paris he realized that the only part of that plan that mattered were the people involved. “My karma’s catching up to me,” he laments.

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At the Abbott mansion, Summer learns Jack invited Diane to move in and she couldn’t say no. Kyle asks, “Summer?” Summer says, “Okay.” He asks where she’s going. She’s checking on Harrison. Diane notes that didn’t go very well and asks what she can do. Kyle has to go work things out with his wife.

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In Daniel’s suite, he tells Heather the journeys they take on their own are the toughest. Sometimes you get off track and end up with a lot of time to think. He thought about the people who love him, the ones he’s supposed to love and cherish. What he did to her, and Lucy was inexcusable. He has to get back on track for himself, and not just the two of them, for it to really matter. Heather tears up. Daniel assures her it’s going to be alright. “We’ve got this.” She shakes her head. Daniel asks what’s wrong. Heather confesses, “I’ve met someone.”
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Daniel can’t believe what he heard. Heather didn’t think they could get back to what they had before. The wounds were really deep and left lasting scars. Daniel asks, “Don’t we deserve another chance.” Heather asks, “Even if I could forgive you, how could I forget?” She wants the best for him and hopes he feels the same about her. She moved on because she had to. “I did meet someone and we fell in love. And if you’re honest with yourself Daniel, you’re going to look at this fresh start that you launched all by yourself and you’re going to realize that it’s best if you move on too.”
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In Tucker’s suite, Ashley can’t believe he’d walk away without a fight. Where’s the Tucker with hidden agendas and strategies hidden up his sleeve? “You’re just going to let it go?” Tucker shrugs that letting go is the definition of freedom. He has to stop clinging to things. Ashley asks, “So, what now?” Tucker would let it all go if it meant spending the rest of his days with her. Ashley sighs, “You’re just relentless.” Tucker tells her she’s endlessly alluring, so… Ashley wonders how he can even have a shred of hope. Tucker hollers that he loves her. “Apparently not even karma can change that.”

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Jack returns to the Abbott house and embraces Diane before apologizing for leaving so abruptly. Diane thinks she complicated things even more. Kyle saw her luggage and she couldn’t lie to him. He was rather diplomatic about it. Jack says he has other things to worry about right now. He promises Kyle will accept this. Diane wants him to embrace it. Jack assures, “It will happen. Give it time.” They kiss as Jack reminds her the worst is behind them.

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In the hotel lobby, Jeremy Stark walks up to Phyllis and says, “Looks like you could use a friend.”
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