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At Jabot, Adam listens at the office door as Kyle tells Jack he doesn’t belong there and adds, “You know it’s true!” Jack wonders what Kyle knows about the truth since he’s been lying to him. He wants an explanation but Kyle hollers that it’s complicated. Jack doesn’t think it sounds very complicated. “Tell me what the hell is going on?!?” Kyle fumes, “The truth is I have been working with Victor to get Adam out of Jabot.”

In the hallway, Summer comes upon Adam listening in and asks, “What do you think you’re doing?” Adam replies that he’s eavesdropping, “Obviously.” Summer tells him to get away from the door, that’s a private conversation, and adds, “I mean it.” She threatens to tell Jack what he’s up to. Adam was going to do that himself since the conversation involves him. “I think they could use the interruption.” He promises not to make things worse and to put an end to it. He thinks Summer should be in there as well. Adam lets her know it’s true that Kyle was working with Victor. “I think Jack just found out.”
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In the office, Kyle tells Jack he didn’t give Victor anything confidential, just information on Adam’s shoddy work record. Jack complains that’s plenty and calls him out for lying. He went behind his back and tried to sabotage his co-CEO. “Do you have any idea how insulting that is for me? That you think I need you to tell me what’s happening at my company?!” he roars. Kyle insists his motives were honorable. Jack bellows, “Bull! You don’t do Victor’s bidding and then hide behind the pretense that it’s noble!”
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Victoria enters Nate’s office at Newman Media and closes the door. She wants to know if he has an update on their plan regarding Tucker. Nate hopes to have an answer from Audra today. He’s testing her… in a way. Now, he has to wait and see if she passes.
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At Society, Lily tells Daniel she’s very happy Jill greenlit Omega Sphere. Daniel’s keen to get started. Talk turns to Devon’s lawsuit. Lily assures her friend she can handle it. She asks if Phyllis is ready to get to work. Daniel reveals he’s planning on firing her.
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Phyllis enters the hotel and runs into Tucker. He was going to say, “Welcome home,” but doesn’t know how to say it in Portuguese. Phyllis has plenty she’d like to say but to translate it would be obscene. She pushes the elevator button, and they smirk at each other. Phyllis calls Tucker out for tattling to her son on her. Tucker asks, “How was the trip?” She tells him to go to hell and leaves in the elevator. Behind Tucker, Audra calls out, “Still making friends, I see.” Tucker muses that sometimes you can use someone’s anger to your advantage. Talk turns to their relationship and Audra thinks one of them should move out of the hotel so the run-ins stop.
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Michael arrives at the ranch, where Victor has summoned him. He relays that he and Victoria have decided to buy Tucker’s debt outright. Michael smirks that they really want to put the screws to McCall. Victor replies, “You bet.”

At Society, Lily says she isn’t happy with Phyllis shopping Daniel’s platform around and will support him completely whatever he decides. She asks if he can find a replacement for her. Daniel hasn’t, but he will. The conversation turns back to her stress and Daniel says she’s a fighter, joking that she doesn’t run… not anymore. He asks about the twins and Lily says they’re good. “At least I know where they are.” She apologizes and says she hopes things work out with Lucy and Heather. Daniel’s phone rings — it’s Phyllis. Daniel answers and asks which continent she’s calling from. Phyllis relays that she’s back safe and sound. She’s sorry he had to hear about her trip from Tucker. Daniel fumes that it doesn’t matter, the problem is that she went at all. Phyllis wants to explain herself and asks him to meet with her. Daniel would love that. “When and where?”
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At Jabot, Kyle hollers at Jack that Victor wasn’t making a move against him, he just wants Adam back at Newman. Jack would like to think his son is just a little bit concerned with how this affects him and Jabot. “When another co-CEO abruptly jumps ship!” He yells at Kyle to let him run the company. He figures Victor wants more. “When you get a text from Victor saying ‘stay tuned’ there is a phase two to his plan.” Adam interrupts. He’s there to help. Summer walks in behind him and Kyle sighs.
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At Newman Media, Nate tells Victoria if Audra pulls off the task he gave her they’ll know he can trust her. He thanks Victoria for insisting he be part of the meeting yesterday, especially with Michael not wanting him involved. Victoria says it gave her the perfect opportunity to telegraph to her father and his lawyer that he’s an important part of her team. Nate smiles, “We do make a good team.”
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At the hotel, Tucker wants to try and fix what’s broken between him and Audra. He points out there’s friction between them but they have a good history. Audra agrees, but needles about him facing one rejection after another. She supposes now that they’ve gone their separate ways there’s no reason for animosity. Could they be friends without benefits? Tucker muses they can give it a shot. He wonders how she sees this working. They banter about having no friends. Audra thinks a platonic dinner might be just what the doctor ordered. Tucker agrees, “No sex at dinner.”
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In her hotel room, Phyllis is unpacking when Daniel arrives. He wants to know what in that crazy head of hers made her think it was okay to fly to Portugal. She didn’t want him to worry. He thinks she didn’t ask him because she knew he’d say no. Phyllis protests, “What I can’t help my son? I can’t care about my son?” Is she not allowed to reach out to Heather or visit Lucy? Daniel swallows. “So, you saw them.” He wonders if she’s going to tell him what happened.

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Phyllis tells Daniel she went to Heather’s house and she invited her in. She knew about Omega Sphere so it was important for her to tell her that he was inspired and doing something new. Heather was genuinely happy about it. Daniel asks, “She just left it at that?” Phyllis thinks she needs a minute to process. Lucy seemed uncomfortable and is probably just going into that teenage stuff. Daniel feels like she’s trying to spare his feelings. Phyllis admits it wasn’t really a success. Daniel fumes about her pushing the issue — it was too soon. Phyllis just wanted to help. Daniel snaps, “You never do.”
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At Jabot, Kyle tells Summer they’ll talk about this later. She already knows what’s going on. Kyle snaps at Adam, “What the hell did you say to her?” Adam replies, “A little thing called the truth, Kyle.” Jack reiterates that he and his son were in the middle of a conversation. Adam is sorry for barging in. He’ll leave when he says his piece. Adam tells Jack he should be thanking Kyle and Victor. Jack narrows his eyes, puzzled.

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At Newman Media, Victoria tells Nate they’ll have to walk away from deals and move money to buy McCall’s debt. Nate wants to hear all about it; he finds the way her mind works and all of it, intoxicating. Victoria coos that they’re alike in that way. There’s a knock and Audra enters. Victoria invites her to join them.
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In her suite, Phyllis informs Daniel, “Excuse me, young man, let me tell you something. My flying all the way to Portugal for you was an act of love to help my son.” Daniel wonders why she can’t ever admit she’s wrong. “You are infuriating,” he shouts. Phyllis wants to table the discussion but Daniel hollers, “No!” He orders her to stay out of his business. He wants to stay there and can’t have her running around screwing things up. Phyllis knows he’s upset and wants to make it up to him. Daniel wants her to stay out of his business — his actual business. Phyllis gasps, “Are you seriously firing me?” Daniel retorts, “Consider this your official termination notice,” and walks out.
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At Jabot, Jack informs Adam, “Believe me, I won’t be thanking Kyle or Victor for their machinations.” Kyle tells Adam he doesn’t need him, of all people, budding in and trying to suck up. Summer suggests her husband listen to him. Kyle informs his wife that he came clean with his father and will do the same with her later. Summer isn’t sure what else there is to say and sniffs, “I hope those textile mills were worth it to you.” Jack asks what she’s talking about. Summer thought Kyle told him everything. Kyle admits they hadn’t got that far. Jack fumes, “Wait. You sold me out to Victor for some textile mills?! That only proves my point about his motives. If he’s willing to pay that high a price he’s expecting a lot more back from you in exchange!” He informs his son, “Kyle, the other shoe’s about to drop.” He’ll give him one more chance to tell him… what is Victor’s next plan?

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At the ranch, Michael warns Victor that taking control of Tucker’s debt will be the easiest part of their plan; he’s not known for backing down. There will be one helluva fight. Victor smirks, “Have you ever known me to walk away from a fight?” Michael grins as the Mustache makes a fist.

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Daniel enters the coffee house patio steaming mad and joins Lily, who guesses the conversation with Phyllis didn’t go well. Daniel reports that he gave his mother the axe. He’s more concerned about the damage she’s done to his personal life. Lily’s sure she meant well. Daniel says she’s like a freight train that won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Lily asks if he really thinks no good came from her visit. Daniel can just picture her showing up and declaring that everything is better now. “It wasn’t her call to make.” It looks like he still doesn’t have his act together and that his mom runs his life. “I think she may have ruined my chances to reconcile with my family.” Lily refuses to let him give up on Heather and Lucy. She knows how he is when he loves someone, so when it’s the right time, he’ll show them how great things can be again. “No one can resist Daniel Romalotti when he’s firing on all cylinders.”
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At Newman Media, Victoria leaves Nate to talk to Audra, who wonders if she should be clued in on the latest developments. Nate just wants to know if she mended fences with Tucker. She explains she engineered a run-in and convinced them they could be friends. “We’re having dinner tonight.” Nate is impressed. Audra still has to find out if he suspects the Newmans are up to something.

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At Jabot, Kyle doesn’t think Victor has anything else planned. If he does, he didn’t tell him about it. Jack fumes that Kyle walked into this situation thinking he was in control but he was only thinking about what he wanted. Kyle disagrees. Jack’s sure he does, but he knows Victor Newman a whole lot better. “You didn’t know what you were doing!” Adam tells Jack it’s his office and he respects that but hopefully he’ll make things less stressful with what he’s about to say. He thinks Kyle was looking out for Jabot. If an interloper wasn’t living up to his potential at his family’s company, he’d want to get rid of them. He’s lost his drive and focus and hasn’t brought anything of value to the table.

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Jack thinks Adam’s being too tough on himself and would like to help him make adjustments. Adam will be brutally honest — he doesn’t think things are going to change. “Which is why I have an announcement to make.”
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Victoria visits Victor at the ranch to tell him the financing is in place. They’re ready to make their move against Tucker.

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In Jack’s office, Kyle has heard enough but Adam asks for one more minute — he guarantees he’ll love this next part. Adam thanks Jack for giving him a shot, but his work didn’t measure up. You can fire me, or I can resign, either way, it’s better for everyone. I’m leaving Jabot.” Jack’s jaw drops.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor makes waves at Jabot, Phyllis is forced to defend herself to Daniel, and Jack makes a shocking decision.

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