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At the Abbott house, Kyle wonders if the smile on his father’s face is because of mom. He reminds his father she’s hurt him many times. Jack argues she’s a different person now. Kyle hopes it works out but reminds Jack to be careful. Kyle leaves and Jack realizes he left his phone behind. He’s stunned to read a text from Victor thanking him for his help with the Adam matter.

At Chelsea’s place, she, Adam, and Connor banter. Adam notices Chelsea’s good mood and Connor wryly reports she’s been laughing at her own jokes ever since she got back from her dinner with Billy. Adam’s face clouds over. Connor goes into the bedroom and Adam asks Chelsea, “I take it your date with Billy went well?” Chelsea insists it wasn’t a date and says the waitress made the same mistake. But going out made her feel confident and strong; it’s good to have friends. Adam doesn’t think Billy is a good choice. The normal guy act won’t last; it never does. Chelsea refuses to feel ashamed about spending time with Billy. Adam warns he’ll get bored of being her hero — she’s relying on him too much. Chelsea stops him. She’s heard enough.
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At Crimson Lights, Billy runs into Victoria, who wants to talk to him about Lily. She wants to know about the break-up, which will be a difficult transition for the kids, and laments, “She was good for you.” They go over Victoria being jealous when he first started seeing Lily. Victoria admits she was envious that she got the mature evolved version of him. Billy tell Victoria she deserved better. Talk turns to her doomed marriage to Ashland Locke. Billy know she helped the kids through that ordeal and he’ll help them now. Victoria asks what this means for him and Chelsea.
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At Jabot, Diane wanders into Jack’s office and sits behind his desk. She puts her feet up on it and smiles. Kyle comes in and asks, “What do we have here?” He teases her and Diane assures him she has no ambitions to be CEO. She’d like to advance, however, but wouldn’t want anyone to think it’s because she’s back with Jack. Kyle urges her to keep up the hard work. “We’ll see what happens.” Diane presses him further about a promotion. She thinks Marchetti Home would be perfect for her. Kyle marvels, “You’re actually angling for Phyllis’s old job?!”
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At Chelsea’s place, she tells Adam she doesn’t need his approval on who she decides to be friends with. He hates Billy and needs to get over it. It’s the opposite of being helpful. Adam knows what Billy is capable of. Chelsea responds, “So do I.” Adam will try harder but warns if Billy hurts her he won’t let it go. Chelsea reminds him it’s her life and whatever happens, he has to learn to accept it.
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At Crimson Lights, Billy insists his break-up with Lily has nothing to do with Chelsea. Victoria recalls they were engaged once upon a time. They both just went through an emotional and trying time together. Perhaps he realized he could be her hero. “You saved her life.” If there’s something developing between them that could be more than friendship, he should take his time. Victoria adds that Katie’s jealous he’s been spending so much time with Johnny and Connor. “You need to be aware of what this means to your family.”

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At Jabot, Kyle informs Diane that if Phyllis finds out she took her old job she’d go ballistic. Diane promises this isn’t about her finding a way to get back at Phyllis. Kyle argues, “It’s about appearances, mom.” Diane feels she’s very qualified for the job. “Let me help you!” Kyle asks, “Why now?” Diane points out Jeremy Stark’s no longer a threat and says she likes seeing how closely all the Abbotts work together. “I want to be part of that. I want to be part of the family.” Kyle softens, “So this job is less about ambition and more about belonging to something.” Diane figures it sounds ridiculous to him, but he says, “Not at all, mom.” Diane just want to contribute and be part of it. Kyle says there are other ways than running an entire division of the company. “I can’t just give you this job. I will talk to Summer, though, and we will revisit it.” Diane appreciates it. Just then, Jack enters. He’s clearly in a mood and hands Kyle his phone. He goes off to check in with Summer, who’s out of town. Diane asks Jack if he’s okay. They go over Kyle wanting them to go slow. Diane guesses something else is bothering him. Jack’s preparing for difficult conversation with his son — Kyle is more involved in Victor’s plan against Adam than he let on.
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Victoria arrives at Newman, where Victor’s just disconnected from a guy on the board of the bank that holds Tucker’s debt. Victoria wants to move quickly; before Tucker knows what hit him. Victor always admired her focus and decisiveness. He just wishes Adam would use all of his abilities and instincts. Instead, he’s in a BS job at Jabot. “Imagine what we could all accomplish around her if Adam applied his business acumen and intelligence here at our company.” Victoria assumes her father’s about to tell her his plans for his prodigal son.
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At Crimson Lights, Connor grills Adam about how he fixed his printer and they talk about Connor’s report. Adam knows the kid has been dealing with a lot of complicated stuff lately, like Johnny and Billy. Connor shrugs that Chelsea is happier with Billy around. Adam reminds him if he needs to talk, he’s always there to listen. Billy appears and Adam tells Connor to go wait in the car. Billy guesses Adam has an opinion about him and Chelsea going to dinner together. Adam nods, “Oh yeah. I do.” But that’s not why he wanted to talk to him today. He wants to take Connor and Johnny to do something fun. Billy says he thinks the boys would enjoy that. “Anything else, Adam?” he asks. Chelsea appears to find them nose to nose.
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At Jabot, Jack tells Diane about the text from Victor thanking Kyle for his help and telling him to stay tuned. “He’s been lying to me all along!”

In the hall, Kyle updates Summer by phone on Diane’s request to run Marchetti Home and says he told her they’d revisit it down the road.

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In the office, Jack tells Diane that nothing good can come from Kyle and Victor colluding together. He informs Diane that its not the first time; when she was gone they were very close for a while. Diane’s stunned. Jack says he never expected this kind of betrayal. Just then, Kyle reappears.

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At Newman, Victoria and Victor argue about the prospect of Adam returning to the company. Victor thinks he just needs to be shown the respect he deserves. Victoria only sees this with her father getting hurt, badly. Victor assures her he can take care of himself. Victoria feels Adam is a man who blames Victor for everything that’s gone wrong in his life. Victor thinks there’s some truth to that. Victoria insists he doesn’t owe Adam anything. “Don’t put yourself in a situation where Adam blames you for his failure and takes it out on you. You need to find some way to let him go.”

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At Crimson Lights, Adam tells Billy he’ll be in touch to set up a time and date. Billy says, “Okay, Adam. Looking forward to it.” Adam leaves and Chelsea asks Billy, “What happened?” Billy says, “Nothing actually.” Chelsea relays that Adam agreed to back off. Billy gives his props for keeping his promise to her. Chelsea warns he’s not thrilled about them spending time together. Billy had a similar conversation with Victoria and asks, “How does that sit with you?” Chelsea is taking care of herself and can’t believe she spent energy worrying if people thought they were on a date at Society. Billy smiles. Chelsea won’t get bent out of shape over what others think of her anymore. “I’m grateful for where I am… or where we’re at. Friends.” Billy smiles, “Friends.”
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At Newman, Victoria tells Victor that Adam’s made it clear he doesn’t want to be part of the family. “You should take him at his word.” Victor argues he’s a part of him. Victoria says he’s dangerous and unpredictable. Victor’s tried to shut him out; he can’t, “And I don’t want to.” He assures her his plans to bring Adam back won’t impact the company negatively, or her. He can take care of himself. Victoria worries that with Adam there’s always a negative impact. Victor can’t let him go.
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At Jabot, Kyle wonders if Jack is upset because he missed the marketing meeting. Jack says, “It’s not.” Diane hastily excuses herself. Kyle asks his father what’s going on. Jack fumes, “You’ve been lying to me!” Kyle isn’t sure what he’s talking about. Jack informs him that he left his phone at home — when he picked it up, there was a message on it. “From Victor Newman!” Kyle is saying it must be a misunderstanding as Adam rolls up on the office and listens. Jack tells Kyle what the message said and asks, “What am I misunderstanding here?” Kyle plays dumb, “I don’t know.” Jack hollers that he knows Kyle has been colluding with Victor Newman behind his back to sabotage Adam at Jabot. “What I don’t know is why! Why are you so determined to run Adam out of…” Kyle yells back, “Because he doesn’t belong here, dad!” Outside the door, Adam sighs.
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor makes waves at Jabot, Phyllis is forced to defend herself to Daniel, and Jack makes a shocking decision.

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