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At Newman Enterprises, Michael tries to dissuade Victoria from having Nate in the meeting, but she informs him and her father that he already knows about their plan to take over McCall’s debt. They also happen to have a key element in place thanks to Nate. Victor guesses she’s referring to Audra Charles.

In the hotel lobby, Tucker sneaks up on Audra while she’s working and asks to join her. He wonders if Newman is still planning to move on Daniel Romalotti’s platform. Audra reminds him they’re not in cahoots. He points out there are still certain aspects she clearly enjoys about spending time with him. Audra wonders why she’d feed him information that could hurt Newman Media.

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Chance wanders into the coffee house and Daniel spots him. They shake hands and Chance assumes he knows he and Abby broke up. Daniel’s sorry. It happened to him and Heather too.
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Nick and Sally arrive back in her sleep and he asks where he should set up lunch. She’s too wound up to eat and reflects that the paternity test was quicker than she anticipated. He reminds her they were told it would take a few days — she needs to eat. Sally asks how he’s so calm. “This is so overwhelming.” She can’t take not knowing if he or Adam is the father. Nick tells her, “You’ve got this.” Suddenly, she realizes this baby could be Summer’s little brother or sister. “She’s going to hate that!” Nick tells her to calm down. They recap the decision not to tell Adam anything right now. Nick wishes he never had to know. Sally agrees if things turn out as they’re hoping, it would simplify things. She wonders if she should bite the bullet and just tell him.

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At Crimson Lights, Chance and Daniel get to talking. Daniel tells him about the gaming platform and how he’s hoping it will bring him, Heather, and Lucy back together.
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At Newman, Nate tells Michael and Victor that Audra was Tucker’s mole at Chancellor and still has his ear. Michael’s skeptical but Victor feels she could be an asset. He questions where her loyalties lie. Nate says he’s made it clear she has something to prove to McCall. Michael asks what assurance they’d have she’s not working with Tucker to play them.
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At the hotel, Tucker assures Audra he’d never sabotage her. He relays that he already made a pitch to Daniel, but he’d like to know Newman’s intentions. Audra might consider sharing some information with him if he shares some with her first. “Just how much debt are you in, really?” Tucker thinks that rumor is an attempt to undermine him; it may have come from Victor. “There are so many people in this town to choose from.” Audra thinks maybe it’s not a rumor. Tucker snarks, “Your checks always cleared didn’t they.” He points out he was going after Chancellor and Jabot. Audra notes there are always stories about moguls who use other people’s money to finance acquisitions. Tucker hopes his story’s more interesting than that. Audra says he still hasn’t told him anything so she’s not going to tell him anything about Newman. Tucker asks why he’d give up valuable information for what he already knows — Nate’s interested in Omega Sphere.

At Newman, Nate tells Victor and Michael that Audra knows Tucker wants Omega Sphere but is helping him get it. He believes she’s loyal. Michael’s unconvinced. Talk turns to Tucker’s debt. Nate wonders if he’s really that desperate. Michael says buying his debt will give them leverage but not absolute control. “We’ll still have to convince Tucker to sell to us.” Nate worries he took on the debt on purpose and is setting some kind of trap for them. Victor doesn’t see a downside to acquiring his debt, but he likes the way Nate’s mind works. Victor wants Audra to find out how Tucker will react if he knows they’re going to acquire his debt.
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At Crimson Lights, Daniel tells Chance about the positive message in his video game. Chance thinks that’s awesome — he’s found something he’s passionate about. He hasn’t been feeling it lately. He got into law enforcement to ensure justice was served but it feels like he’s been doing the opposite. Maybe he needs some inspiration.
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In Sally’s suite, Nick tells her that if Adam knows, when the results come back it will make the conversation easier. He suggests she focus on work and offers to get in touch with Jill to convince her to let her and Chloe give their pitch. Sally tells Nick it’s not his responsibility. Nick feels partially responsible considering it was his father who threw a wrench into the whole thing.

Sally fumes, “Victor called Jill and trashed me. Unbelievable.” Nick thought she deserved to know. Sally doesn’t even know what to say. “What a jackass!” Nick wants to try and make it right by reaching out to Jill. “If you’ll let me.” Sally can’t understand why Victor went out of his way to do this, then realizes that he thinks she’s no good for either of his son. Nick confirms he thinks he knows what’s best for them. Sally is suddenly feeling a lot better about having absentee parents. Nick has lost his temper with Victor many times; it’s a misguided attempt at showing his love. “Try not to take it personally.” Sally takes it very personally. “However this paternity test turns out, I am going to be the mother of his next grandchild, so he better understand who I am and what I’m willing to fight for. Victor is not going to rob me of my dream.” Nick grins as she fumes, “Do it. Call Jill.”
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At Crimson Lights, Chance tells Daniel he learned to code in the military. What he liked about it was that there was a right way to do everything. “Right now, that sounds very refreshing.” They marvel over how their brains see coding in different ways. Chance learns he’s working with Phyllis and Daniel explains she knows a lot about gaming and needed a job. Chance notes if things work out, not only will Daniel be working with his mother but also his grandmother.
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At the hotel, Audra’s had enough of Tucker’s game-playing for today. She reminds him they have competing interests. Just then, Tucker gets a text from Ashley saying, “Don’t come to Paris.” Audra asks, “What is it?” He tells her it’s not her business. Audra sniffs, “You’re right. It isn’t,” and stalks out.
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At Newman, Nate thanks Victor and Michael for letting him sit in. Victoria walks him out. Michael muses to Victor that his daughter is putting a lot of faith in Nate. Victor muses, “I know.” Outside, Nate tells Victoria he’ll lay the groundwork with Audra and will proceed with caution.
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In Sally’s hotel suite, Nick is on a video call with Jill, who tells Nick that Victor sent him a dossier three inches thick on Sally. Nick says he tried to pull the same thing with him. He admits they’re in a relationship that Victor doesn’t support. He’s done this to punish Sally. Jill hates that Victor has played her for his own petty reasons. She respects Nick’s opinion and asks if he will stand behind Ms. Spectra’s business acumen. Nick wholeheartedly stands behind it and admits he tried to invest in her venture himself. “Just give her and Chloe a shot. Hear them out and then make a decision for yourself.” Sally listens with a smile.

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Later, Chloe arrives and Sally tells her Nick saved the day and Jill wants to hear their pitch now. Chloe enthuses, “Let’s do this.” Nick gets Jill back on the video call. Sally and Chloe make their presentation. After, Jill says he’s impressed and will give their proposal very serious consideration. The company is in flux so it may be a bit before she gives them an answer. Jill congratulates Sally on turning around what was a trainwreck of a life. Sally laughs, “I take that as a compliment.” Jill says it was meant as one. She asks Chloe to give her love to Kevin and the kids and signs off. Sally and Chloe high-five and Nick tells them they knocked it out of the park. Chloe thanks Nick and says she has to go update Kevin. She and Sally hug.
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At Crimson Lights, Chance asks Daniel what he’ll do if it doesn’t work out with Chancellor-Winters. Daniel has others interested, but they just seem to want to use him to further their own agendas — he can trust Lily. Chance hopes everything works out for Daniel, who says it’s been nice talking to someone who is rebuilding his life as well. They agree to do it again and Chance goes back to work.

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At Newman Media, Nate tells Audra he was in a meeting with Victor and Michael Baldwin and her name came up. He needs to know what, if any, allegiance she still has to Tucker. Audra insists, “None,” and reveals that she tried to bait him about his debt. He didn’t seem overly concerned. Nate asks how they left things. Audra says, “I made it clear that I wanted nothing to do with him.” Nate needs her to rethink that — her connection could be just the advantage they need. Audra thought he was adamant about her severing ties with McCall. Nate tells her Newman intends to acquire Tucker’s debt and there’s interest in the c-suite on her ability to gauge his response. Audra assures Nate she can make it happen.
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At the hotel, Sally thanks Nick, who moves in close and tells her she dazzled him today. She went from spinning out earlier to impressing Jill. “It was awesome to watch.” She’s amazing. He doesn’t know what Jill will say or do, but he was proud of her. Sally teases him and they start kissing and undressing each other.
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In Victoria’s office, Michael wants it on record he’s against bringing Audra in on their plan. Victor and Victoria overrule him. Victor muses, “Let the fireworks begin.” Victoria can’t wait to see the look on Tucker’s face when he learns he’s been bested. Victor grins, “You’re my girl alright.” He finds this a fitting slap in the face to the man who has done a lot of damage to the people he cares about.

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