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At the Abbott house, Jack tells Diane that as much as he’s enjoyed their breakfast he has to get to the office. He suggests she leave some clothes there and assures her they don’t have to worry about Kyle, they can be discreet. He urges her to go get her things and kisses her goodbye.
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In Sally’s suite, she concludes a phone call booking the paternity test for that afternoon. She disconnects and tells herself she’ll call Nick and see if he’s available later, and after that, “I will call Adam.” Chloe arrives and Sally informs her she told Nick that Adam could be the baby’s father. He was sweet and understanding. She worries he’s only hedging in case the baby’s his, and if it’s Adam’s, he’ll walk away. Chloe tells her not to even entertain the thought of it being Adam’s child. Sally argues it would change everything. Chloe’s certain Nick won’t walk away. Sally can’t take any more of this. “I called the DNA lab. The paternity test is set for this afternoon.” They’ll have to swab both Nick and Adam.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria flashes to kissing Nate. Nick appears and apologizes for startling her. Victoria says she was just thinking of the strategizing session she had last night with Nate in which they were planning to get Daniel’s gaming platform and take over Tucker’s company. Nick’s skeptical that McCall will just fold. Victoria muses that nothing worth taking over comes easy.
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Victoria notices Nick’s been distracted today. Nick says it’s not her concern. Victoria can’t understand why he’d be involved with someone who alienates him from his family as Sally does. The fact that he can’t even talk about what’s going on is maybe a sign it shouldn’t be happening in the first place. Nick makes a face. He’s not talking about this with her or dad. “Sally is off-limits.”

In his apartment, Nate recalls kissing Victoria. Elena comes in and asks if everything is okay. He kisses her and leads her upstairs.
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Later, after sex, Nate tells Elena he has to get to the office. Elena teases it could have been fun doing all his favorite things if he didn’t have to rush off. Nate promises a romantic getaway this weekend. They kiss and he leaves.
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There’s a knock at the door and Elena lets Tessa in, telling her she always has time for a friend. She asks if everything is okay with Mariah and the baby.
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At the ranch, Victor marvels at the sight of Jack Abbott and asks if he should hide the silver now that he’s a thief. Jack came to issue a warning. Victor thinks he has a lot of nerve — he could turn him into the authorities! Jack has been made aware of Victor’s plot to oust Adam from Jabot with Kyle’s help. “You may have lost your own son, but I’ll be damned if you’ll use mine for your underhanded little plot.” Victor looks amused and informs Jack that he has no intention of undermining his son Adam, who is doing a very good job by himself — he doesn’t belong at Jabot. What kind of boss is Jack to allow him to work at a subpar level? Jack notes he seems to be privy to inside information. Victor tells him to go home to Diane Jenkins — he’ll relish watching that relationship go up in flames.

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In her suite, Diane packs some things and then pauses to smile over the framed photo of her, Jack, and Kyle.

In Sally’s suite, Chloe tells her friend she can’t tell Adam about the pregnancy. “That would be a mistake.” Sally argues the point and can’t handle the uncertainty. She needs help figuring out what to say to Adam. Chloe urges her to slow down and think this through. Sally says if he’s the father she has to tell him. Chloe thinks she should do the test with Nick first and if it’s his — please God — then she never needs to tell Adam. Sally questions this approach. Chloe argues if Adam even knows there’s a chance he could be the father, he’ll use it as an open invitation. The last thing she needs is to give Adam an excuse to come storming into her life. Nick arrives and Chloe takes off. Nick says she’s a good friend and Sally is lucky to have her. They hug.
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At Elena’s apartment, Tessa explains that they thought Delphine was in labor but it was only a false alarm. It really freaked her out. It made her realize that something could go wrong during the birth. “I just have to hear if from a professional. Is there anything I can do to ensure the baby’s okay?” Elena loves her natural maternal instinct. She explains there’s not much they can do except be on standby to be the best mothers they can be. Elena adds that there’s a low probability of an issue with a full-term birth. Tessa says she and Mariah will be leaving for Portland soon, where Mariah will work remotely while they wait for the baby to come.

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Elena thinks she’s holding something back. Tessa says Mariah’s been pregnant, so she’s familiar with what’s going on, and Delphine has had nine months to prepare, but she feels unprepared for the birth and motherhood. Elena assures her these feelings are completely normal. “I have no doubt you have everything it takes to be a great mother.” She has seen how amazing Tessa can be and recalls how she was Mariah’s rock when she was struggling. Coming there looking to shield her daughter from harm proves she’s ready. The little girl is going to have two strong and loving mothers.
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At the ranch, Jack would like to think Victor has better things to than worry about his personal life. Michael comes in and Jack delivers one last warning to stay out of Jabot’s affairs. He lost his son and that’s on him. He storms out and Michael sits down. Victor asks if there’s anymore news about Tucker McCall. Michael’s been doing some digging and he’s heavily in debt. Buying it up won’t give him outright control, however. Victor loves a challenge.

At the hotel, Diane strides out of the elevator and right into Tucker, who needles her by asking where she’s headed now. Diane mocks him because Ashley fled Genoa City just to get away from him. Tucker thinks she’ll be back soon. He tells Diane her happiness is hers to lose.

Diane greets Jack at the Abbott mansion. He offers to send for her stuff in LA, but she says those things belong right where they are. They canoodle and talk about how happy they are and Jack assures her the people who love them will come around; the rest don’t matter.
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In his suite, Tucker calls Ashley and leaves a voicemail saying he would like the opportunity to clear the air between them. He wants to come clean about every aspect of his situation so she understands the reason for the subterfuge. Would she be willing to meet him if he were to come to Paris?

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At Newman Media, Victoria and Nate come face-to-face and it’s slightly awkward. Nate wants to clear the air about the brainstorming session. Victoria was very invigorated by what they accomplished. “We should have more meetings like that, don’t you think?” she coyly smiles. Nate agrees and Victoria adds, “On a purely professional level, of course.” Nate replies, “Of course.” They enter Victoria’s office, where Michael and Victor are waiting. Victor wants to speak to his daughter alone.
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In Sally’s suite, she asks Nick how he’s doing. He’s thinking about it all the time but he’s with her just as he promised. Sally doesn’t understand why. She asks what if the baby’s not his? Nick asks, “Do you not understand how I feel about you yet?” He respects her for telling him the truth. As far as the paternity of the baby goes, they’ll cross that bridge when they get to it. Sally couldn’t stand the uncertainty any longer, which is why she asked him to come right away — she scheduled the paternity test for today.

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At Crimson Lights, Adam stops Chloe. He knows she hates him, but he’s genuinely concerned about Sally. “I know that something is wrong.” He doesn’t want to hear that it’s about their new business venture. “Is she unhappy with Nick.” Chloe scoffs, “Why are we doing this again? And why are you meddling in Sally’s life?” She informs him what Sally and Nick share is real. “They are bonded together now.” Adam asks what she means by “bonded”? Chloe covers by asking if he doesn’t have something else to obsess over and snarks about his pity handout of a job.
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Adam shows up at the Abbott house and tells Jack he needs to speak to him. Diane makes herself scarce and Jack invites him in. “Everything alright?” Adam wanted to speak with him about his potential future in the company before things get ugly with Victor and Kyle. Jack says Kyle assure him he’s not involved, but Adam has learned that Kyle’s been looking into his projects. Jack looks grim — he spoke to Victor earlier and he seemed to have inside knowledge about his diminished performance. Adam’s sorry about that and is working to turn things around, but it’s pretty clear his son is lying to him.

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In Sally’s suite, Nick’s surprised she scheduled the DNA test so soon. He asks if she’s told Adam yet. Sally says that after speaking to Chloe, she’s only going to tell Adam if she has to. They’ll start by only testing his DNA. Nick says it’s up to her. Sally asks him to be completely honest with her. “How would you feel if I tell Adam he could potentially be the father even before the test. Is that what you want?” Nick hopes Adam never has to know. “I’m just trying to do the right thing here. If and when you decide to tell him I will completely have your back.” Sally thanks him and asks him to come with her to the testing center. “Maybe we can put this whole issue to rest sooner rather than later.” Nick will make time.
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At Elena’s apartment, Tessa thanks her for her faith in her and wishes they could bring her along for pep talks and support. Elena reminds her they have her number. Tessa notices Elena’s happiness. She’s glad things are better for her. Elena wasn’t sure she and Nate would find their way back to each other, “But here we are, making it work. I am indeed, very happy. We both are.”

At Newman, Victoria wants Nate to be in on the discussion about Tucker and the acquisition of McCall Unlimited. “His input will benefit all of us, daddy.”
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor tests Nate’s loyalty, Nick races to Sally’s rescue and Tucker makes a risky deal.

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