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Sitting in her bed in her suite, Sally asks Nick what he’s been thinking since she told him that Adam might be the father of her child. He was just wondering which of them would bring it up first. This is something he’d realized was possible, but Nick didn’t want to freak her out and decided to follow her lead. She says he’s been amazing. He did the math and wonders if his brother did too and suspects something.

Spectra knows things have been awkward with her ex but there’s no reason for him to jump to the baby conclusion. She assures Nick she only had sex with his brother that one time and not since. When she wonders if fate could be cruel enough to make Adam the father, he says that fate can have an interesting sense of humor. He’s been down this road a few times already. They need to strap on their seatbelts and see where it leads them.
Sally and Nick talk paternity Y&R

After Nick gets up to dress, he tells Sally he’s not mad about any of this. The situation doesn’t change how he feels about her. Sally thinks life is messy and uncertain. That’s normal for Nick and he urges her just to focus on herself and rest. Once she gets comfortable, she hopes she can get some sleep. Keeping this secret from him was destroying her. “Better?” he asks after kissing her. “Much,” she says. She wonders if she should tell Adam or keep this to herself. Nick tells her to do what she wants, but he thinks she should tell him sooner rather than later. This isn’t about him but about her having fewer burdens. Sally agrees that it’s time to find out the truth. “I will have a paternity test done and get the answers we need,” she decides.

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Once Nick has gone, Sally calls to arrange a paternity test.

Tucker runs into Adam at Crimson Lights. McCall is feeling overwhelmed by the menu. They make some small talk and he offers to buy Adam coffee and a brownie. Sitting down, they joke about being Genoa City’s villains and Tucker offers some words of wisdom about being men alone. He suggests they are together right now because they are so much alike. He keeps trying to evolve into the man he thinks he should be but it keeps backfiring. Adam notes how abruptly Ashley left. Tucker insists his feelings were sincere but he was arrogant and lost big time because of it. He encourages Adam to open up since he’s in no place to judge. Adam admits that he lost someone and now they are with a family member. That’s battery acid in an open wound. Tucker tells him people change and hope springs eternal.

Tucker and Adam chat at Crimson Lights Y&R

When Nick arrives, Tucker is taking off. He makes a joke about him and exits. Adam is glad he ran into his brother and tells him that he tipped Jack off about Kyle and Victor’s plot against him. He thanks him, even if Nick’s informing him about it was self-serving. “What is going on with Sally?” Adam asks. His brother says it’s nothing for him to worry about. She’s just uncomfortable being around both of them and he doesn’t know when or if that will change.

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In her office at Chancellor-Winters, Lily speaks to Jill through video about the situation with Devon. Jill knows how hard it must be for her to watch Devon being so egocentric. It’s all about him and his feelings versus all the legal documents he signed. Part of Lily can understand why he wants to pull out of the merger. It hurts her that she couldn’t keep her family together as part of the company. She feels like she’s failed. Jill knows how that feels and explains some of her failures in the past. But she managed to dust herself off and focus and encourages Lily to use her drive and determination to lead the company to greater heights. This is an opportunity for her to lead unencumbered.

Lily and Jill discuss Devon Y&R

Lily thinks they still need to worry about Devon but Jill is confident he’s the one who needs to worry. He has no legal standing for what he’s asking. There is only one way this will end. She can appreciate Lily not wanting to battle her brother and offers to face him alone if necessary. Lily isn’t backing away from it and also doesn’t think they should stop doing business. She’s determined that they move forward with Omegasphere. It should be great for the company and she hopes Jill will agree to give it the greenlight tonight.

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Daniel runs into Devon at Society and sits down with him at the bar. He tells him about how his gaming platform has been his whole life and now it’s in limbo. Devon guesses he holds him responsible for that. Daniel confirms it. Devon agrees he’s to blame but it’s complicated. He’s sure that if Chancellor can’t make Omegasphere happen, someone else will scoop it up. Daniel came back because wanted to work with the company. Devon is sure he really only wanted to work with Lily. That’s natural since they have a lot of history. He’s sure they can move forward once the dust settles. As they discuss all the turmoil at the company, Daniel can’t fathom why he is hurting his sister this way. Devon says he doesn’t know the full story but it looks to Daniel like he has no problem breaking his sister’s heart. Devon insists that he’s had reservations about going public for a long time. He and Lily just have fundamental disagreements about what to do with the company. Daniel points out that just because they got past their difference before, doesn’t mean they will again.

Daniel annoyed with Devon Y&R

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Lily arrives and steps back to eavesdrop as Daniel goes on about how brilliant she is. She finally interrupts. Devon makes it clear that he also thinks his sister is brilliant. If she is sincere about running their father’s company, why doesn’t she leave Chancellor-Winters and come with him? She accuses him of putting her to a loyalty test and he says that only proves that she’s not committed to family, only business.

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Once he walks out, Lily tries to say that everything is fine. Daniel hopes he didn’t overstep and is sorry she’s dealing with all this. Smiling, she explains that she spoke with Jill and she agreed to move forward with Omegasphere. She’s willing to give him everything he asked for. He doesn’t know what to say and leaps up to hug her.

Lily has good news for Daniel Y&R

Mariah and Tessa walk in the park and make cheesy jokes. They talk about how hard it is to believe they will be moms in a few days. They try to imagine what a dreamer she will be and how lucky she will be. Tessa is sure she will change their lives for the better. They look out at the stars. Sitting down, they go over the baby list to make sure they have everything. Mariah put her wife in charge of this because she is so fastidious. Tessa thinks they need to talk names. That makes everything very real. Before they get started, Mariah says there are no bad answers here. She starts with Hyacinthe. Tessa says Anushka and her wife giggles. They agree it should be something one-of-a-kind that resonates and is timeless. Trading back and forth, they practice different names. Tearing up, Mariah thinks of what it will be like holding the baby in their arms. She thinks they need to see what she’s like before they decide on a name. Putting her arm around her wife, she assures Tessa that it’s completely normal to be terrified. Tessa starts nodding off and then they begin debating which of them will have to be the disciplinarian. Tessa says they will be “chill” moms. Delphine calls to say she’s in labor. They leap up and promise to be there as fast as they can. They start jumping up and down, laughing and kissing.

Tessa and Mariah laugh about baby names Y&R

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