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Billy and Chelsea sit down at Society and the waitress tells them they’re at the most romantic table in the place. Billy and Chelsea awkwardly discuss the situation after she walks away and Chelsea asks, “Do you think this is a date?” Billy tries to distract her and she points out he didn’t answer her question. Billy assures her if he’s on a date with someone, they know it. Chelsea guesses it’s too soon for him to be dating; he just broke up with Lily. Billy assures her it’s just as friends and teases that they’ll split the check. She chuckles, “That’s fair.”

Nick arrives at Sally’s suite, knocks, and calls out that he has healthy snacks. She opens the door with tears in her eyes and he asks, “What happened?!” Sally wants to write it off as hormones but Nick feels there’s more to it than that. Sally admits that the whole blood pressure thing got her thinking about everything that could go wrong with the pregnancy, not to mention raising it. She’s already a mess, how the hell is she going to be a mom?!?
Sally Nick Y&R

Nick assures Sally that it’s normal to worry when you’re bringing a child into the world — even he went through it. Sally scoffs that he’s a natural but he insists before Noah was born, he wasn’t ready. Nick assures her that the 9 months go by fast and when the baby’s born it all makes sense. “I’m telling you, when they hand that baby to you, you can’t imagine loving anyone that much. All the fear goes away.” Sally argues that it’s different for her — Nick grew up with loving parents. “I never had that.” She thought of letting down her own child hurts her so much she can hardly breathe. Nick kisses her hand.

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At Newman Media, Nate finishes a work call as Victoria knocks. She needs his help with something. She produces a bottle of “the good stuff” and informs Nate she was told to open it on a special occasion. Nate asks what’s the occasion? Victoria says they’re going to forget about business as usual and step outside of the box. She pours the single malt and Nate marvels at how smooth it is as they drink. Victoria says she learned from her father to mix things up a little bit and brainstorm when you have your eyes on a target. They pour more scotch and Victoria informs him that she wants to scoop up Omega Sphere and take down McCall Unlimited. Nate will drink to that.

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Diane opens the door to the Abbott house, hears soft music playing, and questions, “Jack?” He appears in a tux, grinning. Diane takes in the flowers and champagne and asks why he’s wearing at tux. Jack teases, “I look good in a tuxedo.” He confesses Mrs. Martinez helped him pull this together. Diane worries the rest of the Abbotts will come in. Jack explains everyone is accounted for and they’ll be alone in the house. Diane is relieved. People may think the worst of this situation, but how could she not fall for him all over again? Jack says to hell with the naysayers. The toast “to us”.
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Jack tells Diane he’s even more enamored with her than he was a few weeks ago. Diane tells him this is incredible; a year ago she never would have imagined this happening. It takes her breath away. “Nobody could have predicted this.” Jack disagrees. “I think it’s been in the cards for a long time. Finding you again may be the fulfillment of a prophecy… all brought about by my mother.”

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At Society, Billy notices Chelsea’s been staring at the menu for a long time and asks what’s wrong. Chelsea worries that the server will tell Abby that they were on a date. Billy calls the waitress over and tells her, “This is not a date.”
Billy Chelsea Y&R

At Newman Media, Nate and Victoria continue swilling scotch as they discuss how to lure Daniel to bring his project there. Vikki suggests they give him autonomy in writing. Nate knows how Chancellor-Winters structures their deals… they’ll just have to make sure they’re better at it. Victoria marvels that he really was wasted over there. Nate teases that she hasn’t heard about his secret weapon yet.

Adam approaches Sally’s door, raises his hand to knock, and hears Nick and Sally talking inside. He listens as Nick assures her she’s not dumping anything on him. She tells him it’s hard for her to lean on anyone. Adam walks away. Inside, Nick tells her all they need to do is get her through her next doctor’s appointment and things will get less scary. He’ll be by her side for all of it. She teases that he’ll be in charge of snacks. Nick assures her it will be amazing. Sally wonders, “Where does that leave us? Where do we stand?” Nick thinks it’s too soon for them to make a decision about their future but as far as being a parent, he’s solid. “That, I’m certain of.” Sally wipes away a tear. He asks what’s bothering her.
Sally Nick Y&R

At Society, Billy and Chelsea tells the server that their dinner was delicious. After she walks off with their plates, they banter. Billy relays that Jack and Diane are back together. Chelsea notices he’s not too bothered by that. Billy believes in second chances… or even third. They joke about dessert and Chelsea says, “Thank you for this. Dinner with you is exactly what I needed.”

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At the Abbott mansion, Diane can’t understand how Dina predicted them getting back together. Jack says her jewelry did. He explains about the Teardrop of Love and shows her his cufflinks. “There was a legend attached to the necklace. It held that whoever was around the gem found love.” He realized that it might have just been about family love, but now it turns out that it may have brought him a beautiful captivating, gorgeous woman. “Maybe the gem just needed a little time to do it’s magic,” Jack says amid tears. Diane kisses him. Jack decides it’s time they take their fate into their own hands and decide where things go next with them.
Diane Jack Y&R

Diane likes being in the present and has a hard time picturing the future. Jack will do the grand planning for both of them. He’s not trying to be too serious, he just wants the chance to present her, when she’s ready, of an image of what life could be for them. Diane asks, “What is it that you’re envisioning.” Jack wants to travel and take Harrison on grand adventures or whisk her off to New York or Paris for fashion week. Diane thinks it’s a fantasy. What she wants is to celebrate the holidays with family and big family dinners. She wants picnics on the lake and all the special moments she missed when she was away. Diane feels worthy and wanted and safe with him, and wants a million moments more just like this one. They kiss and embrace.

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In Sally’s suite, Nick presses her to open up about what’s bothering her. Sally is just concerned… they were going to take things slow and now, with the pregnancy, it’s moving at warp speed. “I have to get this right.” Nick isn’t sure what they have to get right. Sally sighs, “No baby could have a better father and that is all that matters.” She kisses Nick and they start making out and undressing as they head to the bed.
Sally Nick Y&R

Billy and Chelsea arrive back at her place and she asks if he wants to come in for tea or something. He jokes, “Tea? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?” Chelsea chides him not to make it weird. She notices he has a strange look on his face again. Billy worries about whether he’s making her life more difficult. She reassures him. He tells her he leans on her as well and hanging out with her has been good for him. They agree that spending time together is nice. Billy feels he had a glimpse into her soul which is a gift.
Billy Chelsea Y&R

At Newman Media, Victoria asks Nate what his secret weapon is. He says, “Audra,” who let him know that Tucker was pursuing Omega Sphere. Victoria’s encouraged and is impressed that he revealed his source. She admits that she and her father have already discussed using Audra in their plan to take over Tucker’s company. Nate holds up his glass, “Great minds!” They toast and drink.
Nate Victoria Y&R

Victoria warns that they have to be careful about this. Nate assures her that they’ll stay one step ahead. Audra plays the game, but they’ll just have to play it better. Victoria likes that. Nate tells Victoria that being there with her throwing out ideas is exhilarating. Victoria advises that he should never let anyone tell him how to be. Only they understand what it takes to make things really happen. Before they can take the next drink, Victoria plants an intense kiss on Nate.
Nate Victoria Y&R

At the Abbott house, Diane admits she does have some concerns. Jack guesses it has to do with people who want to get in the way of their happiness. He asks, “What does it matter? This is ours. We deserve this.” Diane isn’t sure she does. Jack knows the sacrifices she made. The last time they weren’t the people they needed to be yet, now they are the people they need to be to make this work. “We are together and I don’t want to waste a moment of this.” Diane throws herself into his arms and kisses him.
Jack Diane Y&R

At Newman Media, Nate and Victoria part awkwardly after the kiss. She tells him those were really good ideas about Omega Sphere. “Good job.” Nate will set things in motion. Victoria thinks they are onto something great here. Nate is feeling it too. Victoria says, “Have a good night, Nate.” Nate wishes her the same. She walks out.

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At Chelsea’s place, she tells Billy she had a wonderful time and would never want to do anything to jeopardize their friendship. Billy agrees. She notes they went through something traumatic together. Over the past few months, she’s seen his soul too and it brings her a lot of comfort. She kisses his cheek.

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In Sally’s suite, after sex, she tells Nick she feels so content right now. “You make me feel so special.” Nick says, “You are.” She tears up again and Nick reminds her she has nothing to worry about. “I’ve got you.” He asks what’s bothering her. Sally sighs, “Nick, I… I have to tell you something. It’s about the baby.” Nick asks, “What about the baby?” Sally replies, “Adam could be the father.”

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At the hotel bar, Adam sits alone drinking and thinking.
Adam Y&R

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