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At Crimson Lights, Chelsea tells Adam that Billy is meeting her there when he brings the boys back from skating. She senses he’s down and Adam reveals that Victor is up to his old treachery — he has to watch his back at Jabot. Chelsea guesses he wants to punish him for going to work for the enemy. Adam says that according to Nick, he’s doing it to save him. He figures his old man will try and get him fired, then asks, “Do you want to hear the punchline? I’m not happy at Jabot.” He’s forced to admit that his father’s instincts are dead on.
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At Society, Victor greets Summer with a kiss and they get right into Diane managing to entrench herself in the lives of the Abbott family. Summer remarks on the plots and schemes that are constantly going on in the families. She says she’s been working hard to convince Kyle that they need to avoid the intrigue swirling around them. “Including yours, Grandpa.”

They sit at the bar and Summer asks Victor to please stop trying to get Kyle involved in his plot against Adam. Victor feigns innocence but she tells him that Kyle told her everything. Once again, she asks him to stop asking Kyle to participate. Victor asks if she thinks Adam is where he belongs.

At the hotel, Nikki emerges from the elevator and runs into Diane, who chirps, “Hello, Nikki!” Nikki informs her they’re not friends and never will be. She knows she and Jack were behind the robbery at her place in Chicago and that they framed Jeremy Stark for it. Diane asks if she has any proof of her theories.
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Nikki muses about the advances in security technology — cameras so small they are undetectable. Diane thinks if she had proof, she’d have used it by now. She also doesn’t think she’d have Jack prosecuted and believes that Nikki’s relieved to have Stark behind bars. Nikki muses that Diane seems to think she’s gotten away with another crime, and notes that she’s acting pretty confident, but deep down she doubts she really believes it.

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At Jabot, Jack confronts Kyle about being part of Victor’s plot to oust Adam from the company. Kyle asks where it’s coming from. Jack says it doesn’t matter, “Just tell me it isn’t true.” Kyle tells his father that Victor approached him but he hasn’t committed to anything yet. He complains that when Jack makes him co-CEO he gets to have an opinion. Kyle says Adam is coasting and phoning it in from the bar most days while he sorts out his life. Jack has to admit that Adam has been slipping lately… but it’s something for him and Adam to work through. Victor certainly has no place in the conversation, “And, frankly, neither do you!”
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Kyle rants about Jack going to bat for Adam, who is doing mediocre work. He fumes that Adam shouldn’t be at Jabot, full-stop. “Why not cut him loose and call it a day?!”

At Crimson Lights, Adam tells Chelsea this is the first time he’s admitted how he feels about Jabot out loud. She wonders why it’s not enough for him. Adam says that’s a great question. He knows how ungrateful he sounds. Chelsea just wonders what’s going on with him. Adam shrugs, “Me too.” She recalls when he advised her to step back. Adam admits he’s been slacking, big time. Maybe when he’s not trying to prove himself, he lacks motivation. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Chelsea feels Jabot isn’t as much of a challenge to run as Newman. Chelsea wonders if he’d go back if Victor made him the right offer and finally gave him the respect he deserves. Adam has no desire to get sucked back into their drama. Chelsea tells him that just because he can’t imagine such a scenario, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Billy and the boys arrive from skating. The boys go to order drinks and Adam grumps as Chelsea and Billy grin at each other.
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The boys rejoin them and they all joke about Billy falling down while skating — except Adam, who looks grim about Billy’s interaction with Connor and Chelsea.

At Society, Summer tells Victor she doesn’t know why Jack hired Adam and she doesn’t see it ending well for anyone. Victor notes that Nick thinks he deserves a chance. Summer doesn’t think Adam’s flashes of humanity ever last. Victor reminds her, “Adam is my son.” Summer says this is about Victor trying to convince Kyle to help him, which could cause a rift between him and his father — it’s the last thing he needs. Victor will give it some thought and tells her he adores her.

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At Jabot, Jack hollers that Adam answers to him — not Kyle and not Victor! He stands by his decision to hire him and won’t fire him to please Victor or Kyle. He declares the discussion over and then asks about Kyle’s chat with Diane. Kyle is trying to be open to this and wants them to be happy, but warns his father to be careful, “Protect yourself.” Jack wonders what’s prompting that warning. Kyle doesn’t want to see his dad get hurt again. He hopes it’s not inevitable but his mother has a history of making promises she can’t keep. Kyle declares he’s willing to be cautiously optimistic. Jack’s encouraged to hear it. He assures his son he’s taking this next step with his eyes wide open. They’re happy and are looking to a bright new future together. “That is a very good thing.” Jack leaves Kyle thinking.
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At the hotel, Diane tells Nikki she’s feeling very optimistic about the future. Nikki tells her she has nothing to fear from her as she won’t inject herself into the police investigation, and she agrees that it’s great that Jeremy Stark was arrested. She criticizes Diane for getting Jack to do her dirty work. Diane counters that if Jack had stolen her necklace it was because he wouldn’t let her take that risk. Nikki’s sure he enjoyed playing the hero and guesses the brush with danger brought them closer, “Tell me, have you moved in with Jack yet?” She sees that Diane hasn’t and muses that she doesn’t want to appear too eager. Diane confirms they’re back together. Nikki supposes that Stark coming to town worked out great for her — she should be thanking Phyllis. Diane snarks that she’ll send her a thank you card. Nikki wouldn’t, because Phyllis plays the long game and will throw it back in her face when it all blows up. Diane sneers that it won’t and tells Nikki she better get used to it and leave them alone.
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack flashes to Diane promising she would never do anything to drive him away again now that she knows what it’s like to lose him and Kyle. A knock comes at the door — it’s Chance. Jack asks what brings him by. Chance says he’s there on official police business. He comes in and Chance tells him he’s there on behalf of the Chicago PD. It’s Jack’s briefcase, which was found in Stark’s hotel room and has $500,000 in it. Stark told the authorities he loaned him the money. Jack nods, “Yeah, that’s right.”
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Chance finds it interesting that they showed up at Stark’s hotel room when he was searching it claiming they were there to discuss the money that Diane owed Stark, yet he’d just handed him this briefcase of cash. Jack says Stark claimed that Diane would never be in the clear until she paid him back herself. Chance asks, “Really? Why’d he take your money?” Jack can’t speak to the mind of a criminal. Chance is surprised Jeremy didn’t hold onto it to pay his lawyer. Jack supposes the money launderer wanted to make it clear he came by the money legitimately. Chance muses, “Well, this certainly has worked out well for you, hasn’t it… that’s pretty convenient.” He wishes Jack a good night and walks out. Jack sweats, “Wow.”
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At Crimson Lights, Adam grimaces as Chelsea details the snacks she picked up that Billy likes. Adam tells his son he wants to go. Billy asks Chelsea if they’re on for later and if she wants to grab something to eat. She says yes and Adam makes a face.
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Diane arrives at the Abbott house where Jack updates her on Chance’s visit. Diane’s thrilled he got the money back. Jack recaps that they turned the tables on Stark by working together. He senses something is wrong. She says she ran into Nikki, who’s convinced they stole the necklace and framed Jeremy. Diane recounts that she called her bluff. “But then I probably said more than I should have.”

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At Jabot, Kyle flashes to Diane promising she will never abandon him again. Summer comes in and hugs him. They talk about Jack and Diane moving fast. Kyle wants things to work out for them but a lot of people will hate it. “Someone told him Victor’s planning to get Adam out of Jabot with my help.” Summer learns that Kyle told his father he wasn’t participating. She’s glad her husband listened to her and relays that she asked her grandfather to stop pressuring him to go along with the plan. Adam appears and says to Summer, “I gather you know what your husband’s up to.”
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At Society, Nikki fumes to Victor that Diane has not only gotten away with another caper but she’s glommed onto Jack again. Victor says they deserve each other. “Let that be their punishment.”

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At the Abbott house, Diane tells Jack that Nikki told her that her life is destined to go down in flames so she told her that her life is fabulous and that she needed to get used to seeing them together again. Jack grins. “You were telling the truth. We have nothing to hide.” Diane worries it’s just a matter of time before people begin seeing them together again — is he ready for that? Jack croons, “Bring it on.” He’s very happy right now and nothing will take that away from him.

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At Jabot, Adam is surprised that Kyle would do something so underhanded knowing how much it would piss off Jack. He turns to Summer, “And that you would go along with it.” Summer informs Adam that she and Kyle have nothing to do with it and she doesn’t like the accusations he’s throwing around. Kyle adds, “Why don’t you just admit you don’t even want to be here.” Adam walks out. Summer turns around and glares at Kyle.
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Billy arrives at Chelsea’s door and tells her she looks great. She says he does too and remarks that going out is a big deal for her right now. “I would never attempt this with anyone else.” Billy’s honored and asks, “Shall we?” He takes her hand and they head out.

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