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At Jabot, Kyle enters Jack’s office and says he wants to know what’s going on with him and Diane. He doesn’t think it will last and declares, “Your relationship may be what finally blows up this family.”

At the Abbott mansion, Diane tells Summer she gets the feeling that she’s less than thrilled about her and Jack being romantically involved again. Summer doesn’t want to see Jack get hurt or Kyle get caught in the middle when things go wrong — and she’s pretty certain things will go wrong.

At Society, Sally and Chloe complain about the waste of making a trip to LA for nothing. Sally can’t understand why Jill canceled their meeting. She got the sense she found out something about her past but feels that doesn’t make sense — the first time they met Jill admired her for leaving her past behind and moving forward with her life. Chloe gawps, “What the hell happened?!”

At Newman Enterprises, Nick wants a straight answer from his father. Did he call Jill and kill her meeting with Sally. Victor admits he spoke to Jill and gave her his honest assessment. Nick fumes that the meeting met nothing to him and everything to them. Victor sniffs that whatever happens to Sally Spectra is her own doing.
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Nick asks why Victor is trying to destroy Sally. Victor claims he doesn’t care about her, then rants that she destroyed his brother and will destroy him. Nick argues she’s done no such thing. Victor complains that Adam’s sitting at Jabot selling lipstick and perfume all because he infatuated with her. “She has dragged him down.” Nick hollers that it’s the other way around. Sally is the one with the ambition and work ethic. Adam’s squandered every opportunity handed to him and for Victor to compare him to Adam in any way is beyond insulting!

At Grand Phoenix, Tucker spots Phyllis with luggage and asks if Diane has driven her out of town. Phyllis is going out of town and unlike him, she will be successful.
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At Crimson Lights, Lily assures Jill by phone that they’ll come up with a plan. Daniel approaches her and she updates him that Devon won’t budge… and neither will Jill. She’s caught in the middle and must figure out how to make the company profitable in the meantime. Daniel thinks that sounds like a terrible position to be in. Lily knows what he really wants to ask is what it means for his gaming platform.

At Society, Chloe assures Sally that all they need is new funding. She wants to revisit Nick’s offer but Sally says things between them is already complicated enough. Talk turns to the pregnancy and Chloe tells Sally she’s certain Nick won’t bail. Sally knows things could change. Chloe sighs, “Ah, the Adam possibility.” Just then, Adam walks up and asks, “What is the ‘Adam possibility’?”
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Sally lies that Chloe was just talking to her about the possibility of him luring her up onto another rooftop and winning her back. Adam teases that he’s glad to be in Chloe’s thoughts, but he can’t understand why she’d think he’d have a chance. He asks Sally, “Something change for you?”

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At the hotel, Phyllis gives an employee instructions for her mail until she gets back from Portugal. Tucker, sitting nearby, realizes she’s going to the place where Daniel’s daughter is staying. Phyllis tells him it’s none of his business. Tucker raves about his hot project and Phyllis tells him to leave her son alone. She notes, “You seem desperate, Tucker.” She points out that he’s trying to steal the gaming platform out from under his son’s company and asks, “What are you doing?!” Phyllis realizes he hasn’t had a win in a while. Tucker chuckles, “Have a nice trip,” and shuffles off. Phyllis fumes, “Dammit.”
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At Crimson Lights, Daniel tells Lily the project means the world to him but he’s also worried about her. Lily just has a lot going on right now. She feels very overwhelmed. Lily wants to do right by him, and by Jill and the company, but Devon has thrown everything into chaos. Daniel reminds her that Jill is on her side. Lily just has to be realistic about what could happen — being in denial could be a recipe for disaster.

At Jabot, Kyle reminds Jack he’s tried this before and it’s always blown up. Jack senses he’s worried his mother will revert to old patterns. Kyle admits it — she doesn’t play by the rules. “Look at this situation with Stark.” Jack defends Diane and takes full responsibility. Kyle realizes his dad really cares about her but asks how he knows they’ll be a good fit. Jack thinks they’ve grown wiser. Kyle worries what if they hurt each other and she runs away again? There will be no coming back from that — not for him. Jack understands that he can forgive his mother but never forget. He recalls how he felt letting Dina back into his life. Jack assures Kyle that he and Diane are very happy. “There is nothing dangerous about my relationship with her.” He adds, “Whatever happens, your family will be okay.” If it doesn’t work out, he and Diane will both be fine, and they’ll both be there for Kyle’s family.
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At the Abbott manse, Diane tells Summer that she feels stronger with Jack and will do everything she can to make things work. The only thing she can imagine getting in the way is her mother. Summer doesn’t think she needs to worry about Phyllis. Diane complains that she doesn’t respect Jack’s choices. Summer doesn’t think it’s an issue of respect and tells Diane that maybe she’s just as steeped in those old patterns of hatred as she claims Phyllis is. She thinks Diane is looking for a scapegoat for when things go wrong. Diane denies it. She just hopes Phyllis puts her attention elsewhere because she’s had quite enough. Summer remarks on Phyllis’s ‘mama bear’ phenomenon. Diane wonders if that’s a warning. Summer has just noticed she shares a lot of those qualities. Diane muses, “So that’s the warning.” Summer tells Diane she’s glad they got to talk and walks off.
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At Newman, Nick muses that Victor thinks Sally is the reason Adam is making so many bad decisions lately. Victor confirms it — he’s doing that ridiculous job and sleep-walking through it. “He’s failing… because of her.” He thinks the same thing will happen to Nick. Nick wonders how he knows how Adam is doing at Jabot and accuses his father of wanting Adam to fail so he can get him back into the fold. He calls Victor’s obsession with getting Adam back in the family, which never works, pathetic. He won’t stand for it spilling over onto Sally. He’s mad at his father and disappointed in Jill — Sally doesn’t deserve this kind of interference. “Especially not right now.” Victor asks what he means by that. Nick says she just needs a break after being fired from Newman. He informs his father that if he continues down this path, given everything, he’ll be forcing him to choose between working there and Sally. Victor asks, “What do you mean ‘given everything’? What aren’t you telling me?” Just then, Victoria enters. “Let me guess. This is about Nick and Sally.”
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At Society, Adam asks, “Come on, Sally. Tell me what initiated a conversation about us reuniting.” Sally gets a text from Nick, who wants to meet. Chloe gushes, “Ah, he’s so sweet.” Sally tells Adam nothing’s changed and reminds him they decided they don’t belong together. Chloe claims she was just coming up with doomsday scenarios. Adam walks off and Sally asks her friend, “How am I going to put up with nine months of this?” And what will he think when she starts showing?

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Phyllis arrives at the Abbott mansion to tell Summer she’s heading to Portugal. Summer’s eyes bug out when she admits that Daniel doesn’t know. Phyllis insists she has to fix this for her brother and make things right.

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At Crimson Lights, Daniel reminds Lily his project can help her bottom line once its launched. Lily jokes, “Can it be ready this afternoon.” Daniel assures her if she has to focus on money-making divisions right now, he’ll let her off the hook. She can abandon their deal.

At Society, Chloe tells Sally she can only hide her pregnancy for a while. Adam’s the most suspicious person she’s ever met. Nick walks in and Adam watches unhappily as he and Sally embrace.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria asks her father what happened with Nick. He complains that Nick and Adam are both obsessed with Sally, who should get out of town. But she won’t because she needs to latch onto one of them. He adds, “You know why? She needs the money.” Victoria guesses that Victor’s hoping she’ll leave if he limits her opportunities. Victor can’t believe Nick threatened to choose her over their family. “There’s something going on that you and I don’t know about.” Victoria thinks they should forget about Sally. Everything is running smoothly at Newman. “Please don’t risk driving Nicholas away again.” Victor sighs.
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At Society, Chloe leaves Sally and Nick to catch up. Sally tells Nick she was hoping her trip to LA would be cause for celebration. Nick wants to order sparkling cider and celebrate — soon there will be good news for her. Sally guesses someone from Los Angeles told Jill a story about her. Nick points out Jill may not be the only person willing to work with her. Would she consider pitching to Newman? Sally guesses Victoria and Victor would make her life a living hell. She has to start this company on her own and assures him she won’t fold. Nick doesn’t want her to get stressed. “It’s not good for you. You know what I’m talking about.” Sally nods, “I do.”

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At Crimson Lights, Lily won’t let Omega Sphere get away. She reminds Daniel he told her he’d give her a week to get Jill on board. She asks, “Can you trust me?” Daniel does, more than just about anyone else. Lily needed to hear that and thanks him.

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At the Abbott mansion, Summer’s skeptical that Phyllis can persuade Heather to take Daniel back. Phyllis can talk to her woman-to-woman and let her know what a good man Daniel is — he just hit a rough patch, that’s it. Summer says her brother won’t be happy about this. Phyllis warns her not to tell him and feels he’ll be plenty happy when Heather takes him back. She tells Summer to let her brother know she’s gone to Florida for a few days and not to let Daniel partner with Tucker while she’s away. Summer suggests she stay and do this, but Phyllis says she’s got this and reminds her they’re so much alike. “Trust me and wish me luck.”

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At Newman, Victoria wants to forget whatever is going on with Nick, Adam, and Sally and focus on work. She tells Victor she’s had their people dig deeper into Tucker’s finances. He’s late on his payments and sometimes doesn’t make them at all. Victor muses about the debt problem. “I like the sound of that.” Victoria muses that if they buy up his debt, they’ll own him. Victor says she thinks like her father. “I like that.”

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Daniel enters the hotel, where Tucker emerges from the shadows and tells him he wants to explain to him why Tucker McCall Unlimited is the place he needs to be.

At Crimson Lights, Lily looks at Devon’s contact information on her phone and thinks. She puts the phone down.

At Jabot, Jack kisses Diane hello. She says she just had an unsettling conversation with Summer, who feels their relationship is bound to fail and bring the family down with it. Jack admits he had a similar chat with Kyle, who shares those concerns. He’s worried that if they don’t work out, she’ll leave town. Diane wonders if they should slow things down. Jack assures her they’re not rushing anything; they’ve known each other for decades. “We both want this.” Diane says he’s right but they have to agree that no matter what happens, they’ll be there for Kyle. Jack says, “Of course,” but right now he wants to be there for her. They make out.
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At Society, Nick tells Sally he’s not that hungry. He chuckles when she says, “I am.” She steps away to take a call and Nick turns to look at Adam. He approaches him at the bar and tells him that their father thinks he can lure him back to Newman. Adam’s heard rumblings to that effect and is sure Victor already has a plan in the works. Nick says he definitely does — he thinks he’ll try to sabotage his position at Jabot. Adam isn’t surprised but wonders why he’d tell him this. Nick thinks he’s better off with Jack as a mentor than their father. Adam guesses he really doesn’t want to see him back at Newman. Nick replies, “No, I don’t.” Sally wanders back in, on the phone. She says, “Thank you, Dr. Chandler,” and disconnects before looking over at Nick and Adam.

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