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In Victoria’s office, Nikki tells Victor that she won’t talk him out of whatever he’s planning for Adam. But she would like him to assure her that the equilibrium in the company will be maintained. He appreciates her thoughts. She doesn’t think this will end the way he wants. If Adam finds out his father has engineered his downfall, that could only make things worse. Victor is confident that he knows his son and that everything is in hand. She hates to see him making an enemy of Jack and Tucker. Holding her hands, he insists that everything will work as he’s planned.

Nikki and Victor talk Diane Y&R

Sighing, Victor changes the topic to the break-in at their place in Chicago. He’s already surmised that Jack and Diane were behind it and wonders why she didn’t say that to Chance. She’s just relieved that Stark is back in prison. Given the circumstances, she’s willing to look the other way. He’s furious about what Jack did and says he’ll get what he deserves with Diane.

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At Jabot, Kyle calls accounting and asks for all the files Adam has been involved with. Once he gets the files, he starts reading them and detects a pattern. Summer pops up and asks what he’s so engrossed in. He claims they are just corporate reports. Daniel wanders in and asks Summer if they can talk.

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Summer and Daniel go to the park. He vents about their mom and notices something seems off. She admits it feels like Kyle is hiding something from her but she hopes she’s wrong about that. Summer fills him in about Victor’s plans to manipulate Adam. They are sure that will fail. She’s worried that Kyle could be going along with the plan and be swept up in Newman family drama. They get back to talking about their mom being out of control. He finally lost it with her and had to pull rank. His sister can see why he feels so annoyed with their mom. Firing her was the right move but she’s worried about how rattled she’s been since Diane came back. Her brother hopes she’ll start reining it in but he’s not holding his breath.

Summer and Daniel vent about their mom Y&R

Kyle drops by Victor’s office and tells him he’s found something he might be able to use to get Adam out of the company. He hands him notes he’s made on Adam’s performance at Jabot. Victor thanks him for the information. “Now let’s see how we can take advantage of that,” he says.

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At Society, Nick and Victoria talk about how fun it was to watch Tucker squirm. She asks him to tell her what he seems to be worried about. He admits that he’s sick of the way their father keeps trashing Sally and dismissing their relationship. His sister doesn’t see a future for him and Sally either. He’s too far out of her league. That’s not what he wants to hear. She guesses there is something he’s not telling her. He’s not explaining. Sally calls and informs him that Jill abruptly canceled their pitch meeting. He’s sure something is not right and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

Victoria and Nick talk Sally Y&R

Nick goes to his father’s office and flatly confronts him, asking if he spoke with Jill and convinced her to rip the potential deal away from Sally.

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At Society, Lauren and Michael talk about how great it was to see their son and finally meet his boyfriend. Phyllis wanders in and they insist she join them. She immediately tells them about how she can’t catch a break with her kids. All she wants to do is support them. Michael is sure there’s more. Phyllis explains that her son’s gaming platform may not have a future at Chancellor-Winters. She decided to be proactive and started shopping it around. They don’t know why she would meddle without consulting her son. Michael assumes that the friction with Daniel must have something to do with her issues with Diane. That’s not what his friend wants to hear. Lauren suggests her hatred of Diane is eating her up and ruining her relationship with her kids. Phyllis won’t acknowledge that and makes excuses for what she did. She’s sure her son is upset because of his own conflicts. Phyllis explains that Daniel’s art career fell apart. His marriage deteriorated and Heather left for Portugal with Lucy. Tearing up, she worries about how raw her son is. This gaming project means a lot to both of them.

Lauren and Phyllis talk plan Y&R

Suddenly, Phyllis decides she knows how to solve this problem and starts shaking her head. Her friends don’t like where this is going. Phyllis wants to go to Heather and convince her to give Daniel another chance. Lauren points out that her son lost it on her because she wasn’t respecting his boundaries. Meddling in his business life was a disaster so doing it to his personal life would be worse. Phyllis refuses to regard this as meddling. Lauren can admire her intention and urges her only to make one call and then leave this alone. Michael guesses there is more. Phyllis admits she’s going to jet to Portugal to speak to Heather and Lucy in person.

In Nate’s office, Audra tells him that she went to see Tucker earlier. That’s how she knows about his interest in Daniel’s project. Nate wonders if she is working McCall, him, or the both of them. She tells her boss how much she admires him and claims she went to see Tucker to find out what his next move would be so they would be informed. After his big failure, he’s looking for a new project. Nate is impressed that Daniel has a hot new commodity and thinks that Audra can be his secret weapon in out-maneuvering Tucker. She loves to see Nate “hungry.” That isn’t something he ever got to experience at Chancellor-Winters. Now that he’s the boss, he can understand why people find power so intoxicating. She thinks it looks good on him.

Audra and Nate talk Tucker Y&R

Later, Victoria drops by Nate’s office and he tells her about Daniel’s project and the plans that Chancellor-Winters had for it. Given how unstable things are over there, he can see the potential for opportunity. She wonders if it’s wise to rile up his family over this. He’s not planning anything illegal and tells her about Phyllis paying him a visit. Lily found out about it and got territorial. If the deal with Chancellor-Winters falls through, he thinks they should jump on this. It would be a perfect fit for Newman Media. She tells him to put this in a memo and she will give him her full support. He adds that Tucker is already sniffing around the deal. He’s determined to come up with a strategy. She has one to deal with McCall already.

Victoria and Nate discuss an opportunity Y&R

Elena arrives at Crimson Lights and excited Mariah and Tessa show her the latest ultrasound photo from Delphine. They notice she doesn’t seem okay and badger her to open up. Sitting down and sighing, Elena tells them she doesn’t trust the new woman that Nate has hired. They’ve heard about Audra and Mariah says she’s right to be concerned. If she’s getting a bad vibe, there’s probably something to it. Elena can’t imagine Nate cheating on her, but Audra seems to be stoking his ambitions. That’s what worries her. She was hoping he was over his lust for power and would behave ethically. Audra might pull him back to the dark side. Mariah encourages her to speak to Nate about this openly and honestly. Elena admits she’s reluctant to share her fears with him again. She’s nervous that Audra thinks business is all about winning and that will reignite Nate’s drive for power. “Given the chance… it will only get worse,” she worries.

Elena chats with Mariah and Tessa Y&R

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