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At Newman, Victoria thanks her family members for meeting. She wanted to tell them she has some serious concerns about Tucker McCall. They go over him being dumped by Ashley and Devon. Victoria knows he’s looking for another target and they have to be vigilante. Victor may be able to shed some light on his motives. He asked Michael Baldwin to look into McCall’s claims that he was a changed man and he found out that his lavish spending has put his company under a mountain of debt. He took out a number of short-term loans and the debts are coming due. “He’s looking for a lucrative company to keep him afloat.”

Billy knocks on Chelsea’s door and tells her he’s dropping in to spitball some ideas about the podcast. Chelsea’s decided the podcast might not be a good idea. He comes inside and she explains that her doctor thinks it’s too soon to relive the trauma of her suicide attempt. Billy understands what she’s saying. Chelsea relays that Malone actually thinks it’s a good thing that she hatched the idea; it shows she’s looking to the future.

At Newman Media, Audra complains to Nate, “What a waste of time!” She complains about Phyllis approaching them when she had no right, but Nate admires her brazenness and is intrigued by the gaming platform. Audra confides that Chancellor-Winters contracts are ironclad. Daniel can’t get out of it unless they release him. Nate asks exactly how much access she had when it comes to contracts. Audra wasn’t privy to anything regarding development but knows Lily and Devon were talking about building a gaming division around Daniel’s idea. She wonders, “Are you thinking of poaching Daniel from Chancellor-Winters?” Nate just wants to know what’s going on over there that’s making things so precarious. He figures it has to do with Devon. Audra reminds him he wanted to put that behind him. Nate thinks it’s too bad she burned her bridge with them — it would be nice to have some inside information.

In Phyllis’ suite, Daniel rants at her for shopping his idea around like an opportunist. Phyllis argues that they need alternatives and a back-up plan. Daniel wants her to stop talking like they’re partners — this is his project and his alone, and he’s not going to trust strangers with his dream project.
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Phyllis reminds her son that the Newmans are hardly strangers — Nick was his stepfather. Daniel’s still leery about any Newman run company. He’s upset that she shared privileged information. She’s compromised his intellectual property and the companies she spoke with can take his idea and run with it. Phyllis argues she only spoke to Nate and it seems as though Chancellor is shelving it indefinitely. She didn’t give Nate any details. Daniel asks, “What about Tucker McCall?” Phyllis wouldn’t give Tucker a glass of water if he was in the desert. Daniel fumes that she spoke to the guy who sold out his cousins and decides it was his mistake for thinking the best of her. Phyllis, stunned, apologizes. “I over-reacted, give me a break. I just want the best for you, that’s all.” Daniel says, “Fair enough,” but warns her that if he has to find another home for his platform it will be his call. The way it’s looking right now, Tucker would be the better option over Newman Media.

In his suite, Tucker stews before pulling out his phone and looking through it.

At Newman Media, Audra asks Nate how he’d go about pursuing Daniel without inside information. Nate thinks they should sit him down and sell him on Newman being a more stable option than Chancellor-Winters. Just then, Audra gets a text from Tucker, who wants to meet. She makes an excuse and takes out.

At Chelsea’s place, Billy’s glad she’s taking her doctor’s advice so well. He just wants to be supportive. Chelsea feels ready to open herself up again to feedback. Billy isn’t sure he should be giving advice; he’s screwed up many times.

In Phyllis’ suite, she tells Daniel that Tucker is a snake. Daniel argues he made many good points and already knew that it was a way for him to heal. Phyllis says he’s manipulating him, but Daniel counters that another way of looking at it is that he showed some insight. His company has what they need to hit the ground running and he only has to deal with one guy. Phyllis argues that if their agendas turn out to be different, it will be war. “He is not real, he is not a genuine guy.” Daniel tells his mother that Omega Sphere is about growth. If Tucker can do that in his own life he may be the better option… if they need an alternative.
Phyllis Daniel Y&R

At Newman Enterprises, Victor muses that Tucker McCall is running out of options. Nick warns that Audra could still be aligned with the man. Victor thinks it might be to their advantage if she keeps working with Tucker. Victoria agrees; they need to force McCall to be on his guard around them. She wants to go after McCall Unlimited. Nick doesn’t think that’s the right move at all. Tucker could be a dangerous adversary and they should let him crumble on his own. Victor sides with Victoria. Nick repeats they should carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a move.

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Audra arrives at Tucker’s suite and reminds him he wanted nothing to do with her. He apologizes for letting his temper getting the best of him — he misses talking to her and getting her take on things. She asks if he wants some kind of information out of her. Tucker remarks on her becoming cynical. Audra asks him to get to the point. Tucker wonders if she knows anything about Newman Media pursuing Daniel Romalotti’s gaming platform. Audra realizes she wants her to collude with him again and questions why he’s not focused on repairing his relationships with Ashley and Devon. Tucker says he needs to keep moving forward and he’s intrigued by the gaming platform. Audra grits, “Keep your hands off that.” Tucker likes the idea of competing against her on it. “I miss you, Audra. I miss our partnership. We were good friends, right?” Audra says they were, but he blew it. Tucker knows he did. She moves to go and he kneels in front of her, leans his head on her knee, and says, “I’m sorry.” Audra strokes his head. Tucker asks, “Can we hit reset?” Soon, he has his hands up her skirt and they’re kissing passionately.

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At the park, Billy thanks Chelsea for joining him. She says it’s nice to finally want to go out. Billy remarks that it’s a crisp beautiful day. Chelsea asks what’s on his mind. Billy is just thinking about her wanting to find her purpose, something he’s failed at repeatedly. Chelsea feels they have to figure out what their purpose isn’t. Billy has had a lot of time to think now that he doesn’t have a job and remarks that seeing her is the highlight of his day. “We’ve lived parallel lives for quite some time.” There’s similarities emotionally and maybe that’s why they connect. He tells her he’s very grateful for their friendship. Billy feels they’ve both experienced darkness and have been adrift when it comes to finding a career that fulfills them. They won’t be pigeonholed. That’s what was great about the podcast — getting to know each other on a deeper level. Seeing the work she’s done makes him proud and feel determined too.

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In Phyllis’ suite, Daniel tells his mother that if anyone can be trusted it’s Lily. Phyllis understands his viewpoint but her company is imploding and she thinks he should get out while he can. Daniel finds this rich when she just let an old rivalry upend her life. She points out everything she said about that situation turned out to be true. Daniel asks what being right got her and walks out.
Daniel Y&R

Audra returns to Nate’s office and tells him she’s ready to jump back in. Nate notices she has more pep in her step. She had to put some issues from the past to rest and alerts him that she’s come around to pursuing Omega Sphere. Just then, Daniel appears in the doorway.
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Daniel informs them that he came to clear the air — his mother overstepped and came to them about something she has no control over. He has every intention of honoring his contract with Chancellor-Winters. If anything changes, he’d be happy to sit down with them. Nate asks for a chance to sell themselves. He points out he and Audra have worked at both places and find Newman to be superior. Daniel believes in Lily and won’t betray the people who believe in him. This project means everything to him and isn’t a ‘sell to the highest bidder’ kind of thing.
Daniel Y&R

After Daniel walks out, Nate tells Audra he’s more intrigued than ever. Audra warns him that Tucker McCall wants the platform too. He asks, “And you know that how?”

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At Newman Enterprises, Victor tells Nikki she’s been awfully quiet since they broached the idea of taking over McCall’s company. Nikki isn’t keen on a hostile takeover. She knows it’s a game for Victoria but can’t understand why he’s so invested. “It seems like you are specifically going after Tucker McCall and if that’s the case, I want to know why.”

At Society, Nick and Victoria sit down to eat and she asks her brother why he’s not sold on the Tucker idea. Having that brand under their umbrella would solidify their position in the global market. Nick senses their father has a plan he hasn’t revealed to them. Victoria asks if something else is bothering him. Just then, Tucker appears. Victoria waves him over to join them.

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Back at Chelsea’s place, Billy suggests they get dinner together soon. She offers to cook him something but he feels they could go out if it’s not too stressful. She agrees. They awkwardly says goodbye as he assures her they’ll figure it out. Once alone, Chelsea smiles.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor has a feeling that one of the divisions at McCall Unlimited might be appealing to Adam when he comes back. Nikki sniffs, “If he comes back.” She reminds him not to use his other children as pawns to lure Adam back. Victor thinks it’s good for all of them and would be a great addition to the Newman portfolio.

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At Society, Tucker’s suspicious of Victoria inviting him over to her table. She says they just wanted to let him know there’s a nasty rumor floating around that his company’s in trouble. Tucker muses that he doesn’t believe rumors, “Neither should you.”

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