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At Society, Daniel asks Phyllis if he can join her. She wonders if he’ll tell her she’s crazy and if she even has a job. Daniel just needs to know that she can let go of her vendetta against Diane. Her future with Omega Sphere is in her hands.

At Devon’s place, Abby asks what’s on his mind. He says it’s Chancellor-Winters stuff and nothing for her to worry about. She insists he open up and asks if he made a decision about whether or not to stick with Lily and Jill as they take the company public. Devon says he did and that Lily is on her way over right now.
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In Chelsea’s apartment, she looks at her phone and smiles.

Outside Society, Billy reads a text from Chelsea asking if he can come over — she has an idea.

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In his suite, Tucker drinks and flashes back to being in bed with Ashley and then her telling him it was all an act. He gets up, paces, finishes his drink, and then throws the glass, smashing it against the wall.

At Crimson Lights, Tucker walks in and spots Victoria. She muses that it’s dinner time in Paris right now and must be gorgeous. She’s sure Ashley is basking in the fact that she escaped him. Tucker’s flattered Victoria has been thinking about him so much. Vikki calls him an invasive species and suggests he’s out of reasons to stay in town. Tucker wonders why he should deprive himself of the opportunity to one-up his enemy. Victoria lets him know she’s in the loop about his connection to Audra Charles. She wonders if he’ll go after Newman next. Billy walks in and asks Tucker, “What are you doing now?” Tucker smirks about him swooping in to protect the damsel. Billy warns him not to do anything else to mess with his family. Tucker’s just there for the coffee and ambiance. He walks off.
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Billy asks Victoria what that was all about. Victoria says it pays to know what’s going on with a man like Tucker McCall. Right now, he’s a man looking for a battle.

At Society, Phyllis tells Daniel he’ll get 97% of her. He says it has to be all or nothing. The platform needs the version of her that lights up at video games. Phyllis vows, “You got me.” Daniel reminds her how important the platform is to him. She gets it. Daniel informs her that this project is him taking control of his life. He wants to go on the journey together but he worries they might be dead in the water. Phyllis asks if there’s a problem with Chancellor-Winters. She gathers that there are no guarantees. Daniels shrugs that you’ve got to have faith. Phyllis thinks cold hard cash is better than faith. She won’t let this happen to him. “I fight for my children. You know that.” She insists she’ll also take what he said about Diane to heart. She’ll put all her attention on Omega Sphere and everything he wants that to be. Daniel hopes she means that. Phyllis will also help him out with this so it’s not in corporate limbo. “If Chancellor-Winters doesn’t get on it, we may need a backup plan.”

Lily arrives at Devon’s place and is surprised to find Abby there. Devon tells the blonde she can stay as she knows what’s going on. Lily thinks they can find a solution. Devon tells his sister that her and Jill’s offer doesn’t make him feel good. Lily argues he hasn’t heard the numbers yet. Devon doesn’t need to — his mind is made up. “My answer is no.”
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Lily argues that she and Jill came up with a perfect solution. Devon asks what he gets out of it. She says the money and the name. He already has money and can come up with another name. “That’s not what’s important to me.” What matters is the company that he and Neil built. He’s not interested in starting from scratch and wants the company he started back. Lily doesn’t see how… Devon interrupts that she doesn’t see anything else but her perspective. She reminds him that’s what Nate said about him. Devon fumes that she will not let him leave and take the company he poured his heart and soul into that is already established. Lily’s trying to be fair. Devon wants to be fair too. He’ll pay her and Jill whatever they ask for within reason. “That’s about the only option I’m going to go for.” Lily informs him Jill will not break up the companies before they go public. Devon replies, “Okay. Then we go to court.”

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Lily asks Devon if he really wants to let lawyers decide this. Devon says they’re forcing his hand. Lily fumes that by backing out of their merger he’s causing damage to Katherine and Neil’s legacy. Devon disagrees. He thinks by backing out, he’s keeping them out of the hands of people they don’t know and don’t trust. He doesn’t know how many times he has to explain it to her. Lily is sorry it came to this and stalks out. Abby looks at Devon with concern.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Victoria wonders to Billy why Tucker won’t just leave town. He wants something. “The question is what?” Billy asks if she’s feeling spread thin and talks turns to pizza night. He warns Johnny is planning something else for them all to do together. Victoria protests that this is hard on her. Billy tells her the fact that he’s adjusting to this new landscape so well is a credit to her as a mother. Victoria sighs, “This has been so difficult.” She’s trying, but it’s hard. Billy tells her she’s giving Chelsea, Connor, and Johnny a wonderful gift. He knows what it’s costing her, but he’ll always be there with her to do whatever is needed for the kids. “You’re the boss, okay?” Victoria thanks him.
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After Billy leaves, Tucker reappears and informs Victoria that he hasn’t decided who his next victim is yet, but he can assure her if it’s Newman, she’ll be the last to know. “What fun would it be if you saw it coming, right?”
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Chelsea opens her door to Billy and tells him she’s feeling inspired. She listened to a podcast about suicide and it made her think that they could use their stories and voices to help people feel less alone. Billy wonders if she feels ready for that. Chelsea admits the idea excites her.
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At Devon’s place, Abby tells him she understands why he’s taking this stance but is he really prepared for a legal battle against his sister and Jill? Devon doesn’t feel he has a choice. Abby compares it to when he decided he wanted shared custody of Dominic. Devon recalls, “We got through that though.” Abby hopes he won’t think every battle will have the same outcome. Devon remembers that Neil told him to fight when you believe something is right. Abby warns about what it might do to his relationship with Lily — is he prepared for that?
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At Society, Phyllis wonders if they should take Daniel’s idea to Nate Hastings at Newman. They could even think bigger. Daniel wants to move forward under the assumption they’ll be working with Chancellor-Winters. Phyllis warns they have to think out of the box and look at other companies. Daniel has a contract with Chancellor and has to believe they’ll come through. Lily walks in and relays she had a difficult meeting with Devon. He’s sorry. Phyllis is sorry too, but she wonders if this will affect Daniel’s platform. “Is it dead in the water at Chancellor-Winters?”

Lily sits down and tells Phyllis and Daniel everything is up in the air right now. “It’s growing pains.” She hopes she can rely on their patience. Phyllis bristles, “You want Daniel to just wait and wonder?” Lily reminds her they have a contract. Daniel’s fine with it, but Phyllis feels Lily needs to understand what’s going into this project. She says she gets it and wishes she could tell them more. Phyllis leaves. Lily tells Daniel he doesn’t have to apologize for his mother — her parents were always in her corner too. Daniel learns that Devon rejected their offer and there’s going to be a fight. “Things are about to get nasty.”

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At Chelsea’s place, Billy says if her therapist is on board, he’ll support her. She starts making notes as they debate whether they should be anonymous for the boys’ sake. Chelsea worries if they use aliases they’re continuing the stigma. Billy finds the point valid but wants to talk to Dr. Malone about it. Chelsea asks if he really thinks they should do this. Billy can understand Chelsea wanting to help others. She just feels like suicide and depression are cloaked in shame. If they share their stories people won’t feel so alone. They’d have to do it right. Billy trusts her to figure this out and decide what’s right. “It would be fun to work on something together again.” Chelsea beams and agrees.

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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis leaves Nate a voicemail saying she wants to pitch her son’s idea to him. She disconnects and startles at the sight of Tucker sitting there listening. He guesses her son’s venture isn’t going so well at Chancellor-Winters. Phyllis says it’s not his business. He says it could be… and it definitely should be.
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At Devon’s place, he tells Abby he hopes Lily will realize this is about preserving the work Neil put into their company. Abby tells him that when that doesn’t work out, he can spend holidays with her and Dominic. “What if she never forgives you for dismantling the merger? What if you don’t win? Are you prepared for that?” Devon wonders how he’d prepare to lose everything he’s ever worked for in his life. “I won’t do that.”

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At Society, Daniel knows this isn’t easy for Lily. She insists that her dad would be horrified by this. Daniel doesn’t envy the position she’s in. She’s sorry to have to keep him in limbo, but thanks hm for being positive. Daniels assures her they’ll figure it out. Lily takes a call from Jill and steps away. Daniel sighs and looks out the window as he worries about his project.

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At Crimson Lights, Tucker tells Phyllis she’s an astute businesswoman who can separate her personal feelings from work when she wants to. “If you want Daniel’s project to come to fruition, you’re right where you need to be. Right here with me. Let’s talk.”

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