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Diane and Jack lounge in his bed. It’s been quite a journey for them to get there. He wonders if she has any regrets. She regrets that what she did so long ago made it so hard for him to forgive her and that she wasn’t totally honest with him when she came back. But he knows all her secrets and somehow he is still there. That’s an amazing gift and she will never betray him. They kiss.

Once they get dressed and head downstairs, they are startled to find Traci there. She doesn’t say anything directly but makes a few probing suggestions about what happened last night. Putting his arm around Diane, Jack announces they have nothing to hide. Traci congratulates them a little skeptically after Jack explains they are romantically involved. They sit down and he fills her in on the security team being scaled back and the threat being gone. Traci is happy to see he has his twinkle back and hopes everyone else accepts this as well as she is. She urges them to get someone to tell Ashley while she’s in Paris so she can have her blow-up before coming back to town.

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After Traci bustles off, Diane admits to Jack that telling people about them may not be such a good idea. He wonders why and assures her Ashley has no vote in this. She’s more worried about Kyle, who has already warned her not to flirt with him. He’s confident people will be happy to see them happy. She’s not worried about people disapproving of her, but he’s the one with the most at stake. Taking her hand, he tells her that he’s determined to stay as happy as he is right now. He doesn’t care about his reputation and will make it clear to everyone that he wants to move forward with this relationship. That’s a much stronger stance than she expected. She wonders if they should take things slow for Kyle’s sake and their own. She really wants this to last as long as possible. He agrees with that and kisses her hand.

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Nate gives Audra a tour of Newman Media that ends in his office. He encourages her never to hold back her thoughts and suggestions. She’s glad to hear that because she is brimming with ideas. He’s pleased to hear that since he wants an environment of open collaboration, unlike what he had to deal with when he was working with Devon. Nate welcomes her aboard. They discuss her plans for content expansion, and he admires how she thinks. That’s a relief to her given that no one else would hire her after her backdoor dealings with Tucker. He’s sure they will make a great team. Elena walks in and wonders why he’s part of a team with the person organizing the Chancellor-Winters IPO. Leaping up, Nate explains that Audra is working for him now. Elena apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion but they assure her it’s okay. She asks Nate out to early lunch, but he ordered salads for a working lunch. Audra tells him he should never turn down a lunch with his partner and their salads will keep in the fridge.

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Audra drops by Crimson Lights. She’s surprised when Sharon is so polite to her given her history with Noah and wonders if it would be different if she knew she was staying in Genoa City long-term. She informs her that she’s the new COO for Newman Media. Sharon thinks that’s a pretty big leap. She assures Sharon that Noah has nothing to worry about and that the last thing she wants to do is move backward. “I’m sure Noah will appreciate you giving him a lot of space,” Sharon says.

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Nate and Elena have lunch at Society and he tells her that Audra is already shining like a star. She says Audra isn’t the only one shining today and tells him about the great surgery she performed this morning. He’s so proud of her for saving the man’s life. The thing that meant the most to her was seeing the look on his family’s face. Nate remembers what that felt like and suggests they celebrate tonight.

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When Nate gets back to the office, Audra tells him she’s already been making calls and setting up some new content. He’s eager to hear about how this plays out. She says her contact is only around for one night so if they want to pick her brains, they need to do it tonight. He agrees and she jogs off to finalize the details. After furrowing his brow, Nate calls Elena to say they need to postpone their celebration so he can deal with something that’s come up at work. She understands.

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At Jabot, Kyle tells Summer that Victor has turned up the heat to push Adam out of the company. She hopes he turned down his request for help. He didn’t. She’s disappointed he’s being dragged into her grandfather’s machinations. Can’t they just say enough to all the lies, schemes, and criminal activity? He claims Victor hasn’t pitched anything criminal. “Not yet,” she says, reminding him of how ugly things get between Adam and Victor. Kyle insists that this is for the best. He wants Adam gone before he can cause damage to Jabot. She agrees there is no place for him at Jabot, but that doesn’t mean he should be taking such big risks. Kyle assures her he’s already taken care of all the risks and he’s set ground rules with Victor, including making sure that Jack never finds out about it. She’s not reassured and is sure Jack will be the first person Victor will tell. Her husband earnestly thinks he’s doing what’s best for the company. She thinks he should let Adam fail on his own. Kyle promises there is a payoff beyond removing Adam from the equation. In exchange for helping Victor, he is going to take back some textile factories that Victor had acquired from them.

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Nick sits at Society and thinks of Sally telling him she’s pregnant. Victor sidles up beside him, notices he’s in deep thought, and asks what’s going on. His son is moody. Victor guesses that’s because of Sally Spectra. Nick doesn’t want to hear any attacks on her. His father explains that something is about to happen with Adam that could complicate his relationship with “that woman.” Vaguely, he explains that Adam will be coming back to Newman because things are going to go south at Jabot. When that happens, the brothers will be working together again and he doesn’t want the Spectra woman making it difficult. Sipping his drink, Nick says Sally is going through a hard time right now. She’s starting a new business and doesn’t need any distractions. He tells his father to get off her case since she’s not hurting anyone. “Not just yet,” Victor says. Annoyed, Nick walks out. Victor smirks.

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Nikki drops by Victoria’s office at Newman and tells her about the robbery in Chicago. She’s sure the authorities got the wrong person. The real culprit must be Diane. They put the pieces together and realize there is no way Jenkins could have pulled this off without Jack’s help. Victoria assumes Diane has Jack wrapped around her little finger and suggests they just accept it. Her mom refuses to do that. Victoria urges her just to be happy Stark is gone but her mother will only be happy when Diane is in a cell. It’s hard for Victoria to watch her getting twisted up like this. Nikki is tired of talking about Diane, so they discuss Katie and her ballet recital. When Victoria brings up having to endure pizza night with Chelsea, Nikki groans, sorry to hear she’s still dealing with that.

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Nikki takes off when Nick arrives. Victoria notices he’s looking conflicted and asks what’s going on. He admits that he had a disturbing conversation with their father about Adam. He seems to have some plan to bring him back to the company and that can only mean trouble. They worry about what their father could mess up for them now. Nick knows their father is up to no good and enjoying it.

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Back at Society, Victor calls Jill and talks to her about the meeting she’s about to have with Sally. He says there’s something she needs to know.

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