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At the Abbott mansion, Diane tells Kyle and Summer that by bringing Jeremy the necklace she proved her loyalty. She explains how she got him to shower so she could plant the evidence. Jack tells them how Chance executed the search warrant and turned Stark over to the Chicago PD. Kyle’s still not happy about the change in plans. Summer questions if they’re sure Stark will go back to prison. Jack feels they’ve managed to protect the entire family. Summer points out they broke laws and lied to the police. “I’m sorry but are we supposed to be happy about that?!”

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Jack protests that they had to rid themselves of Stark. Kyle worries he’ll get out and come after his mother. The doorbell rings. Jack says it’s Nikki; he called her last night. “Please let me handle this!” He lets Nikki in and tells her the man who broke into her apartment was Jeremy Stark, who probably planned to set Diane up. Nikki muses, “I did not know that it was tied to Stark… or you, Diane.” Kyle and Summer file out. Nikki asks Jack, “How is it you know so much about this?” Jack says he and Diane went to see Stark just as Chance took him into custody. Nikki remarks on the timing and says she finds it strange that a convicted felon would go all the way to Chicago to steal from her. “Do the police have any theories about that? Because I certainly do.”
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At Crimson Lights, Chance tells Sharon that a necklace was stolen from Nikki and Victor’s place in Chicago. She asks how he got involved and he tells her about Jeremy Stark and his connection to Diane. Sharon thinks the case sounds cut and dry. Chance muses, “Doesn’t it though?” Sharon realizes something’s not sitting right with him. Chance confirms, “No, it’s not.”

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Chance tells Sharon that Stark’s a bad guy, but he’s never been charged with robbery. All the pieces fit but he doesn’t like how easily this all fell into place… or that he only took one piece of jewelry. He reveals that Stark ranted about Diane and Jack Abbott framing him all the way to Chicago. Sharon agrees it all sounds a bit convenient.
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Victor walks into Jabot, spots Adam, and tells him he’s looking for Kyle. Adam asks why. Victor claims he wants to continue their conversation about Summer and Harrison, but Adam doesn’t buy it. He asks his father to level with him and tell him what’s really going on. They spar and Victor asks why everything needs to be an argument. Adam knows his father hates him working there and so does Kyle. “Are you hoping to hear I’m crashing and burning?” Victor asks what he’s doing there selling lipstick and makeup. Adam wonders if he’s tried to strongarm Victoria into giving him some rinky-dink position at Newman. Kyle and Summer appear. Victor asks his grandson-in-law for a minute.
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Chloe arrives at Sally’s suite to find her suffering from morning sickness. She brought some remedies in hopes of getting her feeling better before their meeting with Jill. A knock comes at the door and Nick calls out, “Hey Sally, it’s me.” Sally sighs. Chloe opens the door and asks what she can do for him. Nick walks past her; he wanted to wish them luck. Spotting Sally, he tells her she’s not looking her best. “Is it your stomach again?” Chloe goes on about the norovirus going around. Chloe says she has it covered but Nick asks, “What are your symptoms?” Sally asks them to leave her alone for a bit. Nick tells Chloe to go ahead. “I need to talk to Sally for a minute.” Once alone, he wonders, “Is there more to this bug than you’re telling me?”
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Nick points out that this seems like more than just nerves and recalls that last night she didn’t want to have a drink with him. Sally wanted a clear head. Nick says, “I’ve been through this a few times. Is there a chance this is morning sickness?” Sally says it just won’t quit. “I just didn’t want to say anything until I was sure.” Nick asks, “Are you sure?” She nods and whispers, “I’m pregnant.”

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At Crimson Lights, Chance wonders to Sharon if he’s supposed to walk away now that he has doubts. He muses that he’s not sure he believes in what he’s doing anymore. Sharon has seen a lot of laws bent and broken, but Chance has worked with the legal system for a long time. Compromises are made and things aren’t always black and white. It’s out of his hands. Only he can determine if he’s in a situation he no longer wants to be in. She wonders what he’d do if he changed things up. Chance has no idea. Sharon muses, “Maybe I could help you with that.”

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Sharon teases Chance that he could take the moves he learned in the army, tweak them, and become a dance instructor. He chuckles as she demonstrates and asks if he’d have to wear sequins. They laugh and he thanks her for distracting him. Sharon’s glad he’s comfortable being silly with her. Just then, Chance gets a text from Chicago PD about Stark’s arrest. “I have to follow up on this. I wish I didn’t have to leave though.” They exchange a look. Sharon tells him she’ll be there thinking about all the career paths he could consider. Chance will wait to hear what she comes up with. They exchange another look as he heads out the door.
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack tells Nikki that Stark was arrested and had the necklace on him at the time. Nikki sniffs, “How very fortunate for you.” Diane finds it ironic that Nikki’s misfortune saved her. “Imagine that.” Nikki’s puzzled how Stark got into their apartment so easily — there were no signs of a break-in. “It was as though he knew the code to the alarm.” She recalls it is still the same as when she and Jack spent time there.
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Chance comes to the door and Jack invites him in. Nikki thanks him for his work on her behalf last night. She questions how Stark figured out her door code. Chance thinks that’s a very valid question. He adds that Stark is loudly proclaiming his innocence. Jack scoffs that he’s anything but innocent. Chance muses, “Unlike the citizens of Genoa City who are always playing by the rules?” Nikki has to be going and Chance vows to keep her updated about her necklace. Once she’s gone, Chance tells Jack and Diane that Stark was denied bail. Diane’s relieved. Chance lets them know that the paroled criminal breaking into an apartment and being so careless about it doesn’t make any sense to him. Who leaves their reading glasses behind while committing grand larceny? Jack can’t imagine how his mind works. Chance asks, “Is there anything else you two need to tell me about this incident?” Jack claims he and Diane can’t shed anymore light on the situation. He feels the Chicago PD found everything above board and are proceeding accordingly. Chance nods. “That’s how it looks.” He’ll see himself out.
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At Jabot, Adam tells Kyle it’s sad that he’s letting his father pull his strings. He wonders if he hopes to take him down a peg or two. Kyle doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Summer tells Adam that her husband is making Valentine’s Day plans and asked her grandfather for a favor. Kyle joins Victor in the office and Adam muses about Summer being dragged into the family machinations yet again. Summer says his paranoia is working overtime. Adam grins, “Phyllis taught you well.” He knows this has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day — Victor is capitalizing on Kyle’s animosity toward him. “Victor’s manipulating Kyle. He’s an expert at it.”

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In the office, Victor asks Kyle why he hasn’t returned his calls. Kyle apologizes; he’s been focused on his mother’s issues. Victor guesses it has to do with Stark. He thinks that connection should have set off alarm bells for Kyle, who should have severed all ties with his mother. He supposes that’s never easy when it comes to family. Kyle wonders if this is what he came here to talk about… or should they focus on Adam? Victor says his son belongs with the Newmans. He feels Kyle must hate the idea of him working alongside his dad. Kyle doesn’t really cross paths with him, though he admits he wasn’t his first choice. “I don’t trust him and I never will.” Kyle asks how he proposes they get Adam to leave Jabot and go back to Newman — it seems like a tall order.
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In Sally’s suite, she assures Nick she was going to tell him, obviously, but didn’t want to say anything yet. He asks how she feels about the big news. She sighs, “Stunned, mostly.” Sally is just trying to wrap her head around it. Nick still isn’t sure why she waited to tell him. Sally has just been completely overwhelmed. She already knows what people think about her and this is just confirmation. Nick says it doesn’t matter what people think — this is about them and he thinks she’s amazing. Sally worries, “We’re supposed to be taking things slow. This isn’t slow. This isn’t how this was supposed to go.” She likes him so much, but she wanted things to be easy and sweet and… sexy, just a little longer. “How is this not supposed to change everything?!”
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At the Abbott mansion, Diane asks Jack if this is real. “Is Jeremy gone?” Jack nods, “For good this time.” She exhales over the ordeal finally being over and tears up. She feels like she has a future again thanks to him. Jack sees her as strong, formidable and amazing. She overcame her fear and all she needed was back-up and support. He was more than happy to give that to her. They kiss passionately.
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Upstairs in bed, Jack and Diane make love.

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Chance returns to Crimson Lights and tells Sharon that he just had a conversation that reinforced every doubt he has about his job in law enforcement. “I can’t do this anymore.”

In Sally’s suite, Nick takes her hand and tells her not to assume the worst. Sally asks him to just be in denial for her, just for now. She’s just not ready to deal with everything that comes next. Nick assures her they’ll figure this out. “It’s going to be fine.” They embrace.
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At Jabot, Summer tells Adam there’s no need for her grandfather to enlist Kyle’s help to push him out the door — he can do it all on his own.

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In the office, Victor just wants Adam to realize he made a mistake and doesn’t belong there. He needs to take a big fall and then he’ll be there to offer assistance. He needs Kyle’s help to facilitate that. Kyle would like something in return.

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