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At the penthouse, Devon learns that Jill and Lily have decided not to sell him back his company. Lily insists things don’t have to get ugly, but he feels they’re making him go to war for his own company. Lily asks him to hear her out. The plan is to keep the companies together for the IPO and brand the new entity as Chancellor Worldwide. After, they’ll buy him out and he’ll have the chance to create a brand-new Hamilton-Winters where he has the autonomy he wants. She thinks it’s win/win for everyone.

Devon is finding it difficult to see the benefit for him in what Lily is offering. How is it fair that they don’t have to give up anything and he has to give up the company he created? Lily argues she’s giving up the chance to work with her brother. “If we go to court over this it is going to affect our relationship.”
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Devon accuses her of holding his company hostage and forcing him to choose to go public or give it up. Lily is trying to keep them united. Devon accuses her of making a professional decision personal. Lily reminds him he once wanted the merger. Devon tells her things changed. Lily says this isn’t a bad deal. Devon doesn’t care about the deal or the money. She can throw all the money in the world at him but she’s still making him start from scratch and do an empire from the ground up. Lily urges him to see it as an opportunity. Devon scoffs. Lily wants him to think about the offer. Whatever they do next will change their lives. “Let’s do something that will make our dad proud.”

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At Chelsea’s place, she thanks Victoria for letting Johnny come over for pizza. “It means a lot to the boys.” Victoria knows it means a lot to her too. Chelsea gets a text from Billy saying he’ll be late with the pizza. The boys go to Connor’s room. Chelsea remarks on how well they get along and asks Victoria if she has a minute to talk. “I know you said you were okay with Johnny coming to dinner but you’re not happy about it, are you?”

Victoria admits that when Chelsea reached out, she wanted to refuse the invitation. Chelsea’s sorry she felt she couldn’t. Victoria knew Johnny would want to come and she wants to support his relationship with Connor but she still feels very uncomfortable with the situation. Chelsea gathers by “the situation” she means her. “You still don’t want Johnny around me.”
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At Crimson Lights, Abby comes in and apologizes to Sharon for the scene with Chance the other day. Mariah and Tessa arrive, having returned from their trip to meet the pregnant Delphine. It was wonderful. Sharon asks what happens next. Mariah and Tessa reveal that Delphine made up her mind. “She wants us to adopt her baby.” Squeals and hugs ensue. Abby and Sharon are thrilled for the ladies. Mariah knows there are a million more hurdles to clear, but Tessa just wants to celebrate right now. They know Delphine could change her mind, but they are hoping for the best. Mariah declares that no matter what, one day they’ll have a child of their own. Abby recalls feeling the same maternal urge when they banded together to make Dom. Mariah wouldn’t have known how much she wanted to be a mother if not for carrying Dom. Sharon and Tessa go off to make coffee and Mariah notices Abby is down. They sit to talk.
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At Society, Lily spots Billy, who tells her this will only be awkward if they let it be. She learns he’s waiting on pizza for Johnny and Connor, who are hanging out at Chelsea’s. Lily urges him to have fun and remember it’s a school night. He senses something is up with her. She says it’s not his problem anymore. Billy still cares and if she needs someone to lean on, he’d like to be that person.

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At Chelsea’s place, Victoria has to keep reminding herself this isn’t about her — she’s not going to tell Johnny he can’t spend time with her. She is having trouble getting used to the new norm and feels everything is moving too quickly. Chelsea would feel the same way in her position and apologizes for pushing the issue and blindsiding her. She’s grateful Victoria’s making an effort. She tells her she’s a great mom to Johnny and his only mom. Chelsea vows they’re on the same side and she just wants her to feel comfortable.

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At Crimson Lights, Abby tells Mariah she’s happy for her and Tessa but things got more complicated between her and Chance. Mariah asks if she even wants to know what that means. Abby says no, probably not. She reveals that she and Chance are getting divorced. Mariah is so sorry. Abby just keeps thinking about how Mariah gave them the most incredible gift when Chance was in Spain, and she thought they’d have an incredible future as a family. Mariah assures her they’ll be amazing co-parents. Abby thanks her for that and wishes her and Tessa the best. They hug. On her way out, Abby gets a text from Devon asking if she’s free.
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At Society, Lily tells Billy nothing is going right lately. Billy learns Devon wants to end their partnership. He guesses Nate was right about Devon wanting to be a lone wolf. Lily muses, “Now I’m the lone wolf.” Billy assures her the empty chairs in the c-suite aren’t her fault. He asks if she has any regrets. She doesn’t and is proud of what she’s accomplished. Billy hopes that she can see this is a golden opportunity — when her back’s against the wall it’s when she’s at her most powerful. She will go to new heights. Billy’s sure Devon will get over this in time. Lily hopes so. She thanks her ex for the pep talk and he leaves with his pizza after saying he’s sure she’s got this.

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Devon answers his door to Abby, who shares Mariah and Tessa’s good news. Devon’s pleased — they deserve it. Abby asks if he has an update on dissolving the merger. He does, and it’s not what he saw coming. He explains that Jill has decided to move ahead with the IPO and to do that, she has to hang onto Hamilton-Winters. She and Lily concocted a plan to buy him out, which would force him to start all over again. Abby argues if he took the deal he would make his sister happy and he could start something brand-new, which is up his alley. Devon points out the company is invaluable because he created it with Neil. “That’s my connection to him. If I leave it, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?” Abby assures Devon that Neil will be a part of everything he does. “Make your decision on how you see your future, not how you see the past.”
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At Crimson Lights, Tessa and Mariah tell Sharon that Delphine is young and scared. Sharon notes giving up a baby is never easy. She wonders if the father knows about the pregnancy. Tessa assures that he’s on board and will sign over his parental rights. Mariah shares that Delphine seems determined to stay on this path with them, but she wanted to know all about them and Genoa City. They didn’t hold back about their pasts but assured they wouldn’t be making the same mistakes. Sharon gathers she liked what they had to say. Mariah explains it would be an open adoption as Delphine wants to know the kid. Sharon asks when the baby is due. She’s thrilled to hear they could be moms by the end of February.

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Billy arrives at Chelsea’s and is surprised to find Victoria there chatting. Chelsea invites her to stay for pizza. Johnny and Connor emerge from the bedroom, and Victoria agrees to stay for a slice. Chelsea smiles. Victoria looks unsettled.

After they have eaten the pizza, Connor says he hopes Katie can come next time since this is a family dinner. Victoria makes her excuses to leave and Billy offers to drop Johnny off later. Chelsea asks Victoria, “Are you sure you’re alright?” Victoria says, “Of course, why wouldn’t I be?” Once outside the door, she looks unsettled again.
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At Society, Lily looks at a photo of her, Devon, and Neil on her phone and thinks.

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At Devon’s place, he’s not sure what he sees when he thinks about the future. Abby asks what he loves about Hamilton-Winters. He loves that it’s established and has a history of success he can build on. Abby asks about a new company. Devon doesn’t know how it could ever compare. “I could not be successful; I could fail at starting over.” Abby shrugs, “Or you could soar.” Whatever choice he makes, he won’t make it alone. They hold hands and he notices she took off her rings. Abby is facing her new reality. Devon tells her whatever life throws at her she won’t have to face it alone. They make out.

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