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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Diane finds Jack and he asks if she’s okay. She says she’s fine; she just can’t stand Stark. She’s committed to playing her part though. Jack asks how committed. She says enough to keep the plan moving forward. Jack tells her they just have to trust the process now… and the Genoa City police department.

In his suite, Stark emerges from the shower to find Diane gone and Nikki’s stolen necklace on the table. He puts it in the pocket of his robe as a knock comes at the door — it’s Chance holding up his badge.
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Stark asks what he’s doing there. He claims he’s been a model citizen. Chance got a call from Chicago P.D. and asks if Stark has been out of town lately. He pulls out a warrant and says, “I’m going to have to search the premises. Stark’s perturbed. He points out that he’s in his robe and says he needs a few minutes to change.
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At Devon’s place, Lily asks if he’s changed his mind about taking back Hamilton-Winters. Devon hasn’t; he wants his company back under his control.

At Jabot, Summer notices how often Kyle’s checking his phone. She insists she and Daniel were talking about Phyllis earlier. Kyle wonders if she’s hoping the things she’s saying about her mother will sound to him like his own mother and resonate with him. “Is that what you want?” Summer doesn’t want to walk on eggshells around him and doesn’t think she said anything that outrageous. Kyle admits he’s just worried about his parents. Because Summer refused to let them share details with him, he’s completely in the dark! Summer argues they’re putting their marriage in a compromising position. “I couldn’t let that happen again.” Kyle should have had a vote. Summer concedes that she may have overstepped a little. They circle back to talking about their mothers. Kyle fumes that his mother is in danger from a criminal. “The big difference between our mothers is that I’m protecting mine from a criminal that was lured to town by Phyllis.”
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At Society, Phyllis suggests Tucker cut the angry stuff; it doesn’t suit him. He chuckles and says she seems angry. Phyllis is angry — Diane came to town and is hurting people she loves. The Tucker she finds interesting would understand that. Tucker wonders if this is her version of flattery and asks what she’s specifically upset about today. Phyllis snarks, “Haven’t you been listening to me,” and he scoffs that she’s just been bitching about Diane. “That’s all you ever do.” Phyllis bristles when he claims Diane is just trying to deal with Stark and build a future with Jack. Phyllis quickly informs him that she doesn’t have a future with Jack, who is bound to see through her eventually. When Phyllis complains that she’s using Jack while cozying up to Stark, Tucker is intrigued. “Cozying up?”

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At Devon’s apartment, Jill, on video, barks, “I just have one question for you, Devon. What the hell is wrong with you?!” Devon insists he just wants to maintain the integrity of the company he and Neil created. Jill complains that damage will be done to both companies’ images if they separate. Devon realizes this, but feels there’s more damage to be done by staying together. He doesn’t want it to turn into a personal battle. Lily feels it could be a disaster. Devon finds that take a little dramatic. He needs both of them to understand where he’s coming from on an emotional level as Lily’s brother and Katherine’s grandson.
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In Stark’s suite, he’s dressed and snarking that this is all a big mistake as Chance searches. Chance notes he’s not asking many questions — if he was being wrongly accused, he’d want to know what was going on. The cop asks what brought him to Genoa City and how long he’s staying. Stark replies, “Undetermined.”

At Society, Tucker laughs to hear Phyllis say that Diane’s been all over town with Stark, practically sitting in his lap. He muses that maybe Jeremy’s her future and not Jack. Talk turns to Phyllis claims Diane is responsible for her daughter firing her and now her son is worried that she’s consumed with hatred for the woman. Tucker says, “You are.” Phyllis concedes the point but says she can multi-task. Tucker tells Phyllis she’s losing everything over this woman. What would it take for her to let go of this crippling disdain she has for her?
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At Devon’s, he admits he made a mistake agreeing to the merger. His gut warned him against it from the beginning. He’s realizes that autonomy is important to him and making decisions by committee isn’t for him. All that matters to him is carrying on the family legacy in the right way, not an IPO. It bonded him and Neil and he won’t hand it over to the highest bidder.

In Stark’s suite, Chance continues his search and eventually finds the paper Diane planted under Jeremy’s mattress. He tells the man to step away from the door and then checks it out. “Look at that, building schematics.” They’re from Chicago. Stark has no idea how that got there. Chance muses that would be one hell of a coincidence since it’s the exact building where a man around his size was seen breaking in wearing a black windbreaker. Stark claims he was there all night. Chance asks if he owns a black windbreaker.
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At Jabot, Kyle takes a call from Jack who says Diane is safe. He asks him to assure Summer that everything will be fine very soon. As Kyle disconnects, Summer appears and asks, “Was that Jack?”

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In Jeremy’s suite, he insists he doesn’t know the Newmans. Chance says a very expensive piece of jewelry was stolen and whoever broke in knew exactly what they were looking for. The housekeeper found reading glasses by the safe and they came back as a match for DNA in the database — Stark’s. Jeremy laughs, “I’m being set up,” and points out he doesn’t have a necklace. Chance asks if he minds if he searches his person. Stark replies, “Yes, I do. Now I’ve been more than accommodating, Detective. We’re through here.” Chance tells him he should have read the warrant. “You don’t have a choice.
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At Jabot, Summer’s glad to hear that Kyle’s mother is alright. She still thinks it’s best that he doesn’t get involved. “I’m trying to protect our son and I can’t pretend I don’t have concerns about Diane.” Kyle vows he won’t cut off his mother — he would never ask her to cut off Phyllis no matter how much trouble she’s caused.
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At Society, Tucker suggests Phyllis shift her focus to something more productive. Phyllis asks what he has in mind. Tucker says Daniel’s project seems interesting and asks what it’s all about. She won’t tell him. “I’m not handing Daniel’s ideas over to you on a silver platter.” She smiles, “Stay away from my son.” Tucker clinks his glass on hers, “Cheers.”

At Devon’s place, Jill crabs about his terrible timing. Lily claims her father’s legacy is just as important to her and she can protect is as she and Jill do Katherine’s. Devon doesn’t see her protecting it with an IPO given two people already came after it. “I don’t feel comfortable, I don’t feel safe.” He needs to have the company stand on its own and he needs to be the one making important decisions. He hears Neil’s voice as clear as day saying “No” to shareholders. He implores them both to let him have the company back.

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In Stark’s suite, he tells Chance he’s been set up by Diane, Jack, or both of them. “I did not go to Chicago.” He suggests Chance asks Diane how the schematics got under his mattress. He came to town to collect money and the person who owes him is not paying him, so they’ve concocted this plan to frame him. “It’s a joke because you have no concrete evidence.” He informs Chance that he’s not searching his person. “We are done here.” He opens the door to show the cop out and Jack and Diane are standing there.
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At Society, Tucker tells Phyllis he is glad to hear Daniel’s leaning into positivity. Phyllis is amused with Tucker being all about positive vibes. He tries to stay Zen-like even though he gets angry sometimes. He’d like to sit down and talk with Daniel sometime. Phyllis would rather sit down in a car and drive cross country with Diane than allow Tucker to have a business conversation with her son. She warns he’s a smart guy and will see someone like him coming a mile away. She stalks off.

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At Jeremy’s suite, he reminds Jack that his issues with Diane have nothing to do with him. He then tells her she’s still the money-grabbing snake she’s always been. Diane’s surprised he’s up so early since he went to Chicago last night. Stark fumes, “You lying bitch!” Just then, Chance holds up a black windbreaker. “What’s this?” Stark says it’s not his. Chance declares it’s enough to bring him in. He wants to know what Jack’s doing there. He says he came with Kyle’s mother, Diane, to discuss her debt to Stark. Chance reasons that Diane is the reason Jeremy’s in town. She claims he’s been stalking her. Stark denies it. “This is another one of Diane’s schemes.” He says they didn’t come to discuss a debt, they wanted to see their planted evidence come to the surface. He vows this will be laughed out of court. Chance still wants to search his person. Diane hollers that they made a mistake when they let him out of prison. Stark hollers back and Jack and Chance get in between them.
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Suddenly, Chance notices the necklace on Jeremy. It looks pretty concrete to him. Stark fumes, “If I’m going down, I’m taking you with me.” He tells Chance that Diane is the one who brought him the necklace. “She’s the one who stole it. That’s your thief.” Diane huffs.

At Devon’s place, Jill understands his emotional attachment to what he and Neil built. She feels the same way about Katherine’s company. She insists the merger was about family and if he thinks it’s bad for his company, they’ll take that into consideration, but they have to work out if him feeling good about the situation is worth the huge losses they’ll incur. Lily agrees with her. Jill asks for her recommendation. Lily thinks she and Jill should take time to discuss it. Devon appreciates them being willing to do that and agrees to give them space and time to figure it out.

In Jeremy’s suite, Diane denies stealing the necklace and Jack gives her an alibi. Chance gets up to speed on the connection between Diane and Stark. She reiterates that he’s been stalking her and threatening her family. Jack vouches for her version of events. Jeremy calls her a filthy liar and vows none of this will stick. “I’ll be out by lunch.” Chance reminds him he’s a paroled felon in possession of stolen goods. Stark fumes that the whole town had him set up. He warns Diane he’ll be back. “You haven’t seen the last of me.” Chance hauls him off and Diane sighs, “It’s over Jack. It’s finally over.” They embrace.
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At Jabot, Summer informs Kyle that she acknowledges her mother’s flaws and doesn’t put her up on some saintly pedestal. Kyle fumes, “Oh, you think that’s what I’m doing?” Just then, he gets a text telling him Stark is in custody. Summer says it’s great news but turns away. Kyle asks, “What’s wrong?” The threat is gone, and everything can go back to normal. Summer replies, “For now.”

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Kyle asks what that’s supposed to mean. Summer says trouble and chaos has been recurring themes in their lives since Diane’s return. Kyle argues that people have been coming after her non-stop. “You’re blaming the victim!” Summer fumes that Diane is not a helpless victim. People don’t trust her because of the things she’s done in the past. “She chose to fake her own death. She chose to abandon you and assume a false identity and engage in illegal activities.” Now, she’s facing the consequences of those actions and is dragging Kyle and Jack, and her and Harrison by association, down with her. Kyle argues no one is being dragged down. Summer hollers that Jack just stole a 7-figure necklace to help Diane. “How much lower could he go?!” Kyle retorts, “That was one instance.” Summer declares that she is forcing them to choose between her and Summer’s family. “We are married! They’re supposed to be your family too and they’ve always been there for us, unlike Diane.” Kyle says that’s not fair. Summer needs him to see Diane for who she is and take her off the pedestal!
Summer Kyle Y&R

At Society, Tucker spots Devon ordering at the bar and sidles over to ask about earning his forgiveness. Devon says it’s not going to happen. Tucker asks what has him riled up and wants to help. Devon doesn’t trust him and wants to drink alone. Tucker isn’t going anywhere and pays Devon’s tab. Devon thanks him for the heads-up. “I will make sure to not be wherever you are.” With that, he downs his drink and walks out.
Tucker Devon Y&R

Devon arrives at his apartment, lets himself in, and finds Lily there. She says she and Jill made a decision about Hamilton-Winters.

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Diane celebrate their success. Jack crows that he doesn’t think they’ll be bothered by Stark anytime soon. He calls and leaves Nikki a voicemail to call him. Diane lauds Jack for taking a big risk to get the necklace and stepping up when Chance was lobbing questions at her. Jack recaps that they had to remove Stark as a threat so they could focus on what really matters. Diane asks, “What’s that?” Jack replies, “Us,” and pulls her into a kiss. Diane beams as they embrace.
Diane Jack Y&R

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