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At the Abbott estate, Jack worries to Diane about the danger she keeps putting herself in. She assures him this will be over soon. She will be able to lay the trap for Jeremy today. Jack thinks this could be the end of it, not the beginning. After he pitches his idea, she says that if it works, they can go back to concentrating on what’s in front of them.

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Phyllis corners Stark at Society and asks if he is using Diane or working with her to play Jack. He tells her how fun he finds her and invites her to sit down. They rehash her calling him about Diane. He says he’ll be sure where Jenkins’ loyalties lie by the end of the day. She wonders what he’s up to. He’s fascinated by how much time and energy she spends obsessing over Diane. Phyllis wants her out of town and wants to see her pay for what she’s done. Stark is impressed by how much she is determined to get things done. Diane calls Stark to announce she is back from Chicago. They set up a meeting. Once he’s off the line, Phyllis pushes for details but he tells her not to push it. “I’m a better friend than an enemy,” he warns, strolling out.

Stark chats with Phyllis Y&R

Daniel arrives, ready to brainstorm with his mom. She tells him the man he just passed is a criminal who has been fraternizing with Diane. Her son thinks she should stop worrying about Diane but she can’t. She says that Stark even suggested something big would happen today. Daniel tells her to stop this but his mom is sure that her old enemy is cooking up a new scam. She complains that she and Jack would have been happy together if Diane hadn’t returned and poisoned his mind against her. She saw them kissing the other day and she wants her “really, really gone.” Since she’s already warned Jack, Daniel suggests she leave the ball in his court and back off. His mom is determined to find the straw to break the camel’s back. Daniel is starting to wonder if asking her to take part in his project was the right idea. He doesn’t want all this negative energy. He only has one chance to do this right and suggests she figure out a way to tame her anger; read a couple of self-help books. Declaring he needs to get some air, he says they can brainstorm later and takes off.

Daniel gives advice Phyllis Y&R

Tucker pops up. “What’s on your mind sunshine?” he asks Phyllis. When she’s silent, he assumes that an act of wisdom. After doling out a proverb, he offers to walk away but she wants him to stay. Once he sits, she asks if she would be welcomed back into town if she did all the things that Diane did. He tells her she’s affable and charming. She’s sure no one would give her the time of day but Diane has charmed the pants off everyone. Her son just told her to get self-help books. Diane manages to con the smartest men, including McCall himself. She doesn’t know what to do or who to trust. Everything is upside-down and he seems like the only enlightened one. Tucker laughs.

Tucker laughs Y&R

As they drink Bloody Marys, Tucker tells Phyllis the more at peace she is, the more things will go her way. She should take the path of least resistance. “I have read more profound things in a fortune cookie,” she says, asking what happened to the guy who wanted to burn everything down. She finds that guy more interesting.

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Back at the Abbott estate, Jack tells Diane that step one is done and now it’s time for him to take care of his part. They spot Kyle and Summer bickering and trying to avoid one another. Summer notices that Diane is wearing the same clothes as yesterday and asks if she spent the night. They confirm she slept in the spare room. Summer still doesn’t think that she and Kyle should be party to any of their illegal schemes. Diane assures them it will be over soon. Jack is sure they will emerge unscathed. Summer won’t listen to another word and strides out with her husband trailing behind her. Diane is sorry that she’s causing a rift in her son’s marriage. Jack assures her that once they have taken care of Stark, all will be well. “Let’s take him down,” she agrees.

Summer and Kyle annoyed Y&R

At Jabot, Kyle tells his wife that he’s not happy about what happened at the house this morning. She thinks things have gone way too far. They can’t be part of what’s going on. He’s unhappy that she’s refusing to listen to his mother’s problems. Summer isn’t about to apologize for refusing to get dragged into Diane’s latest mess. They bicker about this. She refuses to back down when his mom is willing to make him an accomplice to her criminal activity. If he can’t see that he’s blind or fooling himself.

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Daniel interrupts and asks if a bomb just went off. Kyle takes off. Daniel asks his little sister if she wants to tell him what’s going on. She vents about Kyle’s mom. He vents about their mom. He even had to tell PHyllis she needs to take her anger down a couple of notches if they are to work together. She worries they may need to duck and cover as she spins out of control. She’d like to help their mother, but she’s an adult and all they can really do is avoid her whirling tornado. Kyle arrives as she says this. Daniel exits and Kyle asks if she was talking about his mom. Summer was talking about her own mother but snaps that she could see how he might be confused. Kyle gets a text from Victor asking him to come by to discuss his plot against Adam. He tells Summer it’s the last thing he wants to deal with right now.

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Diane arrives at Jeremy’s suite and shows him the jewelry stolen from Nikki’s safe in Chicago. He’s impressed and wants all the details about how she got it. She tells him how easy it was to break in. Stark says she’s far exceeded his wildest expectations. This is the beginning of something new and exciting for them. Forget laundering. They can steal from the rich and powerful of Genoa City. Diane smiles broadly when he suggests they rob Phyllis blind. However, she points out that suspicion would fall on her if her enemies were being robbed. He suggests the Abbotts but she won’t rob her own son. Jeremy wants to repay her and orders her to turn around. With some reluctance, she does and he slips the necklace onto her. He wants her to think of him whenever she wears it.

Stark puts necklace on Diane Y&R

As he strokes Diane’s hair, Jeremy suggests they seal their new partnership with a kiss. Turning, she kisses him. She had no idea how much she missed that. He suggests they celebrate and yanks off his tie. Coughing, she claims she’s allergic to his cologne. He rushes into the bathroom for a quick shower. While he’s gone, she plants evidence around the room.

Serving Chance coffee at Crimson Lights, Sharon asks if he’s come to any conclusions about what he’s been mulling over. Sitting herself down, she tells him he’s a good cop. But he should follow his instincts. If he has doubts about his chosen career, he needs to examine things on a much deeper level. They discuss his military career and how much he liked a sense of structure and purpose. He doesn’t seem like an adrenaline junky to her. Chance admits he likes being undercover because he gets to pretend to be someone else. She wonders how much time he’s spent being himself and doing what he truly wants to do. Chance tries thinking that over. She gets him a croissant and they discuss therapy. He doesn’t know if he’s doing the thing that will make him happy. The cop admits that he’s not thrilled about the idea of going back to therapy but if it would give him some answers, it would be worthwhile. She suggests he take a vacation.

Chance and Sharon discuss career Y&R

Jack arrives as the Chicago Police Department calls Chance. Jack gets a text from Diane saying they are all set. He sighs.

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