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Diane and Jeremy are at the Glam Club. He chuckles about the audacity of her plan to steal a piece of jewelry from Nikki’s apartment in Chicago. Jeremy wants to go with her so they can pull it off together. She claims she doesn’t need any variables added to her elaborate plan. If he’s willing to put it in jeopardy, she wonders what he’s really after. He asked her to do something to prove she was serious, so he needs to let her do it. Knowing how much this will make Nikki scream, makes it all worth it to her. It will also provide her with a way to pay tribute to him and guarantee her loyalty. Jeremy gives in and asks her to his room for a nightcap. Diane claims she’s on a strict timetable but will let him know the second she gets back.

At the Abbott estate, Summer comes down the stairs after getting Harrison to sleep. She admits to Kyle that she’s nervous about sticking around rather than going to Paris. He’s nervous about her grandfather and reveals that he asked him to help make sure that Adam fails at Jabot. She can’t believe her grandfather would hurt his own son and is startled that he is willing to consider helping Victor. Kyle points out that Adam has a bad history and Jack has a soft spot for him that he finds impossible to understand. She worries that his getting involved with Victor is a slippery slope.

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Diane arrives and Summer starts complaining about the Stark situation. Diane assures them that if all goes according to her plan, she will be able to put the last painful part of her past behind her. Jack rushes in wearing his burglar blacks and produces the necklace he swiped from Nikki’s safe. Summer is shocked that they stole from her grandma. Jack explains they are only borrowing it and Nikki will get it back. This doesn’t go over well. Summer starts panicking about grand larceny and orders her husband not to get any more involved. She runs off and Kyle follows. Diane tells Jack she didn’t want to bring all this turmoil to the family. She’s grateful for the great lengths he’s gone to. He reminds her she still has a role to play and she needs to be convincing. They agree to be there for each other. Jack says there’s a whole new layer to her, a level of courage he never expected and it’s very attractive. She smiles and they kiss.

Tucker stands in the park and stares at the sky before looking down at a photo of Devon on his phone.

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At Devon’s penthouse, he and Abby discuss his father trying to steal his company. She jokes about how her father would never try to do anything like that. Her being there is cheering him up. He was feeling like his life was going well until it all just fell apart. It’s more than a setback. He’s even told Jill he’s buying back Hamilton-Winters so he can run it the way Neil taught him to. After all the mistakes he’s made lately, he feels it’s time to trust his instincts. When he adds that Lily compared him to Victor, she assures him she was just upset and their bond can’t be broken. He gets a text from Tucker asking to meet. Devon is reluctant but she thinks he should agree and tell him he wants nothing to do with him face to face. He texts back, offering McCall five minutes.

Abby and Devon have salad Y&R

Tucker arrives at the penthouse as Abby exits. McCall doesn’t blame his son if he is angry and hurt. He knows things don’t look good and needs to explain what he really wanted. They remember the early days of their relationship. Devon remains defensive. His father insists he wanted to be a positive presence and they slowly got closer. He recalls Devon’s hearing operation and the song they produced together. He’d like to collaborate again so they can be part of each other’s lives. That was the dream. He wanted them working together and Ashley as his wife. All he wanted was to work with the two people who mean the most to him.

Tucker and Devon discuss the past Y&R

Devon thinks his goals were really nice but he’s not going to get what he wants if he has to lie to get them. It doesn’t matter what’s in his heart when he uses every dirty trick in the book. He hasn’t changed and he’s alienated him. The same has likely happened to Ashley. Tucker can see how he has failed and needs to make some changes. Devon orders him out. His father wants to fix things but Devon tells him to leave town. Tucker mopes out.

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At Crimson Lights, Lily thanks Daniel for letting her talk his ear off. He jokes that he stopped listening after awhile. They’ve both shared a lot with each other. For better or worse, she gets him. She wishes that weren’t true. Her smile drops when she spots Billy and Chelsea walking in. Billy plods off to order and Chelsea comes over to happily welcome Daniel back. He explains he’ll be around for a bit. She’s sure Kevin will be thrilled.

Daniel, Lily and Chelsea catch up Y&R

Billy joins them. It’s tense. Chelsea keeps up the small talk about the changes in Daniel’s career and then they talk about her career plans. Billy and Lily stare off as the other two continue to talk. Eventually, Chelsea ends this conversation and exits alone. Billy tells them to enjoy their night and takes off. “Wow, that was very pleasant,” Daniel says. Lily admits she’s not okay. She wants to sleep for a week. He assures her she can vent to him any time she wants.

Bill, Daniel, Chelsea and Lily small talk Y&R

Adam approaches Victor at Society and asks him what he was colluding with Kyle about. His father claims they were discussing family issues. He asked Kyle how Adam was fairing in his new position at Jabot. Adam wants to know what he’s really up to. He’s sure his father must be annoyed that he doesn’t mindlessly fall in line with his plans. Victor hopes that he doesn’t have the same problems with Connor that they have had. His son doubts that could happen. The Mustache tells him his own father was a bastard and he swore he would never be like him. Adam can appreciate that he overcame a lot to become who he is, but he’s a ruthless businessman who uses the image of a family man to justify his abhorrent behavior. This attitude hardly surprises Victor, who insists that he was only giving him tools to deal with what life throws at him. “What life usually throws at me is you,” Adam points out. He tells his father it’s low of him to try to use his child to pull him back in. This is all about him and what he wants. Victor thinks he has never forgiven him for the fact that his mother raised him on a farm rather than there. He once again hopes that Adam never has to experience with his own son, what he is experiencing now.

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Billy stops by Society and sits at the bar even though Adam is there. After taking a final swig, Adam strolls over and they agree they are the last people either of them wants to interact with. The Newman is tired of Billy insinuating himself into his life thanks to his relationship with Chelsea. When he accuses him of taking advantage of her, Billy warns him. Adam keeps pushing and accuses him of loving playing her savior. When he adds that Lily can see it too, Billy leaps up and yelps at him to back off. He accuses him of causing Chelsea to fall into the position she was in. As they get in each other’s faces, railing about helping her, Abby interrupts and gets them to back down. Adam apologizes and exits. She asks Billy what’s wrong with him.

In Chelsea’s apartment, she picks up a blanket and remembers putting it on Billy. Adam shows up. “What’s wrong?” she asks. He walks in, disoriented. She tells him he should go. He agrees and says they can talk tomorrow.

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