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At Society, Sally declines Nick’s offer of a drink before dinner and claims it’s because of the meeting with Jill tomorrow. Nick wants to get her out of work mode. They clasp hands and Sally tells him she’s really glad he reached out to her. There’s no one else she’d rather spend the night with than him. Nick makes a face, and she looks over to see Adam standing in the doorway watching them.
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Adam makes his way to the bar and Sally tells Nick that was surprisingly non-confrontational. She starts rambling about the menu and Nick decides they should just get out of there. Sally argues they can’t run every time they see Adam. “We’ll just pretend like he’s not even here.” Nick picks up his menu and Sally glances at Adam.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle tells Diane it took some convincing, but Summer finally agreed that it wasn’t necessary to take Harrison to Paris. He asks if she’s heard from his dad. Diane says Jack should be getting to Victor and Nikki’s place in Chicago any minute to swipe the necklace. Kyle worries about the risk. Diane reassures him. Kyle asks if she really thinks Stark will buy all of this. Diane informs him that his mother still has what it takes to reel in the big fish. She’s meeting him soon. Kyle notes she seems wired, like she’s getting a kick out of the game.
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Diane concedes that she used to thrive on the thrill of the game, but not anymore. This is about shutting Jeremy down. She has to go meet him for drinks and takes off, with Kyle warning her to be careful as she goes.

Audra opens her suite door to Tucker, who asks if she thought she could just avoid him after what she did. Audra says, “Let’s get this over with.” Tucker informs her she’s absolutely blown it for him and Devon. “You’ve failed me, Audra. And I’m not going to forget it either.” Audra wonders if that’s a threat. He says it’s a promise — one he intends to keep. He hollers, “You had one job!” Audra tells Tucker that Devon figured it out due to a phone alert. The reason that twigged suspicion is because of the way he’s been acting since he flew into town on a helicopter. She lectures him for choosing manipulation over honesty and tells him that this time his son was smarter than him. Tucker complains that he won’t take his calls and has cut him off from his grandson. The relationship means more to him than any company. “I wanted to build something with him.” He also wanted that with Ashley. Audra gathers things went south there too. She informs Tucker that she won’t cower for forgiveness and is as through with him as he is with her. Just then, Nate shows up at the door. He sees Tucker and asks, “Is there a problem here?” Tucker says he was just leaving and exits. Nate says to Audra, “I had no idea you knew Tucker McCall. What did I just walk in on?”
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Audra’s sorry he had to see any of that. Nate wants her to explain her association with Devon’s father. Audra tells Nate he deserves honesty. “Tucker was here to berate me. Our plan failed, so naturally, that was my fault.” Nate asks what plan that would be. Audra explains she was supposed to help him take over Chancellor-Winters when it went public.

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At Crimson Lights, Kyle takes a surprising call and asks, “When and where?” before saying, “Sounds good. I’ll see you shortly.” He disconnects and spots Tucker. He suggests he leave town since he bombed with both Ashley and Devon. He was crazy to think he’d get his hands on his company or his aunt. Tucker lost interest in Jabot a while ago but won’t give up on Ashley just yet. Kyle smirks that she’s headed to Paris tonight.
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At Society, Sally asks Nick if he has any tips on how to impress Jill. Nick warns her not to try and B.S. her or fake expertise. He advises her just to be real. Nick gets a text from the nanny and Sally and Adam exchange a glance. Nick goes back to talking about Jill and then tells Sally she’s smart, kind, and unbelievably sexy. Sally decides they should go after all — she has a sudden desire to get him alone.

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Diane meets Jeremy at Noah’s club, and he’s already ordered her a cocktail. He asks how their project is going — he wants details. Phyllis walks in, unseen, and ducks back to watch as Diane puts her hand on Stark’s knee. He reminds Diane she was supposed to deliver the goods by tomorrow. Diane assures him she has it all under control. Diane teases that she’s headed to Chicago tonight and tomorrow, she’ll present him with an exquisite, beloved, and stolen piece of jewelry. Stark learns she’s robbing Nikki Newman and is taken aback. Diane explains it’s a little payback. Behind them, Phyllis snaps a photo.
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Kyle arrives at Society as Nick and Sally are leaving. He greets them and moves on to Adam at the bar. He needles him about Sally choosing the superior brother. Adam doubts Summer shares his enthusiasm. Kyle was just making an observation. Victor walks in and Kyle tells him it was nice to get his call. Adam wants to know why they’re meeting. Victor says they’re catching up as family, something Adam has forgotten they do.

Ashley’s packing at the Abbott house when Tucker arrives. She tells him he’s wasting his time coming there. He knows he’s the last person she wants to see but he’s begging her to hear him out. “Will you please listen to what I have to say?” Ashley tells him to make it quick. Tucker says he screwed up and played it all wrong. “But everything I did, every thought I had, was in hopes of creating something truly special for you.” Ashley didn’t hear an apology. Tucker says, “I’m sorry that I hurt you. It was the last thing that I wanted.” He insists this isn’t spin. It was never his plan to rip Jabot away from her or her family. Tucker just wanted to provide the means for her to be the star. Ashley interrupts, “You decided what was best for my life.” Tucker knows she was excited by it. “I know you, Ashley.” He fumes, “There’s more going on than you care to admit between us!” He doesn’t think their connection can be faked. His feelings are real and profound. They owe it to themselves to find their way back from this. “Will you stay? Please? Give us a chance.”
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In Audra’s suite, Nate asks her when she and Tucker forged the alliance. She explains they go back a long way. They shared a personal and business connection. She was his Trojan horse for Chancellor-Winters, but Devon figured it out. Nate notes she lied about being finished at the company. Audra was hoping to show him what she could do as COO before he found out the truth. Nate muses about her taking advantage of the distance between him and his cousin. Audra just wanted to prove her worth. Nate replies, “At my expense.” He hired her without having all the facts, which doesn’t make him look good. Audra is thrilled to finally be done with Tucker and is sure they can achieve great things together. Under the circumstances, she’ll understand if he wants to rescind his offer of employment.

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Phyllis meets Nikki at Crimson Lights and reports that Diane is back despite everything they were led to believe. Nikki heard. Phyllis says she saw her making out with Jack, who was going right along with it. Nikki feels he’ll regret it. Phyllis says Diane is totally playing him. “I just saw her with Jeremy Stark. Looking way less than terrified of him, by the way.”

At Glam Club, Stark tells Diane he’ll be really impressed if she can deliver. A heist like this would be difficult to pull off on her own. He wants to hear exactly how she’s going to do it.

In Audra’s suite, Nate recalls that she hardly reacted when he confessed. She must have been relieved that the focus was on him. Audra admits it came as a jolt. Nate muses, “Tucker realized he had some competition.” Audra concedes it would have put him at a serious disadvantage. They agree that you have to play to win or you’ve lost. Nate says that’s why his offer for her to be COO still stands.

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At the Abbott house, Ashley admits she started to feel things for Tucker again. She didn’t think it was possible, but it happened. She felt the pull and her instincts kept telling her not to trust him and they were dead right. “There’s no chance in hell,” she declares. He’s a crappy partner the first time around and hasn’t changed. All he had to do was be straight with her and he chose not to. She can’t wait to get on the plane, so she doesn’t have to look at him again!

At Society, Victor makes small talk with Kyle before getting to the reason he called him. Kyle assumes it’s about his mother. Victor tells him it’s something more important. “How’s Adam doing at Jabot?”

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Sally and Nick get back to her suite and she tosses her coat over the chair before removing his coat, scarf and suit jacket. As she’s loosening his tie, they start kissing. Nick is nuzzling her neck when she spots the prenatal vitamins on the table.
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At the Abbott house, Tucker asks Ashley how long she’ll be gone. She says it’s not his business. Tucker will be thinking about her any minute. She asks him to go. “Now.” Tucker steps outside and she shuts the door behind him.

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At Glam Club, Diane tells Jeremy not to underestimate her and reminds him that she was Mrs. Victor Newman a couple of times. Stark finds her intoxicating when she’s like this and almost believes he can trust her. Diane guarantees by tomorrow he’ll be sold.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis and Nikki sniff about Diane stringing Jack along while she’s colluding with Jeremy. Phyllis says Ashley’s going out of town for a few weeks and asks Nikki, “What are we going to do? How are we going to get rid of Diane?”
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In Sally’s suite, she urges Nick to go to the shower and she’ll join him in a minute. After he’s behind closed doors, she rushes to hide the prenatal vitamins.

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At Society, Kyle tells Victor that Adam’s doing alright at Jabot. Victor guesses Kyle’s not too happy about him working there. Neither of them are. “So why don’t we remedy that?”

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