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Chelsea opens her door and finds Billy sitting outside on the floor. She asks if he’s okay. He says he’s fine. She urges him to come inside and asks, “What’s wrong? Is it Lily?” Billy grimaces. Chelsea asks what happened. Tears run down Billy’s cheek as she replies, “It’s over.”

In the park, Lily is standing alone when Daniel appears. He apologizes for startling her and marvels at the beautiful and inspiring view. He hopes to get the creative juices flowing again is grateful they haven’t turned the place into condos yet. Lily doesn’t respond, so he asks what’s going on. Daniel wonders if she wants to be left alone or would like company.
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At Noah’s club, he meets with his dad. Nick and Noah compare notes on being content in their lives and Noah asks how serious things are with him and Sally.

In Sally’s suite, she and Chloe are working. Chloe shuts down shop talk to ask how Sally is feeling. She doesn’t want to push but the clock is ticking. “You need to start making some decisions.” Sally volleys that she’s totally ready for their presentation to Jill tomorrow. Chloe informs her that there’s a huge elephant in the room and she’s not going to let her ignore it for another second. “You need to start making decisions about your pregnancy.”
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Sally balks at discussing the pregnancy but Chloe refuses to play this avoidance game. Sally wants to focus on the life-changing presentation tomorrow. Chloe argues that the pregnancy could change everything. She pulls out a bottle of prenatal vitamins and urges her pal to start taking them.
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At Chelsea’s place, Billy’s not ready to talk about what happened. Chelsea is sorry, especially if she had anything to do with it. Billy assures it’s 100% on him. Chelsea suggests a movie, but he’s not up for it. Chelsea feels he could use some escapism and pushes snacks. She convinces him to watch the dumbest movie of all time. They get set up and start the film, making faces at each other and chuckling over the stupidity. Soon, Billy’s laughing and, eventually, he dozes off.

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At the park, Lily tells Daniel she doesn’t mind company but she’s feeling talked out. Daniel can be silent company. Lily feels like it’s been the longest day of her life — her whole world has been turned upside-down. She talked to Billy about how their relationship is over, and to Devon, who wants to dissolve their partnership. She feels like everything in her life has fallen apart at once. Daniel puts his arm around her, and she leans on his shoulder.
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They sit, and Daniel assures Lily they’ll always be friends. What’s happening with her sucks, and she deserves so much more. Lily doesn’t really know what she deserves. “I’m dealing with the consequences of my own actions.” She chose to date Billy and partner with Devon… and has failed. Daniel argues that she tried to see the best in Billy, and says she is an amazing businesswoman. It’s not her fault that other people can’t see the bigger, better picture. Lily wants to fix this but realizes she doesn’t have control over anything.

In Sally’s suite, she insists she doesn’t need the prenatal vitamins. Chloe questions if she doesn’t trust the home test, in which case she should make an appointment with a doctor. Sally blurts, “I already went, alright! It was positive.” Chloe sighs, “Sally, this is happening. You can’t avoid it.” Sally just can’t face it right now. Chloe knows it’s scary, but she doesn’t have to do it alone. She vows to be there every step of the way. “You have the baby’s father’s support too, right?”

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At the Glam Club, Nick asks Noah, “How serious is the Allie thing?” Noah says she’s amazing, they love spending time together and support one another, and he appreciates her more and more every day. Nick replies, “Same.” Noah is excited about his relationship with Allie, especially after the Audra stuff. Nick remembers that kind of love. He and Sally aren’t in that place — at least not yet. He toasts Noah having it all.

Noah asks Nick about love with Sally — not now or not ever? Nick knows he’s not a fan of him seeing her, but they enjoy each other’s company. They’re happy and don’t feel the need to push or define it any faster than necessary. They won’t make it any more complicated than necessary. Noah warns things can change in the blink of an eye. Nick feels he knows more about complicated relationships than his son and assures him that this isn’t that.
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In Sally’s suite, she reminds Chloe that she and Nick aren’t even in a serious relationship. Chloe muses that for two people who aren’t in a serious relationship, they sure spend a lot of time together. Sally comes back with, “Trust me. My being pregnant is definitely not in the plan and the last thing I want is Nick to feel like I’m trying to trap him into anything by springing this on him.” Chloe knows Nick and doesn’t think he’d react that way. He loves being a father and knows things sometimes happen. She’s sure they could figure this out as a team. Sally says, “No. I’m not ready yet. I need more time.” Chloe tells her she doesn’t have time. “Pregnancies don’t work that way and if you wait too long, they’ll tell the world for you.”
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In the park, Daniel tells Lily the only thing she can control is herself and her reactions. Lily still feels horrible. He assures her it will get better as time passes. Lily asks if that’s what happened to him when Heather left. Daniel crashed and burned and was wallowing in his own self-pity. He could give her a checklist of what not to do. Lily may have checked off a few already. Daniel doubts it. He recounts how he chose to lean into his misery and drove Heather and Lucy away.

At Chelsea’s place, Billy calls out her name in his sleep. Suddenly, he startles awake shouting, “No!!” Chelsea tells him he was having a nightmare and called out her name. She has a feeling it has to do with that night on the roof. She points out they never discussed how that night was for him. Billy tries to shrug it off, but Chelsea says his feelings matter to her. She’s thought about what he had to go through, and she wants him to be able to talk to her about it. They’re the only two people who were there, “So, please. Talk to me.”

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In the park, Daniel reveals that he went on a self-destruct binge when Heather and Lucy left. Now he’s on a mission to try and make things better in his life, and maybe one day better for his daughter’s life too. He runs down Lily’s best attributes and assures her that Billy failed her, and Devon is failing everyone by dissolving the partnership. He was supposed to be committed to the family and by backing out, he’s failing himself. Together they could have ruled the world. Lily appreciates his viewpoint but still feels like the biggest loser. She warns Daniel she can’t give any guarantees what will or won’t make it through the company’s next stage.
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In Sally’s suite, she wants to table the baby discussion and call it a night. Chloe learns that she has plans to have dinner and drinks with Nick and asks how she’ll explain being suddenly on the wagon. Sally will remind him she’s had an upset stomach. Chloe urges her to snap out of this denial — soon, she’ll have to face the facts.

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Nick arrives and Chloe declines an invitation to join them. She says she has to get home. As Nick helps Sally on with her coat, Chloe plants the bottle of pre-natal vitamins on the coffee table.

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At Chelsea’s place, Bill recalls how he froze when he saw her on the rooftop. From that moment on everything was instinct. Chelsea is so sorry; it must have been terrifying. Billy felt both fear and guilt. “I’m the one that showed you that spot.” If he didn’t make the right moves, it was going to happen all over again. “I wasn’t able to save my daughter.” Chelsea never made that connection. Billy admits it’s been a bit like a do-over. Chelsea cries and he assures her that fortunately, it was a different outcome. That said, the “what ifs” are still with him and he has nightmares every night about not doing and saying the right things. “It plays out in slow motion,” he grimaces. Chelsea realizes her actions put him in a horrible position. “I hate that you had to witness that.” Billy doesn’t. The pain would have been the same whether he was there or not. The world is a better place with her in it. “You are a bright spot in my day right now and I wouldn’t change that for anything.” Chelsea assures that the world is a lot better with him in it too.

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At the park, Lily thanks Daniel — she does feel a little bit better and has been through worse. She thanks him for being such a good friend. Lily tells him she believes he’ll be a success with anything he puts his mind to. “I will do everything in my power to bring your dream to fruition.” Daniel says that’s all he can ask for. She really does hope Heather and Lucy notice. “You’re doing something special, and I hope they see that.” Daniel replies, “Me too.” Lily has faith in him and his endeavor. “I am 100% behind you and your project.” Daniel puts his arm around her and says, “Well, I guess we can’t fail then, can we?” She replies, “No.”

At Society, Sally gabs about being extra hungry. Nick’s glad she has her appetite back and suggests they order one of everything. First, he wants to order drinks. Sally’s expression changes.

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