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Lily and Billy walk into Society, sit down and make small talk about the weather and food. Billy suggests a drink and Lily muses, “That was really hard.” Billy didn’t expect their first therapy session to be that bad. Lily characterizes it as brutal. Billy thought it would be more conversational, but the guy was hard. He suggests maybe they need a new therapist. Lily asks if Billy disagreed with anything he said. Billy says, “No. Unfortunately, he was on point.” He concedes that he thinks brutally honest is the way to go — he’s just trying to process this. Lily says, “Me too.” She thinks they already knew a lot of it — they’ve been going in different directions for a while now. They have so little common ground, they were destined to end up like this.

In her room, Sally’s working on her laptop when Nick knocks and asks if she’s okay. She lets him in. The pregnancy information sheet sits out as he says he thought maybe she was ghosting him, and he couldn’t figure out why. Sally assures him she’s not ghosting him as she shoves the papers into the trash. She claims it was a proposal and he offers to take a look at it. Sally says it’s not needed and asks if he really thought she was blowing him off. Nick wouldn’t be there if he did — he was just thinking about her and wondering how she was doing. He asks about her stomach bug, and she says she’s fine. He asks, “You sure?”
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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle complains to Summer about her dropping a bomb on him at the office. He asks if she really wants to take their son out of the country. Summer sniffs that with everything going on, she’d like Harrison to be far away from the danger. Kyle knows she doesn’t like the way his mother’s situation with Stark has taken over their lives, but they are doing what is necessary. Summer complains that it seems like every day things are spinning further and further out of control and they’re just getting in deeper. “A new plan, a new plot — what’s next?!?”
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Kyle argues that this will be over soon — his mother knows how to handle Stark. Summer asks what happens when the criminal finds out she’s playing him. Kyle tells his wife that Diane is risking her life for all of them. Summer fumes, “It’s not just her own safety she’s risking.” Kyle assures her he’ll always protect her and Harrison. “I hope you know me better than that.”

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Jack reads a text from Diane saying, “I’ve got this,” and grimaces. Sharon checks in on him and tells her he’s just worried about a friend.

Sharon walks inside the coffee house and is looking at her phone when Chance wanders in. She explains she’s waiting to hear from Mariah and Tessa and then asks how he’s doing. He’s working another case. She says she wasn’t wondering about his work. “I was asking about you.” Chance tries to deflect but she genuinely wants to know how he’s doing. Chance says life is weird right now as he tries to establish new habits. Sharon understands. Things changed after Rey died and Faith left for college. She eats dinner alone every night. Chance is in the same boat. Sharon has an idea.
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Diane arrives at Noah’s club, steels herself, and joins Jeremy, who is pouring champagne. He tells her how chic she looks and kisses her cheek. She asks if they’re celebrating and he muses, “Let’s see where the evening takes us.” They toast, drink, and reminisce. Jeremy wonders if he were to accept her proposition, they wouldn’t be able to do things the way they did before or the feds would be on them. He proposes she could travel alone and do the transactions without him since she’s not on parole. Diane feels there are plenty of opportunities in Genoa City. Stark agrees, looks around, and says the club would be the perfect money-laundering operation. He can definitely see himself owning a piece of the place.
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On the coffee house patio, Jack texts Diane to ask if she’s done with Stark yet. “I need to know you’re alright.”

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At the club, Diane informs Stark he needs to find another base of operations. “This club would not be a good fit.” It’s owned by Victor Newman’s grandson and leased by Chancellor-Winters. “You don’t want to cross them.” Jeremy thinks he’s making excuses. Diane argues she knows the people in this town and it’s not a headache he needs. She likes his train of thought, however, and hopes he’ll accept her offer. Jeremy reminds her she still has to pass his loyalty test.
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In Sally’s suite, she tells Nick her stomach issues must have been something she ate, but she may be off because of the proposal she’s struggling with. Nick suggests they go get some dinner. Sally wants to keep working so he suggests take-out. Sally says she’d like that very much. They kiss and he leaves to get it. Sally roots in the garbage and pulls out the pregnancy brochure. She then rips it up and stuffs it back in the trash.

At the Abbott mansion, Summer tells Kyle it’s one conflict after another and there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight. She wants to get away from it and to get Harrison away from it as well. She’ll make it seem like a fun adventure for the boy. She’ll get more work done not being distracted by all this craziness. Kyle hears her and admits he’s scared too. She urges him to come with them, but he can’t leave his mom. His fear is that this is coming between them and that’s not something he can bear.

At the club, Jeremy warns Diane he won’t be played for a sucker, especially by her. He doesn’t trust her yet. He asks if she’s staying at the Abbott estate. She says she was renting an apartment but is now back at their hotel. He thinks it would be more cost-effective for them to share a suite. Diane assures him he will rebuild his fortune. Jeremy notes she’s much more confident than before. She reminds him she was always in fear of her true identity being exposed. Stark muses, “Now you have nothing to hide except the criminal enterprise you’re preparing to launch.” Diane doesn’t see the need for a loyalty test at this point. Her family is furious with her for going back to him. Stark has to look out for himself so any partnership would definitely require an act of loyalty on her part. Diane is up for the challenge and asks what he has in mind. Jeremy says it’s something outrageous — something that will prove she would go to the line for him.
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Diane guesses Jeremy wants her to prove she has some skin in the game. He knows she can get away with anything — she got away with her own murder. “You said you want to live life on the edge, well, this is your chance to prove it.” Diane asks, “What do I have to do?” Jeremy whispers, “Surprise me.”

At Society, Billy warns Lily not to jump to the worst-case scenario. He suggests dinner but she’s not hungry. Billy again offers a drink. Lily curls up into his side as he puts his arm around her.
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Sharon and Chance walk into the coffee house with takeout. Chance thinks it’s a great idea for them to eat together. Sharon has never tried Ethiopian food before, and Chance is excited she let him pick the place. He’s glad to have such lovely company. Sharon hopes it will be a fun little adventure. Chance vows he wouldn’t steer her wrong.

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At the Abbott house, Summer assures Kyle she doesn’t want the Diane situation to come between them. Kyle gets it; things have been hard both at home and at the office. He complains that Summer’s being pulled in a thousand directions and one of the strongest pulls is her mother. Summer balks. “Wait a minute…” Kyle continues on to says that Summer’s partly so upset because Phyllis is so upset. Summer hollers, “Don’t you dare make this about her! This is about Diane’s never-ending chaos!”

Diane meets Jack on Crimson Lights’ patio and he’s relieved that she’s there. She relays that Jeremy still doesn’t trust her, but his greed and arrogance are overshadowing his doubts. “He is falling right into my trap but before we spring it on him, they need to do one more thing.” Jack asks, “Oh? What is that?” Diane replies, “We have to find a crime for me to commit.”

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Nick returns to Sally’s suite with takeout, and she marvels over how amazing he is. “You are the perfect man.” They start making out and head to bed.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Chance she really enjoyed her first foray into Ethiopian food. He told her he wouldn’t steer her wrong. She wants to pay him back and suggests they eat together again next week. “We can start our own supper club.” Chance assures her he’ll get used to eating alone. Sharon enjoys spending time with him and says they can even try another cuisine. Chance nods, “Next week it is.”

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle reminds Summer that Phyllis is the one who invited chaos to town. Summer’s not sure how her mother became solely responsible for Diane’s criminal ex-boyfriend. “Don’t you think he would have eventually tracked her down on his own?” Kyle can’t believe she’s defending her mother’s actions. Summer tells him they need to stop. Kyle agrees; this is exactly what he didn’t want to happen. She thinks her and Harrison going to Paris would be best. Kyle loves her so much, “I just hate all of this.” Summer hates it too. They embrace.

On Crimson Lights’ patio, Diane explains that Stark wants her to commit a crime as a loyalty test. She just has to get past this hurdle, and he’ll be putty in her hands. Jack asks exactly what crime she’s considering. Diane thinks she should steal something of considerable value. Jack offers to open the safe at the house. Diane argues that would be too easy and obvious. “He’ll suspect a set-up.” Her victim has to be someone who would never, ever under any circumstance help her out. “Steal from Phyllis? Don’t tempt me.”

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At Society, Lily sniffs that she needs some air. Billy moves to follow her but she needs some time. Billy takes her hands. “Lily, we’re going to be alright.” He tells her they’ll work on this and do whatever it takes. Lily tells him, “Let’s just be honest.” They can’t keep doing this. She kisses him and walks to the door, where she reads a text from Daniel asking how her appointment went. She tearfully exits, leaving Billy stewing.
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In Sally’s suite, she and Nick cuddle after sex and she asks if he still has any concerns about her ghosting him. He teases that she should come and ghost him in the shower now. Sally has to take a rain check… because she’s starving. He heads to shower, and Sally puts on her robe and starts unpacking the food. Smelling it, she feels nauseous.
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At the Abbott mansion, Kyle wishes he could shield Summer from all of this. She wants to protect him as much as he wants to protect her. They kiss and embrace.

On Crimson Lights’ patio, Jack tells Diane it would be a mistake to target Phyllis. Diane agrees and explains that Ashley is a non-starter as she lives in the Abbott house. Jack muses, “Not to mention her growing anger at the two of us becoming closer. No, she could be every bit as dangerous to our plan as Phyllis.” Diane says that only leaves one member of the coven, and given her role in Jeremy coming to town, maybe Nikki Newman deserves a little larceny coming her way.
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