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At Crimson Lights, Sally disconnects from making a doctor’s appointment when Adam walks up and asks, “Is everything okay?” Sally asks if he was listening in on her call. He didn’t hear a word but she’s huddled there like she’s hiding. Sally just wanted privacy and tells him to mind his own business. Adam observes that she seems tense and tired. He offers to lend an ear about what’s keeping her up at night. Sally muses, “Don’t you really want to ask who is keeping me up at night?”

At the penthouse, Abby comes downstairs, and Devon greets her with, “Good morning, pretty lady,” and hands her a coffee. He says Dom’s off with the nanny and he let her sleep in. They discuss “last night” and Abby admits she felt a hint of guilt. Devon reminds her she’s not betraying anyone this time. Abby says the divorce is just so fresh and this is so new. But whens he looks at him and hears him talk about Dominic, she knows she’s in the right place. They kiss. Abby’s happier than she’s been in a long time. Devon feels the exact same way. They embrace.

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At Chancellor-Winters, Lily ends a call with Jill after telling her she’s excited and this is definitely the right move. She then relays to Audra that Jill pulled the trigger. Audra enthuses that this will be a huge success for all of them… in unimaginable ways.
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At Jabot, Kyle worries that maybe Diane should take a leave of absence due to Stark, but his mother says she won’t let the criminal ruin her amazing life. Summer walks up and informs Kyle that they need to talk.

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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley confronts Jack about blowing her off last night with regard to him kissing Diane. He says he has no time to talk to her now either, but Ashley pleads with him not to leave the house until they’ve had a chance to speak. Jack can’t understand his sister’s continued vendetta against Diane. Ashley argues that she can understand Jack wanting Kyle to reconnect with his mother, but what she saw last night was concerning. Jack says it’s none of her business. Ashley bellows that she’s not part of the family! She can’t get the image out of her mind of Jack’s little boy crying his eyes out because she let her believe she was dead. Ashley cannot forgive her and thinks she earned permanent exile. Jack snarls about Ashley of all people complaining about a viper coming into this house.
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At Devon’s place, he says he has to get to the office soon. Abby has to go home and change before meeting Noah at his club. She grimaces, “It doesn’t feel like home. It’s the Chancellor mansion and I’m no longer a Chancellor.” Devon understands and suggests they focus on making the transition seamless for Dominic. They don’t have to rush into anything.

At Crimson Lights, Adam insists to Sally that he’s not asking who she’s sleeping with — they’re done and moving on. Though he’ll always remember their halcyon days at Newman Media finally. Sally says she’s tired from planning a new business. Adam can’t wait for her and Chloe to open their doors and knows it will be a success. Sally asks why he’s being so nice. “What are you after?” Adam’s offended and walks away. She stops him and apologizes for being in a mood this morning. “I just have a lot on my plate right now.”
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At Noah’s club, Daniel stares at his phone — he’s sent Heather the news about him heading up the Chancellor-Winters gaming division but there’s been no response. After a minute, he gets a reply. Heather says, “Happy for you. But Lucy needs more time.” He’s agonizing when Abby walks in and gawps, “Daniel?!” Daniel tells her she looks terrific, and she asks if he has time to catch up. He asks her to have a seat. Talk turns to his new job and eventually she learns that Heather and Lucy aren’t with him, and he doesn’t know when they’ll join him.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Audra assures Lily she’ll run the numbers and decide on the best day to make the announcement. Devon arrives and questions this happening without him having any say. Lily reminds him he’s known about this all along. Audra gets a text and steps out. Lily tells Devon this wasn’t a secret — she and Jill talked and decided this is what’s best for the company. She doesn’t agree with his argument against the IPO and can’t understand why he wants to limit their growth.
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At Jabot, Kyle asks Summer what she wanted to talk about. She glances at Diane and tells him it was nothing important. She reminds Kyle that Mariah is away — she and Tessa have gone to meet a potential birth mother. Diane knows they’ll make great parents. Summer snaps, “You barely know them.” Diane reminds her they work together. Summer sniffs that she has to pull some files from Jack’s office and walks off. Just then, Diane takes a call from Jeremy. She tells Stark she’ll make the arrangements and text him the time and place. After Diane disconnects, Kyle wonders if his mother will be at Jeremy’s beck and call now. Diane nixes his concerns and urges him not to tell his father that she’s meeting the man tonight. She can do this on her own.

At Noah’s club, Abby tells Daniel she wants to introduce him to Dominic. Daniel misses that age. Abby next tells him that she and Chance split up. Daniel’s sorry. Abby’s just trying to move forward. Daniel says he has to meet with Lily and tells Abby he’ll see her again soon.
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack crabs about Ashley and Tucker kissing outside the front door. He rants that she and her allies have been petty and mean to Diane. “She has changed, I’ve been trying to tell you this for months.” Ash reminds him that she’s never overtly evil. She’s sneaky and manipulative and hasn’t changed. “She has never been and will never be helpless!”

Audra walks into Tucker’s room and asks what he wants. Tucker wants to know when or if the IPO is going to happen. Audra is doing her job and was in the middle of a meeting about it when he texted her. She reports that Lily and Jill have got the ball rolling, but Devon is resistant. What happened with Nate made him paranoid, “And you and I both know he’s right.” Tucker bellows, “No he’s not! What I am doing is in his best interests!” He declares that he is going to work side-by-side with his son. “That’s all I want.” Audra suggests he take Devon’s frame of mind into account and find another way to make that happen… in the meantime, she’s getting back to work before Lily and Devon become suspicious at her reasons for leaving in the middle of an important conversation! She slams out of the suite.
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At Chancellor-Winters, Devon reminds Lily, he doesn’t want them to give up autonomy. They planned to run the conglomeration as a family and giving up decision-making power doesn’t make sense to him. There are more important things than money. Lily informs him that she and Jill want to move forward and together they have the majority. His general vague concerns aren’t enough to stop them. Devon argues they’re not vague. Lily will walk this path alone if she has to. Devon will come up with a legitimate reason to stop this.
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At Crimson Lights, Adam tries to get Sally to open up. She rambles about things always being difficult for her. Adam doesn’t know what she’s talking about but is confident she’ll figure it out. “You really do deserve a break, but by the same token, you can handle anything.” Sally asks why he’s being so nice to her. Adam replies, “I think you know.” Sally insists she had no idea. Adam just meant that she will always be special to him. “We have a connection.” He reminds her they could always discuss anything. Sally looks at the time and takes off for her appointment, but not before thanking Adam first.

At Jabot, Kyle argues with Diane about going on a date with the criminal Stark. He and Jack should be taking care of this, not her. Summer eavesdrops as Diane insists she can handle this herself and reminds her son she’s as tough and wily as people have accused her of being. “I haven’t lost my touch. Believe me, I’ve got this under control.”

At Society, Tucker spots Devon as he walks in and calls out to him. He senses his son is carrying some stress. Devon admits the IPO thing at work has him reconsidering the merger altogether. Tucker asks what’s going on. Devon doesn’t want to get into it with him too much, but he’s losing even more autonomy with the IPO than he already has with the merger. Tucker understands what the company he started with Neil means to him and suggests that maybe he should take Hamilton-Winters back from Chancellor and run it on his own again. “I know someone who could help you.”
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Devon doesn’t want Tucker getting involved with his business. Tucker backtracks and reminds Devon he has the capital to make the move alone. Devon isn’t looking for advice. Tucker understands; he hasn’t always been there for him, but it’s his area of expertise. He advises his son that he shouldn’t be constricted by what other people want, and at the same time, it’s okay to go after what you want. “I might just be the guy to help you do that.”
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At Noah’s club, Abby texts him wondering where he is since they were supposed to meet. She looks at her wedding ring and removes it, placing it in her purse.

At Crimson Lights, Lily comes upon Daniel, deep in thought. He asks how she’s doing, and she says she’s fine. “How are you feeling?” He insists he’s great but she’s not buying it. Daniel resists opening up, but Lily coaxes him. Daniel doesn’t want her to judge him. Lily would never do that. Daniel admits that back in Savannah he made some mistakes. He describes the jealousy and insecurity he felt toward Heather and her career and tells her how he pushed her and Lucy away. He’s trying to get back on solid ground and Lily and Devon put him there. “Maybe this will show the two women in my life that I’m not a lost cause.”

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At the Abbott mansion, Ashley mocks Jack for buying into Diane’s “poor me” act. Jack snaps that it’s not an act — he’s seen the fear in her eyes. Jeremy Stark is a dangerous man and he will protect Diane and the family. Ashley recaps that Diane chose to cross a dangerous man years ago and now their family is in danger. “Are you hearing this?” She adds that Diane is using the situation to worm her way back into their home and his bed. “And maybe that’s the whole point of this.” Jack fumes, “If you’re so indignant about who I entertain in my home, maybe you should stay elsewhere!” Ashley hollers that she won’t be thrown out of the family home and she’s not giving an inch to Diane. Jack is just saying… Ashley interrupts, “I am not being forced out because of your sick fixation on Diane, Jack. And you know what else? You might be CEO, but Jabot belongs to me too. And you wanted her to work there, I never got a vote.” She bellows, “I am laying it out there — Diane Jenkins will never ever be welcome in our home or in our company! Do you understand me?!? Not, ever!”
Ashley Jack Y&R

At Jabot, Kyle and Summer are finally alone and he suspects she has something to say about his mom. Summer tells her husband that things are really getting tense around there, what with Stark around. She’s scared and wants a break from Genoa City. Kyle asks, “What are you talking about?” Summer says there’s a textile show in Paris and she’s going to go. “I want to take Harrison with me.”
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In her suite, Sally reads a paper from the doctor about the first trimester of pregnancy and, sighs emotionally, “What am I going to do now?!”

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At Crimson Lights, Lily tells Daniel that he can work from anywhere so he could go join his family and try to keep it together. Daniel doesn’t want to split his focus. Lily’s so sorry. Daniel doesn’t want her to look at him like “that” and assures her he’s getting better and is going to be okay. Lily’s there is he needs anything. She says she has an appointment, and he senses she’s nervous. Lily’s a little anxious but changes the subject back to him. “You are not a lost cause.” On her way out the door, she gets a text from Billy, who has just parked at the therapist’s office and asks where she is.

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At Society, Devon tells Tucker he will figure things out on his own, but concedes that his father makes some good points. “I appreciate the insight.” As Devon puts his coat on, Tucker’s phone makes a notification sound. Devon notes that it’s a unique tone. Tucker chuckles that it came with the phone. Outside, Devon makes a call to someone and asks them to find out as much as they can about a connection between Tucker McCall and Audra Charles.

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