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At Noah’s club, Phyllis tells Ashley that Diane is back. Ashley groans. Phyllis complains that she never really left town and her daughter blew her off at Christmas to spend it with Diane and her husband. Ashley’s sorry. Phyllis feels Diane has corrupted her daughter. She let everyone believe she had run her out of town, when really, she was taken to the Abbott cabin by an Abbott-sponsored motorcade. Ashley rants that Jack did the same thing to her and continues to defend the woman. Phyllis asks what they’re going to do. “We’re all in danger now.”

At the Abbott house, Jack tells Diane she has to make Jeremy believe she’s all in. She’ll have to convince him that she’s still attracted to him. Diane wonders if Jack is worried she won’t be able to pull this off… or that she will? Jack rants that he only went along with this because it seemed like the only viable way to get rid of Stark. He’s worried about her putting herself in danger. Diane urges him to keep his personal feelings out of it. She thinks if she’s going to be convincing, she should return to her hotel suite. Jack is appalled at this idea and wants her to stay there.

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Devon opens his door to Abby and Dom. She hands the little guy over and brings the stroller in. Devon asks how she is and they fawn over the boy. Abby asks, “Tucker isn’t here yet.” Devon says he’ll be there any minute and he appreciates her allowing him to visit. Abby and Devon agree the more love Dom has, the better. Abby asks to stay for the visit as Tucker appears in the doorway, takes in the threesome, and says, “That is quite a sight.”

At Noah’s club, Ashley confides in Phyllis that she never believed Diane would up and leave her meal ticket. She accused Jack of stashing her away somewhere and he came at her with righteous indignation. The lies kept rolling off his tongue — it makes her wonder how far he’ll go to protect her. Phyllis marvels that Diane has spun the whole Jeremy Stark thing to her advantage. She’s brainwashed Ashley’s entire family and her daughter into believing that anyone who states the truth is the enemy. “She is a sociopath. Her plan is working.” Ashley replies, “I know.” Just then, Summer walks in and tells Phyllis she’s been looking for her. “Can we talk?” Phyllis tells her daughter it’s not a good time.

At Devon’s place, Tucker holds Dom on his lap and thanks Abby for allowing this to happen. Devon eventually takes the little one from his father and carries him around.
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Tucker thanks Abby again for letting him be in Dom’s life. Abby says he’s his grandfather and it’s important for the boy to know his entire family. She wants to get reacquainted with Tucker as well and asks what he’s been up to. Tucker is non-committal as she asks questions. Devon lets them say goodnight to Dom before taking him upstairs. Tucker tells Abby he realizes she doesn’t trust him — and she shouldn’t.
Abby Devon Dom Tucker Y&R

Abby says it’s not about her trusting him or not — she just knows what it takes to run a business like the one he’s created. He’ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants, and God help anyone who stands in his way. Tucker insists that’s all in the past and he’s changed. He explains he experienced an event that changed his outlook and gave his life deeper meaning. Abby wonders if his time in the ashram was to sway public opinion. Tucker denies it and assures her he’d never do anything to hurt Dominic ever. Abby’s sure he said the same thing about her mother.

At Noah’s club, Summer insists to Phyllis that she needs to talk to her — it’s important. Ashley excuses herself and tells Phyllis to call her later. Summer tells her mother she can’t avoid her forever. Phyllis says she’s devastated. Summer is sorry — she’s just trying to keep her family safe. Phyllis snaps, “I’m your family.” Summer’s just been so worried about Kyle and Harrison. Phyllis knows she’d bend over backward for them — would they treat her like trash. Summer apologizes for making her feel she doesn’t value her. Phyllis realizes that Diane is manipulating her, but she is her mother, and she would move mountains for her. The redhead becomes emotional as she states she would walk through fire for her. Summer believes her. Phyllis states that she keeps believing Diane over her — she doesn’t know how to forgive that anymore. Daniel appears and offers to get a round of drinks. Phyllis says she has to go to a meeting and rushes off. “I have to be anywhere but here.”
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Daniel asks Summer, “What the hell was that all about?” Summer explains she and their mother were arguing about Diane again. She updates him on the plot to hide Diane at the Abbott cabin. She didn’t tell Phyllis what was going on, so she thinks she chose Diane over her mother. Daniel muses that if it looks like that from the outside, imagine what it felt like for Phyllis. Summer argues that she fears for her family from Stark, and Phyllis was the one who got that ball rolling, by the way. Daniel learns she made an anonymous call to the guy and can see why she’d be upset, but it seems like she was right about Diane — so why is she blaming their mother? Summer retorts, “I’m not. I blame Diane.”
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At the Abbott house, Diane tells Jack she can’t stay there; she’d put the entire household in danger, and it would undermine her plan with Jeremy. Jack argues she could tell him she moved in to convince him to hand over the second half of the fortune he promised him. It also feeds into the narrative that she’s attracted to the jet-setting criminal lifestyle. “You’ll do anything for Stark. Including putting the family you love in danger.” Kyle appears as Diane says, “No, Jack. I’m sorry. It won’t work. We have to do this my way.”

After Kyle’s joined them, Diane stresses she needs to make this look real if she’s going to sell it to Jeremy. She’ll move back into her suite at the Grand Phoenix but will insist on keeping contact with her son and grandson. If she can make everyone believe she was dead all those years, there’s nothing she can’t do. Diane has to sound cold and calculating of she’ll never convince Jeremy she’s the woman who laundered money for him. Kyle and Jack don’t like it. Diane insists it’s necessary and it’s imperative that they trust her. “I’m going to make this work. I have to. It’s the only way I’ll ever be part of this family.”

At Devon’s place, Tucker insists he comes in peace. Abby wants to believe he’s a changed man but the facts don’t support that given his connection to Diane. She recalls Tucker cheating on his mother — when she sees them together, alarm bells go off. Tucker realizes trust needs to be earned, and asks her for the gift on neutrality until he can prove himself. “After all, you and Devon are going to be in each other’s lives forever.” Abby asks, “What does that mean?”

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Tucker reminds her they’ll be forever bound by the Dominic connection. Devon reappears and Tucker’s phone notification goes off. He says goodnight and leaves. Devon apologizes to Abby for leaving them together. Abby explains they were having an honest conversation. Devon asks if she’ll tell him about it.

At the Abbott house, Kyle and Jack worry about Phyllis being a wildcard. Kyle hopes Summer can deal with her. He worries about putting his wife in the middle of things. Jack is sorry that Summer and her mother are at odds, but he has no sympathy for Phyllis, who goes to extremes without considering the consequences.

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At the hotel, Tucker bangs on Diane’s door pretending to be Jeremy. She opens the door and calls him a sonofabitch. He figures she’s packing because she’s scored a suite at the Abbott house. She tells him to go to hell.

At Noah’s club, Summer tells Daniel that everyone blames Phyllis for Stark coming to town, but they’re forgetting that it was only a matter of time before he showed up anyway — he and Diane have unfinished business. She wonders how to tell her husband that the mother he is so grateful to have back in his life has brought nothing but non-stop misery and chaos to their doorstep. She’s great with Harrison, but it doesn’t change the face that she’s put them in danger and now their marriage is complicated beyond belief. Daniel didn’t realize it had gotten this bad. Summer exclaims that she has tried to keep everything inside. “I have just been going along with everything Kyle wants for the sake of our marriage.” Daniel asks, “So, what are you going to do now?”
Abby Devon Dom Tucker Y&R

In Diane’s suite, Tucker wants to know when Stark is leaving. Diane smirks, “Are you getting nervous?” Tucker has big plans, and he can mess them up. “Make it happen.” Diane is trying but in case he hasn’t noticed, her life is in danger. Tucker remarks on her flair for the dramatic and compliments her on how much progress she’s made with Jack. He wants to take part of the credit but she argues he lost his hold over her and recaps how he turned on her. He’s sacrificing everything so he can — what — win over Ashley? She informs McCall that she’s moving back into the suite and has lost Jack. Tucker sniffs, “Give me a break. You’ve got him wrapped around your finger. You know, Diane. I’m starting to think I could learn a thing or two from you.” He hopes they each get the Abbott of their dreams and tells her, “See you around.”

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At Devon’s place, Abby says Tucker told her they’d always be connected because of Dominic. She doesn’t think it would be too bad for him to spend time around their son. Devon muses over her change of heart and asks how she’s doing otherwise. Abby says that when they’re together, things feel uncomplicated and easy. “It feels right.” Devon feels exactly the same way. They start kissing.
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When Devon and Abby finally pull apart, he whispers, “I really want you to stay.” Abby nods. “I want to stay.” They start kissing again and soon they’re on the sofa making love.
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Tucker arrives at Crimson Lights to hear Phyllis leaving Amanda a voicemail complaining to Amanda that she misses her. “I need to talk to you. Call me back… or just move back here. Talk to you later, I love you.” Tucker startles her by saying, “It sounds like you could use someone to talk to.” She informs him she’s impervious to his charms and that will never change. If she needs a friend, she’ll go find one of hers. Tucker reminds her they don’t have to be friends to have a mutually beneficial relationship. Phyllis furrows her brow.

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At Noah’s club, Summer rants to Daniel about Diane’s past and complains that Kyle and Jack are operating under the delusion that their mother is the problem. She finds it infuriating that Diane convinced Kyle to lie to her about a piece of her past. She warned her not to come between her and Kyle and she said all the right things. “Every conversation with her is so carefully curated.” She muses that Kyle believes everything she says and thinks she’s changed. Daniel knows this can’t be easy for Summer. She feels she’s holding her breath 24/7 and has no one to talk to. She’s glad her brother is there so she can finally be honest with someone. Daniel doesn’t think she should have kept it bottled up in the first place and points out she’s lying to her husband. Summer argues she’s protecting her marriage but then realizes Daniel is right. “I don’t know how much longer Kyle can just ignore the havoc that she’s caused before his blindness about his mother starts to come between us.”

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At the Abbott house, Diane reports that she’s moved back into the hotel. She hasn’t seen Jeremy yet but wanted to assure them she’s okay. Kyle has her back and couldn’t ask for a better mom. He heads upstairs and Diane tells Jack she’ll have to keep her game face on. Jack urges her to let her guard down with him. She tears up as he promises they’ll figure out the perfect plan to get Stark out of her life for good. Diane is kissing him when Ashley walks in and blurts, “Come on! I mean, really, what is going on?!?” Jack grimaces.

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