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At Crimson Lights, Adam is modest when Jack crows about the great progress he’s made since coming to Jabot. He thanks him again for the opportunity They go over Jack’s family being opposed, and the Abbott insists it’s water under the bridge. Just then, Jeremy Stark walks in and Jack grimaces as he heads to the patio. Jack tells Adam that guy is a thorn in his side. It’s not business, it’s personal — he’s someone Diane used to know and wants to forget.

At the Abbott mansion, Diane updates Summer and Kyle on her plan to deceive Jeremy. She says this is a game to him and he thinks he’s calling the shots, but she’s the one in control. Kyle’s impressed by her strength and worries this must be taking a toll on her. Diane can’t let her guard down even for a moment. Just then, she gets a text from Jeremy wanting to meet.

Sally opens her suite door and tells Chloe, “I am so glad to see you.” Chloe rants about why she didn’t come back the night before and pulls out a pregnancy test. Sally thanks her and says she hopes this puts an end to her anxiety. Chloe agrees to stay while she does the test. Sally heads to the restroom. Just then, a knock comes at the door — it’s Nick. He hopes Sally got over her bug and asks, “Where is she?”
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Chloe speaks loudly enough to Nick that Sally’s alerted in the bathroom. She leaves the pregnancy test on the sink and joins him and Chloe. He wants to get together for a bite, but Sally says she’s behind on work. Chloe chimes in to chastise Nick for monopolizing her business partner’s time. Nick takes the hint and tells Sally he’ll call her later. Once he’s gone, Sally thanks Chloe. They open the bathroom door and Sally sighs. Chloe states, “All we can do now is wait.”
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At Society, Sharon thanks Tessa and Mariah for inviting her to breakfast. It feels good to get out of the coffee house! Mariah hopes the place won’t bring up bad memories considering she and Rey got married there. Sharon only has happy memories of her wedding and anniversary and is glad they’re there to help her embrace them. They chat about Rey and laugh as Sharon recalls her tamale debacle before toasting to him. Mariah gets a text and tells Tessa, “It’s not her.” They explain to Sharon that they haven’t heard from Delphine since she sent the sonogram photo on Christmas.
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At Crimson Lights, Adam remarks on Jack being protective of Diane. Jack says Diane has done the work to make a new life for herself and that’s to be admired. Adam wonders how she convinced Jack to forgive her. “I’m asking for a friend.” Jack says she was completely forthright, admitted her sins, and did her penance. Adam worries about him. “I don’t want to see you get hurt.” He notes he chose to forgave Diane but couldn’t do the same with Sally or Phyllis. Jack insists it’s very different, but Adam questions him suddenly finding Diane trustworthy. Jack’s seen her change. She needs someone to back her up and he’s the one to do it.

On the patio, Jeremy gets a text that Diane will be there soon.
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Inside, Diane alerts Jack with a text that she’s meeting Stark.

At the Abbott house, Summer and Kyle wish Diane luck. On her way out, she says, “You have a visitor.” Phyllis is at the door and gawps, “You’re back. Did you ever leave?” Diane doesn’t have time to deal with her and strides off down the driveway. Phyllis enters and asks Summer and Kyle, “What’s going on?”

Phyllis wonders if they’ve been hiding Diane. Kyle doesn’t think it’s her business. Phyllis points out he’s lied to her and everyone else. Why can’t he just say he’s protecting his mom. Summer jumps in to ask why she’s there. Phyllis didn’t like how they left things. Summer didn’t either. Phyllis tearfully says she’s come to terms with them firing her from Marchetti. “I totally understand.” Summer thinks it will be healthier for all of them if she works for Daniel. Phyllis needs to be clear that it wasn’t just her — Diane was with her on the animosity all the way. Talk turns to Diane lying. Phyllis tells Summer that her safety and well-being is all she cares about. “It’s all good, it’s all fine.” She’s tired of being the lone voice against Diane and felt it was for the best she didn’t work at Marchetti anymore. Phyllis adds that she was good with it… until she walked in this room just now.
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At Crimson Lights, Jack ends his meeting with Adam and joins Stark, who questions him about the second payment being late. Jack says it’s taking a while to get the cash together. Jeremy tells him he has no interest in his offer anymore. “Things have changed.” Jack fumes, “What changed?” Diane appears. “I changed, Jack. She touches Jeremy’s shoulder. “I came back… for him.”
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Jack acts outraged and he and Diane put on a show of arguing as Diane tells him they all need to move on without her. Diane assures Jack he no longer has to worry about Jeremy, who reveals they’ve decided to reconnect. Jack sneers, “You can’t be serious.” Diane fumes that this is her life and Jack needs to stay out of it.
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Nick arrives at Newman Enterprises and asks Victor where Victoria is at. Victor says she and Nikki are at a breakfast meeting. Nick turns to go but Victor wants to talk about their conversation about Adam and Sally the other day. Nick apologizes for losing his temper. Victor is sorry about the dossier on Sally, but he wants to ensure his happiness and success. He’s not always sure how to go about that. Nick tells his father he could let him figure it out for himself. Victor is having a conflict with Adam and doesn’t want another one with Nick.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis tells Summer and Kyle that seeing Diane there was a punch to the gut because it means they’ve been deceiving her. Kyler reminds he she came by with good intentions and urges her to stay on that path. Phyllis recaps that Jeremy Stark would have come looking for Diane whether she contacted him or not. If Diane really wanted to protect the family she would have left. She knows it’s killing Summer that they didn’t spend Christmas together. She didn’t get to see Harrison open the gifts she got him. “Were you with Diane?!” She understands Diane is calling the shots and they’re both allowing her to do it.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Jack rails at Diane for being a fool. Jeremy informs Abbott she’s no longer his concern. Jack warns if anything she does harms his family, there will be hell to pay. Jeremy asks, “Are you threatening her?” Jack tells Stark she’s his problem now and orders Diane to stay away from his son and grandson before storming off.

At Newman, Nick tells Victor to let him live his life and stay out of his personal relationships. Victor considers this and asks if he expects him not to care about his children. He can’t stop caring about him. “Because you’re a father, you understand that, right?”

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In Sally’s suite, she paces and hopes the pregnancy test will be negative — if it’s positive what will she do then? Chloe thinks the big question is who is the father? She declares it’s time to put an end to the anxiety Sally heads to the bathroom while Chloe waits. Sally reappears with the pregnancy test in hand. Chloe asks, “Sally? What is it?”
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At Society, Tessa and Mariah assure Sharon they’re still hopeful and will keep trying no matter what. Sharon will do whatever she can to help. Nick appears and they invite him to join them. The Newman reveals he had a conversation with his dad that wasn’t combative so the day is off to a good start.

Victor finds Adam in the office at Jabot. Adam asks, “Wrong building?” and tells him Ashley is down in the lab. Victor is there to talk to him about Connor. He hopes that he and Nikki will get visits with the boy, even though Adam doesn’t want him to live there full-time. Adam will talk to Chelsea and work out a schedule. Victor notes he’s protective of the woman and wonders if he hopes to rekindle their romance now that he and Sally aren’t an item.

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At Crimson Lights, Jeremy tells Diane she was very convincing with Jack. “That was one hell of a performance.” He’ll need more solid proof that she’s on his side. “I’m going to put you to the test,” he says as he strokes her cheek.

At the Abbott mansion, Summer pleads with Phyllis not to leave. “I love you so much.” Phyllis loves her too and that’s why this kills her. Diane and Jack walk in. Phyllis fumes, “Look at this. The icing on the cake.” She tells Summer and Kyle they’ll regret this and walks out. Jack asks what they walked in on. Summer is having difficulties with her mom right now and doesn’t want to talk about it. Kyle asks how things went. Diane says Jeremy bought it and wants to give her a loyalty test. “This is phase two of your plan, and we can use this to turn the tables on him.” Summer glares.
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At Jabot, Adam guesses that Victor wishes he and Sally never broke up now that she’s with the Golden Boy. Victor insists he only wanted to ensure they could continue to see Connor. But since Adam brought it up, he truly wishes both of his boys had been involved with someone other than Sally Spectra. “You have a nice day,” he says as he walks out.

At Society, Nick assures Tessa and Mariah that it will happen for them and that they’ll be the best mothers ever. Mariah gets a text — it’s from Delphine. She wants to meet tomorrow. Tessa says, “Tell her we’ll book the plane tickets tomorrow!” Mariah declares, “This could be our baby,” and they hug.

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In Sally’s suite, Chloe asks what the test says and Sally replies, “It’s a plus sign. I’m pregnant.” Chloe exhales, “Wow, that’s huge.” She’s there if she needs to talk. Sally tells her, “You can go, I’m alright.” She thinks it could be a false positive. Chloe worries she’s in denial and asks, “Are you sure you want to be alone?” Sally assures her she’s okay and thanks her. “I owe you.” Chloe pats her on the shoulder and leaves. Once alone, Sally throws the pregnancy test in the trash.

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